Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. MMG2. Bridgestone3. Shinko
MMG Tire Best Motorcycle Tire For CruiserBridgestone G704Shinko 777

Cruiser bikes are specially designed and built for a very comfortable and stable riding experience over long journeys across various terrains. The style factor and comfort that a rider experiences while riding them over long distances has made them very famous and popular the world over. Many cruiser bike owners also make it a point to use the best motorcycle tires for cruisers, so that they have a safe and enjoyable journey.

One can usually see groups of riders with their cruisers embarking on long journeys across different cities and zones. While a cruiser bike is all about style and substance, what also adds to the pleasurable experience of using them are their tires, which are specially designed to bear high loads of weight and perform well in different weather conditions.

Similar to the different cruiser models available, the cruiser tires to come in different makes and styles depending on the bike they are to be used on and the specific features that a cruiser owner prefers. While some tires are economical to buy, some proudly sport the Made in USA logo, and others have more durability as compared to the others.

Even the technical details of the tires are sometimes not easy to understand, due to which cruiser owners may face problems in selecting the tire that is best suited for their bike and the perfect partner to their custom designed-bikes.

So, what are the various deciding factors in choosing the best cruiser motorcycle tires? What are the different types of cruiser tires? When should you change your tire? How should you take care of these tires? All these questions are covered in this guide. But this is not all we have also shortlisted 25 cruiser motorcycle tires that have been ruling the market for the longest time and are known for their make, quality and designs. Once you complete this guide, you will be able to pick the best gear

The Different Types Of Motorcycle Cruiser Tires

Once one is aware of the different factors to look for, while buying the best motorcycle tires for cruisers, it becomes equally important to know about the different makes and types of cruiser tires. While they all come in the broad category of cruiser tires, there are a few variations in the kinds of cruiser tires available in the market.

1. Sporting Tires

Some cruiser bikes even come in sports models, for which these sporting tires have been specially designed. These tires are built to offer maximum traction to the rider, while he is leaning over during turnings and corners. Their excellent traction is due to the soft compounds that are used in making of these tires.

Being used for braking and turning at high speeds, wears out their treads easily due to which these tires have a shorter life span as compared to others. Most cruiser owners also prefer them due to their looks and style, which add to the overall style quotient of their bike.

2. Economical & Budget Tires

These tires are often preferred by budget-conscious cruise bike owners because they are much cheaper as compared to the traditional cruiser and sports tires. The life span of these tires is excellent, and they offer a comfortable and smooth drive over long distances. Where they differ, from the other tires, is in their overall build and stability, which sometimes does not make them a preferred choice.

3. Touring Tires

Every cruiser bike owner’s favorite the best touring motorcycle tires are specially designed for journeys that could stretch for days at a time. The mileage offered by these tires is commendable and worth the high price of these tires. These tires are also well suited for extreme weather conditions and give their riders a comfortable and safe ride be it on dry or wet roads.

Most cruiser owners recommend these tires for their easy and smooth handling, which makes even long journeys relaxing and less tiring.

4. Bias Ply

These tires are made by laying the plies, in a diagonal (bias) way from bead to bead, with the next ply being laid in a crisscross design over the previous ply. The make and number of plies used in constructing these tires can be distinguished from the manufacturer’s descriptions, who usually mention the number of plies the tire has by calling it 2-Ply, 3-Ply, 4-Ply etc.

These tires are the preferred choice for heavy-duty bikes since their construction method makes the sidewalls of the tires very stiff and strong. Bias-ply tires also tend to be softer in their make and construction. These tires can be used with a tube and are known to have a high mileage performance as compared to the other tires.

Since the sidewalls of these tires are stiff, these tires are not very well suited for fast turning and corners, due to which they are not, used in sports cruisers. Another reason, for them not being used in sports cruisers is that they tend to heat fast during high speeds.

5. Radial Tires

These are very popular tires the world over and differ from Bias Ply tires in the way they are constructed. Unlike Bias Ply tires, the plies in these tires are laid at 90-degree angles and not crisscross, from bead to bead or in the direction of the tread design.

The plies are also used and laid across the sidewalls of the tires, to create a wrapping effect. A steel belt within the radial tires ensures they are more durable and stable, while also not wearing out easily. Their construction design also gives radial tires of having better traction on the roads, resulting in smoother and better riding experience.

Due to the wrapping effect on the sidewalls, the tires are softer around the sidewalls and act as an inbuilt suspension system for the tires. Radial tires also have better heat dissipation abilities, due to which they don’t heat up very fast. This is very good when one needs to travel at high speeds over long distances.

Some cruise bike manufacturers even advocate the use of both radial and bias types of tires on the cruiser bikes. In such scenarios, the Bias-Ply tire is usually used in the front, especially if the motorcycle uses a thin tire in the front and a wider, thicker tire in the back. As a rule, radial tires are usually not used in the front.

Now as you have understood the different types of tires and their properties it is also essential to look in the factors that matters when you select best touring motorcycle tires.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers

As with most products, tires too come in different specifications and makes, with some being well suited for driving long distances, while others offer better mileage. To make an informed and well researched choice, we have put together a few factors that you should carefully consider while buying the tires for your cruiser. These factors will help you choose the best cruiser motorcycle tires 2019 make.

1. Tread Design

The tread is the groove design that you see on the outer surface of your cruiser tires. Tire companies spend a lot of funds on the research and design of the tread, so as to produce the best tread designs suitable for different surfaces and terrains. For cruisers, tread designs are important for offering a better road grip, as well as the ability to ride efficiently and safely even on wet roads.

Wet roads, especially during the rains are very slippery surfaces and may even cause bikes to slip along the way. This is where an effective tread design makes a difference since it grips the road surface tighter and does not allow the water to get collected in the grooves. This prevents the bike from slipping even during adverse weather conditions.

2. Carcass Build

The carcass of the tire is what supports the weight of the entire bike, due to which it needs to have a very strong design and build. A reinforced carcass is usually the norm, while some tires have an Aramid belt, which has fibre instead of polyester, to give the tire better heat protection and strength.

3. The Tire Size

There are two points to be adhered to while selecting the size of the best touring motorcycle tires for your cruiser. One, it should match the rim size of your bike perfectly, or you may end up having a very uncomfortable ride, which could also be hazardous. Make sure you confirm the rim size before ordering your tires online.

Another important point to consider while selecting the size of your tires is the thickness of the tires. Most cruise riders prefer thick tires, for a better grip on the road and stability. These tires are also very mileage efficient and usually have a longer life span as compared to other tires. One can also opt for sporting tires which have a very good grip on all types of surfaces and dirt tracks, but the treads of these tires tend to wear off soon.

4. Sidewall Area

The sidewall which is the area between the tread and bead of the tire plays an important role in the suspension abilities of the tire. It is also the area, on which manufacturers write all the important data about the tire, its load handling capacity, rim size etc.

Top 25 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Tires 2022

1. MMG Tire

MMG Tire Best Motorcycle Tire For Cruiser

Made with a special rubber compound, these tires offer an excellent grip on the road, while travelling on your cruiser. These motorbike tires can be fitted either on the front or back and are made for a rim
size of 18″.

Since they are DOT approved, you can rest assured about their quality and use them on your motorbike, without any worries on their durability. The load range of these tires is C and they come with a load rating of 52. The speed rating is P and they can carry a maximum load of 440 lbs.

A very distinctive tread pattern gives you good stability and better handling performance so that you enjoy your long rides and day trips.


  • DOT Approved
  • 52 Load Rating


  • Not OEM Model

2. Bridgestone G704  

Bridgestone G704

Made by the world-famous and reputed company Bridgestone, these tires are perfect for touring too far off destinations on your cruiser. Bridgestone has been in the tire business for many decades and has a great experience in understanding what works best in the field of tires. They also spend millions of dollars every year on research to ensure that their tires are the best cruiser motorcycle tires available in the market.

These particular tires are replacement tires for the Honda GL 1500 and GL 1800. They are also a part of the original tires that are fitted on the Honda GL 1800. They have been specially built for long mileage while using them for cruising, with a specific rubber compound.

Their unique wide shape profiles of the tires are ideal for long tours on your bike and have been designed to reduce your fatigue on long journeys. The wide profile of the tires also ensures smoother and comfortable handling while you are on the road.

For those who have heavy bikes and love two-up riding, these tires offer linear handling as they are built with a belt package construction design. Weighing just 15.5 pounds these tires are ideal for all off-road motorcycles and all-terrain bikes. The construction of the tires is of radial design and it has a 16 inches rim diameter, with a 4.8” thickness.


  • Perfect for all off-road and all-terrain bikes
  • Part of OEM for Honda GL 1800


  • Little expensive compared to other brands

3. Shinko 777

Shinko 777

The 777 tires are built for style and performance and perfectly pair with the Harley Davidson for which they have been specifically built. A heavy-duty tire, with a reinforced carcass, it is perfect for long spins and day long journeys on your Harley Davidson.

Its staggered tread pattern is a great performer even on wet roads, so no more worries about the rains forcing you to stop your journey. It is an H rated Tubeless tire which has been Aramid belted for your convenience. Its reasonable pricing ensures you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while buying a set for your bike. These cruising tires come with a load index rating of 73.0


  • Heavy Duty Build


  • Can be used only on HD Cruisers.

4. Dunlop D402

Dunlop D402

Built by a company well known for its quality tires, that offer great performance, no matter where you use them, the D402 Rear Wheel Motorcycle tire is a perfect complement to your Harley Davidson bike. In fact, it is the only tire that has been approved by the world-famous motorcycle company for its touring bikes.

The D402 tire built by Dunlop has a three-ply polyester casing with two fibre glass belts that give you a higher load-carrying capacity as well as stability on the road.

The tread profile has been optimized by a computer to give you a smoother ride even on wet roads so that you can comfortably enjoy your journey no matter how adverse the weather. The unique tread design help ensure a longer life for your tires by reducing the cupping for even wear.

Cruise bike owners have given this tire, very positive reviews making it one of the best motorcycle tires for cruisers due to its durability and on-road smooth performance.


  • Even Wear Design
  • High Load Capacity.


  • Slightly higher costs

5. Shinko FLHXS

Shinko FLHXS

This is one of the tires from the 777 series designed by Shinko especially for Harley Davidson Street Glide Special FLHXS 2014-2017. With a load index rating of 62.0, this tire is well built and designed for comfortable long journeys across valleys and never ending highways. It’s one of the best tires that you can select when you are in a mood to cruise for long periods.
It is a reinforced carcass tire that is specified as a heavy-duty tire by the manufacturer. An H tubeless rating ensures you a long lifespan and miles of pleasant journeys before you need to change them.


  • Ideal for cruising
  • Heavy-Duty Tires
  • Tubeless


  • Not suitable for sports riding

6. Shinko SR734

Shinko SR734

When you are looking for a good tire for your Suzuki Boulevard, then the Shino SR734 tire is a good choice, as per the reviews, this tire has on online websites. Designed for use with the rear wheel, these tires are 4-ply rated for additional stability and comfort.

The tires are also DOT compliant so you can be sure that they are built to the best specifications and quality requirements set by the DOT. Being tubeless means you don’t have to worry about your journey coming to a halt due to a sudden burst out.


  • Tubeless
  • DOT Compliant


  • Available just for the rear wheel

7. Metzeler ME880

Metzeler ME880

This tire has been designed and built for those who love cruising and often carry heavy loads with them. It comes with the latest 0 deg, steel belt technology for better stability and comfort while riding, which ensures you don’t tire too easily on the road. The front tires come with a rounded tread profile that helps in having a smooth ride as well as easy steering on the roads.

The tread pattern is unique and has been designed by a computer. It has an offset groove alignment, for low noise while cruising and also to ensures your tire wears out evenly. The tread pattern also has very good water displacement ability, ensuring a better and safer ride on wet roads, stability over rain grooves and also while acceleration and sudden braking.


  • Unique tread grove pattern
  • Latest 0 deg, steel belt technology


  • High Price

8. Metzeler Roadtec 01

Metzeler Roadtec 01

Take on the world with these awesome touring tires by one of the best companies in the tire business Metzeler. These tires are of the ROADTEC™ 01 series, which is one of the latest models they have launched. Designed with the future on the mind, these tires feature the latest modern technology to give riders a better grip on wet and low friction surfaces.

They also help increase the mileage of your bike, while giving you a comfortable ride no matter what the road conditions. The tread design, geometric shapes of the groves on them and their placement have all been created to enhance a long lasting performance from the tires.

The Roadtec 01 tires feature the compounds from Metzeler’s ROADTEC Z8, which is a very popular and great performing tire from the company. One can rest assured and hit the road with confidence, while using one of the best motorcycle tires for cruisers, with technology that has passed numerous quality tests.


  • Superior Latest Generation Technology
  • Increased Mileage
  • Long Lasting Performance


  • Limited heavyweight sizes

9. Dunlop The American Elite

Dunlop The American Elite

When you are looking for a replacement for your Harley Davidson tire, then there’s only one tire that’s been designated as a replacement tire and that’s the American Elite tire, built by Dunlop. Proudly designed in America, tested in America and built in America, this tire carries the USA logo with pride, on its sidewalls.

This tire has been specifically designed for Harley Davidson Street Glide FLHX (ABS) 2014 – 2018 models and assures riders of great performance and durability for years to come. It comes with a new tread design that supports even tread wear and a great ride no matter what the weather conditions.

The technology behind these tires is due to the efforts and partnership between Harley Davidson and Dunlop for many decades. It’s the perfect tire that has been specially built for long trips and cruising on your Harley Davidson.


  • New Tread Design
  • Comfortable ride in wet and dry road conditions


  • Not available for other bikes

10. Michelin Commander III 

Michelin Commander III 

These sleek tires by Michelin come with Michelin ADT, which is Amplified Density Technology, due to which the tires have a very dense, rigid tire casing for great feedback and handling on all road surfaces. These tires are one of the best motorcycle tires for cruisers and have been designed to offer you hours of riding pleasure on your V-Twin cruisers and touring bikes, no matter where you go.

No more worries about wet roads or sudden rains, since these tires have been designed to provide a superior and amazing grip on wet roads, especially for cruisers. You can also safely brake comfortably as these tires have the shortest stopping distance if you ever need to stop suddenly on wet roads.

Michelin has tested this internally and found the performance of the Commander III tire far better for short distance braking as compared to other tires. When one talks about Michelin tires one is assured of great performance without any compromise on the quality, for that is what Michelin stands for.


  • Excellent wet road grip
  • Short braking distance


  • Available only for cruisers

11. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402

Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402

The Dunlop – Harley Davidson partnership, results in another great tire which has been specially designed for cruising bikes belonging to the Harley Davidson stable. The Dunlop D 402 is the only tire that has been approved by Harley Davidson for its touring bikes, due to the superior performance and durability of the tires produced by Dunlop.

The Dunlop D 402 offers enhanced load carrying capacity and stability, which is the reason it is a part of the Harley Davidson Sportster series. The tires come with a three-ply polyester casing and two fibre glass belts for superior strength and durability on the road.

A specially designed, computer-optimized tread profile has resulted in the placement of offset centre grooves, which result in a better road handling capabilities even on wet roads. This improved design also helps in reducing cupping for even wear of the tire, ensuring a stable performance for a longer time.


  • Computer-optimized design
  • Higher Load carrying capacity
  • Even tire wear design


  • Available for Harley Davidson only

12. Kenda K657

Kenda K657

Cruiser bikes are very popular for long rides and trips across the country. What keeps the riders going, safely and comfortably is the quality of tires they use. The K657 tire by Kenda is one such good quality tire that is well known for giving a long lasting performance.

It’s been specially designed for lightweight sport touring bikes and has a tread pattern that supports all-weather riding, so no more worries about sudden rains. The tires have a tubeless construction for a comfortable and smooth ride, no matter what the surface. It is a DOT approved tire, so you can rest assured about its make and quality since the tire has been tested and approved by professionals.


  • Suitable for lightweight sport touring models
  • Tubeless construction


  • Not suitable for carrying heavy loads

13. Metzeler Cruistec

Metzeler Cruistec

Designed for the ultimate and best performance of cruise bikes, this V-Twin tire is designed to be used on the V-Twins from the past, present and in the future. It offers great handling capabilities, line taking and holding while on the road.

It has a profile based on sport-touring bikes and comes with a robust carcass for enhanced support and durability while travelling on the road and other terrains. The tires have strong structural support as seen on heavy-duty bike tires and are engineered to give you a perfect performance every time, you use them.

The tires perform well in even the wettest conditions and give you a better grip and handling on wet asphalt. The newly designed tread pattern delivers a better grip on the road for an all-round and long lasting performance.


  • Suitable for sports cruising bikes
  • Better road grip even on wet roads


  • Engineered only for cruising bikes

14. Dunlop D402

Dunlop D402

Harley Davidson trusts only Dunlop for its tire requirements, which is the reason it is the only approved supplier of tires for Harley Davidson Cruisers. This is due to the emphasis Dunlop places on the quality and durability of its tires. The D 402 tire from Dunlop is one such tire that meets the strict quality requirements of Harley Davidson.

The D 402 tire offers superior load carrying capacity as compared to other tires and comes built with a three-ply polyester casing with two fibre glass belts, for strength and durability. Ride comfortably and smoothly over wet roads and even steel bridges, thanks to the new improved offset groove design. This new design also ensures the tires wear off, evenly all over as it reduces cupping.

The D 402 tires by Dunlop have a computer-optimized tread profile, which ensures the tires give their best performance and last long. Many tire reviewers have praised the D402 series and prefer it over other tires for its long lasting life.


  • Ideal for heavy loads
  • Long lasting performance


  • Available for only select Harley Davidson models

15. Shinko Classic

Shinko Classic

Harley Davidson bikers will just love this tire manufactured by the house of Shinko for its superior quality and durability. The tires offer great smooth performance on the road, no matter what the road conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for cruising or touring to new destinations and awesome day trips.

The 777 HD Model tire has an H rated tubeless rating and is Aramid belted. Being tubeless it offers the advantage of better riding experience and fewer worries on the road. The heavy-duty version has a reinforced carcass for strength and durability so that the tires give you a long lasting performance always.


  • Heavy Duty Version
  • Good for heavy loads


  • Limited Sizes

16. Michelin 87-9764

Michelin 87-9764

The new dynamic looks of this tire and unique tread design are sure to garner everybody’s attention once you hit the road. It is available in a wide range of sizes that fit perfectly on many American and Metric cruisers.

The Commander II tires are long lasting and offer almost the double mileage capacity as compared to other cruising technology, thanks to its innovative design and technology. Third-party tests, on these tires commissioned by Michelin prove this fact beyond any doubt. The Commander II is one of the highest rated cruiser tires in the world, with many riders giving positive reviews on its quality.

Michelin used its proprietary ADT innovation on these tires. ADT stands for Amplified Density Technology due to which the tires have a very high density and come with a very rigid tire casing, for excellent feedback and handling on all types of roads.

The Commander II tires are made from a newly designed rubber compound that offers exception grip on all surfaces so that you can enjoy a great ride in either dry or wet conditions. The rubber compound, used in these tires also ensures that they are more durable and strong.

An innovative tread pattern that is longitudinal helps in better water excavation during rains, due to which the tires have a better grip on the wet roads. The tires which are considered as the best motorcycle tires for cruisers come with a square bead-wire package has a better casing rigidity, which helps in better handling of the cruisers on the road.


  • Wide range of sizes to fit most cruisers
  • Newly formulated rubber compound for better grip on wet roads
  • Twice the mileage as compared to other tires.


  • Expensive as compared to other tires.

17. Metzeler ME888

Metzeler ME888

An ultra-high mileage tire from Metzeler that also promises great performance and handling that will exceed your expectations from a new tire on the road. Developed in Germany, these tires use the latest technology to increase the lifespan of your tires and their overall performance.

The tire offers great stability at both high and low speeds, giving you a better ride with its road handling capacity. The tires are good in all weather conditions especially on wet roads due to their redesigned tread pattern.

The Metzeler brand itself is proof enough of the durability and quality of these tires, due to which it has been well accepted by cruising bike owners all over the world. The Metzeler ME888 tire has received many positive reviews as a cruiser tire, by cruise bike owners.


  • Redesigned tread technology for superior grip on wet roads
  • High Stability


  • Available only for rear wheels

18. Duro HF 319

Duro HF 319

Made by Duro these, 4 ply tires are built to last and strong enough to be used on your bike. Duro HF 319 Class Vintage tires come with a standard tread design that offers a good grip on the roads. These tires weight around 5 pounds and have a rim diameter of 17 inches, which should ensure it fits well on most of the bikes.

It has a good load index rating of 107.0, which means you can comfortably use it to carry heavy loads while on your cruising trips. The tires can be used for either the front or rear wheel which is a good option, especially if you are planning on carrying only one spare with you.


  • Compatible with both front & rear wheels
  • Heavy load carrying capacity


  • Standard tread design

19. Shinko 81H

Shinko 81H

Move on the roads in style, with these specially designed tires for the Harley Davidson Road King FLHR/I 2009 -2018 model. Its innovative and distinctive tread design makes sure that the tires offer you a great grip and performance whenever you hit the road on your Harley Davidson.

The tires are Aramid belted, which makes them strong and resistant to high heat, thanks to the special fibres used to make them. The tubeless tires enjoy an H rating, which ensures they are strong and durable for long term use.

The superior make and construction of these tires which have a heavy-duty reinforced carcass makes them a perfect choice for touring and cruising on your Harley Davidson bikes.


  • Aramid belted
  • Tubeless


  • Available only for Harley Davidson bikes.

20. Dunlop American Elite

Dunlop American Elite

Dunlop has been producing some of the world’s best tires for many decades. Their experience in producing great quality and durable tires is the reason they are the only approved supplier by Harley Davidson for their tires.

The Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle maintains the Dunlop tradition of being a high performance and good quality tire, which has been completely designed, manufactured and designed in America. No wonder, it proudly sports the American Elite name and the Made in the USA logo, on its sidewall.

It is also the only tire approved as a replacement for the Harley Davidson Street Glide models. The well thought of and innovative tread design, ensure an even wear of the tire during its lifespan and incredibly quiet operation on both wet and dry conditions. This makes it the preferred tire by all bikers on their long journeys in different weather conditions.

The superior quality and design of the American elite tires are the result of Dunlop’s extensive research & experience in working with Harley Davidson for many decades and being their preferred supplier of choice.


  • Superior Quality Design & production Suitable for wet & dry conditions


  • Availability limited to Harley Davidson Bikes

21. Heidenau K60

Heidenau K60

This tire has been specially designed for adventure enthusiasts who love taking their bike for a spin across all terrains. They have been designed and built keeping in mind the different surfaces that sporting enthusiast’s use right from asphalt roads to dirt surfaces. These tires offer excellent traction and grip on these surfaces and also have a great tread life.

The well conceived 50/50 design performs well on all trails and even roads. The tires also have very stability on corners and wet surfaces, which make them highly suitable for sportbike lovers. The superior stability is a result of new tread design and the compound used in the production of these tires.

The performance of these tires has been appreciated by many customers across Amazon who have given it a five-star rating for its build and quality, as well as suitability on dirt tracks. The load index rating of these tires is an awesome 143 and they are available in a rim diameter of 17 inches.


  • Long lasting
  • High load index rating
  • Good for all surfaces be it asphalt roads or trails.


  • A little expensive compared to other models

22. Shinko 250

Built for the Yamaha V-Star model, this tire does not disappoint with its performance and high quality build that offers great stability on the roads.

The tires are built based on the Aramid belt design, which is made from high strength fibres for better strength and heat resistance as compared to polyester fibres and these tires are long lasting because of. 4 Ply quality (except for 21″).

These tubeless tires are H Rated, as a testimony to their quality. You can comfortably use them for long distance rides, without worrying about being stopped by punctures on the road. A nylon carcass ensures high stability and smooth riding experience.


  • Aramid Belt technology
  • Tubeless


  • Available only for Yamaha Models

23. Shinko 48 XL

Shinko 48 XL

A beautiful well-designed tire with a white sidewall for enhanced looks, due to which it is considered the best motorcycle tires for cruisers. These tires will add to the style quotient of your bike and get you admiring looks wherever you take it. Specially designed for the Harley Davidson Sportster Model 48 XL 1200X 2010-2018 edition, these tires are the perfect choice for cruising and going on long tours with your bike.

With an H rating, these tubeless tires are dependable for a great performance and a smooth ride on the roads. Since these tires have an Aramid belt construction, they are more durable and heat resistant as compared to other tires. This special feature is due to the high-density fibres used in the construction of these tires instead of regular polyester fibres.

The 777 Heavy Duty tires come with a reinforced carcass for high strength and durability, to ensure that these tires give you company for many years to come. It also acknowledges as a good performing low budget tire from Shinko by many riders.


  • Reinforced Carcass
  • Heavy Duty Design & Build


  • Available only for Harley Davidson Bikes

24. Dunlop D402

Dunlop D402

Dunlop is the only tire brand that matches Harley Davidson’s exact standards, which is the reason it is the only approved manufacturer of tires for Harley Davidson cruisers. The D402 tire is one of the best tires manufactured by Dunlop, which has decades of experience in the tire manufacturing business.

It’s quality standards and the performance is the primary reason Harley Davidson recommends it as a replacement tire for its touring bikes. These tires are built with a three-ply polyester casing that is reinforced with fibre glass belts for added strength and durability.

It is one of the most stable tires that you can take with you on your long distance rides to enjoy a great and comfortable cruising experience.

The D402 has a computer-optimized tread profile that helps riders cross wet roads and even bridges with utmost confidence and belief. A newly designed profile, with offset centre grooves, works well to give riders a stable and comfortable ride.

The tires come with special Harley Davidson branding on the sidewalls, which adds to their exclusivity and creates an impression wherever they go. The tires have received many positive reviews by users for its long life and stability.


  • Built especially for Harley Davidson bikes
  • Superior computer-optimized tread design


  • Not available for other bike brands

25. Kenda K673

Kenda K673

These tires are equipped with a 16″ rim diameter that fits most cruiser bikes. The tires have a new tread design, with deep wide grooves that help you get across easily on the wettest rods to enjoy a complete all-weather cruising experience.

The tires have a high load carrying capacity, so you can easily carry your big backpacks around and plan for longer riding trips across the countryside. It has a 3 2 casing design, which is the best in its class and offers improved handling on the roads and across most terrains.

The rubber compound used to manufacture these tires has been specially designed to give you greater mileage as compared to other tires and also improve the handling of your bikes across all weather conditions. Even the tire shape has been improved and updated to meet the toughest driving conditions and give you additional straight line stability, and even while riding through the sharpest corners.

With a new bias/belted casing design these tires offer improved handling capabilities on all terrains and a higher load carrying capability. The tires have a very stylish design and come in a 16 inches rim diameter.


  • Great Stability
  • All-weather performance
  • Deep wide grooves


  • Limited sizes availability

Know When To Replace Your Cruiser Tires

Cruise motorcycle riders need to ensure that their tires are always in a pristine, good quality condition to have a safe and comfortable journey. Knowing when to replace your tire is a very important aspect of safe riding since it could prove dangerous and even hazardous to have your tire give out on you during one of your long journeys.

This would be an even more critical situation if you are in a faraway place, with no civilization in sight for miles. In such cases, one could be stranded for hours, until some form of help arrives. To avoid getting into such situations, here are a few tips on when you should ideally replace your cruiser tires.

1. Check The Tread

The tread is the most important part of your tire and the part of the tire, in maximum contact with the road. Checking the depth of your tire tread will help you determine if your tire needs replacing immediately or if it can be used safely for a couple more months.

An over worn tread can lead to safety issues, during your ride and even lead to a blowout. The minimum depth your tread should ideally have is 1mm, around the centre of the tire.

2. Damage To The Tires

Watch out for any objects that may have pierced your tires and may still be sticking to it. While major damage to your tire would be obvious, you should look out for the small cracks or any unexpected bumps on your tire, to decide if they are safe for further use.

3. The Age Of The Tires

The best motorcycle tires for cruisers may wear out over a period of time, even though you may have not used for many months or to travel to far off destinations. Keeping a diary, with the dates on which you have purchased the tires or when they have been manufactured is a good way of keeping track of the age of your tires and then replacing them at pre-decided intervals.

Tires are a very important part of your cruiser bike, so timely checking and adequate maintenance will help you get the best out of them for many years. In case your tires need to be replaced, you should do the same without any further delay to ensure you keep enjoying a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Since there are many tire manufacturers and models available to select from, it does get a bit tough to make the right choice, on buying the tires that will best suit your requirements. Some of the tires we recommend based on reviews from people who have used them and their market feedback have been highlighted below for your reference.

Taking Care Of Your Motorcycle Cruiser Tires

Your safe and durable ride depends a lot on the quality and conditions your tires are in. To ensure that your best cruiser motorcycle tires perform well for a longer period, you need to make sure that you take adequate care of them periodically and perform the required maintenance. Some of the tips we would like to share, to ensure your tires remain usable and well maintained are;

Always maintain the right air pressure on your tires: This is one of the most basic and important tips when it comes to maintaining the health of your tires. Tires with high or lower air pressure than required can lead to poor handling and even a burst out. Tires with inadequate pressure also tend to wear out quickly.

Reduce Air Pressure if not using the cruiser for extended periods: One must keep into account the atmospheric conditions especially if one stays in a hot climate, and reduce the air pressure in the tires when not using the tires. This will help maintain their shape and prevent damage due to higher air pressure building gradually in the best motorcycle tires for cruisers.

Check the tire treads periodically: Make sure you check the tire treads from time to time to remove any sharp objects that may be stuck in their grooves. Over some time, these sharp objects could lead to a tear in your tires and reduce their life span.


1. Are Cruiser Tires Different From Normal Motorbike Tires?

Yes, cruiser tires are very different from normal motorbike tires, as they are designed to carry heavy loads over long distances for extended periods. The tires are also built for increased stability and comfort to the riders so that they don’t feel tired during the long journeys that cruisers bikes are specially made for.

2. Can Cruiser Tires Be Used On Wet Roads?

Yes, the best motorcycle tires for cruisers can be used on wet roads. They are also built to easily handle different weather situations and offer the riders a safe and comfortable journey on both wet and dry roads.

3. Can One Use Two Different Tires On A Cruiser?

As long as the tires adhere, to the specifications of the manufacturer, you can use two different tires on your cruiser.

4. Do You Need To Replace Both Your Tires At The Same Time?

Not necessary, based on the wear and tear of the tires, you can replace even one tire at a time. You may replace both the tires at the same time after both have completed a similar time span, which could be five years. You need to check the manufacturer’s directions on the same.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Tires Will Ensure Your Safety

As we have seen, tires play a very important role in the safety and comfort of your journey. Buying the correct cruiser tires for your bike is very important and one should make the decision after considering all the factors related to your buying decision very carefully. If one prefers using one’s cruiser for long drives, for long periods then one should also ensure that the tires can be used in all weather conditions.

Apart from ensuring that you buy the correct and the best motorcycle tires for cruisers for your bike, you should also take care to maintain them periodically. Doing so will ensure your tires last longer and give you a very safe and comfortable for a longer period.