5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Motorcycle Road Trip

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One of the best ways to see America is to go on a motorcycle road trip. You’re much more connected to what surrounds you when you’re on a motorcycle rather than in a car. You can hear things like birds singing and rivers rushing, feel the wind, and smell the wildflowers.

Unique challenges present themselves, however, when going on a motorcycle road trip. It’s important to do your best to plan ahead in order to make your trip comfortable and fun while avoiding motorcycle accidents. To plan the perfect trip, keep the following tips in mind:

Choose the Right Time of Year

The right time of year for your trip will likely depend upon what country you live in, and you’ll probably end up facing a variety of riding and weather conditions. However, if you live in the United States, the best times of year to go on a motorcycle road trip are early fall and early summer. These times of the year will give you the best mix of temperatures.

You could also go on a trip to the Southwest or Florida in the winter. You should avoid traveling through desert areas in the summer, where you may face extreme heat.

Choose the Right Bike

You could be riding a motorcycle you own, or you could be renting one. Either way, it’s vital to choose the proper motorcycle for your weight and height and whatever type of riding you’ll be doing.

You will be sitting in one position for many hours, so it’s vital to have a bike that accommodates that. Ensure things like seats, suspension, backrests, footpegs and handlebars are set up properly and adjusted for your riding position and height. Additional accessories such as highway pegs, which allow you to stretch your legs out, can help to increase comfort.


You will want to ensure your bike has adequate storage and/or room for luggage. You have limited storage space when traveling by bike, so you need to be smart regarding what you end up packing and how you end up packing it.

Pack Small

It’s best to pack small. You can purchase anything you might want while on the road using a credit card or cash. However, carrying too much can be burdensome.

In general, you should bring two times the cash you think you’ll need and half of the clothes you think you’ll need. If you’re driving cross-country, you’ll experience large shifts in temperature and elevation. You might encounter snow and freezing temperatures at mountain passes even during summer. Be prepared for anything and everything.

Carry Tools

Motorcycles can be unreliable. You should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Having your motorcycle serviced by a pro might be a good idea before you go on a long trip with it. If your motorcycle is new or has been serviced recently, check your fluid levels, lights, tires and brakes, and make sure any loose bolts are tightened.

Long trips may require constant maintenance – tires will wear out, parts will rattle and you might need to refill oil.

Carry a toolkit for roadside fixes, and make sure they’re the right tools for your motorcycle. Some bikes will use imperial sizes and others will use metric tools.

Consider carrying spare spark plugs, fuses and bulbs. Consider carrying a flashlight, locking pliers, a tire pressure gauge, a tire repair kit, electrical tape, extra bungee cords and zip ties.

Purchase a Seat Cushion

Going on a long road trip is not the same thing as a local hour-long joy ride. You’re going to be sitting for an extremely long period of time. So, to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, it’s important to spend time researching seat cushions to find the best fit for you.


Pay attention to your cushion’s materials and look for ergonomic seats. For long trips, you may want to look for seats made from neoprene rubber or seats infused with materials like polyurethane and gel.

Most of all, make sure you can trust the brand you purchase from. Check to make sure there are positive reviews of whichever cushion you decide to purchase.


To plan the perfect motorcycle trip, some research is in order. Make sure you choose the right bike, that you pack small, carry tools and buy an ergonomic seat cushion. The better you prepare, the more comfortable your journey will be!