Best Motorcycle Tires 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pirelli Angel ST2. Michelin Pilot Road 23. Commander II Michelin
Pirelli Angel Best Motorcycle TireMichelin Pilot Road 2Commander II Michelin

The dream of owning a sleek motorcycle sends a jolt of excitement to everyone’s spine. Youngsters cannot hold their joy when they get a driving license. Thus, a motorbike has become a symbol of freedom and youth.

We are here to help you find the best motorcycle tire so that you can realize your dream of having a perfect motorcycle. Let all your worries getting the best tires upon us. People are quite selective when it comes to buying a brand-new bike.

A potential buyer generally knows about a few gears like the rearview mirrors, the headlights, the brakes, and the clutch. Everything is carefully chosen when you want to invest in a motorcycle. Right from the design, the looks, the features, the lights, seat covers, and other accessories.

One must keep safety the first priority, and the tires ensure majority of it. If a motorcycle manufacturing company compromises on the quality of tires, then it will be like flirting with an accident. The best place to buy motorcycle tires is from the original equipment manufacturers or reliable online suppliers.

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Types Of Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycles are available in different styles and for specific usages. You can find different types of tires in the market, such as touring tires, dirt bike tires, sport tires, and cruiser bike tires. The sports and cruiser bike tires will offer a good grip but will only for few miles, i.e., after traveling for 1000 miles, the tires get worn out.

These tires are designed exclusively for racing and give you effective control while driving on steep roads or lean angles. These tires are made to operate at extremely high temperatures.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use them on the streets for regular rides. When there is a race, the bikes are brought to a specific temperature in advance using the tire warmers.

Here are few types of best motorcycle tires include.

1. Sport Touring Tires

These tires cannot be used for the high cornering loads. You can use them only for long and straight paths to ride across.

2. Sports Street Tires

Indeed, the best motorcycle tires that are perfect for the street riders who like to ride on the corners of the roadways. Though, these tires are not made to use for a more extended period but are enough to offer you excellent traction and let you ride at high speed on corners. The tires provide excellent resistance even during biting cold conditions, but when they are warmed, they lose the traction since the temperature of the tires starts to increase at a brisk pace.

The sports bike tires offer excellent grip without compromising on the performance and the mileage of the bike. As you will be riding a sports bike on different surfaces and in different conditions, the tires come out as versatile.

The compounds with which the tires are made are soft for cruising. You can expect more treads than the other sports tires. You can also get rain tires for the sports bikes if you are planning to drive on wet surfaces.

3. Track Or Slick Tires

The best and most sought-after tires for racers. These tires allow you to balance when you are leaning over to take a turn. You cannot, however, use these tires effectively on the streets because the roads take a toll on longevity when you ride on the bumpy streets.

As these tires offer you with a triangular profile, one gets less contact patch in the center. The tire will develop a flat spot when you are riding on the straight path for enhanced durability.

The tires do not have the tread. Therefore, they lose grip when riding on wet surfaces. The racing slicks are made of rubber compounds and offer no resistance to the tires.

However, when you warm the tires till the running temperature, you get excellent traction. But there is a lot of friction on the tires, and therefore it is not recommended to use. You must maintain the optimal temperature to have a smooth ride.

4. Cruiser Tires

The new types of tires that have hit the market and became very popular among the riders. Many people will use different tires that are not made for cruising purposes.

The cruiser tires that are available in the market today are made thinner compared to the sports tires. These tires provide a good grip and a smooth ride because they are made using tire stickers, custom rims, and whitewalls.

5. Off Road Tires

The knobby treads offered by these tires improve the grip when you are riding on different surfaces such as loose dirt, mud, gravel, and sand. These tires, however, are not suitable to ride on paved terrains. This type of tires come in a wide range of size, tread patterns, and compounds. Based on the dirt in which you will be riding the bike, you can choose the tire. The tire you select and make or break your trip.

You need to buy the right sized tire that fits your motorcycle to drive off roads and to get maximum traction and excellent performance.

You cannot use the size that will not perfectly match the bike wheel since it makes you feel unstable while riding on corners. Besides, you cannot get excellent traction when riding straight. Based on the surface where you are going to ride, you must choose the tire.

6. Touring

These tires are made using rough and coarse rubber material to offer you with high durability but have little grip compared to the other sports tires which are operating at the optimal temperatures.

These tires will provide you with an excellent grip when working at a low temperature, but not ideal to be used in the winter or cold conditions. It is not easy for the sports tire to reach a particular temperature in the severe weather conditions.

7. Dual Sport And Adventure Tires

If you are going on an adventurous ride, you need to get these best motorcycle tires installed to your motorcycle, now available in a wide range of options. You need to select the right tire that offers you excellent performance while riding.

The rider must know the terrain where he or she is going to ride the bike to choose the right dual-sport tires. These tires perform better on and off roads. The 50/50 ratio tire is perfect for the riders who spend half time on the road and half off the road.

This write-up covers every detail that one must know regarding the motorcycle tires. Once you have detailed knowledge about these tires, it becomes easy for you to choose the best ones for your motorcycles. There are certain things you must and should know when you are getting a motorcycle tire.

Things To Know Before Buying The Best Motorcycle Tire

Here is the list of factors you need to consider when you are investing money in a motorcycle tire. These factors will help you to choose the best motorcycle tires that offer excellent performance, comfort, and safety.

1. Size

Some people get so fascinated with the latest designs that they end up buying the tires without thinking if the size is perfect for their motorcycle or not. Going just by the looks and the design is not the only thing that matters, it is about understanding the technicalities.

There are markings that one can get to see on the sidewalls, and at times even an expert rider can get confused with these things and might end up buying a wrong tire. Hence, observing the markings on the sidewalls made up of the alphanumeric codes would give you a lot of information. These markings indicate the construction, profile, load index, type and also the speed rating.

2. Road-Grip

More often, you would have all heard about the term, road-grip coming out from the mouths of riders. Some of the tire manufacturing companies focus primarily on road-grip. It’s because road-grip is one of the essential features that most of the people want to have. All of this leads to the deeper grooves and the tread blocks that have to be more significant.

Apart from the above utilities, one must check for the compound. A tire that has a soft compound would wear off quicker than the fast-compound tire, but it offers a better road grip. So, you must always apply your intelligence when you are buying the motorcycle tires.

3. Construction Type

A few riders would just get carried away by the designs, and they would forget what their manufacturer would have recommended. Well, the first and foremost thing that one must remember is to follow the instructions as mentioned by the manufacturer because they would know what tire would suit the best for your motorcycle.

While most of the riders do not mind mixing up different tires, it is always a better thing to comprehend how the construction works. Some of the bikes may not be compatible with the tires you choose, and they may even cease to work as well.

4. Tire Pressure

As a rider, it becomes your responsibility to understand everything about the tire pressure. Some riders love to hit the top speed while a biker gets out of the world feeling, but the bike gets sick in no time due to tire pressure. Hence, you must make sure to either call up the manufacturer or read the instruction manual thoroughly to know about the air pressure of a tire.

5. Brands

Big brand names have indeed earned a positive reputation among the buyer all these years so much that some buy only branded products, even without proper research. A few tire companies are pretty clear about the models that they want to manufacture, and such makers would never make noise in the market.

Hence, understanding the different brands of the tires and getting the ones that are apt for your motorcycle is essential. If you end up buying a brand that is pretty well-known in the industry but fails to fit on your bike, then you are trifling away your money.

6. Price

As already mentioned, there are a lot of tire manufacturers these days charge exorbitantly on the tires. Especially if you are looking for modification for your motorcycle, it is recommended that you compare the details of the vendors to find the right price and then invest in the tires.

Else, you may end up getting duped. With this basic knowledge, it becomes easy for you to make the right choice, and this would not just ensure the compatibility of the vehicle but the safety of the rider as well.

7. Tube Or Tubeless

The most critical point you must consider when buying a bike tire is whether to buy a tube tire or the tubeless tire. The tubeless tires have gained enormous popularity as stiff and sturdy materials.

One more key feature the rider chooses the tubeless tires is less prone to punctures. Moreover, the tires can withstand the hole for a long time without deflating the tires, which can be fixed rigidly to the rim of the tire and are safer to drive on terrains.

A tube tire would need special equipment to pull them off from the rim of the tire when it is punctured. These tires, however, are available at a reasonable price compared to the tubeless tires. Yet, you have to eventually buy the tire that best fits the style of your motorcycle wheel.

If your bike has a tubeless tire, you need to replace it with another tubeless tire, and the same is applicable for the tube tires.

8. Radial Or Bias Ply

The other key factor to consider while buying a motorcycle tire is radial ply or bias ply. While the radial tire consisted of steel belts placed at a 90-degree angle to the tread of the centerline, the bias-ply tires consist of nylon belts at a 30 or 45-degree angle.

It is easy to boost the tread life of the radial-ply as it has piles of sidewalls and treads, which improves the contact area between the surface and the tread of the tire. You can have a comfortable ride by buying the tires with radial ply as the soft sidewalls will let you drive smoother on the uneven surfaces.

If you want a stable, safe, and smooth ride while driving at high speed, you must buy the tire with radial ply. However, if you’re going to ride at moderate speeds, you can purchase bias-ply tires. Due to their short tread life, it can hold a lot of load on it. The radial tires are best for sporty purposes, which allow you to hit the speed of 150 mph.

9. Radial

The plies or cords will run from one sidewall to another sidewall. The design of the tires is robust with softer sidewalls. There is a tight tread area that improves the longevity of the tire and dissipates the heat briskly besides offering you with an excellent grip.

10. Bias

Bias is categorized by diagonal cords that can run at 30 o 45-degree angle to the centerline of the tread. The construction of this tire is strong and stiff, and it reduces shock absorption abilities.

11. Tread Design

The tread patterns are checked by the people to determine whether the tire offers a good grip or not. The better grip when driving on the roads, the better deeper grooves, and more massive treads.

When there is a big tread block on the tire, it offers a channel for the water to dissipate while driving on the wet surfaces, resulting in reduction of friction on the road.

Less friction helps you drive safely during the rainy season, but when you are riding on the dry highway, the tread block will get in contact with the tire, resulting in the reduction of the contact patch and poor gripping. Based on the road you are going to travel, you need to choose the ire with the best tread design.

The excellent grip is acquired only when the tires are built using quality materials rather than on the grooves. The tire made of soft material will make sure that the grip is tight, especially when riding in the extreme temperature. The tire will not get sticky despite driving in the heat only if it has a hardened compound.

12. Mileage

Though motorcycle tires are not as big as the tires of the other vehicles, they would pay you back when you are replacing the old tires with new ones. Hence, it is recommended you to buy the high mileage tires so that you can high value for the investment.

You must purchase the high mileage tires that are not sticky and grippy. The multiple compound formulation and hard material strip that is at the center will improve the mileage of the bike.

The premium tires have many compounds in the tread construction and a thick mixture in the center. So, one can be assured of a good grip and exceptional performance of the tire and thereby the vehicle.

13. Puncture Safe

The most terrible experience a motorcycle rider comes across is when the tires get punctured in the middle of the journey. There are a wide variety of tire models available in the market; few of them offer puncture protection, the manufacturers add a layer of tire material to fight punctures.

This puncture protection belt is made using rubber and specialized fabric. The bikers need to check the tires have a higher thread per inch. If the TPI (tread per inch) is high, then a better fabric material was used to make the casing of the tire.

14. Tire Type

Different types of best motorcycle tires are available for bikers. However, you need to choose the best tire type that suits your riding needs. If you have a cruiser bike, then you need to buy the tire that is thick and strong. The bike with thick tires will let you travel long distances.

These tires are robust enough to offer you with extreme wear and tear. The street bike tires must be durable as they cover the long-distance without sacrificing the speed. The treads of the tire must have channels to shed the water when riding on wet surfaces.

Dual sport tires are for the people who use bikes for adventure. They can happily go and explore every area of the terrain by installing these tires that support off and on-road travel.

15. Speed Rating

There are letters specified on the tire; the letters indicate the speed rating. H letter on the tire would indicate maximum speed that is of 130 mph, the W letter on the tire would show the speed of 168 mph, and V letter on the tire would indicate the speed of 149 mph. So look for the mentioned letters on the tires.

16. Multipack Value

You can save money by buying the tires that are sold as a set, i.e., you can get both the rear and front tire together rather than buying it separately. Though it is tough to get the tires with your requirements in sets, do not get discouraged, and keep looking for the tires that come in sets.

17. Longevity

The longevity of the tire depends on the tire rating. Most of the tire models, however, can be used with extreme wear and tear up to 20000 miles.

The life of the tire also depends on how rough or carefully the person is riding the vehicle. If you take proper care, it improves the durability of the tire. You must check the rating before proceeding to make a purchase.

Well, now that you have understood things about tires, don’t you think you must also know the benefits of using the right kind of tires on your bikes?

Benefits Of Having The Perfect Tire For Your Motorcycle

  • The first and the foremost thing that happens when you have the right tire for your motorcycle is the safety of the rider.
  • When you have the right tire on your motorcycles, you may not have to worry about the road-grip.
  • Tires would always increase the life of your motorcycle, and they keep the bike in proper condition.
  • You do not have to keep replacing the tires often if you have used the right set of tires.
  • The compatibility of the tire and the vehicle would be excellent.
  • You can save a lot of money.

Well, once the benefits are understood, we are sure that you would be investing in the right kind of tires for your motorcycle. Mentioned below are the few tips that can come handy to you when you are planning to purchase a set of black hoops for your bike.

1. Gather The Requirements

When you have an idea of buying a motorcycle tire, ensure that you have gathered all the needs appropriately. Unless and until you know all the specifications, you may not be able to decide on the type of tire that would be compatible with your bikes.

2. Plan It Properly

After you have gathered the requirements, it is now time to plan your purchase. There are a lot of tire manufacturing companies, but every company that makes tires may not be the right ones for your bikes. Hence, you must take a note of all the companies that manufacture tires and should not rush the very moment you find a renowned brand.

3. Research

Research thoroughly and then proceed, you may end up buying things in haste, and this would again lead to a lot of issues later. If you have not researched thoroughly on the size of the tires, the construction, the road-grips, and the other specifications, then it would be pretty useless to make the purchase.

4. Spend Time On Reading Reviews

The modern word of mouth always leads to customer satisfaction. These days everything is available on the internet, and you can get information within seconds. You can expect other consumers would have brought tires that you want to buy.

Instead of picking them up blindly, you could always read the reviews, gather the information, and then go ahead with the purchase. Most of the people give genuine reviews, and these reviews are certainly going to matter. Hence, this is one of the essential tips to follow when you are buying a tire for your motorcycle.

5. Ensure To Check With Your Friends And Acquaintances

Some of your friends and acquaintances may also be having a bike like yours. If they have recently changed the tires of their bikes or if they are planning to get one shortly, it can be a great idea to check with them because friends can be the best sources of information as they would have also done a lot of research on the same.

6. Make Sure To Go The Store Physically

At times, a lot of people end up ordering tires through online channels. While some of the online dealers offer the best products, but not always the case, one can end up having a low-quality product. Undoubtedly this is something none of us would want to happen.

Hence, the best thing to do is walk into the tire manufacturer’s store directly and choose the tires that you find are the best for your bikes. Also, when you do this, the manufacturers would help you with the right recommendations, always let the experts do their job.

7. Know The Pros And Cons Of Getting That Tire

When you are buying anything, it is always recommended to understand both the pros and cons. A perfect product is a word in the fool’s dictionary. The same principle applies when you are picking a tire as well.

Some tires may be from a branded manufacturer but may not have all the features that your bike wants. Some tires may have amazing designs but may not be compatible with your motorcycle. Hence, knowing both the positive and negative aspects of the tire is highly essential.

8. Get Hold Of The Right Kind Of Dealer

There are a lot of tire dealers these days. Not everyone you come across is genuine. You may find great reviews about the company and also the product that they are selling, but it is your responsibility to meet the dealer face to face before the purchase in the tires.

Else, you may end up being disappointed because of a low-quality tire, and the worst part will be a decline in the performance of your bike. Hence, hunt down an experienced dealer.

We have left no stone unturned to provide you with every possible tip to help you find the best tires for your bikes. Now all allow us to put forward the very best brand of the motorcycle tires.

Top 30 Best Motorcycle Tires 2022

1. Pirelli Angel

Pirelli Angel Best Motorcycle Tire

For all those sportbike enthusiasts, Pirelli Angel brings you the best tires. The tires are known for compounds used during manufacturing.

Rest assured, because you do not have to compromise on the style, design, or any other things with this tire. The road-grip of these tires has been proven to be the best in all conditions. So, if you are looking for something classy and trendy in one package then, these are the tires that you must buy.


  • Excellent mileage.
  • The tread pattern is fantastic.


  • The product tends to run out of stock quickly.
  • The design may not be suitable for all the bikes.

2. Michelin Pilot Road 2

Michelin Pilot Road 2

Michelin Pilot Road can be hailed as one of the famous brands. The buyers believe Michelin tires have a better quality, which makes them world-class. For all those speed lovers, Michelin Pilot Road 2 Sport Touring Motorcycle Tires should earn a place in your purchasing list.

A quick warm-up time makes these tires the most reliable ones. Also, for those who are wet terrain lovers, buying these tires will prove to be the best investment for the excellent road grip quality.


  • These tires enable the riders to ride in any terrains.
  • The soft compound offers a fantastic road grip.


  • The soft compound wears off in a short time.

3. Commander II Michelin

Commander II Michelin

If you are already bored of the existing tires on your bike and want to upgrade to something better, look no more, Commander II Front Tire from Michelin will fulfill all your need.

The tire uses ADT, advanced technology for the robust casing. Be it the tread design or the head-turns, everything on these tires has a pretty appealing factor. So, if you are planning to get your bike modified with some fantastic looking tires, then do consider this for sure.


  • Cruiser styling with premium sidewall treatment can be obtained with these tires.
  • The advanced technology has been used in the manufacture of the tire.


  • It may not be compatible with all the bikes.
  • Quick order is highly recommended because these tires run out of stock in no time.

4. RoadSmart Dunlop

RoadSmart Dunlop

The name Dunlop has earned fame as one of the best tire manufacturers. Roadsmart tire from Dunlop has always been a customer favorite of all the biking enthusiasts.

It is known for producing safe and quality products. These tires are made specifically to meet the requirements of the riders who love to experience the wet terrains. Rest assured, these tires will boost the incredible performance of your bike.


  • These tires are apt to increase the performance of the bike.
  • They are known to have a fantastic road-grip


  • The tires can wear-off easily at times.
  • They may need a quick replacement due to the soft compound.

5. American Elite Dunlop

American Elite Dunlop

The best motorcycle tire is the one that delivers excellent performance along with saving money. The American Elite Front Motorcycle Tires from Dunlop has been considered as one of the best products because they manufacture reliable and top quality products.

The tires, they produce, suit all weather conditions. One benefit you get is that only these tires can be replaced on a Harley Davidson bikes.


  • These tires can be used in any weather.
  • They are high-end tires; thus, the design, quality, and appearance are all fabulous.


  • These tires may not be suitable for all bikes because they can be highly incompatible.
  • The tires are pretty expensive compared to the others.

6. Pilot Power 2CT Michelin

Pilot Power 2CT Michelin

Michelin is one of the famous brands in the field of tire manufacturing. The manufacturers have produced some of the world-class tires, and the Pilot Power 2CT tire has won the GPWorld Championships for fifteen years consecutively. Thanks to the advanced technology that has been used in the manufacturing of these tires.

The Pilot Power 2CT tires are known to have an excellent road grip. Credit goes to the manufacturers who leave no stone unturned to develop tires that win not only races but the hearts of all those speed lovers.


  • The use of the most reliable and advanced GP World technology.
  • The cornering grip is fantastic because of the softer rubber mix.


  • The tires might be a little expensive than the others.
  • The tires may not be compatible with every bike because of its advanced technology.

7. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

For the riders who are fond of taking sharp turns, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street Sport Motorcycle Tires will do the trick.

These tires should be the first choice in breed class of tires, and they also come with a Pirelli Logo Key Chain. Performing stunts, while you go down those tracks bending and twisting, is now possible with these fantastic tires.


  • They are made exclusively for riders who love to speed and take thrilling turns.
  • The full-grip is offered due to the bi-compound structure.


  • The mileage seems to be of concern with these tires.
  • The warm-up process is slightly slower when compared to the other tires.

8. Shinko


Sturdy tires would increase the lifespan of your bike. One such tires are the Shinko Rear Motorcycle Tires Harley-Davidson Road King; these tires flaunt a fantastic build with super strength. For all those bikers who love power over appearance, then this is the right choice you must-have for your bikes. The tires are tubeless without compromising anything.


  • The tires can be extensively used for cruising and touring.
  • They can be used in all weather conditions.


  • For those who love design and style, these tires may slightly disappoint you.
  • Some of the bikes may be compatible only with tube tires.

9. Mitas


The name says it all; these tires from Mitas are made exclusively for those who love to go snow-riding. The steel studs used in these tires make it one of the most exquisite designs manufactured to date.

The studs steel makes the tire sturdy and gives an excellent look to the bike. So, go cruising today with these sexy looking tires and enjoy riding the snow. Since these tires are made only for off-road, they cannot be used on ordinary roads.


  • It has a classic design and uses the steel studs brilliantly.
  • It offers a fantastic road grip while riding in the snow.


  • It is limited to only off-road and is illegal to be brought on the normal roads.
  • The standard automotive tools cannot be used with these tires.

10. Battlax Hypersport Bridgestone

Battlax Hypersport Bridgestone

It is not wrong to live on the edge and do something thrilling such as taking sharp turning in a narrow road, but a rider needs to execute it with extreme safety. Therefore, Battlax Hypersport from Bridgestone put forward some robust tires.

These tires are made exclusively to offer an excellent grip when the bike is moving the forward direction. The use of two-piece construction doesn’t make these fantastic tires heavy. With stylish looks and extremely good road-grip, the tires are worthy enough to catch everyone’s attention.


  • The best choice for the front tire because of the grip in the forward direction.
  • The tires aren’t bulky.


  • The tires may not be apt for bikers who love to ride their bikes in wet conditions.
  • The build isn’t that appealing.

11. Shinko SE890

Shinko SE890

If you buy a product after listening to word of mouth, then Shinko SE890 tires have a long list of positive reviews. Aramid belted radial makes these tires superior in quality. The best thing is you get a smooth ride, and no matter how much load you put on it, the tire will not get worn out soon.


  • The tread compound of the tire is designed to offer a good grip
  • Improves the mileage of the vehicle.


  • Expensive compared to the other bikes

12. Full Bore F2 Series

Full Bore F2 Series

These tires are used by sports bike lovers, which adds extra thrill while riding on the road or the track. The tires have an excellent grip and allow you to accelerate even on wet surfaces. You can confidently make turns at the steep lean angles.

This rubber wheel will make your bike feel lightweight. The tires last for a more extended period despite extreme wear and tear. Rest assured, because the heavy usage won’t take a toll on the performance of your ride.

The tires are designed exclusively for the latest sports bike and known for offering excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces. You can handle the bike with a reasonable thread of life. The radial construction of the tires let you ride the bike at high speeds. The rubber compound offers balance and excellent grip on the mileage ratio.


  • You can ride on a rough surface or on the corners.
  • Last for a more extended period.
  • Offer good traction.


  • These tire can only be used for sports bikes.

13. Dunlop Q3 Sportmax

Dunlop Q3  Sportmax

Dunlop Q3 Sportbike tires assure you quality materials and impressive performances on different surfaces. Also, know for their durability despite riding roughly on the streets or the track. You can also expect stability that makes your bike feel lighter.

Therefore, it is safe to call them the best motorcycle tires, which are designed using the latest technology. The carbon fiber reinforcement is used for the tires to have excellent performance while riding on the curvy roads.

The Q3 tread pattern will use a smaller number of tread grooves that are lengthy to boost the performance on the wet surfaces. The Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology used in the rear tire assures linear steering.


  • The silica-infused thread improves the longevity of the thread life.
  • There is an exceptional grip on the left and right sides of the shoulders.


  • Single tire per set.
  • It is not recommended for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

14. Continental Twinduro TKC80

Continental Twinduro TKC80

This is the best rear tire that is widely used in a sports bike, not only that, but the best rear tear to be used on the road for 40% and off-road for 60%. You can also use this on highways and off trials. The wide block tread pattern would offer excellent grip and exceptional performance.

This tire has improved braking capability and traction, which allows you to drive on curvy roads while maintaining stability. The self-cleaning properties will prevent you from keeping it regularly.


  • The cornering stability on the terrain makes it the best pick by the racers.
  • The tire will last longer without getting worn out despite driving on the rough surfaces.


  • Rear tire has a shallow load index.

15. Bridgestone Hypersport S22

Bridgestone Hypersport S22

This is the latest sports tire that offers great performance and a wet grip. The material with which the tire is made of will boost the longevity of the tire. You can have a tremendous and enjoyable motorcycle riding experience.

Even when you are leaning the bike, you can be confident that you have the grip and stay safe. This allows you to ride even on the corners during rains.

With more silica added to the tire, it makes you feel comfortable riding on the wet surfaces. The more silica will get in contact with the road. Three compounds are used to boost the performance of the rear tire. The center will improve the wear and let you do freeway style riding.


  • The silica enriched formulation offers a high land to sea ratio.


  • You get only a single tire per set.

16. Full Bore F2 Series

Full Bore F2 Series 120

If you are looking for a tire that works better on the rear end of the vehicle, then this model is the best option for your sports bike. The design gives you the best racing experience every time you hit the roads.

The innovative thread pattern of the tire will offer excellent grip and adhesion on the dry and wet surfaces. Thanks to the rubber compound, which makes the tire resist stringent conditions on the road.


  • The dependable thread life allows you to handle the bike with ease, even on soft terrain.
  • You can ride off the road smoothly.


  • The tire wears off quickly.

17. 160/80-15 (74S) Bridgestone Exedra Max

(74S) Bridgestone Exedra Max

With excellent construction, the latest technology, and a well-designed thread pattern, Bridgestone tires have gained a lot of positive reviews from the customers.

The rubber compound in these tires offers high mileage for the vehicles, and the tread pattern will let you have a good grip despite driving in the wet and dry conditions.


  • The tubed tire offers a confident grip while driving on steep roads.
  • The shape of the tire gives ample support to have a great ride while keeping the fatigue at bay.


  • Designed only for Honda bikes.
  • It can give high mileage compared to the touring bikes.

18. Shinko 005

Shinko 005

The best motorcycle tires for the street offer you high performance and excellent mileage, so without a second thought, you must buy this model for your motorcycle.

These tires meet your riding needs and budget. The tread pattern of this motorcycle tire makes it the best radial out there, exceptional braking and acceleration capabilities are the testimonies.

The exclusively designed tread grooves will shed the water that accumulates on the wet surface. This allows you to ride the bike even during the rains without a chance of getting skid. The aramid belts will boost the performance of the bike and let you ride at high speed.


  • The rubber compound improves its longevity despite extreme wear and tear.
  • The tires are compliant with DOT.


  • Riding on the grass and wet terrain can be a challenge.

19. Duro HF308

Duro HF308

If you want to buy a cost-effective motorcycle tire for your front, then look no further, purchase these tires. The best thing about this model is that you not only get at a low price but also sturdy and durable compounds that give extra protection to the tires and avoid punctures.

The tread pattern of these tires will dissipate the water with ease and offer a perfect grip when you are riding on the wet surfaces. The front/rear tire is made of superior quality materials and with the latest technologies to make sure that you get the optimum mileage.

The tires are best for street bikes if you want outstanding functionality and flexibility. It’s because the construction of these tires offers improved performance and increase the stability when you are riding the bike on the road with sharp turns and rough terrain.


  • This tire is less prone to punctures and best suitable for long trips.
  • The material sustains extreme wear and tear.


  • It cannot offer longevity.
  • It can only be used for the front tires.
  • Tubeless is expensive.

20. Michelin Anakee

Michelin Anakee

Michelin Anakee Adventure Rear Tire is the most effective yet economical rear motorcycle tire, known for its high durability and stability. This tire not only offers sufficient traction on off-road but gives you a tight grip when you are riding on the wet surfaces.

The silica tread compounds offer excellent grip on wet roads. The bridge blocks technology along with the Michelin 2CT Technology offer high stability on the road.

The new tread pattern provides long-lasting performance and gives uncompromising traction. It is hard to say any other model can be a great buy as this if you are looking for a rear tire below USD 300, undoubtedly the best price on motorcycle tires, making it the first choice of the motorcycle riders.


  • The grooves of the tire will throw the water away and gives a seamless transition when riding on the corners.
  • You can ride thousands of miles in all weather conditions.


  • One cannot use these tires in cold temperatures.

21. Metzeler Roadtec 01

Metzeler Roadtec 01

Do you think you are an adventure rider and always hungry for the thrill? That’s it, Metzeler Roadtec is what you need the best and durable front tire. This tire will offer a good grip when you are riding on the wet and dry surfaces, so undoubtedly, it will result in increased mileage.

You can customize this tire with different motorcycles and keep up with all riding conditions. Many riders believe the tread design and improved mechanical grip with rubber compounds boost confidence while riding.


  • This front tire provides excellent mileage and improved performance.
  • This tire is made of quality compounds, resulting in durability.


  • Constant use develops bubbles in the thread.
  • High profile compared to other tires in the market.

22. 180/65B-16 (81H) Shinko 777

65B-16 (81H) Shinko 777

If you want a motorcycle tire that offers remarkable performance and gives good mileage to your darling vehicle, then you must buy this motorcycle tire. The Shinko tires are lovely when it comes to quality and durability.

Moreover, it put less strain on your wallet while covering what you need in your motorcycle. These tires will help you achieve consistency in the speed without compromising the comfort level despite riding on bumpy roads or sudden potholes.

The H Rated tubeless tires offer improved performance and extra mileage even if a tire happens to get a puncture, the flatness of this tire reduces the risk of losing control.


  • Best for touring and cruising.
  • The heavy-duty tires have highly strengthened carcass.


  • The tire won’t last for a long time,
  • Regular maintenance.

23. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402

Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402

This motorcycle tire is exclusively made for racing bikes because it is made up of three-ply polyester, cast with the fiberglass belts. It offers functional loading capacity without losing stability. The tread profile comprising of grooves would boost a rider’s confidence despite extreme wear and tear.

You can use this tire for the front and rear wheel so that you let the speed addict in you hit the speed of 130 mph on the road.


  • Delivers better traction and wear.


  • The tires tend to worn out quickly, even if designed for racing.
  • Low mileage.

24. 150/80B-16 (77H) Shinko 777

80B-16 (77H) Shinko 777

Need a rear tire for your motorcycle? Then the Shinko rear motorcycle tire is just for you. Bar none a fantastic driving experience every time you hit the road with your bike. Though it is not exclusively designed for trail riding, you can still go for it.

The H rated tubeless tire will be less prone to punctures and offer excellent adhesion on different surfaces irrespective of the weather conditions. The durable rubber compound resists harsh conditions. So ride free like a bird.


  • The tire is durable and resistant to tear.
  • The tread pattern offers excellent grip on wet roads.


  • If you ride at a fast speed, the tire wears off quickly.

25. Metzeler Sportec M5

Metzeler Sportec M5

People who want a sports bike always look for performance and comfort. Buy Metzeler Sportec Bike tires, and your need will be fulfilled. You can install these tires to both the front and rear wheels so that you can hit the road in all weather conditions.

If your bike needs fresh skin, you can fix these tires and drive to have incredible biking experience. The improved longevity allows you to take steep angles with high safety while driving on the wet surfaces.

The interact technology will offer five zones which change the behavior of the tire from crown to shoulder. The middle layer of the tire is made with high tension to offer good mileage. The next zone, which is known as the mid-lean zone, provides you with low pressure for a good grip.


  • The resins mixed with silica offers the bike with excellent traction.
  • The tread pattern will dissipate water and allow you to drive even in wet weather conditions.


  • Tread starts to deform quickly.
  • The lifespan is short.

26. Dunlop Roadsmart 2

Dunlop Roadsmart 2

Let’s call this tire sport touring that gives an unforgettable experience. The traction never fails to perform well in wet weather conditions.

The tread pattern of the front tire keeps on working and stiffen the design to reduce the tire squirm; thus, you can expect longevity of the tires. The tread depth dissipates the water quickly, and that results in better mileage.

Now steering the bike at various lean angles will be easy because Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) lets you handle the bike safely.


  • The MT Multi-Tread rear tire will have a long-wearing compound in the center of the tread.
  • Offer lateral grip compound on each of the shoulders.


  • This model tire may not work well on all surfaces.

27. 180/65B-16 (81H) Shinko 777

180 65B-16 (81H) Shinko 777

The built of this is exclusively made for the heavy cruisers. The directional tread pattern of this tire offers remarkable tubeless traction on a wet and dry road, so it is less prone to get punctures.

The tough belted tire will provide superior performance with guaranteed high durability. While you ride off the road, it does not produce much noise. The construction increases the tear resistance and boosts the longevity of the tire.


  • The tubeless tire is the best on the road.
  • The tire is versatile and gives superior performance.


  • The tires quickly burn when you ride at high speed.

28. Bridgestone Tire Exedra G704

Bridgestone Tire Exedra G704

Let’s call this model as one of the best motorcycle tires because many customers have graced this versatile road tires with positive reviews.

The front and rear tires make an excellent choice for cruising; credit goes to the special rubber compound. The belt package construction offers linear handling for heavy bikes. You can expect long mileages from these tires. The unique shape of the tires will support you in a long ride, so keep the fatigue at bay.


  • The tires enable you to drive at a speed of 130 mph.
  • The tread pattern will shed water on wet surface conditions.
  • Offer good traction.


  • Cannot travel for miles.

29. Vanacc Highway Boat Trailer Tires

Vanacc Highway Boat Trailer Tires

These boat motorcycle trailer tires are made of high-quality rubber compound. Thus, the extreme resistance reduces when you go for a ride so that you can get excellent traction on the dry and wet conditions.

The material with which the tire is constructed offers high durability and strength. You can travel at a speed of 81 mph. Keep this mind that you can use this type of tire for your trailer, motorcycle, and farm trailer.


  • The thicker sidewalls of the tire are resistant to heat and puncture.


  • Expensive compared to the other tires.

30. Dunlop American Elite

Dunlop American Elite

Exclusively for Harley-Davidson, these motorcycle tires are sure to give high performance, comfort, durability, and grip when you hit the roads.

The tread design of the tire will offer extreme tread wear and allow you to operate in all weather conditions. The MT Multi-Tread rear tire compound will improve the mileage so that you can expect a long-wearing compound.


  • The grip compound on each shoulder will offer excellent handling.


  • Tire wore out quickly.
  • Offer unimpressive mileage.


1. When Should I Replace The Motorcycle Tire?

First, you have to check whether the tire is worn out or not. It gets flush with the tread, which means it is time for you to replace it with a new one. You also need to check the cuts, ruptures, and cracks.

2. Can The Rear Tire Be Used For The Front Tire Of The Motorcycle?

No, the motorcycle tires are exclusively designed to be used for the front or rear tire. Even if you are using the best rear tire to install in the place of the front tire, it won’t work effectively because of the different characteristics. The front tire is designed for a responsive setting, whereas the rear tire is designed to offer better traction.

3. Can We Use Racing Tires On The Street Roads?

You can use the racing tires on roads, but these tires are exclusively made for riding on the track and will not have tread. If there is any dirt on the street, it poses a big problem for the tires and will not work on wet surfaces.

4. Can I Repair The Motorcycle Tires?

It is easy to repair the motorcycle tires by applying the patch to the inner tube or by replacing the tube. However, many will not recommend repairing the tubeless tires. You can buy kits that are available to improve the tires.


No matter how powerful the engine of the motorcycle is or how effective the brakes work, if the tires are not keeping up with them, you cannot get a comfortable ride. No surprise, the poor performance gives headache to the riders. Therefore, one has to go through so many options and look for the best price on motorcycle tires.

We know that selecting the best motorcycle tire is a challenging and time-consuming task; that’s why we have applied our heart and soul to put forward the very best tires you can buy. We hope the article has equipped you with the knowledge of finding the best sports tire, cruiser style tire, tube, or tubeless tire.

The lists of tires we have mentioned in the article have all the needed handling and durable designs you would want. The tread pattern of these models will keep uneven wear at bay besides giving an excellent riding performance to the racers and bikers. So pick the right one since we have unburdened you from confusion and stress.

Take your time to analyze each model of the tire we have provided; you must buy the one that meets your specific needs and budget. All you need to do is figure out the durability, quality, and fitting information of the tire before proceeding for the purchase. It’s safe to say you have learned various factors that you need to consider while buying a tire. So, think and choose the tire that works best for your bike.