Redefining Winter Riding Comfort: Weston Heated Clothing Review

The demand for heated apparel is not just a trend; it’s a critical need for riders braving colder temperatures. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the challenge of cold weather is a significant barrier. Heated gear is no longer just a luxury but a necessity for those who refuse to let chilly climates dictate their riding schedule. This is where Weston heated clothing comes into play, offering state-of-the-art heated apparel designed for outdoor enthusiasts. They provide a variety of heated clothing that combines practicality with contemporary style. This approach may be of interest to those seeking warmth along with modern design elements in their winter wardrobe. The Weston Store’s take on heated clothing showcases a unique blend of functionality and fashion.

Weston Store’s Journey to Heated Apparel

Co-founded in 2017, this brand emerged as a solution for outdoors enthusiasts who love nature but found their passion hindered by the cold. In 2019, the brand introduced its first heated garments, including socks and gloves. The next year, in 2020, the brand experienced significant growth and expanded its product line to include options for both men and women. Fast forward to 2022, and the brand began producing its own batteries and advancing its heated clothing technology. Today, the brand is on a mission to broaden its product range, promising to deliver cutting-edge technology.

Weston store is engaged in enhancing its products using advanced technology, aiming to provide comfort in snowy conditions. The company’s research and development team continuously explores new methods to advance their heating technology.

Discover Weston’s Versatile Heated Apparel Collection for All Sizes

The Weston store offers a wide range of products, including heated gloves, socks, jackets, coats, and vests for both men and women. These garments provide superior warmth and feature more heating zones than many other brands in the market. Both men and women can benefit from the warmth these clothes provide. Below is a glimpse into the variety of heated garment products available in their store:

  • Heated Gloves
  • Rechargeable Heated Socks
  • Thin Heated Glove Liners
  • Heated Fleece Jacket for Men and Women
  • Men’s and Women’s Weston Heated Jacket
  • Men’s and Women’s Heated Vest (Upgraded)
  • Heated Longsleeve Shirt
  • Heated Underwear Pants
  • Men’s and Women’s Zip Hoodie Jacket
  • Men’s Heated Shirt
  • Heated Hat

These heated products are designed to keep you warm, whether it’s for a casual day out or during longer outdoor activities like hiking. They come in a wide range of sizes, as detailed below:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • XXL

With this variety of size options, shopping for these products becomes convenient, and they make ideal gifts for friends who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Main Features of Weston Heated Apparel

The Weston store offers a variety of products to its customers, providing solutions for cold weather and enhancing outdoor experiences. Key advantages of Weston products include:

  • Advanced heated technology, with some products offering warmth lasting for many hours
  • Most products feature three adjustable temperature settings, with the maximum reaching up to 130°F.
  • Several products include multiple heating zones. For example, the upgraded heated vest comes with three zones: chest, back, and neck.

  • Shipping is free, and the store offers accessible return options for size issues or other product concerns.
  • All products are backed by a one-year warranty.
  • The 7.8V rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of over 8 hours and are reusable.
  • Each product includes an additional battery, ensuring continuous use even if one battery runs out.
  • The batteries are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to carry.

These features contribute to the overall convenience and functionality of the Weston heated apparel range.

Exploring The Therapeutic Benefits of Heated Apparel from Weston

Weston Heated Gloves are beneficial for people suffering from conditions like arthritis, and poor circulation, as well as for those with stiff joints and cold hands.

Additionally, heated gloves provide significant benefits for individuals with Raynaud’s Syndrome, including improved blood flow that helps reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms, and alleviating pain and discomfort such as numbness and tingling. They also enhance comfort and functionality, allowing for easier daily activities without pain, and feature customizable temperature control for personalized warmth. Additionally, their versatility and non-invasive nature make them a practical and low-risk option for managing symptoms, suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Peace of Mind with Weston’s Warranty

The store offers a one-year warranty for products launched after September 1, 2023. All previous products come with a 30-day warranty.


Q. How Warm Do Weston’s Items Get?

Weston products can warm up to 140°F, although this may vary with each product.

Q. How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping within the US usually takes 3-5 days, but it can take up to 15 days for countries outside the US.

Q. Is the Battery Included?

Yes, the battery is included with most products. However, products such as heated slippers, car heaters, and ski masks do not include a battery, while all garment products do include a battery.


In conclusion, Weston’s heated apparel is not just a game-changer in winter fashion and comfort, but a boon for motorbikers braving the cold. Combining advanced technology with sleek design, Weston provides motorbike enthusiasts with a variety of heated clothing options, from gloves and jackets to underwear pants and hats, designed to enhance their riding experience in chilly conditions. The brand’s dedication to innovation shines through in their constantly evolving heating technology, ensuring riders are equipped with the latest in warmth and comfort. With size inclusivity ranging from small to XXL, every motorbiker can find a perfect fit, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of the weather. The added security of a one-year warranty on newer items and a 30-day warranty on older products, coupled with adjustable temperature settings and durable, rechargeable batteries, positions Weston as a top choice for motorbikers seeking reliable and stylish solutions to combat the cold during their rides.