The Factors That Make Michigan Motorcycle Accidents Deadly

Riding a motorcycle in Michigan can be risky because it lacks safety features like seatbelts and airbags. According to NHTSA data, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in injury or death than car crashes. More than 2,100 riders lose their lives every year in motorcycle accidents, and riders often get injured or killed compared to car passengers. In Michigan alone, 173 motorcyclists lost their lives due to accidents in 2022.

Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers can assist with your personal injury claim if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident. There are several reasons why motorcycle accidents in Michigan can be deadly, which we’ll explore below.

10 Factors That Make Michigan Motorcycle Accidents Deadly

Like other vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents typically occur due to a few reasons, often involving negligence by bikers or motor vehicle drivers. The most common factors that make motorcycle accidents dangerous include, but are not limited to:

Lack of Protection

Motorcycles pose a much higher risk of severe harm, resulting in death or injuries in accidents. They don’t provide cover or have metal frames found in cars to protect riders.

Visibility Issues

Motorcycles are difficult to see on the road because of their smaller structures. Visibility issues can cause deadly accidents if drivers struggle to spot them when switching lanes.

Road Hazards

Different motorbike riders might encounter various threats in Michigan, such as potholes and bumpy roads. Motorcycles are more vulnerable to life-threatening accidents because they are small and unstable.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding is another cause of deadly motorcycle accidents in Michigan. It increases the risk of collisions by reducing the rider’s ability to steer safely.

Reckless driving, including tailgating, unsafe lane changes, and running red lights, also contributes to accidents.

Driver Distractions

Activities like texting, talking on the phone, eating, and drinking have become a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Michigan and the U.S. Smartphones and mobile devices have significantly increased distraction-related accidents.

Riding Under the Influence

Riding under the influence of drugs is always dangerous, and it contributes to many fatal motorcycle collisions. Not only are intoxicated riders putting themselves and others in danger, but they may also be left with significant legal consequences.

Inexperienced Riders

Inexperienced motorcyclists may lack the knowledge and expertise to navigate Michigan’s roads safely. They’re more prone to minor or severe injuries resulting from accidents without proper training.

Weather Conditions

Michigan is a place with a lot of different weather. The roads can be dangerous for people who ride motorcycles when it rains or snows. Reduced visibility and slippery surfaces increase the risk of accidents, especially for riders not accustomed to riding in adverse weather conditions.

Lack of Helmet Use

Under Michigan motorcycle helmet laws, riders and passengers under 21 must wear a helmet. However, those over 21 are exempt and not required to wear one. Helmets reduce head injuries and fatalities in accidents, and not using one increases the risk of deadly accidents for motorcycle riders.

Left-Turn Crashes

Left-turn accidents, where a vehicle turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle, are a common type of motorcycle accident in Michigan.

These accidents often occur at intersections. They may result in serious injuries or fatalities for motorcyclists.

How to Increase Safety While Riding in Michigan

No matter how skilled you are at riding a motorcycle, encountering obstacles while riding in Michigan is inevitable. Reduce your risk of injury from motorcycle crashes by:

  • Putting on a helmet
  • Wearing bright, visible protective gear
  • Following speed limits and traffic laws
  • Be cautious: keep lights on and signal turns early
  • Learn about safety in courses
  • Check tires, lights, and fluids often
  • Stay off roads in bad weather or at night
  • Never ride under the influence