Best Motorcycle Pants 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Motorcycle lovers and bikers will not sacrifice their style and comfort and look not just for the best quality gear. Their focus is on the motorcycle apparel that offers complete protection when out on a ride. It is essential for these riders to look and feel great and be confident about their rides. And, motorcycle pants are a very important part of their gear.

When it comes to safety on the roads, the lowers part of your body is as vital as the upper torso. A survey of the emergency visits due to injury in a motorcycle crash shows that the injuries to the legs and foot are higher than the head and neck injuries. Hence, the best motorcycle pants are engineered to provide the best protection and are very different from the ordinary pants and jeans you come across.

With so many different styles in pants for motorcyclists, one question or rather difficulty that most of the riders face is how to pick the best ones among hundreds of alternatives available. Thus it is essential to know about them and understand them more before you set out to buy.

Therefore, this informative guide is created to educate you about what to look for when buying the best motorcycle pants and the various styles advisable. In the guide the top motorcycle pants that have been tried and tested by our experts are also reviewed to make your choice easier.

Different Styles In Motorcycle Pants

There is the reason behind the different styles of pants for motorcyclists as each has been designed and tailored to meet the needs of a particular riding style. The idea is to enjoy maximum comfort and optimum protection.

1. Cruiser Pants For Casual Riders

The cruiser pants are the most common style and offer a relaxed and comfortable fit for daily and casual rides.

2. Touring Pants For The Adventurous Rider

If you are used to riding in unforgiving conditions on rough terrains, you should go for the adventure touring pants.

3. Riding Jeans

The ridding jeans are mint for those riders who love to wear jeans for their motorcycle rides and are looking for a casual and comfortable look. The jeans are reinforced with an abrasion resilient material and carry double or triple stitching.

4. Motorcycle Racing Pants

These pants can bear high-speed impacts and are typically made of high-quality leather. Most racing pants are incorporated with armour and stretch panels in the knee and hip areas.

5. Motorcycle Chaps

Another popular and classic gear is a good pair of chaps that do a wonderful job of providing protection. These pants are made of heavy leather and carry long side zippers.

6. Motorcycle Overpants

Many bikers prefer to wear over pants, and these pants carry a loose fit as they are worn over the normal pants.

Now that you have some good idea of different styles advisable in motorcycle pants and which style would suit based on your riding style, it is time to look at some essential factors when shopping for good quality pants for motorcycle riders.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Pants

Here is a comprehensive section on the essential factors to keep in mind when looking for the best motorcycle pants.

1. Maximum Resistance Value

Motorcycle pants made of a material with impressive abrasion and tear resistance values are not only tough and durable on the roads but last long. Both leather and textiles are great for making heavy-duty motorcycle pants. However, good quality leathers are considered to be better, but some textiles are preferred because they are cheaper and easier to maintain.

2. The Right Fit For Comfort

One of the most important aspects of the riders is their comfort. Motorcycle pants that keep the rider shifty because of the moving pads and armour, will not only add to his discomfort but also fail to provide optimum safety. Get the perfect waist size and inseam size so as to buy the right size and enjoy optimum comfort and fit in your motorcycle pants.

3. Flexible Armour For Knees, Hip And Seat Area

Inspect the motorcycle pants for armour around the knees, hip, and seat area for extra protection. After years of research and advancements, manufacturers are using top quality material with unmatched abrasion for padding and armour. Many motorcycle pants come with removable pads and armour.

4. Reinforced Stitching With Quality Thread

Reinforced stitching with double or triple stitches with strong thread adds to the strength of the motorcycle pants. A weak quality stitching would only weaken the strength of the motorcycle pants and make them less durable. Therefore, look for double or triple-stitched construction when looking for the best motorcycle pants.

5. Waterproof And Breathable

The motorcycle pants you are interested ins should be 100% waterproof so that you can ride out in any weather conditions and without worrying about the rain, snow, or the cold. The use of breathable mesh materials provides improved skin ventilation and keep the rider cool and comfortable as the breathable fabric helps to maintain the optimal body temperature.

6. Extra Features

The manufactures of the best motorcycle pants try to outdo each other by providing extra features and additional accessories to their customers. Some features include reflective panels for higher visibility, , extra-long zippers for more convenience, and several pockets for more storage. Many pants even come with removable thermal liner for providing heat and memory foam inserts for impact absorption.

Top 16 Best Motorcycle Pants 2022

1. HWK

HWK Best Motorcycle Pants

One of the best aspects of these waterproof & armoured motorcycle pants for men is the comfort and perfect fit along with optimum protection. Made of high-quality 600d Cordura textile and knees & hip padded armour, you can be sure of getting complete safety and protection for your lower part of the body.

What makes these pants even more desirable is waterproof & windproof quality because of micro-mesh lining and Reissa membrane. The two air vents make the pants comfortable during the hot summer rides. The silver-white body and hi-vis logos make them highly visible. It is a great buy under dollars 50 from amazon.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof & windproof
  • Higher reflectivity.


  • Not waterproof but water-resistant



If you are looking for fashionable motorcycle pants that offer safety and protection too, then go for this comfortable pair made of denim, cotton, and spandex. With six pockets in all, you can be sure of having plenty of storage. The pads around the knee and hips ensure added protection and plus the detachable protector armour for knee protection, makes you feel a lot safer.

Wear the denim riding pants not just for your motorcycle rides but also for other outdoor sports like mountain biking, bicycling, snowmobiling, and lot more.


  • great looking pants
  • offer great level of protection
  • windproof thermal insulation


  • Uncomfortable with the armour on

3. All-Weather HWK

All-Weather HWK

Made of 600D Cordura textile; what you are looking at is a very optimal motorcycle pant that comes with padded armour around the knees & hip. Micro-mesh lining Reissa membrane makes the trousers both breathable & rainproof.

These pants are highly reflective and available in different sizes for men. Side straps and Velcro adjustments assure a comfortable fit. Double reinforced stitching adds to the safety, and those extra-long side zips ensure a better fit. Customers love the quality gear that comes with a great price point.


  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • waterproof & windproof
  • lifetime warranty
  • Waist connection zip


  • quality of the padding could improve

4. Denim HWK

Denim HWK

Now there is no need to sacrifice style over safety, thanks to the specifically designed denim motorcycle pants for men who love their bike rides and care about their safety. Made of denim, cotton, and spandex, the stylish motorcycle pants carry six pockets, so, now you need not worry about the siege, and thanks to the knee and hip pads, you need not get anxious about your safety too.

Keep yourself safe from any accidental injuries because of the detachable armour. Available in different sizes, you can wear the motorcycle pants for any of those outdoor sports.


  • great looking pants
  • offer both style and safety
  • good quality armour and pads
  • very comfortable


  • Some users have claimed that size is way off

5. Armoured DEFY

Armoured DEFY

These motorcycle pants for men are made of 600D Polyester and fitted with removable CE armour around knees & hip. The 1000d polyester Cordura stitching on impact areas reinforce the strength in these motorbike pants.

Lined with a breathable waterproof material, these pants are both waterproof & windproof. Because of the practical Velcro adjustments, you can enjoy a better and more comfortable fit. Accordion-style expansion panels allow higher flexibility. Thanks to the air vents on the thigh, you can keep cooler on the hot days.


  • Abrasion and tear resistant material
  • waterproof & windproof
  • protective CE armour
  • comfortable fit
  • 100% waterproof


  • May get hot around the legs

6. HWK Mesh

HWK Mesh

Versatile and functions, these Motorbike over pants are made of mesh construction and lined with a breathable membrane. The CE approved armour, side adjustable straps, and connection zip only add to the safety, comfort, and fit., the brand behind fully understand the needs of the bikers and what kind of features and functionalities they are looking for in their oats.

Mace of F2 MESH Fabric, you can look forward to a 100% breathable fabric. The ventilation system on the front and back is there to keep you cool during the summer rides. Four external pockets assure ample storage while the top-quality zippers promise a superior quality.


  • 100% breathable
  • Hi-Vis Reflective
  • Safety stitching
  • Highly recommended


  • armour could be improved

7. Cow Skin DEFY

Cow Skin DEFY

Made from the premium Soft milled cowhide leather, the heavy-duty motorcycle pants are just what you need and come for a great price. The unfinished bottom for trimming means you can get the correct size. There is no front knee seam, but there is no back-knee seam.

These motorcycle pants are perfect for both casual as well as seasoned riders. Regardless of your body shape, you can look forward to a great and comfortable fit.


  • sturdy and good quality
  • American size guide
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • button keeps falling off

7. Moto-Boy


These motorcycle riding pants are manufactured of 600D oxford fabric with PU coating, and a removable liner makes it both wear resistance and windproof. Now you can keep dry and comfortable as well as maintain the ideal body temperature. Removable CE Protectors enhances protection rot he riders. Adjustable Velcro strap promises better fit and comfort.

Laminated reflective means a high vision reflective on the pants to enhance the visibility, even in darker conditions. A MOTO-BO product, you can be sure of the higher quality and durability of the pants. Buyers are impressed with the quality and make of these motorcycle pants for men.


  • cost-effective and very fashionable
  • waterproof protection
  • windproof


  • Buy a size up for higher comfort

9. HWK Chaps

HWK Chaps

If you are looking for a perfect fit in motorcycle leather chaps, then have a look at these biker chaps that are highly rated by the experts and loved by customers. Made of 100% genuine leather, the HWK biker chaps for men offer complete safety and comfort on the roads.

The leather chaps boast of novel YKK zippers & quality buttons that spell quality. Thanks to the modifiable waist & inseam length, the leather motorcycle chaps are sure to offer you that comfortable fit you are looking for. The micro-mesh lining inside means optimal riding experience for all kinds of weather conditions.


  • heavy duty zippers and snaps
  • Double-Safety stitching
  • Wrinkle free chap
  • Amazing and perfect fit


  • recommend sizing up

10. Fox Racing

Fox Racing

The product is made of durable 600d polyester, and the high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting wear. The stretch panels at knee, rear, and crotch are meant to add higher comfort. The rider attack position construction ensures a great fit, while heat and abrasion-resistant panels on the knee mean added protection for the knees.

Customers who bought them ounce love to purchase them again and again because of the great quality and comfortable fit. With perfect fit, great style, comfort and quality, brand has received 5 stars by many buyers. Consider these pans if thinking of investing in a good quality Motorcycle Pants.


  • absolutely great and comfortable fit
  • hip-protecting pads
  • very durable and breathable


  • A little high on the crotch
  • No pockets

11. Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs

These nice-looking GP pants have been designed with comfort in mind and offer optimum durability. Made with flexible and materials, you can expect a comfortable fit for any rider. The cowhide leather panels along the inner knee and rear knee, a ratchet closure system for plus the rear yoke, translates into higher flexibility.

These pants offer a true fit and quality craftsmanship, and overall, the customers are happy with their purchase.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Extremely durable
  • Great fit


  • No pockets

12. Jayefo


Expect great quality and higher durability from these black leather pants made of 100% genuine full-grain leather. Several pockets have been added for higher convenience and storage. Hard labour and quality workmanship have gone into making each piece very special.

What adds to the attractiveness of these pants is five years of warranty and great customer service. The prices is simply unbelievable for real leather pants.


  • Luxury leather interior
  • Strong belt loops
  • Plenty of pockets.
  • 5 years of warranty


  • No protection on knees or hips

13. Wicked Stock

Wicked Stock

Made of Heavy Duty 600 Denier fabric, which is highly abrasion-resistant, these are no ordinary over-pants for men. Allowing greater freedom and higher comfort, CE-rated foam pads on the knee and hips add to the safety and protection.

Waist belts and intake vents on thighs, plus the use of reflective material, only add to the qualities of these over-pants. These pants are very easy to put on and take off, thanks to the thigh-length zipper.


  • Accuracy
  • CE-rated pads
  • simple on and off


  • low quality of the full-length zippers

14. Mobile Warming

Mobile Warming

These pants by mobile warming are waterproof pants made with fixed insulated lining. They are equipped with mobile warming heating panels. The panels exist on back, waistband and thighs. You can recharge them by motorcycles normal rechargeable system or by rechargeable Mobile Warming 12v 5.2AH battery pack. Many buyers are giving it 5 stars at amazon for the warmth it provides.


  • Easy temperature settings that works by touch button
  • You get 12v lithium-ion battery, motorcycle power lead along with standard charger.


  • Some customers have complained about customer services provided by company but not the product.

15. HWK Armoured

HWK Armoured

The all-weather CE armoured motorcycle cargo pants are made of reinforced textile for abrasion resistance. 4-pocket design and additional cargo-style pockets mean the pants can be used for everyday working routines. Other features include extra-long side zips and waist connection zip.

5h Scotchlite reflective tape means much higher visibility because of the fluorescent green panels and reflective logo.


  • Accuracy
  • 100% waterproof
  • extremely high-visibility
  • plenty of pockets
  • lifetime warranty


  • knee armour needs to be adjusted

16. Venture Heat

Venture Heat

The heated pants liner is made for motorcycle enthusiasts, who can keep warm during their ride because of the heated pants that get powered by their motorcycle’s battery. The micro-alloy heating elements produce a soothing warmth that envelops your legs, and you can control the temperature settings between medium, low and high.

Keep safe and warm during any weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow. The snug fit and warmth mean long comfortable rides even in cold weather conditions.


  • Simple installation
  • Stay warm at all times
  • Safe to use


  • XL is not for men


1. What Are Heat Resistant Panels In Motorcycle Pants?

The heat resistant panels are made from top-quality leather or heat resistant materials. The purpose behind this is to keep the motorcycle pants cool and safe from overheating and melting, especially when exposed to high heat.

2. Is It Essential To Wear Something Under Motorcycle Pants?

Well, it depends on how hot or cold it is and how comfortable you are about it. A lot relies on the thickness and durability of the textile you wear underneath the motorcycle pants.

3. How To Get The Perfect Size For The Right Fit For Motorcycle Pants?

Do not use the size of jeans to buy the motorcycle pants, and you should know your true waist size and inseam size. Take the precise measurement of your waist just underneath the belly button and measure from the heel to the uppermost point of the crotch for the inseam. Record the measurements in both inches and centimetres when shopping for different brands.

4. How Is Abrasion-Resistance Measured?

The abrasion-resistance of the materials used to make motorcycle pants is not measured just by the material alone. The stitching of the panels needs to be as strong as the material itself. So, go for the maximum abrasion-resistance material like the competition weight leather and with equally strong stitching.

Drive Safe With Best Motorcycle Pants

Safety and comfort should be the top priority for most bikers, and that implies wearing the right gear and carrying the right equipment when they ride. And without the best motorcycle pants, they cannot expect the optimum level of safety, comfort, and fit they are looking for. Look for motorcycle pants that are made of sturdier material and provide both on-road style and protection the biker is looking for.