The Types of Florida Motorcycle Licenses and Which One You Need

Image2If you spend a lot of time in Florida, you might notice you see a lot of motorcycles around. You will see random bikers riding alone, or you might see biker gangs or clubs tearing up the highways wearing matching gear. If you’re a thrill seeker, you might think it looks like fun. Maybe you’ll get yourself a motorcycle and join the party.

However, meeting the standards for riding a motorcycle safely becomes paramount before you get out there. You can’t just buy a motorcycle and start riding. You need the right kind of driver’s license first, or you face a ticket or even an arrest if the police pull you over.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of motorcycle licenses you can get in Florida. Once you know which one you need, you can get it and start your new hobby in style.

You Can’t Ride a Motorcycle in Florida with a Standard Driver’s License

First, let’s discuss the obvious: you can’t drive a motorcycle in Florida if you have the same kind of driver’s license you use for your car. If you have a class E driver’s license, that’s what you need to drive your vehicle to and from work each day. Maybe you feel you’re a skilled motorist, and that means you can ride a motorcycle as well.

In reality, you need different skills when driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Some individuals can do either one with no difficulties, but you need two different skill sets for these two vehicles.

Someone who drives a car must practice with a motorcycle before they become proficient. You might get lessons from a skilled motorcycle rider before you take the licensing test if you have a friend or family member who rides and can show you how that’s probably ideal.

The Motorcycle’s Power Plays a Part

You should also realize you can purchase and ride a motorized scooter in Florida at any time, and you can do so without a specialized motorcycle license. The bike’s power matters. If you have a motor scooter with less than 50 ccs of power, you can ride that without a motorcycle license.


Most riders don’t want a vehicle that small, though. They want the freedom and power a Harley or something equally large and impressive gives them.

The Requirements When Getting a Motorcycle License in Florida

If you want a Florida motorcycle license, you must meet certain requirements. You must complete a basic training course. This will not take long. Just look around online or in your neighborhood for any entities that give the Basic Rider Course, sometimes abbreviated as BRC. Entities all over the state offer this course, so you should find one with minimal difficulty.

You must also pass a written test. This test and the regular driver’s test share many similarities. In some cases, they’re identical.

Finally, you can’t get a license till you turn 16. Any time after that, you can legally take and pass the test, assuming you have the requisite knowledge and skill set.

The Class E License

If you have a Class E license, you can legally drive a car in Florida. If you already have that license and you want a motorcycle license as well, though, you can essentially skip a step.

If you have that Class E license already, you can show the proper authorities that, and you can get an additional motorcycle endorsement on your license. To do so, you must show the Class E license and then take the Basic Rider Course or the newer updated Basic Rider Course.

Then, you just head to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll pay a fee and provide the necessary documentation. Then, the clerk will put the new endorsement on your license. You can now legally ride your motorcycle in the state of Florida.

The Kinds of Acceptable Florida Motorcycle Licenses

Basically, you will only encounter two Florida licenses that legally let you ride a motorcycle there. You might get a separate one if you don’t have a license for cars when you start going through the process. You can also get the additional endorsement on your existing Class E license if you want a car and motorcycle.


If you show a police officer either a license type or if they pull you over when you’re out riding your motorcycle, you should do fine. It’s when you try riding without a license that you can get into some serious legal trouble.

Additional Requirements

Other than having an active Florida license that lets you ride a motorcycle there legally, you must also wear a helmet if you’re age 21 or older. You must also wear eye protection. If you see a Florida biker who doesn’t have a helmet or eye protection on, they’re breaking the law. Maybe they think it makes them more of an outlaw, but the police can pull them over and ticket them if they spot them flouting these regulations.

You must also register your motorcycle. You can do that easily enough. Just take it to the nearest DMV. There, you can get the proper paperwork and your license plate. Motorcycles need license plates in Florida, just like cars do. You must renew that license yearly, so mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

You don’t need the same insurance with a motorcycle in Florida that you do with a car. However, you do need minimum liability insurance. These policies don’t cost all that much, though. You can get a policy and pay for it monthly, quarterly, or yearly, whichever works best for you.

Now that you understand what kind of license you need to operate a motorcycle in Florida, and you know about the other requirements as well, you can start your new hobby. You may find that you love the freedom and excitement these vehicles provide. You can make new friends and enjoy the open road and all that it offers.