Best Motorcycle Jackets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Do you love your motorcycle and those endless rides? Well, you are among the countless riders out there who simply cannot resist the thrill of adventure and a sense of calm that riding a motorcycle brings.

Many riders not only ride for the speed and experience but also to feel energised and rejuvenated. Add to this the best motorcycle jacket from your inventory and your look is complete.

As it can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle through the remote areas and over rough terrains, a special gear is designed for the motorcyclists. They need to wear certain shoes, gloves, pants, helmets and of course, jackets. If you wear the proper apparel, not only will you feel more confident about your ride but will stay well-protected.

Amotorcycle jacket is indeed very important, hence it is essential to look for the best jackets in the market to suit your needs. Though the classic black leather jacket still remains popular in media portrayal and among riders today, yet there are countless options available for them .

Go through this guide to learn more about the motorcycle jackets, why you need to wear them, and what aspects to look for when buying the best motorcycle jacket for the money. There are certain intricacies that can guide you on how to pick just the right motorcycle jacket that suits your style, budget, and needs.

An Overview Of Best Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are typically made of high-quality materials like leather or textiles. The material used to make the jackets must be strong enough to resist abrasion and moisture and face tough weather conditions. The jackets are much more durable, comfortable and can help you remain dry even in bad weather thanks to the water-resistant membrane lining used in them.

The motorcycle-specific jackets are equipped with certain features that make them different from other jackets. For example, along with special attention to the quality and sturdiness of the material, the jackets come with doubled seams to raise strength and protect the stitching.

They are designed for a comfortable and snug fit and will not flap around even when you ride at high-speed in windy conditions, due to the presence of adjustable air vents. They come with special impact-absorbing material that works as body armour and keeps your most vulnerable parts cushioned and protected, in case of a crash.

Some of the best motorcycle riding jackets features zippers at the back and around the bottom that allows the rider to connect the jacket to the riding pants. Thus, in case of a crash, the jacket will not come rushing up and will keep your upper part of the body well-protected.

Whatever jacket you buy, ensure that it fits well and meets your riding style and position. Factors like the kind of weather you will face and the terrains you will pass through should also be considered when buying motocycle jackets.

But before you go ahead and start looking for a motorcycle jacket, why not be aware of some reasons as to why buy those jackets in the first place?

Reasons To Buy Motorcycle Jackets

The next obvious step after owning a motorcycle is getting the proper and essential gear that will play a role in your safety and protection. If you still don’t have the best motorcycle jacket, you should strongly think about it. After all, it is about your safety when you are riding.

Here are some good reasons as to why to buy a motorcycle jacket.

1. For Protection From Weather Elements And Injury

the best motorcycle jacket carries special design and material that create padding in the highest and the most vulnerable impact areas. In case of a crash, the shoulder and the elbows are most at risk, and these jackets with padding and protection can prevent any serious injuries and abrasions.

The motorcycle jackets also come with reflective gear that only adds to the safety features. It is not uncommon to hear horror stories of motorcycle riders fading serious injuries as they were not wearing a jacket or wearing a low-quality motorcycle jacket.

2. For Higher Comfort And Enjoyable Rides

The best motorcycle jackets 2018 are not just meant for safety and protection but also enhance the riding experience. When the rider enjoys a much more comfortable ride, especially on a longer trip and well protected against any kind of weather, he sure is going to love his ride. The jacket keeps him safe and secure from the environmental elements as well as bugs.

3. For Fashion And Style

Every motorcycle rider loves to look cool and stylish on his rides. Thankfully, the best motorcycle jacket brands know how to create the most stylish jackets in a wide range of styles and colours.

Now the riders can indeed customize their looks and coordinate their gear and accessories when out on a ride. Motorcycle jackets have, indeed, become very trendy and fashionable. You can wear them on your rides or wear them every day as your daily part of the wardrobe.

4. For A Complete Look

Something is sure going to look amiss of you ride on your motorcycle without a jacket. Motorcycle jackets can indeed complete your look and are considered an important part of the gear for motorcycle.

One instantly looks like a professional and experienced rider when he sits on the motor-bike wearing a jacket. There is a kind of attitude and style that envelopes you as you ride wearing a good quality motorcycle jacket, and you are sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

Thus, motorcycle jackets are not just about safety and protection but also inspire fashion and style. When browsing for the best motorcycle jacket, why not take a look at the different styles available in these jackets and buy one based on your riding style.

Different Styles In Best Motorcycle Jackets

Typically, you will come across some major styles in motorcycle jackets that include sports, cruiser, adventure, and racing.

These different categories of motorcycle jackets are made to fit the specific needs of riders and their riding style. The riders can pick the style of jacket in their preferred material and see which one meets their needs the best.

1. Sport Motorcycle Jackets

The sport jackets are casual and relaxed kind and are meant for those in sport riding. These jackets come with a suitable cut and a loose and relaxed fit, so as to meet the needs of the sport bike rider.

Although these jackets are typically made of textiles, leather options are also available. Sport motorcycle jackets are lined with removable liners and venting to add seasonal versatility. There are minimal pockets but more of the armour in these jackets.

2. Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets

This is a classic motorcycle jacket that is most commonly seen on the riders. Typically made of Leather, some other materials that are being used include synthetic textiles and cotton. The main deciding feature in these jackets is comfort and style. Fashion-conscious motorcycle riders prefer to buy the Cruiser style that makes them look cool and stylish.

3. Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

If you are the kind of rider who loves adventurous rides, you will need a special adventure motorcycle jacket. The jacket is specifically made with highly durable material that is waterproof and breathable.

Tailored with ADV jackets, these jackets are likely to include armour, an insulated liner, and plenty of venting. The purpose behind is to keep you safe and comfortable in all kind of weather conditions.

Adventure motorcycle jackets generally have a large number of pockets to house gadgets and other accessories you need when out on a long trip.

4. Racing Motorcycle Jackets

Racing motorcycle jackets are made from the high abrasion-resistant materials such as a thick cowhide. While the cowhide is used for the main chassis of the jacket, the key areas are lined with synthetic stretch panels so as to give the rider higher mobility.

In order to provide protection against extreme impacts and slides, these jackets are given internal armour and external TPU sliders.

These aerodynamic jackets create a very tight fit and carry almost no pockets. What helps to lower the fatigue are the pre-curved sleeves. A zipper on the bottom hem allows the jacket to get attached to the racing pants for added safety of the rider during a slide.

Now that you are aware of the common styles available in the jacket segment, take a look at the various and essential factored when shopping for the best motorcycle jacket.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Jacket

A good quality riding jacket is one of the essential parts of riding gear. The jacket not only keeps you safe and comfortable during your ride but also makes you look stylish. With a jacket on, you can be confident about feeling safe and protected in case of a crash and avoid serious injuries.

Here are some of the key aspects to consider when buying the best motorcycle jacket.

1. Choosing Between Leather And Textile

When you go shopping for your motorcycle jacket, you would be asked if you want them in Leather or textile material. Well, this can be a tough question to answer as both materials carry their pros and cons.

The right answer would be to know which material suits your riding style and meets your preferences. At the end of the day, it is all about your riding habits and needs and how often and where you ride.

Go for the leather motorcycle jacket if you drive on rough road conditions with extreme weather elements as these offer better abrasion resistance.

Many riders prefer leather jackets because of their classic and cool look. However, leather jackets are not suitable to wear in hot and humid conditions as they can be heavy and eventually give way to the moisture.

If you drive in hot and rainy conditions, then it is better to go for the textile jackets that are more versatile and suitable. Textile fabrics can be made waterproof and provide great ventilation. Besides, textile fabrics are lighter in weight and easy to work with.

However, textile fabrics do not carry the same abrasion resistance and tend to wear out faster than the top-quality leather materials.

2. The Kind Of Padding And Armour

Another feature that differentiates the best motorcycle jacket for protection from others is the addition of armour and padding. Today, the major advancements have been made in motorcycle gear with the introduction of armour and padding.

In the early days, the bulky and rigid feeling of the jackets were very restrictive towards the mobility and comfort of the rider. Thanks to the advancing armour technology, today, one comes across very pliable and lightweight armour that is very strong and provides suitable protection to the rider against impact.

Many motorcycle jackets come with sliders made of TPU on the outside. TPU is a hard and durable plastic that is placed in high impact areas of the jacket like elbows and shoulders. The purpose behind is to offer added safety during a crash or Collison. Some jackets come with armour or protectors for the back.

Don’t be surprised to see the option of customising the armour based on your needs. You can upgrade to the kind of padding and armour you need for your ride. Another nice feature is the removable armour that can be used as and when you need it.

3. Look At The Thickness And Weight

When it comes to buying the best armoured motorcycle jacket, it is felt that the thicker, the better. But these jackets can be heavier and cumbersome to wear as higher thickness means more weight. And some of the heavier jackets may not be so ideal for the motorcycle riders.

Today, one comes across lightweight leather motorcycle jackets with 1mm thickness. Even a slight thickness can lead to longer abrasion resistance and more protection during a slide. The best slide times are provided by the professional racing heavyweight of about 1.4mm thickness.

4. The Importance Of Safety Labelling

Today, every motorcycle jacket and other gear undergoes certain types of testing to determine their strength, durability, and suitability. Common abrasion and impact resistance tests are used to test the jacket against burst strength and any sharp object.

The best motorcycle jacket carries a safety label such as CE or AS mark inside the jacket. CE refers to European Conformity, while AS is the equivalent to the Australian government. The safety labels ensure that the product has been and tried and tested for strict safety standards specifically for motorcycle use.

Reputed manufacturers of motorcycle jackets ensure that their products carry the safety labelling and they follow their own in-house testing and quality standards.

5. The Reflectors For Higher Visibility

One of the essential factors for a motorcycle rider is his visibility on the roads, especially when it gets darker. When the other traffic and motorists fail to see those riders, there is a higher risk of accidents. This is why one should look for motorcycle jackets with reflectors to enhance their visibility on the roads and add to their safety.

Many of the manufacturers of motorcycle jackets are now using an abundance of reflective material. The reflective technology advancements have only led to brighter and stylish jackets. Those reflectors become very bright once in darker conditions and make the rider visible.

6. Venting To Keep You Cool And Comfortable

Look for a motorcycle jacket carrying proper venting and keep in mind that not all jackets carry venting or promise quality venting. Most jackets carry simple and straight venting, while others are made of perforated or mesh material for added ventilation.

A good quality venting can prevent excess sweating during warm conditions and keep moisture away in rainy conditions. Look for motorcycle jackets with intake vents in the front and exhaust vents in the back for complete comfort against excessive heat and moisture.

7. The Liners For More Versatility

Today, one can look for motorcycle jackets with liners for added comfort, and you can look for the kind based on what you need. What adds to the versatility is a removable liner that can be insulated and waterproof. The presence of an insulated liner can keep the rider warm in cold weather, and he can remove the liner when the temperatures climb up.

The waterproof liners make the jackets water-resistant and will not let any water seep in from the outside, especially when you are riding in rainy weather. Some of the liners have only vests, while others have full-length sleeves.

8. The Number Of Pockets

Almost all riding jackets carry pockets and can differ in the numbers. It is must that the motorcycle jacket you are interested in should carry at least a couple of pockets to accommodate your gadgets and accessories. It becomes a lot more convenient to place your mobile phone, wallet, keys extra in those pockets as you ride.

Look for a higher number of pockets if going for a long trip and to store important items that you would need during a ride. You can easily carry most of the utility items with ease if you have some pockets. However, be wary as not to top overstuff them.

9. What About The Fit?

No matter if you buy the best quality motorcycle jacket, with all the padding and armours and insulated lining, if you do not feel comfortable in it, it is of not much use. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get a motorcycle jacket that fits you perfectly.

Buying a jacket that is either tight or too large will only add to your fatigue and leave you feeling uncomfortable even after a short time of the ride. Even if the jacket has armour, if it is loose, it will not be able to offer you the 100% protection you are looking for in case of a slide. And if the jacket is too small, you will feel restricted in your movements.

You can always look for fitting adjusters in some of the jackets that can help you to make adjustments around the waist, sides, and sleeves. This is a good way of getting customised fit for yourself and adding suitable armour as well as eliminate extra material from the jacket.

Just follow the above tips and guidelines when shopping for the best motorcycle jacket and ensure that you invest in the right jacket. Now that you own one of the top-quality jackets for your motorcycle rides, you should learn how to take good care of it.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Jackets 2022

1. Leather Vintage Brando

Leather Vintage Brando Best Motorcycle Jackets

The Vintage Brando motorcycle jacket for men is made of 100% genuine leather, and the 1.2mm thick premium leather offers complete road protection. Attached micro-mesh lining and thermal lining add to the comfort level when riding in different weather conditions.

Enjoy added safety with approved armours on back, elbows & shoulders, and it is the best jacket in the protective gear market. What enhances safety is double-safety, extra-stretch back, and high-density foam back protector.


  • Genuine leather
  • Removable armours


  • Waist adjusting straps could face back

2. HWK Women’s CE

HWK Women's CE

HWK Armoured Motorcycle Jacket for women is an all-weather textile motorcycle racing jacket that boasts of approved armours on elbows & shoulders. The 100% waterproof jacket remains cool and safe, thanks to the breathable membrane lining.

Take advantage of the removable winter thermal lining that enhances comfort and convenience. Other features include waist connection zip, Air Ventilation system, and a soft collar with Neoprene.


  • CE approved armours
  • 600D Cordura construction


  • Too big and unflattering

3. Dualsport Enduro Textile

Dualsport Enduro Textile

The all-weather motorcyclejacket promises maximum quality at a minimum price. Approved armors, the breathable membrane and soft collar makes the ride comfortable.. The waterproof motorbike jacket boasts of the best protective gear that includes CE armoured jacket, shoulders, elbows, and a high-density foam back protector.

Other features include arm and waist adjusters, two external pockets, air ventilation system, and a fully reflective feature for night time.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Arm and waist adjusters
  • Double-Safety stitching


  • not suitable for warm weather

4. Mens Black Leather Racing

Mens Black Leather Racing

HWK is an established brand for motorcyclists and manufactures top quality Genuine Buffalo leather motorcycle jackets. Double-Safety stitching and Mesh breathable membrane plus the detachable insulated thermal lining only add to the comfort level.

Added features include connection zip, extra outer coin pocket, waist adjusters, and a reflective for night time riding. This jacket is simply great for the price.


  • Extra-stretch back panels
  • Rust-free buttons
  • Ce approved armours


  • Heavier Than It Looks

5. Tourmaster Advanced Textile

Tourmaster Advanced Textile

If you are looking for a comfortable motorcycle jacket, then go for the Tour Master Advanced jacket that boasts of a number of exciting features to keep you both stylish and comfortable. What ensures the highest level of protection is the use of 1680 denier Ballistic material and CE-Approved armour.

Other features include removable insulated full-sleeve liner and vents in the shoulder, back, and chest. What keeps you completely dry is the waterproof Rain guard barrier.


  • Action back rear panel
  • 1680 denier Ballistic
  • Very good quality cool weather jacket


  • Too bulky for long trips during warm weather

6. Viking Cycle Ironborn Textile

Viking Cycle Ironborn Textile

iVking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle jacket is based on next generation liner technology and has passed the highest impact tests. The stylish jacket boasts of removable elbows, shoulder & spine armour. The jacket comes with an ergonomic design that includes an advanced waterproof treated Rock outer shell.

Enjoy adjustable ventilation and affordable quality with the functional & comfortable jacket.


  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Ce approved armour
  • Multi-pocket storage


  • Not for severe cold and hot weather condition

7. Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Leather

Hot Leathers Men's Heavyweight Leather

The heavyweight leather jacket for men is strong and durable and yet soft and comfortable. Enjoy added protection because of the zip-out quilted lining and zippered cuffs. There are plenty of pockets like the chest pockets, inside chest pocket, and side pockets.

Made of high-quality leather, this is a jacket that should be in the closet of every motorcyclist. Look at the size chart carefully for the most accurate fit.


  • Really Well Made
  • High Quality Leather


  • The mesh lining behind the inner not good enough

8. HWK Adventure/Touring

HWK Adventure Touring

Get ready for an all-weather adventure with this textile motorcycle touring jacket made of 600d Cordura construction. The HWK motorcycle is meant for the rugged and strong motorbike riding and will keep you warm in winters and cool during summers.

With CE approved armours, the 100% waterproof motorcycle touring jacket is armoured on shoulders, elbows, and back. Other features include a soft collar, air ventilation system, quality zippers, and fully reflective for night time.


  • All Weather Jacket
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ce Approved Armours


  • Weak zippers

9. Dualsport Enduro Textile

Dualsport Enduro

The textile motorcycle jacket for men comes with all the essential features an avid biker is looking for his safety and comfort. Enjoy CE approved armours that are removable in the 100% waterproof motorcycle jacket that comes at a great price.

Reissa waterproof and breathable membrane, double-safety stitching, and foam padding on the front and back are what make the jacket great. Take advantage of the waist connection zip and action stretch in shoulders and elbows.


  • CE armoured jacket
  • Fully Reflective for night
  • 100% Waterproof


  • No padding in the front

10. A&H Men’s Leather

A&H Men’s Leather

A &H men’s leather motorcycle jacket is absolutely perfect! Made with top-grade cowhide leather that is evenly grained, the jacket boasts of Heavy Duty YKK zippers and zip out lining. What adds to the convenience is the half belt with a buckle for making adjustment.

The heavy jacket with the lining is perfect for motorcycle riders as well as daily wear. It is a surprisingly great jacket that comes at a great price.


  • Nice, heavy leather motorcycle jacket
  • Quality YKK zippers


  • Size chart not accurate

11. Windproof Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Windproof Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Quality is an eternal pursuit, and when it comes to guarding your safety completely, the windproof motorcycle riding jacket ranks high. Made of windproof 600 denier polyester that is abrasion resistant, the high-performance fabric is both breathable and comfortable.

The jacket boasts of removable warmth cotton liner, adjustable cuff, collar, and protectors on the back, shoulders, elbows. Careful designing ensures ease of use and top quality.


  • Abrasion Resistant And Windproof
  • Adjustable And Comfortable


  • Jacket should be a little longer.

12. Joe Rocket Atomic Textile

Joe Rocket Atomic Textile

What makes the atomic textile motorcycle jacket great for maximum impact resistance is the Rock Tex, and Hitena outer shell and C.E. approved armour in shoulders & elbows. Variable Flow ventilation system with waterproof zippers and Full Flex back expansion panels add to the safety and comfort.

The jacket looks great and fits just right and is perfect for those looking for higher safety features.


  • C.E. Spine Protector
  • 8 zipper plus 2 belt loops
  • 2 outside pockets


  • No zipper on one pocket

13. Ladies Leather Jacket

Ladies Leather Jacket

The classic leather jacket is just perfect for women riders. The beautiful jacket comes with a crossover snap down collar and is a must-have for those avid riders as well as the fashionistas. Now you can ride like the wind and look cool and stay protected at all times.

The Premium Milled Cowhide Leather is easy to care for and wears well. Enjoy the best quality stitching, original YKK Silver Hardware, and 2 Outside Zip Pockets.


  • Special San Diego Leather
  • Easy to care
  • YKK Silver Hardware


  • Looks and feels heavy

14. Viking Cycle Textile

Viking Cycle Textile

Viking Cycle Motorcycle jacket for men is handed over to you only after passing the highest impact tests. The stylish jacket boasts of CE approved removable armour on the elbows, shoulder & spine. Rock Tex 600 outer shell comes with an advanced waterproof and ergonomic design.

Take advantage of the water repellent and wrinkle-free jacket that is based on the next generation liner technology and no sagging technology.


  • Adjustable Ventilation
  • Zippered Multi-Pocket Storage
  • Reflective High Visibility


  • Not waterproof
  • Too hot for 65 and up

15. Milwaukee Men’s Police Style

Milwaukee Men's Police Style

Milwaukee Leather is just perfect for this police style motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle jacket has everything a rider needs, complete safety, ample storage, and higher comfort. With plenty of pocket storage and numerous options for adjustment, you just cannot go wording with the Milwaukee Leather jacket.

The jacket is equipped with full sleeve zip out thermal liner and half belt for easy adjustment. The classic built-in waist belt and side lace detailing allow for an easy adjustment.


  • Premium Milled Cowhide
  • Easy adjustment


  • Too “plasticy” sounding metals

16. Levi’s Faux Leather

Levi's Faux Leather

The faux leather motorcycle jacket created by Levi’s is a classic design with zipper front closure, buffalo plaid lining, and zipper detailed cuffs. Other features include epaulettes on shoulders and one chest welt zipper pocket and two lower welt zipper pockets.

You will love the high-quality apparel created by the American brand that never fails to impress.


  • Machine wash
  • Utilitarian Pockets
  • Lightweight


  • Does not have adjustable belt

17. Hot Leathers Heavyweight

Hot Leathers Heavyweight

Made with heavyweight leather, the hot leather jacket indeed is a cool motorcyclist’s jacket that you will love to wear overtime as you go for your ride. The jacket features a stand-up racing collar and has a zip-out quilted lining. The jacket has side zipper pockets and an inside pocket on the chest along with zipper cuffs.

Wear this jacket to create a lasting impression and make heads turn and it is indeed one of the best budget motorcycle jackets.


  • True Riding Jacket
  • Great Special Price


  • Stiff leather

18. HWK Mesh

HWK Mesh

Enjoy maximum quality at a minimum price with the HWK Mesh motorcycle jacket that comes at a special price. Take advantage of approved removable armours on the back, elbows & shoulders in the breathable motorcycle jacket.

The jacket is just perfect for or summer and autumn weather as it comes with a full air ventilation system on front and back.


  • 600d Cordura construction mesh
  • 100% breathable
  • Action stretch


  • Elbow pads shift a bit
  • Smaller zelcro cuffs

19. HWK Men’s

HWK Men's

HWK’s 100% waterproof motorcycle jacket for men carries a 2-color contrast and is an all-weather motorcycle jacket made with 600d Cordura construction textiles. CE approved armours around back, elbows & shoulders make it safer for you to drive in rugged conditions.

All in all, you will be very pleased with your purchase and will love to wear and flaunt this leather jacket.


  • Extremely visible reflective
  • 5-way air ventilation system
  • Arm and waist adjusters


  • Arms are a little long

20. Viking Cycle Textile Mesh

Viking Cycle Textile Mesh

The Viking Cycle Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is the perfect motorcycle jacket for summers. Made of strong and durable 100% 600D Cordura Polyester, the jacket is wrinkle-free as well as a water repellent. The mesh design lines the torso, back, and arms for a comfortable ride.

The ergonomic design and generation mesh technology you to stay fresh and cool during long rides in summer.


  • CE Approved Armour
  • Multi-Pocket Storage
  • Water Repellent And Wrinkle-Free


  • Flapping even slightly loose

After Care And Maintenance Of Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets have always been a favourite among riders and have become a staple fashiontoday. Now that you are a proud owner of one of the top-quality leather motorcyclejacket, the onus lies on you to keep the leather material supple, soft, and clean.

To make sure that your leather jacket lasts for a long time and remains in good condition, it is essential to take propercare of it. Just follow the below-listed steps for rightr care and maintenance.

Step 1 – Read The Instructions

Read the manufacturer’s instructions and general guidelines on how to take good care of the leather jacket. Those instructions may vary a bit based on the manufacturer’s label and specific care for certain leather type.

Step 2 – Keep The Jacket Dry

If possible, avoid using the leather jacket in rainy weather. And if you need to ride in rainy conditions, just remove the jacket immediately when you come back and hang it to dry. Do not place the jacket on or near a radiator for drying, and the heat can dry up the leather and make it brittle and crack easily. So, it is very essential to keep your jacket away from heat.

Step 3 – Store The Jacket Properly

Leather motorcycle jackets should never be folded and kept away but should be hanged properly so as to keep those creases and cracks away. Hang the jacket in a well-ventilated closet on a padded hanger and away from any sunlight to avoid any fading. Give the jacket some space and don’t force it in an overcrowded closet.

Step 4 – Avoid Cleaning At Home

If you love your leather jacket and want it to enjoy a prolonged life, do not clean it at home. Unless you are an expert with leather cleaning and maintenance, you are likely to cause serious damage to the jacket. However, you can carry out some routine cleaning and tackle those areas that need particular attention.

Step 5 – Professional Leather Cleaning

Avoid cleaning the jacket at home, and one should always go for a professional leather cleaner at least once a year. Depending on how often you go for rides and wear a jacket, you might need professional cleaning more than once a year.

A professional leather cleaner understands the leather type much better and will use the right kind of cleaning process to remove the dirt and stains. He will use quality leather cleaners and conditioner on the Leather to give it a shine and prolong its life.

Professional leather cleaning can restore your jacket in its original conditions by getting rid of those dirt, racks, and creases. With a prolonged life, you can now enjoy your leather for many years to come. Don’t forget, Leather is unique, and so are the motorcycle jackets.


1. How To Pick The Right Motorcycle Jacket Size?

Always use the chest and belly measurements for the right size. When you shop for the best motorcycle jacket brands, you will find that some jackets are sold in chest sizes while others carry Small, Medium, Large sizes.

Go for the size that will accommodate your chest measurement. As for the belly size, most jackets carry a drop of about 4 inches from chest to belly. The belly of the jacket should be large enough to hold your belly.

2. Which Motorcycle Jacket Offers Better Protection, A Leather Jacket, Or A Textile Jacket?

Leather is considered to be the most protective material, and this what quantifies the protective difference in a leather and textile motorcycle jacket. While textiles are more flexible and lighter than leatherr, these are not the right choice for those looking for a motorcycle jacket that offers solid protection.

While textile motorcycle jackets can keep you safe in a minor crash, you will need a high-quality leather jacket for high-speed environments.

3. What Should Be Done About The Dangling Armour In A Motorcycle Jacket?

If the apparel is too large for one’s size, the issue of dangling can come up. Dangling armour is of no use and will not offer you the protection it promises in case of a crash. You can double or stack up the armour to minimise the dangling and fill up all those empty spaces.

4. How To Take Good Care Of The Motorcycle Jacket Lining?

The waterproof thermal lining is often removable. After removing, spread it out and use a soft cloth with a mild detergent to clean gently and take extra caution not to damage the lining with vigorous and forceful movements.

Best Motorcycle Jackets – Conclusion

The best motorcycle jackets have something in common. They are made of top-quality materials like leather and textile and are much more functional than a regular jacket.

After all, they are manufactured, keeping the various needs of the rider in mind and thus come with special features like armour, padding zips, and lining. Some have insulating layers and wind-blocking lines to add to your safety and comfort when riding in extreme weather conditions.

Apart from looking for the right fit and quality, the motorcycle jacket should feel very comfortable while riding.

Check the safety features you need, and it is always better to invest in the best motorcycle jackets under 200 that covers your budget as well as your needs. Take good care of your jacket as it is an important part of your motorcycle gear and strive to keep it in good condition for years.