Legendary Films Starring Motorcycles


Motorcycles have been a symbol of freedom, passion, and adventure. Because of this, their image was often used on advertising posters of various companies, in the logos of some brands, and on posters for status events. In addition, motorcycles have become an essential part of old and new films, which have received legendary status and forever entered the history of world cinema.

The Wild One

This legendary 1953 film was one of the first to feature motorcycles. He significantly influenced the formation of the biker movement in different countries, which quickly spread throughout the world. This film tells the story of bikers who set themselves against society. They don’t part with their motorcycles, do various crazy things, and gradually become a real gang. Marlon Brando plays the leading role in the film. It was primarily thanks to his genius that The Wild One became famous worldwide.

In all the scenes, the film’s main character rides a Triumph 6T Thunderbird. This motorcycle is a true cinematic legend. In the 50s, it was considered the best of the best, and after its premiere, The Wild One became a cult classic among bikers of that time. Today, this and other popular motorcycle models from the past can only be found for sale at the Copart Memphis auction. However, it remains a famous and legendary two-wheeler.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day

It is unlikely that there will be people worldwide who have never heard of the legendary sci-fi action film by James Cameron. Its premiere took place in 1991, but even three decades later, it remains one of the best in the history of world cinema. The entire film is built on the confrontation between good and evil. Robots sent into the past seek to find the future savior of humanity, who was still a child then. One of the cyborgs has the task of killing the boy, and the other has the task of protecting him. Neither robot knows fear or pain, so they try to complete their mission at any cost. In the end, good wins and prevents the onset of doomsday.

As expected from action films of the 90s, Terminator 2 is filled with battle scenes, shooting, and chases. Throughout the film, the main character, a robot model T-800, rides a Harley-Davidson FLSTF motorcycle. This super-powerful model perfectly complemented the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger and made him a genuinely excellent character. The motorcycle is shown in the film as an ideal two-wheeled vehicle. With its help, the main character performs various complex stunts, escapes from pursuit, and tries to complete his mission. After the film’s release, Harley-Davidson FLSTF became the most popular model of the famous brand, and the number of units sold exceeded all previously existing records.

Kill Bill

No list of legendary films is complete without the work of Quentin Tarantino. In 2003, this famous director gave the world the film Kill Bill, which received more than $330 million at the box office. The film is about a woman who is a former killer. It is called the deadliest in the world, and plenty of evidence exists. Throughout the film, many bloody events are integral to Tarantino’s work. The main character was excellently performed by Uma Thurman, who received many awards for her in the “Best Actress” category.


In the first part of Kill Bill, the main character rides a Kawasaki ZZR250. Painted in yellow, this motorcycle complements her look perfectly. The two-wheeled vehicle of the famous Japanese manufacturer can accelerate to 240 km/h. Its high top speed puts it on par with the best sports motorcycles. Nowadays, it remains popular and in demand in different countries. In addition to the Kawasaki ZZR250, the Yamaha FZS400 appears in the film. This motorcycle is ridden by a gang called Crazy 88.

Mission Impossible 2

This legendary action film premiered in 2000 and became one of the most profitable films. It became a continuation of Mission Impossible, which was appreciated by the audience, and they were looking forward to the continuation. The director of the second part was John Woo, and Tom Cruise played the leading role. This film tells the story of a secret agent named Ethan Hunt. He is sent to Sydney to find and destroy the source of the deadly virus.

Many people call the most memorable scenes in the film to be those in which the Triumph Speed Triple took place. Tom Cruise himself chose this motorcycle as he considered it the best two-wheeled vehicle. The Triumph Speed Triple is known for its 180 bhp engine. With. And the famous double headlights. His capabilities were perfectly demonstrated by the director, who could convey the complexity of performing each stunt. The motorcycle chase scene was incredibly fantastic. It was praised at several film festivals and was named the best action scene. The Triumph Daytona 955i can also be seen in Mission Impossible 2. This six-speed motorcycle can reach up to 260 km/h and still handle well.

The Matrix Reloaded

This legendary film, released in 2003, became one of the most profitable. Box office receipts amounted to almost $750 million, which looks like an impressive result with a total cost of $150 million. The film shows the events six months after the story completed the first part of “The Matrix.” In them, the famous heroes of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss continue their resistance to the Machine Army. In this fight, they show all their superhuman abilities and use a vast arsenal of cutting-edge weapons.

The motorcycle appears in the film during the chase scene with Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss. This is the famous Ducati 996, equipped with a six-speed four-stroke engine capable of producing 113 hp. With. The bike can travel at more than 250 km/h at maximum speed, comparable to some sports models of the famous Italian brand. In The Matrix Reloaded, the main character performs many stunts on a motorcycle, which the audience liked and became one of the most striking episodes of the film.


After the premiere, the number of orders for the Ducati 996 increased sharply. In this regard, the company released a limited edition of a slightly modified bike and sold it under Matrix 998.

Some legendary films of the past and present cannot be imagined without the participation of motorcycles. In them, this transport often becomes a key figure in the plot and makes every scene unforgettable for the viewer. Various stunts and high-speed chases give the motorcycles a unique charm, allowing everyone to appreciate their magnificence and forever inscribe the film in the history of world cinema.