nexx xr2 carbon pure black orange

There are many accessories like the best motorcycle helmets and best motorcycle gloves in the market. However, If you ride a KTM, the neon orange version of the Nexx XR2 Carbon is the one for you. The helmet has loads of visible carbon to show off the one-piece 100% carbon shell, with neon orange piping and finished off with very high gloss lacquer, making for an absolutely stunning looking helmet.

The Nexx XR2 Carbon builds upon the exceptional success of the XR1R Carbon, retaining the things which worked superbly well and upgrading the parts which had room for improvement. The shell is retained, that’s the same ECE, DOT and ACU approved shell which MCN rated so highly in the XR1R Carbon, plus there are many new parts and four new colour schemes.

The result is a quieter, more comfortable helmet, offering better side impact protection and one which experiences minimal wind buffeting at high speeds, but still one of the lightest helmets in the world at just 1295g.