Amit Raizada Wife Jackie Marin


Amit Raizada, founder of Spectrum Business Ventures, Inc., is a real-life example of how and why people migrate to the United States to find the “American Dream.” Raizada is the son of Indian immigrants who moved from India to Michigan when Raizada was two years old. With nothing but the clothes on their backs and the money in their pockets, Raizada’s parents worked nonstop to provide a good home for Amit and his sister, allow them to obtain the best education, and help them find their dreams and make them a reality.

Raizada had a keen sense of business from an early age, and by the time he was a senior at Michigan State University, Raizada had already made a name for himself in the wireless telephone industry. Raizada sold his growing wireless business to Nextel and never looked back. In 2002, Raizada formed his capital venture company, Spectrum Business Ventures, from which Amit and various partners and affiliates grew an impressive portfolio of investments, operating companies, and real estate ventures. Over the past 20 years, Raizada has enjoyed a successful and widely diverse array of business ventures, including forays into real estate development, the entertainment and food industry, biomedical startups, the space industry, and many more. Raizada thrives on the excitement and the gambles of creating and growing commercial enterprises.


Raizada’s most recent life-changing adrenaline rush, however, was not a business deal. In November 2022, Amit Raizada married Jackie Marin, a budding actress and reality TV star known for her role in “Tequila Sisters.” Raizada’s wife, who most people identify as the former fiancé of motorcycle racer Nicky Haden, has brought a new perspective to Raizada’s life and to his priorities.


While Spectrum Business Ventures and Amit’s businesses will always play an important role and will shape Raizada’s future, inward reflection and personal fulfillment also matter.