nexx xd1 voyager white orange

The Nexx XD1 is the first Dual sport model from Nexx Helmets and one of the lightest on the market. The Nexx XD1 can be quickly and easily switched, without the need of any tools, between an off-road / adventure touring helmet to full-face street riding. For off-road riders, it also offers the versatility of using googles in dusty conditions.

Tear Shaped, the XD1 represents Nexx’s new X-Matrix technology, a process that combines multi-axial fibreglass, 3D organic fibres, special aramid fibres and carbon reinforcement. The result is a super strong and lightweight shell, 35% stronger for extension and bending resistance than normal fibreglass. The chin area combines a unique shape, with a softer and rounder base edge, to reduce chest injury risk from frontal impacts.

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