5 Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle


For many, the mere possession of a motorcycle signifies the fulfillment of a lifelong aspiration. Yet, there inevitably arises a moment in the journey of almost every motorcycle aficionado where thoughts turn towards adjustments, personalization, or simply tailoring their ride to better suit their desires. If you’ve reached this stage, you’ve landed at the perfect destination. Here are the five best ways to customize your motorcycle.

Handlebar Upgrade

Enhancing ergonomics is achieved by upgrading the handlebars to enable a more comfortable and natural riding posture. Various handlebar styles such as ape hangers, drag bars, or t-bars provide different reach, height, and wrist angles, allowing for enhanced comfort and prolonged riding.

Exploring different handlebar styles or shapes may enhance handling characteristics, particularly during cornering, braking, and low-speed maneuvers. When replacing your handlebars, remember to consider the risers and bushings too. Numerous riser options are available to adjust the bar positioning for a better fit tailored to your preferences and comfort. Risers can vary in height compared to stock, adjusting the handlebar position upwards or downwards, and may include a “pull back” feature to bring the handlebars closer to the rider.

Consider Under-Glow Lighting

To infuse your bike with style and a personal flair, consider incorporating under-glow lighting from XK Glow. LED under-glow lighting offers a selection of colors, allowing you to customize it based on your preferences.


You can opt for lights that synchronize with music or serve as brake lights. Explore a range of motorcycle LED under glow lighting concepts with varying features and specifications to suit your individual taste. Instead of relying on a professional for installation, you can purchase an underglow lighting kit and tackle the setup yourself.

Improve Your Exhaust System

Altering your motorcycle’s stock exhaust impacts its visual presentation, auditory profile, and operational capabilities. When making this modification, you can choose between a large or small exhaust, high or low mounting positions, and shiny or matte finishes to customize its outward look. Given the natural loudness of a motorcycle’s combustion process, upgrading the exhaust can help dampen noise levels and adjust the sound quality.


Installing a new windscreen on your bike brings a personalized flair, available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you choose fully-tinted or half-tinted options, the visual appeal is striking.


These windshields not only enhance style but also provide essential safety benefits.

Note that helmets are not substitutes for windscreens; the latter effectively redirect airflow around the bike, ensuring rider protection. Investing in a windscreen is wise when customizing your bike on a budget.

Air Filter

Although it may not significantly alter the bike’s appearance, it enhances its performance. Moreover, admiring sleek new oiled pods beneath the seat is more appealing than the standard box. Augmenting the airflow into the engine will boost its performance. Exercise caution when replacing your air filter, as certain carburetors may require new jets to accommodate the enhanced intake. This task is easily manageable and cost-effective.


Customizing your motorcycle enhances its uniqueness, improves functionality, and adds a touch of style. Keep these tips in mind for your next motorcycle customization project.