Best Motorcycle Covers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Nuzari2. Badass Motogear3. Nuzari
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Want to park your bike outside for a long period? You need to come with some precautions. The elements of nature can be harmful to your bike and it may impact the overall look of your loveable run machine. A motorcycle cover is the best answer for safe storage.

A motorcycle cover can protect your bike from pollutants and other environmental dangers like rain, heat, wind, UV rays, etc. Now the question is that do you know how to pick the best motorcycle cover for your run machine?

We are here to guide people who want to know more about the best motorcycle cover and ways to find it.

Why Do You Need To Buy Motorcycle Cover?

For many the motorcycle is not just a vehicle to commute, it is a companion for a joy ride. If you are an owner of a motorcycle, you know how worthy the vehicle is for you and as a responsible owner, you have to take measures to keep your bike in the best condition.

Apart from the maintenance and servicing of vital parts like engine and transmission system, you need to take care of its look.

Like any other vehicle, motorcycles need parking space and the problem is that you cannot park them anywhere. Parking a motorcycle outside can be a risky business, as some environmental elements can damage the color and shine of your bike.

Besides, you cannot predict the weather outside and do not know when your machine will be a victim of harsh weather conditions.

Pollutants and bird droppings are some of the key factors that can force you to park your bike inside but keeping your bike inside is not possible all the time.

If you are interested in buying a motorcycle cover, then you must learn about its usability and how it can protect your vehicle from several harmful factors. Here are some key points about the advantages of motorcycle cover.

1. Protection From Weather 

Weather can be a threat for those who do not have options to keep their motorcycle in a garage or under any other roof. Heat, wind, and rain are some of the key threats to your motorcycle and you need to protect your bike from them. Motorcycle covers are water-resistant and they can protect your bike from rain and moisture.

Here you need to know that water-resistant motorcycle covers often fail to protect the vehicle against the torrential downpour. For this reason, people often prefer waterproof covers instead of water-resistant ones. Covers made of PVC fabric can resist water and moisture precisely.

2. Protection From Sun 

Direct sunlight can damage the paint of your bike and longtime exposure may wear off the color and shine of your vehicle. Harmful UV rays are another factor you need to take care of when parking your bike outside. A UV protected motorcycle cover acts like a UV-protected sunglass that protects our eyes from harmful radiation.   

If you want to protect the texture and finish of your vehicle from the sun, you have to invest in the best motorcycle cover as such a cover can keep the shine of your vehicle for a long period.

Apart from this, a heat-resistant cover will keep your bike cool, as the heat-resistant panels featured in the cover will always ensure proper ventilation.

3. Improved Security

This is another key reason why you should put a cover on your bike. The bike is an expensive purchase and if your ride gets stolen you may fall in an awkward situation. It is better to take precautions and keep your motorcycle safe from the eyes of the thieves.

The best outdoor motorcycle cover will always keep your vehicle safe from unwanted eyes. A motorcycle cover is not as expensive as a bike but it can protect your investment from unwanted happenings.

4. Increased Resale Value

As a seller, you will always like to secure the best deal whenever you will decide to sell your bike. Remember, buyers will pay attention to the outer look of your bike before they check specs and the condition.

A motorcycle cover will protect your vehicle from heat, water, moisture, dust, pollutants, and many other environmental factors. This protection can help you to keep the new look of your bike for a long period.

Thus, we can say that a simple motorcycle cover can increase the resale value of your bike by many folds.       

If you love the look of your bike then you would like to protect it for a long period. A motorcycle cover can help you to keep the new look of your vehicle for years. A simple investment can deliver big benefits if you shop around and bring the best motorcycle cover for your ride.

Choosing the best cover for your bike is very important and our guide can help you in the process.

Types Of Bike Covers

Different types of bike covers are there to grab and you can pick one according to your needs. Before you shop around, it is better to have some knowledge of different types of motorcycle covers. Here, we have brought a few variants and this can help you to get some ideas.

1. Outdoor

Everyone is not fortunate to have an indoor space to park his/her motorcycle, as situations often force us to keep our lovable machine outside.

An outdoor motorcycle cover can be an ideal solution to keep your bike safe even when parked outside. Outdoor covers are made of quality material that can resist dust, moisture, water, bird droppings, and pollutants.

2. Indoor

Your motorcycle still needs a cover even when parked inside a garage or any secured place. Moisture and dust are some of the elements that can affect the overall appearance of your bike. Indoor bike covers are less expensive and you can get them in various shapes and sizes.

3. Polyester  

Polyester is one of the most popular materials used in motorcycle covers. There are lightweight and waterproof and can be an excellent option to protect your bike from environmental factors. Such covers are expensive compared to other cover made of other materials but they can provide your bike with ultimate protection.

Key Features Of A Best Motorcycle Cover 

If you are a first-time buyer, you must be aware of some key features a quality motorcycle cover should have. Remember, a motorcycle cover is not just clothing to put on; it must protect your motorcycle from several environmental factors and thieves as well.

Thus, make sure the cover you have purchase features all the essential things your bike needs when parked inside or outside spaces.

1. Mirror Pockets

This is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle cover. Separate covers for both left and right-hand mirrors will provide the mirrors with extra protection.

The size and shape of the mirrors can vary from one motorcycle model to another and you have to purchase a cover with mirror pockets accordingly. Remember, not all the motorcycle covers come with mirror pockets and you have to read the product specification carefully before purchasing one.

2. Coverage

If you are investing in a bike cover, you will want to cover all the essential areas. Full-size bike covers protect the entire area from dust, water, and pollutants and keep your ride clean. Some types of covers are not long enough to cover the wheels and engines.

Hence, you have to make sure that you have purchased a full-length cover for your bike to ensure complete protection.

3. Strap Type

The strap will help you to fasten the cover precisely and you have to make sure that cover comes with user-friendly strap design.

It can be elastic or tie strap, which is quite easy to operate and you may find it quite handy. Complex strap type will make the task difficult and it may consume a lot of time.

4. Waterproof Vs Water-Resistant

As a buyer, you have to understand the difference between these two terms. If you see the term “water-resistant” written in the description, you should not mean it as waterproof, because the water-resistant cover can resist water to a certain level.

Waterproof products, on the other hand, can resist water precisely. This means water cannot penetrate through a waterproof cover. Thus, read the description carefully and decide whether you need a water-resistant or the best waterproof motorcycle cover.

5. UV Resistant 

This is one of the key features of a quality bike covers. If you are planning to invest in the best motorcycle cover, never ignore this noteworthy feature. Ultravioletrays from the sun can damage the color and shine of your motorcycle. Long-time exposure to the sun can cause damage to the color and texture of your bike. 

Remember, not all the covers are UV resistant and you may have to pay a little bit extra for them. A UV resistant cover can be a huge gain for you; as such cover will protect your bike from harmful UV rays even when parked outside for a long period.

6. Stitching Quality 

This is something most of the buyers ignore when choosing one of the best motorcycle covers for their two-wheelers. The quality of stitching is something that will ensure the durability of the product.

Most of the reputable brands pay attention to this area to ensure greater longevity of their product. Reputable manufacturers maintain good stitching quality and you can purchase their cover without any hesitation.  

7. Color And Texture

Although the quality of the bike cover is the most important thing you should also pay attention to its color and texture. Bike covers are available in various colors including black, blue, brown, grey, orange, etc. and you can pick any according to your choice.

However, the color and texture of the cover often fade away and make cover weary. This can happen to any poor-quality motorcycle cover and that is why you have to be a little bit careful here.

Mistakes Buyers Make When Investing In Best Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle owners who are going to buy a cover for their two-wheelers should learn about the mistakes to avoid when investing in the best motorcycle cover. This simple guideline can restrict you from buying an average or poor product.

Here, you are going to highlight a few common mistakes buyers often make while purchasing motorcycle covers.

1. Concentrating On Looks

This is one common mistake people make while purchasing covers for their bikes. Concentrating only on the looks will not be a smart move, as this can lead to an unprofitable deal.

Poor quality products often come with attractive color and texture and they can impress the buyers any time. You must look at the other features as well and bring the best motorcycle cover home.    

2. Going For Water-Resistant Product

In most cases, buyers do not understand the difference between a water-resistant product and a waterproof one. If you are planning to buy a motorcycle cover for outdoor use, it must be a waterproof product.

You do not know when the torrential downpour will target your bike and make it weary. A waterproof bike cover can protect your bike from the heavy downpour and keep it dry. However, you cannot expect the same from a simple water-resistant product.

3. Ignoring The Measurement         

Size matters a lot and you cannot ignore it anyway. Some motorcycle covers are available with universal size and such covers are suitable for various types of motorcycles.

If you are planning to buy a cover for your cruiser, you have to ensure that the cover you have chosen is big enough to cover the entire vehicle. When purchasing a cover, you have to keep the wheel size, frame size and height in mind.

4. Ignoring The Seal Joints

Seal joints are an important part of a motorcycle cover and you have to take care of it. Make sure the cover comes with heat seal joints as such joints will ensure the durability of the product.

In general, motorcycle covers are prepared to with stitches and joints and you must take care of when purchasing one. This simple tip can help you pick the best product for your ride.

5. Buying Without Price Comparison

This is the final step in the process and buyers must not forget to conduct some market research before buying the product. In many cases, buyers do not spend much time in the process and purchase products at the first attempt.

You can make the deal a profitable one by conducting market research, as the same product can be available at a cheaper price in some online stores. Such practices can help you to save money on your purchase.

Factors To Look When Buying The Best Motorcycle Cover 

Motorcycle covers can be described as one of the most important investments for the riders and it protects your vehicle from various elements like heat, wind, snow and rain.

Maintenance is crucial for a vehicle and it can result in sudden break down unless you take the right precautions to protect your valuable assets in extreme weather conditions.

Precaution is important when you are on a long ride in the rainy season or parking your vehicle in the scorching heat of the summer and therefore it is considered to be an essential item for each and every rider.

Investing in a heavy-duty motorbike is the safest idea and buyers need to take several factors into consideration before purchasing the cover. Here are some of the most important factors and buyers can get an idea from it.  

1. Budget

Perhaps the budget is the foremost thing to consider before investing in the best motorcycle cover. The market is vast and one needs to get an idea about the cost before making any decision. The basic motorcycle covers are available from a starting range of $25 and one can get good quality motorcycle covers under $100.

Buyers need to set a budget at first and it will help them not to exceed the budget while choosing the product. In case people don’t have an idea about the cost, they can simply use the e-commerce websites to get the idea of cost. 

2. Quality 

Suppose you are looking for a motorcycle cover to use in the long run, you must check the quality before buying it. One can find cheap basic motorcycle covers to high-quality materials at a store and investment in the cheapest cover is not going to be the best deal if you are concerned about durability.

Outdoor motorcycle covers will protect the vehicle from heat, rain, wind and snow throughout the year and investing on high-quality material will ensure the highest protection in all seasons. 

3. Features 

Motorcycle covers come along with different features and it is important to check the features before finalizing anything.

In case you have specific requirements, you should ask about the features when you are at the store. Some manufacturers sell motorcycle covers that offer a universal fit, and you can also find covers for a specific type of motorcycles.

Nowadays you can choose from heat resistant, wear-resistant or tear-resistant fabrics that will ensure the highest durability and better protection. The features must be checked by the buyers before purchasing a motorcycle cover and it will be helpful. 

4. Material 

The material plays a vital role in protecting the vehicle and buyers must invest in good material rather than investing in cheap materials. Manufacturers use high-quality Oxford fabrics or other synthetic fabrics to offer the highest protection and buyers should not forget it while investing in motorcycle covers.

Many people complain about scratches with low-cost motorcycle covers and one should ask about it before buying motorcycle cover. Nowadays scratchproof covers are available and buyers should get an idea about materials for motorcycle covers.  

5. Size 

Like many other factors, size can play a major role in the usability of your motorcycle cover. Buying a bike cover just watching a few images will not be a good idea, as the look can deceive you anytime.

Although bike covers are designed for various types of bike models, it is better to learn about the measurement of the product before you make the final decision.

The width, height, and length are the three important measures to take care of when making a new purchase. Make sure the cover will fit the bike model you have and it will cover all the parts of your ride. Do not mind anything if the cover is a few inches bigger than your bike.

6. Color

Color is also one of the key factors to consider when investing in a bike cover. Motorcycle covers are available in various colors and textures and you can buy anyone according to your choice. Here, you must know that the quality of the color remains a key concern and you should inquire about it.

If you have chosen a cover made by a reputable brand, you can get the much-needed assurance on the color, otherwise, there will be no guarantee on the color. People often prefer dark colors like black, dark blue or brown to make their bikes invisible before unwanted eyes.

7. Popular Brands

Choosing the right brand is quite important, as the reputation of the manufacturer will determine the quality of the product. There is no scarcity of cheap quality products and you will get them everywhere.

Investing in a cheap quality product may help you to save some money but this will not be a profitable deal in the long run.

Reputable brands never produce poor quality motorcycle cover and you can even get a guarantee from them. If you are planning to buy the best motorcycle cover, you must pay attention to its brand first.

8. Purpose 

Before you start to shop around, you have to confirm your purpose first. People use motorcycle covers for different purposes.

You have to make sure whether you want an indoor cover or an outdoor one. The best outdoor motorcycle cover is thicker than indoor ones and you will have to pay a little bit extra for them.

Indoor motorcycle covers, on the other hand, are thinner and less costly. Unlike the outdoor covers that usually made for harsh weather conditions, indoor covers are made to protect motorcycles from dust and debris. Hence, you have to choose the right cover according to your needs.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Covers 2022

1. Nuzari 

Nuzari Best Motorcycle Cover

Nuzari introduces heavy-duty waterproof premium outdoor motorcycle cover that will protect your vehicle from dust or rain during extreme weather conditions.

The heavy-duty cover is available in 5 different colors and there are different sizes available for a different type of motorcycles. It offers a snug fit with heavy-duty elastic bottom and in case you are looking for an affordable motorcycle cover under $60, this will be a good choice for buyers. 


  • The cover is affordable.
  • It is lockable.
  • It comes with a soft cotton windshield protector.


  • The product is available in only 5 colors. 

2. Badass Motogear

Badass Motogear

A lot of people get confused to choose the right motorcycle cover from the stores and if you are confused about choosing a cover, the new Outdoor Storage Motorcycle Covers for Harleys – Street or Sport Bike from Badass Motogear must not be missed.

The cover comes under an affordable price tag under $80 and if you are looking for a good quality durable material, this will be a good choice.

The product is available in 4 different colors and it comes with windshield liner, light-reflective, lock/alarm pockets, exhaust shields to give you highest convenience. 


  • Affordable and durable product.
  • Good waterproofing features.
  • Gives you a perfect fit. 


  • Available in just 4 sizes

3. Nuzari Premium Grade

Nuzari Premium Grade

Are you looking for motorcycle covers for sports bikes and cruisers? Choosing the right motorcycle covers for sports bike can be tough due to its size and a lot of people face issues in finding the right motorcycle cover.

Premium Grade Waterproof High-Grade Polyester Weather Resistant Motorcycle Covers from Nuzari will give you optimum protection from wind, heat, water and snow and if you are looking for the best motorcycle cover, you shouldn’t miss it.

It features sewn cutouts 4 chains & locks to give you better protection and the elastic bottom will provide a snug fit as well. 


  • Affordable.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • The product is available in 6 different colors. 


  • The product is available in only 4 sizes. 

4.  Xyzctem


There are many buyers who prefer buying cheap motorcycle covers due to the tight budget and nowadays one can find several manufacturers who have made a difference with their pocket-friendly products.

In case you are looking for a motorcycle cover under $27, new Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Cover from XYZCTEM will be a great choice.

It offers universal fit up to 116 inches and the water repellent material will protect your vehicle from heat and rain. The cover feature lock holes and windproof buckle and you shouldn’t miss it if you are about to invest in motorcycle cover. 


  • It features a universal fit.
  • The cover is made of high quality oxford material.
  • It comes with improved weather protection. 


  • Available in one color. 

5. Velmia 


Manufacturers are trying to draw the attention of the buyers with new products and the new Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Outdoor & Indoor [XX-Large] Heavy Duty Premium Bike Cover from Velmia.

Introduces heat resistant and waterproof motorcycle cover that will offer protection from sun, dust, wind, rain, snow, birds and others.

The cover is built with premium material and it is ideal for all-weather outdoor storage. 


  • The cover is made of breathable material
  • It is completely scratch-free.
  • Available in four different sizes.
  • It is ideal for all-weather outdoor storage. 


  • It is available in one color.  

6. Xyzctem 108 Inch

Xyzctem 108 Inch

Weather protection is important when it comes to purchasing all-weather motorcycle covers. Direct exposure to the sun, heat or wind can make your vehicle dirty and hence you need to invest in motorcycle covers.

New Motorcycle Cover from XYZCTEM comes with all-season waterproof outdoor protection and if you are looking for a high-quality breathable material under your tight budget, nothing can be better than this. It offers a universal fit and it has earned a good rating from the users. 


  • The cover offers a universal fit.
  • It made of high quality breathable material.
  • Affordable


  • The product is available in one color. 

7. Opamoo


There are many buyers who look out for universal motorcycle covers so that the product can be used with multiple motorcycles.

New Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Scooter Cover for Large Medium XL 250cc 150cc 50cc Scooter Shelter with All-Weather Motorbike Protection gives you highest convenience with waterproof and windproof design and if you are looking for an affordable universal motorcycle cover, this cover will be a good choice. 


  • It features wear-resistant and tear-resistant design.
  • It comes with anti-theft lock holes.
  • It is very easy to clean.


  • The cover is available in one color. 

8. Anglink


Several manufacturers are known for their quality products and All Weather Outdoor Protection Waterproof Motorcycle Cover from Anglink features premium quality 210D Oxford fabric that makes it ideal for rough use.

The cover is weather-resistant, tear-resistant and wear-resistant and it is better compared to 180T AND 190T material.

It offers universal fit along with extra features like an adjustable elastic band and windproof buckle design to give you highest convenience.

It features safety lock holes and excellent waterproofing and the cover is available in two different sizes. It will be a good choice for buyers who are looking for motorcycle covers under $25.   


  • Built with high-quality Oxford fabric with the special textile process.
  • It features safety lock holes.
  • It comes with excellent waterproofing. 


  • It is available in only two different sizes. 

9. Xyzctem Waterproof Cover

Xyzctem Waterproof Cover

XYZCTEM needs no introduction when it comes to motorcycle covers. The manufacturer has already built a customer base with a wide range of products and new Waterproof Outdoor Storage Motorcycle Cover from XYZCTEM comes with great built quality and features.

It cover will be a good choice for buyers if they are looking for cheap motorcycle covers under $25.


  • The cover offers a universal fit which means buyers won’t have to find covers for specific models.
  • The cover is made of premium quality Oxford material to give you improve weather protection.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • The product is available in one color. 

10. Xyzctem All-Season Black

Xyzctem All-Season Black

Are you looking for motorcycle covers for multiple bikes? A lot of buyers prefer investing in universal fit covers and if you are thinking about purchasing multiple covers for your vehicles, investing in the universal fit will be the best decision.

All-Season Black Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover from XYZCTEM features universal fit and it is compatible with most of the motorcycles. The cover can protect your vehicle from sunlight, heat, wind and rain in an effective way. 


  • The covers are built with improved weather protection.
  • It features 2 windproof buckles and 2 aluminum lock holes.
  • Affordable


  • The product is available in only one color. 

11. ClawsCover XXL 104″

ClawsCover XXL

Many buyers prefer investing on quality material rather than purchasing cheap motorcycle covers and in case you are thinking about one-time investment on motorcycle covers.

New XXL 104″ Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Outdoor Heavy Duty All Weather Full Protection Cruiser-Touring Scooter Cover with 3 Windproof Straps from ClawsCover should not be missed.

Manufacturers have used 420D Oxford cloth to offer better weather protection and waterproofing compared to other motorcycle covers. It offers universal fit and buyers will get a storage bag along with 3 windproof straps and 2 air vents & 1 lock hole. 


  • The cover is built with excellent quality material for the highest durability.
  • It gives a universal fit.
  • It is affordable


  • The product is available in only 3 different colors. 

12. Wdlhqc 210D

Wdlhqc 210D

Universal motorcycle covers have become highly popular in recent years and in case you are searching for the best motorcycle cover at a reasonable price.

210D Waterproof Motorcycle Cover All Weather Outdoor Protection from WDLHQC will help you to protect your vehicle from dust, heat, rain, tree sap, damaging UV rays and scratches in an effective way. 


  • It can withstand 2000Pa water pressure.
  • It comes with excellent waterproofing and weatherproofing.
  • The cover comes with a 1-year warranty.  


  • It is available in one color. 

13. Aideng


Many buyers complain about the quality of the motorcycle covers and they lookout for good quality covers so that the product lasts for years.

New Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover from Aideng features 300D thick breathable material, which will be a perfect choice for optimum durability.

As per company claim, the cover’s lifespan is 1.5 times compared to 210D covers and if you are looking for super waterproofing features along with PU membrane design, nothing can be better than this.

The cover is designed with two fluorescent strips to offer night protection and the universal fit will be compatible with most of the standard motorcycles. 


  • Thick breathable material for the highest durability.
  • Excellent waterproofing features. 
  • Affordable


  • The product is available in one color.

14. Amconsure 


Are you tired of searching the right motorcycle cover for your vehicle? Choosing the perfect motorcycle cover can be tough for first-time buyers and Waterproof Motorcycle Cover with Lock-Holes & Storage Bag.

Amconsure features optimum quality with Nylon Oxford material and the universal size will fit most of the motorcycles. It is ideal for all-weather outdoor use and it comes with an affordable price tag. 


  • The cover features professional damage-resistant design.
  • It offers optimum protection.
  • The cover is easy to carry and clean. 


  • Doesn’t come with warranty

15. Favoto All Season

Favoto All Season

Choosing the best motorcycle cover can be tricky from time to time and in case you are looking for a perfect all-season universal motorcycle cover for your vehicle, you should not miss All Season Universal Weather Motorcycle Cover from Favoto.

The product feature lifetime warranty and the premium polyester fabrics make it durable than other products. The cover has acquired good ratings from the users and it will be a good choice for the buyers. 


  • It features lock-hole design.
  • It is designed with three reflection strips for night protection.
  • Affordable.  


  • The cover is available in one color. 

16. Helen Butler

Helen Butler

The vehicle is considered to be one of the most precious assets for motorcyclists and one needs to pay attention to the maintenance for the valuable asset. Motorcycle covers are necessary for each and every rider and it helps to protect the vehicle from dust, rain, heat and sunlight in an effective way.

In case you are searching for an affordable universal cover, Helen Butler Waterproof Outdoor Upgraded XL Motorcycle Cover gives you full protection throughout the year.

The cover is made with 300D nylon Oxford fabric, which makes it a perfect choice for buyers. There are two different sizes available and one shouldn’t miss it. 


  • The cover has a front lock-hole design.
  • It is tear-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • It has four reflective warning strip. 


  • No other colors are available. 

17. Badass MotoGear

Badass Motogear

The name of Badass MotoGear is recognized as one of the most reputed names when it comes to motorcycle covers and new Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover from Badass MotoGear gives you complete weather protection along with superb performance.

The cover is designed with sturdy material making it a great choice for the buyers. The cover is available in four different sizes and it comes with an affordable price tag under $100. 


  • Ideal for those who look out thick motorcycle covers.
  • It comes with alarm pockets, night reflective, windshield liner, lock exhaust shields.
  • It is highly durable. 


  • No other colors are available. 

18. Wdlhqc 210D Waterproof

Wdlhqc 210D Waterproof

WDLHQC needs no introduction when it comes to motorcycle covers. As a reputed manufacturer, 210D Waterproof Motorcycle Cover features optimum durability with high-quality fabric.

The cover can be used throughout the year and there are four different sizes available from the manufacturer. Investing on this cover will help you get ultimate weather protection. 


  • Windproof and weatherproof.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It offers top to bottom coverage.


  • No other colors are available. 

19. Dowco Guardian 26011-01 UltraLite

Dowco Guardian 26011-01 UltraLite

Many buyers lookout for motorcycle covers for occasional use and the new UltraLite Water Resistant Motorcycle Cover from Dowcowill be the perfect choice for long term use.

The cover is water and mildew resistant and in as you are searching for a good quality motorcycle cover under $40, this is a great choice.

In case you have doubts regarding the size, you can share your model number so that you know whether it fits your vehicle.


  • Durable and affordable.
  • Good for occasional use.
  • It features plastic grommets. 


  • Fit can be an issue

20. MZS All Season Weather 210D Oxford

MZS All Season Weather 210D Oxford

MZS has never failed to meet the expectations of the buyers and the new All Season Weather Outdoor 210D Oxford Waterproof Motorcycle Cover from MZS gives you optimum protection from sun, rain, heat and wind.

It is available in three different sizes and it will be a good choice for buyers. The cover is made with 210D Oxford fabric making it a perfect cover for all-round outdoor protection.

It features double wire sealing connection technology, add special PU-coated on the outside and inner for the best experience. It has 4 reflective warning stripes that are ideal for night protection. 


  • It is made with highly durable material.
  • It has special PU-coated on the outside and inner for better protection.
  • The cover is ideal for use in the long run. 


  • No other colors are available. 

FAQs on Motorcycle Covers

1. Is It Important To Cover My Bike?

You need to cover your bike to protect it from different types of weather and environmental factors. A cover will keep your bike clean and maintain its shine for a long period.

2. Is Polyester A Good Option As A Material?

Polyester is a 100% waterproof material and it will protect your bike from heavy rain and snowfalls. Motorcycle covers made of polyester are durable and offer protection from rain, snow, wind, pollutants, and scratches.

3. What Is The Right Measure Of A Motorcycle Cover?

Some manufacturers produce covers for different motorcycle brands and models. If you cannot find a suitable cover for your specific bike model, prefer a universal size suitable for your bike.

4. What Are The Main Features Of A Motorcycle Cover?

Water and dust-resistant, durability, quality material, mirror pockets are some of the features you should look after when buying the best motorcycle cover.

Best Motorcycle Covers – What’s your pick?

This is how you can pick the right motorcycle cover for your ride and we hope this simple guide will help you to choose the best cover at the best price.

In this post, you have talked about features and factors along with the mistakes you should take care of when buying the product from online or physical stores. The better the cover, the longer your ride will take you on your road to dreams.

Since a bike takes care of all your needs of transportation, so taking care of such an important asset of your life should not be halfhearted or be considered on the basis of cost.