Explore the Honda Motorcycle: 1987 Honda Motorcycle Models

1987 honda motorcycle models

1987 Honda Motorcycle Models

When it comes to the 1987 Honda motorcycle models, there was truly a bike for every type of rider. From classic cruisers to sport bikes, touring bikes to off-road models, Honda had it all. Let’s dive into the details of these legendary machines and explore the innovations that made them stand out.

Classic Cruiser Models

In 1987, Honda introduced some classic cruiser models that embodied the spirit of the open road. These bikes were built for comfort and style, with powerful engines that delivered a smooth and enjoyable ride. The classic cruisers from Honda in 1987 included:

  • Honda Rebel 450: This bike featured a V-twin engine, delivering impressive power and torque. It was lightweight, making it easy to handle, and had a sleek design that turned heads wherever it went.
  • Honda Shadow 500: This model combined retro styling with modern performance. It featured a V-twin engine, comfortable seating, and sleek bodywork that made it a standout on the road.
  • Honda Magna 700: With a liquid-cooled V4 engine, this cruiser was built for power and performance. It had a comfortable seating position and refined suspension that made long rides a breeze.

Sport Bikes

For those who craved speed and agility, Honda had some impressive sport bikes in 1987. These machines were designed to deliver thrilling performance on both the streets and the track. Here are some notable sport bikes from Honda in 1987:

  • Honda Interceptor 700: This bike was known for its powerful V4 engine and advanced technology. It featured a sporty design, with aerodynamic fairings and aggressive styling that turned heads. With its exceptional handling and performance, the Interceptor 700 quickly became a favorite among sport bike enthusiasts.
  • Honda Hurricane 1000: As the flagship sport bike of 1987, the Hurricane 1000 set new standards for performance and innovation. It featured a powerful inline-four engine, advanced suspension, and aerodynamic bodywork that enhanced its speed and stability.

Touring Bikes

For riders who loved nothing more than hitting the open road and exploring new horizons, Honda introduced some impressive touring bikes in 1987. These bikes were built for long-distance comfort and had ample storage space for all your gear. Here are a couple of standout touring models from Honda in 1987:

  • Honda Gold Wing 1200: This bike was the epitome of luxury touring. With its powerful flat-four engine, spacious seating, and a host of comfort features, the Gold Wing 1200 offered a smooth and enjoyable ride, making it perfect for long journeys.
  • Honda Pacific Coast 800: This unique touring bike was designed with practicality in mind. It featured integrated hard saddlebags and a full fairing for excellent wind protection. With its comfortable seating and fuel-efficient engine, the Pacific Coast 800 was a fantastic choice for riders looking for a practical and reliable touring bike.

Off-Road Models

For those who preferred to leave the pavement behind and venture into the great outdoors, Honda had some impressive off-road models in 1987. These bikes were built to handle the toughest terrains and deliver unmatched performance. Here are a couple of exceptional off-road models from Honda in 1987:

  • Honda XR250R: This dirt bike was rugged and reliable, known for its excellent off-road capabilities. With its powerful engine and durable suspension, the XR250R was a popular choice for riders who loved hitting the trails.
  • Honda CR250R: As a motocross bike, the CR250R was designed for high-performance racing. It featured a powerful two-stroke engine, advanced suspension, and lightweight construction, making it a force to be reckoned with on the track.

There you have it – a glimpse into the diverse range of 1987 Honda motorcycle models. From classic cruisers to sport bikes, touring bikes to off-road machines, Honda had every type of rider covered. Each model offered something unique, whether it was comfort, speed, or off-road capability. These bikes paved the way for Honda’s reputation as a leader in the motorcycle industry.


The 1987 Honda motorcycle models offer a wide range of options for riders of all types. From the classic cruisers to the sport bikes, touring bikes, and off-road models, Honda has created legendary machines that cater to every rider’s preferences. With their innovative features and reputation as an industry leader, these bikes are sure to provide an exceptional riding experience.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable cruiser for long rides on the open road or a high-performance sport bike for thrilling adventures, Honda has a model that will suit your needs. The 1987 lineup showcases Honda’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that riders can enjoy their bikes for years to come.