Beginner’s Guide to Casino Dice Games: Quickest Tips and Rules

Seven years ago, as a complete novice in the casino world, I naively believed that the first spin or roll would land me a jackpot. My first attempt at a dice game was so overwhelming that I closed the tab immediately, scared off by the action. Over time, however, I’ve grown to love the thrill of the dice roll at Rooli casino, understanding that the real excitement comes from playing strategically, not just from chasing jackpots. For beginners eager to dive into dice games without confusion, here’s a straightforward guide to the most accessible and enjoyable dice games in casinos!

Dice Games Explained

Dice games are staples in both physical and online casinos. Real-money gamblers bet on the outcomes of rolls of one or more dice. Each game has its unique table layout and rules, but the common goal is to predict the results of the dice throws. Knowing the basic rules and terminology of the game is crucial for anyone looking to join the fun.

Benefits of Playing Casino Dice Games Online

Online dice games offer flexibility and accessibility. Players can enjoy these games from anywhere using their computer or smartphone, and casinos often provide customized bonuses for dice games, enhancing the playing experience.

Most Popular Dice Games


  • Overview: Craps is perhaps the most famous casino dice game where real-money gamblers bet on the outcomes of a pair of dice. It can be played informally or in a casino setting against a dealer.
  • How to Play: The game starts with a “come out roll” by the shooter. Players can make “Pass Line” bets (betting on a 7 or 11) or “Don’t Pass Line” bets (betting against the shooter). Other bets include “Come Bets” and “Don’t Come Bets,” allowing for dynamic and varied betting options.


  • Overview: Dating back to the 13th century, Hazard is a historical dice game that was once popular across Europe.
  • How to Play: Players choose a “main” number between 5 and 9, then roll two dice. The goal is to roll the main before hitting other numbers, which have specific rules on winning or losing.


  • Overview: Also known as birdcage, this game is played with three dice, and real-money gamblers bet on numbers 1 through 6.
  • How to Play: The dealer tumbles the dice in a cage. Players win based on how many dice land on the number they bet, with payouts increasing if more than one die shows their number.

Banca Francesca

  • Overview: A fast-paced Portuguese dice game that’s gaining popularity worldwide.
  • How to Play: Three dice are rolled, and players bet on whether the total will be “Big” (14-17), “Small” (5-7), or “Aces” (three of a kind).

Sic Bo

  • Overview: Known for its origins in Asia, Sic Bo offers betting options based on the outcomes of three dice.
  • How to Play: Players place bets on a table layout that includes a wide range of possible outcomes, from total values to combinations of numbers.

Preparing for Your Gambling Session: 5 Essentials

  1. Set a Time Limit: Keep sessions enjoyable and manageable by setting a strict time limit.
  2. Budget Your Bets: Decide on a real-cash spending limit to maintain financial control.
  3. Eliminate Distractions: Ensure a focused environment by minimizing interruptions.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Keep water nearby to stay sharp during gameplay.
  5. Maintain Respect: Treat dealers and fellow players courteously, especially in live settings.

Play Responsibly!

Understanding the risk of ludomania, or gambling addiction, is crucial.
Recognizing early signs and seeking help not only demonstrates strength but is also essential for maintaining a healthy approach to casino gaming.


Dice games are an exciting part of the casino experience, offering both fun and the potential for strategic play. Whether you’re rolling the dice in Craps or predicting outcomes in Sic Bo, the variety and thrill of dice games make them a fantastic choice for casino novices. Dive in, try different games, and discover which ones you enjoy the most!