macna jura red

The Macna Jura jacket can be used all year round, thanks to its 3-layer system. With its removable thermal lining and Raintex waterproof membrane, you can wear it in different combinations, according to your riding conditions and time of year. In summer, you can wear only the jacket, which is packed with features, including large ventilation panels to the front of the jacket, revealed via zips, plus underarm vents to keep you cool.

When it’s wet, zip in the Raintex membrane, which with its direct lamination is guaranteed to keep you dry. Rather than traditional waterproof membranes, which let water enter the space between the layers, the Raintex membrane has no space in between the waterproof layers, which is not only completely waterproof, but breathable too.

Then, during winter, or just when you want more warmth, zip in the thermal liner and you can stay both warm and dry. No longer do you need to buy a different jacket for winter and summer and at this price, it represents fantastic value for money.

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