are the nexx xd1 and touratech aventuro the same helmet

There are many great helmets available on the market. If you love to ride your bike then you should never skimp out on the gear and should choose the best gear.

In their adventure helmets’ review MCN weren’t the only ones to ask whether the Nexx XD1 is the same helmet as the Touratech Aventuro. We’ve had many customers ask us the same question and there’s a lot of talk on the forums. ForMotorbikes can confirm that Nexx manufactured the Touratech Aventuro helmet for them.

The two helmets are near identical, with there being only four differences, as follows:

1. The Nexx XD1 has an internal sun visor, the Touratech does not.

2. The XD1 has a dedicated intercom housing, to accommodate the Nexx X-Com bluetooth intercom flush to the shell, the Touratech doesn’t.

3. The Touratech shell is made from 100% carbon, whereas  the XD1 features Nexx’s new X-Matrix shell, a blend of carbon, kevlar, fibreglass and organic fibres. This new blend is 35% stronger than when using fibreglass only in the blend with carbon and kevlar.

4. The price. For the solid colours, the Nexx XD1 is £269.99 and the Touratech is £369.99.

Either of these are top contenders for the best motorcycle helmets out there.