Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Milwaukee2. Viking Cycle3. Jacket 4 Bikes
Milwaukee Best Leather Motorcycle JacketViking CycleJacket 4 Bikes

As you pump the gas and burn the roads with your motorcycle taking the toughest twists and turns, you become the centre of attraction to everyone on the way, and many admire and applaud your capability and smartness. Apart from the brand of the motorcycle that one is riding, it is the outfit that one wears also draws attention and gives that rough, robust, and macho image.

If you are riding on your bike, then having the best leather Motorcycle Jacket while riding is customary. You would have often seen people drawing fashion inspiration from Hollywood stars, especially when they see road racers crisscrossing the streets with the gut as if they are in a hurry to win every enjoyment in life. It is the adrenalin rush that excites and makes one sturdy and robust.

The jackets are specially made not only to make you look smart but also to safeguard the rider from the potential accidents that may turn fatal otherwise. Racing with the wind against time gives immense joy if the attire while riding the motorcycle is perfect.

Factors To Look Before Buying The Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Before purchasing the best leather motorcycle jacket for your use while on the hot seat, one should ponder some of the factors during selection and then only seal the deal.

There are a variety of products available in the market with different attributes and at a varied price range, and one should buy them choosing from some of the best leather Motorcycle Jackets. One must take different factors into consideration before purchasing this apparel.

1. Material

One of the significant factors for choosing the best leather motorcycle jacket is the material. Make sure that the leather jacket you intend to buy is of high quality and can protect you from injuries to a great extent in case of an accident. At this point, you must know that the original leather is going to cost you a good amount, so scout different options before making a purchase.

The weather of the area one lives or one intends to drive through should be reckoned so that the best motorcycle leather jackets can sustain the adverse weather conditions and last long. Another thing to look for in the best leather motorcycle jacket is the insulation properties. They should have waterproof liners so that no water can intrude through them even during heavy rains.

2. Color

Although black is an all-time favorite color for many bikers, it may be a little problematic as it absorbs light and has the less reflective capability making other riders challenging to see who is riding ahead.

One can choose from a variety of light-coloured  leather motorcycle jackets and ride safely. One should need to see if the color tone matches with skin complexion and the style one carries. Off late, some of the jackets in black come with visibility patches so that the riders can be identified from a distance, even driving on the dark roads.

3. Style

Apart from the material and the color, the style of the jackets is most vital for the macho motorcycle riders. Define your ridding need and the style you want to portray and then go for the best leather motorcycle jacket. 

 Looking smart and attractive as well as fulfilling the riding demands, is an essential factor for selecting the leather jackets. It should bring out the image that one wants to portray in public while riding the motorcycle. There are different styles of the best leather motorcycle jacket like the classic, touring jacket, or the race model, and one should select according to the purpose.

4. Budget 

One can get some great deals while hunting for the best leather motorcycle jacket brands. They come at different prices and a little change here and there, the quality; color can vary the cost to a great extent. Consider the need and look for the best deal within the budget and then only seal the deal.

It is best to stay within the budget and go for increasing the numbers to hang in the wardrobes so that one can change wearing them from time to time and give the jackets some idle breathing time.

Nothing is constant and perfect except change. So, let us look into the best options available in the markets that are popular amongst the motorcycle riders. It is time to peep into some of the most demanded and best leather motorcycle jackets for the year 2020, which are trending.

Top 15 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2022

1. Milwaukee

Milwaukee Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Milwaukee Leather has come up with a classic leather jacket that is usually worn by the police. It is one of the best leather motorcycle jacket brands that one always dreams of purchasing. This jacket is made from premium grade Cowhide with a thickness between 1.2 to 1.3 mm.

The jacket is a full sleeve and has two zipper pockets and a waist belt with buckles to get the perfect fit. There is a ticket book pocket to keep small things. The side lace helps to have the best fit giving a classic look for the biker.

The length of this leather jacket is between 40 to 62 and has a throwback look. The jacket and the thermal liner is of zipping out design and comfortable to wear and take off. The manufacturers have come up with various sizes, and one can order accordingly. Have the trendiest look wearing the best leather motorcycle jacket and zoom on thee toads with your motorcycle.


  • The quality of the leather is good, and it does not smell bad.
  • The thermal liners are zipped, and they can be taken off when not in use.
  • It takes nearly 12 hours to soak water; hence one can wear it without the worries of getting drenched.
  • The jackets are available in various sizes, and men with all figures can buy accordingly.
  • The price is pocket-friendly, comparing the attributes it has.


  • The sizing is not always perfect, and the chart needs to be improved.
  • The shoulder area of the jacket is a bit stiff.

2. Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle

It is another of the best leather motorcycle jacket brands that all bikers should have in theirs. The Viking Cycle leather jackets are made from 100% pure Cowhide Leather. The quality of this jacket is highly durable, and it can easily withstand extreme conditions.

The jackets does not shrink, sag, and is wrinkle-free, giving a smart look at all times. The design is inspired by the retro style, so it is perfect for those who prefer to have a rugged look. It comes with multiple pockets to keep essential items.

The cuffs are adjustable, and one can adjust them according to their size. The adjustable waist belt with the buckles can be used to get the perfect for and look macho. With the high quality of workmanship, one seldom gets any chance to complain.


  • The leather is of premium quality and never sags shrink or wrinkle.
  • The internal pockets also have zippers, and it helps to keep essential items safe as one catches on speed.
  • Water can hardly penetrate through this jacket.
  • The sleeves have zippers to have a tight fit on the wrist.
  • The liner is made from quilted polyester to fight against the chill.


  • The jacket is a little bit weighty.
  • The size charts sometimes are not accurate.

3. Jacket 4 Bikes

Jacket 4 Bikes

If you are looking for one of the best leather jackets for motorcyclist made from 100% pure Cowhide, then you must consider this jacket by Jackets 4 Bikes. It is made from 1.2-1.3 mm thick leather and is black. The jacket comes with reflective stripes on the back and the sleeves so that other drivers can see something moving in the dark.

There is no shortage of pockets, and there are 4 of them on the body and two on the sleeves to keep documents, pens, papers, and other essential things.

While looking for the best leather motorcycle jacket with armor, this should be one of the perfect choices as it comes with five removable sectional armor to protect the back, elbows, back, and shoulders. They are made from plastic and padded with high-grade foam to absorb the shock in case of any fatality.

All the pockets have zippers, and one doesn’t have to worry about things flying off while cruising at high speed. The liner comes with full sleeve quilted liner that can be removed as per the desire of the rider. It is a high neck with snap-on buttons on the collars to give the best fit. Jacket 4 Bikes the company provides a guarantee for the quality of the leather.

The jacket is double stitched to avoid wear and tear during rough driving. This jacket has many attributes that are loved by all bike enthusiasts.


  • You can remove the liner when not required
  • The reflective stripe at the back and on the shoulders helps to drive safe
  • Double stitching strengthens the built of the jacket.
  • The zippers are of the best quality.
  • The armors are sturdy to withstand the maximum force in case of collision.
  • One can get them in various sizes.


  • The jacket is a bit heavy since it has got armors and lots of padding.
  • The sleeves Velcro needs to be of better quality, which the manufacturers can smoothly change.

4. HWK


While looking for a leather Jacket with a lifetime warranty, this best leather motorcycle jacket with armor that comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. This jacket by HWK is made from 100% premium quality genuine leather that men can wear and showoff with their motorcycles, creating a style statement.

There are two types of liners in this jacket, one is micromesh type so that the body can breathe, and the other is entirely removable thermal lining to fight with the adverse weather while pumping the gas on any terrain. The five removable armors are CE approved and can be fitted at the back, elbows, and shoulders.

The zippers used in this jacket are sturdy and are made to last long, the buttons are rust-proof, thereby enhancing the sturdiness of this jacket. There are multiple internal and external pockets to keep mobiles, wallets, cards without any tension of losing them.

HWK, the manufacturer supplies the jackets in 7 sizes beginning from 5XL and ending at XXX large. So, bikers with any figure can have options to choose the perfect size according to the built and enjoy looking smart and macho.


  • The armor is CE rated and of excellent quality.
  • The Leather Jackets are warranted for a lifetime, and this proves the confidence of the manufacturer of quality.
  • The zippers used in the jacket are manufactured by a world leader in the sector and lasts long.
  • The price is exorbitantly low compared with the attributes and within the budget for all bikers.
  • Although it is meant for men, even lady riders find comfortable wearing it.


  • The pads are bit stiff, and HWK, the manufacturer, can improve the quality.
  • The size chart needs to be improved, and many feel that the standards are not maintained.

5. Levis


Levis is a reputed brand, and no introduction is needed about the quality of their products. They have come up with men’s jackets made from 10% Faux Leather polyurethane material. One can get the jackets in three different colors, black, vintage brown and black stretch pull up.

The jackets are imported and sold in the US at a moderate price. Levis has come up with five different sizes so that men of various built can wear them with ease. They are made from faux cow leather, and the lining inside is made from buffalo plaid.

You can find multiple pockets, which have zipper closures to keep essential materials safe. The jackets come with shoulder straps with buttons on them, and the centre front closure is of the zipper- closure type. In order to make the jackets more stylish, there are Epaulettes on cuffs and shoulders. This leather jacket is immensely popular amongst all bikers not only for the brand image and quality but also for the style.


  • There are no issues with the size and the fit as the company strictly follows international sizing charts.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry, giving a comfortable feel.
  • The zippers are asymmetrical and trendy to give that stylish yet rugged look that all bikers dream of having.
  • The product is very much pocket-friendly, and one cannot expect any good jacket within the price range of this one.


  • The sleeves are a bit long, and for many, it is a little troublesome.

6. HWK Racer

HWK Racer

It is yet another best selling biker jacket for men from the house of HWK. It is one of the best leather jackets with a café racer style and is made from premium leather that is 100% genuine. One can get this jacket in five different sizes. The buttons are rust-free, and the zippers used are made by one of the world leaders in the industry.

It comes with an attached mesh lining and a removable thermal lining so that one can wear or take off whenever necessary. The back panels have extra stretchability that helps in withstanding the force of air while one is driving at high speed.

The armors that are used on the shoulders, elbows, and back can be removed and approved by CE. The jacket comes with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, and the leather used is 1.1mm to 1.2mm thick. It comes with a waist adjuster with buckles to give the perfect fit. This jacket is round-collared with stainless steel rust-proof button to fasten the ends.


  • The removable liner can protect the rider from cold weather.
  • The extra padding on the back, shoulder, or the elbows can be removed.
  • The fit is according to the sizing chart, and there are no issues with sizing.


  • With padding and armor, the jacket becomes a bit heavy and a bit cumbersome to wear during casual races.

7. Borleni


As you look into the best motorcycle leather jackets review, you will get this jacket almost in every chart. Available in 3 colors like black, blue, and red, this jacket is sure to portray an image in you like a professional biker. It is completely windproof and made from high-performance polyester fabric.

It comes with an adjustable waist belt and arm adjusting buttons, making this jacket give you a perfect fit. There are two external pockets, and the liner is of removable type. There are five pieces of armor that can be removed when not required, and they are made from high-grade EVA material.

The 3D Stereo embroidery on the chest gives the rider a pro-feeling, and the adrenalin rushes to kick-start for moving ahead. It is one of the top-selling products from the house of Borleni and is highly rated for the quality and the make by the users.


  • The armors are of high quality and can reduce the fatality even when one has met some accident.
  • The liner keeps the body warm during the cool nights and can be removed to breathe during the hot season.
  • Fits perfectly from at all angles, and it does not wrinkle.
  • It is windproof in real sense and gives a comfortable riding experience.


  • The fabric is a bit stiff, but other attributes outweigh this matter.

8. Dealer Leather

Dealer Leather

Although this jacket is for men, it is unisex and can be worn by women road racers. This jacket is made from 100% leather, which gives that rugged and tough look. With multiple zipper pockets on the front, the jacket can hold lots of essential things in them while one is racing with the wind.

The jacket is available in eight different sizes and is rated high in any The reflective skulls on the chest and the back are of excellent design and work correctly for the purpose, and driving at night is smooth and easy. The rice of this jacket is within the range of every rider and never pinches the pockets. Dealer Leather has come up with a unique jacket that can give nightmarish experience to other manufacturers.


  • The fit is perfect.
  • The leather is of sturdy quality and thick to withstand tough rides.
  • The sleeves are of perfect size.


  • The zippers sometimes give problems, although it is a minor issue.

9. A&H Apparel

A&H Apparel

Are you looking for a leather jacket for your motorcycle adventures? Well, this is one of the best leather motorcycle jackets made from cowhide of top-grain quality with a thickness of 1.1 to 1.2 mm.

It has multiple zipper pockets in the front and comes with adjustable side belts with buckles to fit perfectly around the waist. There are zippers on the sleeves to adjust the fittings around the wrist.

It is one of the best leather jackets in and around 100 US dollars and is gaining popularity day by day. A&H Apparel has come up with six different sizes ranging between small to XXX-Large, and one can select the perfect size according to the build. The zippers are of international brand and heavy-duty.


  • It made up of leather is of high quality and evenly grained.
  • The stitches are perfect and can withstand heavy load without wear and tear.
  • This jacket comes with removable liners in the sleeves and is perfect for keeping one warm and fighting the chill.
  • It has an interior pocket that is concealed, and one can keep valuable items without any worries.
  • This jacket portrays the Brando style image that is admired by many.
  • The zippers are of high quality and international reputation.
  • There is no liner for the phone pocket.
  • The sleeves are a bit long.

10. Wantdo


While looking for a leather jacket with a hood, one cannot ignore this product from the shelves of Wantdo. It is made from PU Faux leather and comes with the liner that is made from 100% polyester material. With four zipper pockets on the front and a removable hood, this jacket is perfect for fighting against the strong winds as one accelerates on the road with the motorcycle.

One can get the jacket in different sizes and four different colors. There is an internal pocket to keep important things safe. The waistline and the end of the sleeves are ribbed so that there is no need for manual adjustments.


  • The fit of the jacket is perfect, and the zippered removable hood beats the wind.
  • The finish is smooth, and the stitches are quite right to withstand rough use.
  • The metal zippers are durable and can withstand lots of manhandling.


  • The Faux leather sometimes peels off after extended use if the after wear care is not correctly.

11. Event Biker

Event Biker

As one is searching for a basic leather jacket, the ones from Event Biker will not disappoint. It comes with a classic biker look and is made from promotional grade leather that is 1.2 to 1.3 mm thick. With two angular zipper pockets on the front and one buttoned pocket on the chest, it can hold the essential items in them.

The poly-filled liner is of zip-out design and can be removed as per the need. The side lace and the waist belts in the front allow adjusting the fit to get that perfect look. You can find this jacket in eight sizes, giving extensive options to many bikers to get the correct size. The zipper used in this jacket is of heavy-duty.

The leather and the liner keep the body warm while riding the motorcycles on the cold days. The leather is of thick cut and of good quality to last long. If you are thinking of buying a leather jacket around US Dollar 90, this should be on your consideration list.


  • It has six pockets to carry many essential items in them, saving them from flying off with the wind.
  • The leather may be substantial, but it is of good quality to endure rough and tough use.
  • The zippers are perfect and run smoothly.
  • One can get the required warm feeling wearing this jacket and riding the motorcycle.


  • The weight of the jacket is on a bit higher side.

12. Hot Leathers

Hot Leathers

Hot Leathers has come up with this heavyweight double piping warm leather jacket. It has four pockets in the front, all of which are zipped. One can get them in five different sizes with a variable price. There is an inside pocket, and it comes with zipper cuffs. However, considering the attributes, one can say that this product is of necessary style and can be worn by all.


  • The leather is heavy but sturdy and durable.
  • The double piping helps the stitches to hold on for a long time, and it makes the jacket look different.
  • The metal zippers have pull-tabs to pull them up and down.


  • The weight of the jacket is a bit more than other brands of the same category.
  • The price is on a bit higher side considering the attributes.

13. Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket

With 11 sizes in their bouquet, Joe Rocket, the makers have an intention to cater to the size requirement of biking enthusiasts. They are specially tailored after the cowhide is dyed with the unique drum dye technology. The thickness of the leather is between 1.0 to 1.2 mm, and the jackets have pockets to fit in the optional armors.

The liner is of zip-in type and is quilted to give the warmth beating the cold. There are four zipped outside pocket, one eyeglass pocket, and two inside pockets to keep items of utility during the riding session.


  • The leather used to make this jacket is of high quality and can endure rough and tough use.
  • The liners can be removed when not required, and one can wear the jackets more comfortable during the hot sessions.
  • The zippers are heavy-duty types and work smoothly.


  • The jacket is a bit heavy while comparing it with other similar products of different brands.

14. Tanming


Lady bike enthusiasts, here is the excellent news exclusive for you; Tanming has come up with this faux leather jacket with 100% polyurethane shell and polyester lining to keep it lightweight yet durable.

It comes with two zipper pockets in the front and has zippers to get that slant design. One can get them in various shades of black and red and in yellow color. The collars are specially built and big with repeats on them to give that perfect biker look. It is stitched to provide a coat style and is an imported product available in the US market.


  • The looks and the fit are perfect and can be managed well by lady bikers.
  • The jacket can be hand washed, which is an added advantage to maintain them properly after use.
  • The zippers are easy to pull up and down.
  • The faux leather material is incredibly soft.


  • The shoulders have small pads, and the arms are a bit short.

15. Milwaukee


It is another of the leather motorcycle jackets for the ladies. This jacket is made from 1.2 mm milled cowhide, this leather jacket can protect the lady bikers without compromising with the beauty and attractions. It has two outside pockets that are zipped, one-coin pocket, and a snap closure pocket to keep things in an organized manner.

The sleeves and the outer liners have zips to get the perfect fit and comfort. The crossover front can be closed to the neck level in case the collar and the cold cover snaps. It is available in nine sizes to give the perfect fit to the ladies when there are moving on the road with their motorcycle.


  • The leather is soft and spotless.
  • The zippers and the buttons are of high quality.
  • The hidden gun pockets help to build more confidence in carrying the arms when any lady is driving on the road.


  • Many feel it is a bit heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Care For My Biker’s Leather Jackets?

After every use, one should take proper care of the leather jackets they wore. The jackets may be cleaned with a moist cloth so that the dust and the dirt are gently wiped out. One should air-dry the jacket hanging them, and not keeping them crumbled. This method will extend the life of the jacket to a much extent.

2. Can I Use A Conditioner For Leather Jackets?

Yes, one can use a good quality conditioner to keep the motorcycle leather jackets in good condition. However, before applying the conditioner, make sure it has no hard chemicals that can harm the leather quality. One should use the best conditioners only after cleaning the jackets from the dust and the dirt. One can use good quality leather polish after doing a patch test to shine the jackets.

3. How Do I Buy The Best Leather Jacket For My Biking Sessions?

One should not hurry in buying leather jackets as they are more or less expensive. It is best to read the reviews, ask other riders and decide on the style that you want to carry and then weigh the pros and cons and seal the deal. The leather jacket should not merely be a showpiece but should serve the purpose for which one wants to buy it.

4. How To Run The Zippers Smoothly On The Leather Jacket?

The zippers on the leather jackets sometimes give trouble while pulling up or down, especially if they are made from metal. It is best to rub some wax best gel of the zipper so that the zippers become easy and reduces the frictional disturbances.


It is time to be on the streets wearing someone of the best leather motorcycle jackets as per the above list and enjoy the riding sessions. Only a true motorcycle enthusiast can feel the joy of riding their bikes crisscrossing the roads or overcoming the challenges on the path and race against the wind and time.

So make sure that you invest in a good quality leather jacket, along with the above-mentioned information, don’t miss to check the best motorcycle leather jackets review.

Look smart, rough, and sturdy yet let the onlookers admire you while you manage your driving skills sitting on the two-wheeler. It is time to burn the roads with full throttle and enjoy life with speed mesmerizing others. So, possess one of the best jackets listed above and feel the difference.