Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. FreedConn2. ILM3. AHR
FreedConn BM22 Best Modular Motorcycle HelmetILM Bluetooth IntegratedAHR Helmet

It does not matter how efficient you are as a rider; your helmet remains one of the most important gear you need to make your journey safe. The origin of modern motorcycle helmets can be traced back in 1953, when a professor at the University of Southern California, introduced a new product for head protection.

Although the purpose of using a helmet is protecting the head from impact or crash comfort and special features also play an important role.

The inclusion of advanced gadgets and technologies in the helmet has revolutionized the trend of wearing a helmet, and if you are looking for the best modular motorcycle helmet, you should check its features and added advantages so that you get the best product.

Modular and full-face helmets are the most popular options available. Now the question is what do you know how to differentiate the best helmet before investing? Both modular and full-face helmets often appear the same, but if you look at their features, you will find them different. Here, we have brought some of the best modular helmets for motorcycles that will make the task easy for you.

What Is A Modular Helmet And Why You Need It?

Before we talk about the modular helmet and ways to pick the best one, you must have some ideas about the modular helmets and their features. If you have not used such a product before, this information will help you a lot. Modular helmets are specially designed to provide added comfort to the users. Modular helmets feature a flexible hinge that makes it distinct from the other types of helmets.

Modular helmets bring with it the benefits of both, the full-face and open-face helmets along with some added features unavailable in both types of helmets. A modular helmet offers options to the users to open the front and enjoy the fresh air whenever needed.

These helmets are designed for those riders seeking convenient options like opening up the hinge without opening the entire helmet. Such helmets can give you the freedom to enjoy conversations with fellow riders or others when riding. They feature sun visors that will protect your eyes from heat and excess sunlight.

Benefits Of Having A Modular Motorcycle Helmet

As a motorcyclist, you must have a choice when it comes to wearing a helmet. Although the sole purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect our head and face, you can expect your helmet to give a few more advantages. A modular helmet can give you full protection along with the opportunity to enjoy an open-helmet feel.

You are not going to invest in a motorcycle helmet every day, and that is why you need to think about the handiness when buying a helmet. The modular helmet can be a good investment if you are seeking a flexible option. They are feature-rich, strong, stylish, and durable at the same time. Have a look at the benefits you can get from a modular helmet.

1. Protection From Harsh Environments

This is the most important feature of a helmet, and you must give priority to this whenever buying a helmet. Modular helmets give you full protection when closed. Like the full-face helmet, a modular helmet is adjustable, and you can cover your face with an adjustable hinge.

You can expect it to protect you from unfavourable weather conditions like dust, rain, heat, wind, and snow. Unlike an open-face helmet, the modular helmet will cover your face precisely and keep you safe from the harsh environment outside.

2. Enjoy The Wind

If you have bought a full-face helmet, then at some points in time, you may miss the breezy wind when riding your motorcycle. If it is a full-faced helmet, you cannot open its cover to get the wind on your face. Modular helmets will allow you to up the hinge and let the breeze in.

This is a noteworthy advantage of investing in the best modular motorcycle helmet. Get the blow of some cool wind on a sweaty face can be a great experience, and you will not have to pay much for this. Besides, you can sip on your drink and talk to your companion or other without taking the helmet off. This can be a great way to get refreshed after a long ride.

3. No Need To Wear Sun Glass

Did you forget to carry your sunglass? Do not worry; your helmet will protect your eyes from the scorching sun. The flip-down visor will help you to protect your eyes from the sun. You can flip it up and down conveniently according to the condition

4. Proper Air Ventilation

The breathability of your helmet is one of the most important things you must consider when investing in a helmet. Most of the modular helmets come with air vents at the backside, and this ensures better air circulation.

When riding, especially in the summer, you will need air inside the helmet to be refreshed. The multi-channel air vents available across the helmet will let the air pass through the helmet and keep you cool even under the sun.

5. Entertainment And Communication

This is the most exciting features to talk about. A helmet with entertainment and communication device can be a great choice, as such products can make your journey simple amazing. Motorcycles do not come with a music system, and if you are a music lover, this can disappoint you.

Modular helmets come with in-built speakers and microphones that help the users to communicate with others through Bluetooth connectivity and other advanced communication channels. A modular helmet can help you to stay connected with your family and friends.

Key Factors To Consider Before Investing On Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Safety is the most vital thing when it comes to motorcycling, and a lot of people spend on riding accessories and equipment to enhance their safety. Modular motorcycle helmets offer added advantages to the riders, and this is the reason that most of the people are investing in modular helmets.

Since there are a number of brands manufacturing modular motorcycle helmets, it becomes important that you must choose the one which can offer you value for money and the best features. Here we have enumerated certain pointers that will help you make the right buying decision while investing in the best modular motorcycle helmets:

1. Aesthetics

Over the years, helmet manufacturers have been trying to improve the design of the helmets to give you a more appealing look, and one can see the changes if they take a look at the aesthetics.

Engineers are continuously trying to improve the designs, and one can see different types of helmets at the stores. Choice can vary on the people, and one must pay attention to the aesthetic before making a decision. In case you have specific requirements, you can share it, and the staff will help you to get what you are looking for.

The helmet plays a crucial role in offering safety on the roads, and if you have decided to invest in a modular helmet, you need to inspect the outer material of the same. Commonly, the outer shell of the helmet is made from lightweight materials like polycarbonate so that it can sustain and protect the head after an accident.

Protecting your safety on the road should never be optional. As a motorcycle accident lawyer, I highly recommend investing in a high-quality modular helmet for the added comfort and safety it provides.” – lawyer from Dixon Injury Firm

2. Outer Material

One of the points that you must not undermine is quality. Don’t compromise the quality of the helmet for the price. A lot of people opt for cheap modular helmets, but it is essential to check the quality of the outer material before proceeding. Riders must concentrate on the safety features before paying attention to other advanced features, and spending on the good quality helmets will be a one-time investment for the riders.

3. Inner Material

The inner material must be checked before purchasing a new modular helmet, and buyers shouldn’t forget it. The inner liner and foam must be checked if you are looking for the best modular helmets. Quality of foam can make a big difference, and therefore, buyers are advised to check it.

Maintenance is crucial when someone spends on the modular helmet and they need to check whether the helmet is removable and washable so that it can be cleaned from time to time.

4. Fitting

People spend on modular helmets due to their added advantages, and they need to check the fit before making a decision. A well-fitted helmet is all you need to have for enjoying a delightful ride, but if it is very tight, you cannot enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Make sure the helmet fits your head so that you can avail a unique riding experience. In case the helmets seem to be loose, you can try other models.

Buyers need to buy the perfect fit to avail the best riding experience, and you shouldn’t spend on a loose and tight helmet as it may create a problem when you are wearing and riding the bike. A lot of people complain about a tight fit, and if you are not willing to face such problems, you need to pay attention to the fit.

5. Weight

Weight is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing modular helmets. Budget-friendly modular helmets have become very popular in recent years, and a lot of buyers prefer spending on budgeted modular helmets, and it saves their money.

Even if you are looking for a budgeted option, it is always advisable that you must choose the one which is lightweight. A heavier helmet may lead to headaches and create trouble.

6. Certification

Safety standard is the most important thing that needs to be considered before buying a modular helmet. Helmets are certified by the Department of Transport, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, and you can see certifications like DOT, ECE, and FMVSS.

The safety certification indicates that the helmet has been tested, and the authority certifies the product is approved for usage. In case you are about to spend on the best modular motorcycle helmet in 2020, don’t forget to check the certification and it will help you to choose from the best models.

7. Features

Modular helmets have replaced the conventional helmets in 2020, and people love spending on advanced modular helmets that comprise a wide variety of features for the riders. One needs to consider specific needs before buying a model. and it can help to save some money in an effective way.

For example, you are looking for a helmet with strong Bluetooth connectivity, and you don’t have other requirements like LED lights or advanced wind noise reduction technology, you need to stick to your requirements so that you can find a modular helmet with strong Bluetooth connectivity.

You don’t have to purchase an advanced modular helmet that comprises almost all the latest features such as Bluetooth connectivity, long stand by time, LED lights, wider view, fog proof, and scratch-proof glass etc.

8. Ventilation System

A poor ventilation system can turn out to be the biggest problem for a rider, but nowadays, modular helmets comprise an advanced ventilation system to keep the interior environment perfect for the riders. A lot of people forget to pay attention to the ventilation system, and they face various problems with ventilation. Ventilation ports must be checked, and you can also ask about the ventilation systems to get an idea about it.

It can be tough to find the right modular helmets for amateur riders, but the above-mentioned factors will help people to make better decisions while buying. Make sure to remember the basic guidelines, and you will find the best modular motorcycle helmet easily.

Top 20 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets 2022

1. FreedConn BM22

FreedConn BM22 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

The invention of modular motorcycle helmets has changed the conventional way of riding for the bikers. Modular motorcycle helmets comprise the latest technology with advanced features to provide a unique riding experience. Freedconn BM22 Bluetooth intercom helmets are available in three different sizes, and it will be a good choice for those who look for a good modular helmet under $200.

Certification is important when it comes to helmets, and the FreedConn helmet is ECE & DOT certified, and it will offer the desired fit to every rider. The modular helmet features like one-touch control for answering incoming calls and rejecting, FM radio, music and GPS navigation audio for whole new riding experience. The helmet is lightweight, and buyers will get a refund or replacement in time.

It gives you 12.5 hours of talk time and 10 hours of intercom time. So, it’s a great investment if you are looking for a god quality modular helmet.


  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Talk time of 12.5 hours.


  • Average sound quality.

2. ILM Bluetooth Integrated

ILM Bluetooth Integrated

ILM is a reputed brand among the biker community, and ILM’s new motorcycle helmet comprises almost all the latest features to give you a new motorcycling experience. The helmet is built-in with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, and as per company claims, it will provide up to 110 hours of standby time. The designers have tried to design the helmet considering the requirements of the riders, and the helmet comes with one-touch control, FM radio, GPS navigation audio, and Music for an exciting ride.

You are assured of the quality of helmet as this one is both ECE and DOT certified.


  • Bluetooth connectivity is good and works well.
  • Speakers are clear even at high speed.


  • Hearing part of the helmet is good, but the same doesn’t go for the talking part.

3. AHR Helmet

AHR Helmet

A lot of people look for good modular helmets under a tight budget, and if you are also looking for the same, new modular motorcycle helmet from AHR gives an opportunity to avail all the features with this modular helmet. The helmet is available in three different sizes, and it is heavily cushioned to provide a unique interior experience during rides.

The helmet is DOT approved, and so you can call it the best modular motorcycle helmet. It ensures the safety standard making it a great product under an affordable price tag. Helmet liners and cheek pads can be removed from time to time, and it is washable. It comes with an adjustable chin strap, thus ensuring perfect fitting.

The high strength ABS shell gives it strength and durability. The air vent design ensures that helmet is breathable, thus making this helmet a great choice.


  • Lightweight so, you can wear it with ease.
  • The high strength ABS makes it durable.
  • It comes with an adjustable inner visor.


  • The inner padding is not that plush.

4. ILM Dual Visor

ILM Dual Visor

A perfect helmet is necessary for a unique ride, and if you are searching for a reliable brand for affordable modular motorcycle helmets, ILM will be a great choice. The new dual visor modular full-face helmet has ABS Shell.

The model also features an aerodynamic design that gives you a lightweight, thus making it easy to wear. Moreover, it also reduces the wind noise so that you can easily hear even when riding at a higher speed. It also matches DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standards, thus guaranteeing complete safety while using them.

The modular helmet is scratch-resistant, besides it is anti-fog and has a wide view clear visor. The helmet is designed with several LED lights, and the LED function can be controlled by the riders from time to time.


  • It comes with a rear LED light that is clearly visible to other riders and vehicles.
  • It comes with adjustable vents.
  • Quick-release straps.


  • You may get disrupted because of high wind noise that comes when the vent is left open.

5. 1Storm HB89

1Storm HB89

Modular helmets are very popular nowadays, and the key reason behind its popularity is the convenience. They feature a lot of advanced functions that will be highly beneficial for establishing better communication.

It won’t be good for safety when a biker has to stop frequently for receiving calls in the middle of the roads, and the modular helmets give you to enjoy the safer and more convenient ride with such helmets. The HB89 helmet by 1Storm is available in 6 different sizes, and it features an advanced modular design.

The helmet is made of aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell making it lightweight and durable. The helmet also features a glossy protective finish to suit the style of every rider.

The safety aspect matches DOT standards. Moreover, the ABS shells give it more durability and strength. The liner and the pads in the helmet are removable and washable.


  • It is a value for money purchase.
  • The two visor system makes it easy to use.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The sound gets disrupted when the speed reaches 40mph.



Modular street helmets have become the most popular choice for the riders in recent years, and there are many reasons behind its popularity. Modular helmets are designed to provide optimum comfort, and convenience to the riders, and the new Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet from HJC comes along with advanced features to enhance the riding experience.

The model is available in 8 different sizes, and it includes adjustable polycarbonate chin bar features. Ventilation is crucial during the rides, and the model features ACS advanced channelling ventilation system and SuperCool moisture-wicking interior to offer a whole new riding experience to the users.


  • It is DOT certified, thus making it safe to use.
  • It just 3 pounds so it’s lightweight .
  • Its made from the anti-scratch shield and also blocks 95% of UV rays.
  • The inner padding removable and washable.
  • It comes wish sun visor.


  • The price of this helmet is high.

7. HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II

HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II

A perfect modular helmet can improve the riding experience in many ways. If you are looking for a compact product to suit the need of average riders, the new 980-615 IS-MAX II from HJC will be ideal. It is built with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, which gives it enhanced durability. Besides, the adjustable chin strap lets you adjust the helmet easily.

The model is designed with CAD technology, and it provides 95% UV protection during the rides, and you can rate it as the best modular motorcycle helmet.The helmet features one-touch integrated sun-shield (HJ-V5) technology with a smoke-tinted 3-stage adjustable sun shield with a locking mechanism to provide the best riding experience ever.


  • It provides protection against UV rays.
  • Doesn’t easily fogs up.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear for longer hours.


  • It looks a bit bulkier.

8. Bell Revolver Evo

Bell Revolver Evo

Excessive sunlight can become a barrier for the riders to enjoy their rides, and the Evo modular motorcycle helmet from Bell comes with an optional tinted shield to provide the optimum riding experience to the buyers.

This helmet from Bell Revolver features a click release shield system to offer the easiest and fastest shield swaps, and the Aerodynamic Polycarbonate/ABS Composite Shell makes it highly durable, and strong for years of use.

Manufacturers have designed the helmet with integrated speaker pocket and Magnefusion keeper to enjoy the best communication with co-riders and if you are searching for a perfect modular helmet under $250, this will be a great deal for you.


  • It comes with Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper, thereby offering better connectivity.
  • This helmet is equipped with a sun shield.
  • It comes with absorption an inner liner, which is removable and washable.


  • It is a good fit for narrow shape head types.

9. Yema YM-926

Yema YM-926

A lot of buyers look out for modular helmets under a tight budget. YEMA helmet is a reputed brand that has never failed to meet the expectations of the buyers, and if you are looking for a good modular helmet under $100, the YEMA YM-926 helmet shouldn’t be missed.

The model features an advanced modular/flip up and dual-lens to make it stylish and comfortable. Besides, the inner linings are padded, removable, and washable, thus ensuring complete hygiene. Riders can use the adjustable intake and exhaust vents to control the environment during the rides. Buyers won’t have to worry about the safety standards, and the model is DOT certified.


  • It is sturdy and lightweight.
  • Offer snug fit.
  • It is DOT certified, thus making it absolutely safe.


  • The flip may become loose after several uses.

10. LS2 Helmets 325-1024

LS2 Helmets 325-1024

A lot of people love to ride bikes, and some people passionately opt for long rides. A long ride on a sunny day can be difficult for individuals, and the new 325-1024 Modular Helmet by LS2 Helmets provide the highest convenience with its advanced features.

It is equipped with various features, which makes it perfect for the bikers. The state of the art aerodynamics feature of this helmet makes it easy for riders to have a well-ventilated helmet. Besides, it is HTPP composite helmet shell that makes it one of the best helmets available under $100.

The helmet comes with adjustable flow-through ventilation technology to keep you cool while riding, and it is fully DOT certified, making it one of the best modular helmets available under $100. Designers have comprised twin shield system drop-down sun shield, and you can take a look at the helmet.


  • It comes with a drop-down visor.
  • The ventilation system of this helmet is great.
  • It is perfect to use it while riding in the dark.


  • It tends to fog up.

11. Freedconn BM2-S

Freedconn BM2-S

FreedConn needs no introduction when it comes to modular helmets and other biking accessories. The BM2-S modular helmet from Freedconn is available in 7 different sizes, and it features universal Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0.

Connectivity is a pro when it comes to BM2-S helmets. Besides, this helmet comes with a GPS system or music player, depending on the requirements. The intercom technology allows the riders to connect with 2 riders at a time, and the Bluetooth will provide uninterrupted connectivity within 551 yards. As a rider, you can call it as the best modular motorcycle helmet.

Besides, this helmet offers 12 hours of talk time on the phone and 9 hours on the intercom. The shell of this helmet is made from ABS, which makes it lightweight and easy to wear.

Safety is crucial for the riders, and the manufacturers have kept it in mind while designing this helmet. It features hands-free, wireless voice command, and full-duplex technology to offer the highest convenience. This helmet will be a good choice for buyers who search for modular helmets under $200, and you should not miss it.


  • It is lightweight.
  • The helmet offers a talk time of 12 hours on the phone.
  • Sound clarity is excellent.
  • The battery backup is also good.


  • The flip-down sunshade is not that durable.

12. ILM Helmet

ILM Helmet

ILM is one of the best companies to offer budget modular helmets and the new modular helmet by ILM is a perfect choice for people who look out for cheap, and durable helmets. The model meets FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards and thus is safe to use.

It is designed to give you optimum comfort during the rides. The inner lining of the helmet is padded and is removable and washable.

It is made from lightweight ABS shell and is lightweight. The EPS impact absorption inner liner to ensure the safety of the riders on the roads, and it will efficiently reduce wind noise for better communication and a comfortable ride.


  • Sound clarity is good.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Available in different sizes, so you can find the right one.


  • The front shield takes some time to get locked in its position.

13. Mophoto Q1221747US09

Mophoto Q1221747US09

Are you looking for a powerful Bluetooth modular helmet for a better riding experience? Then, this modular helmet by MOPHOTO features a powerful Bluetooth system that allows two riders to stay connected for 20hours.

The unique Bluetooth helmet can be connected with multiple devices like android phones, GPS device, and it will ensure better communication and optimum stereo sound at the same time. The models available in five different sizes and the 800mAh battery will give 7days standby time.

It allows you to stay connected with 2 riders, for 20 hours. This model is completely waterproof, and it is equipped with a high definition anti-fog lens to give you the highest performance during the fog or rains.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It comes with a well-ventilated system.


  • The inner lining of the helmet is cheap and easily comes off.

14. AGV Unisex Helmet

AGV Unisex Helmet

AGV is one of the best helmet manufacturers, and this helmet comprises of all the advanced features to give you a whole new experience. Built-in with a carbon filter, the helmet will ensure the highest safety of the riders with quality material and construction. There are five different sizes, and the model is designed to give you 190 horizontal views.

Users can enjoy superior quietness, aero stability, and ventilation with the sport modular with its unique engineering, and the IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) will direct air to the head. The airflow distribution system is truly unique, and it has earned amazing reviews from the users for bringing such a product for passionate riders.


  • It is lightweight.
  • The Integrated Ventilation system ensures that there is a proper flow of air.
    It is perfect fit for those who wear glasses.


  • The quality of the helmet is not that great.

15. Yema YM-925

Yema YM-925

Are you thinking about switching to modular helmets from conventional ones? YEMA Helmets has introduced its budget-friendly collection of modular helmets, and the new YM-925 DOT helmet will be a good choice if you are about to invest in the best modular motorcycle helmet in 2020.

The helmet comes with modular flip-up function, wide clear view visor, and anti-scratch features and meets DOT and FMVSS 218 safety standards, thus making it absolutely safe to use. In case you have a tight budget of lesser than $100, you must take a look at this model. The cheek pads can be removed, and users can wash it from time to time.


  • Clear visor.
  • You can easily move the vent up and down.
  • Sturdy helmet.


  • Initially, it would be a bit difficult for you to locate the switches.

16. Hawk ST 11121

Hawk ST 11121

The invention of a modular motorcycle helmet is considered to be a ground-breaking discovery that took over the market within a short span. A significant number of riders prefer modular helmets due to the convenience, and if you are looking for the best modular motorcycle helmet to suit your styling needs, you should check the new ST 11121 Modular Helmet by Hawk.

The unique design of the helmet has taken it to the next level with the composite thermoplastic shell. Besides, its unique aerodynamic system ensures that you don’t face any difficulty while driving at high speed. It comes with a dual visor and has an upper and lower vent, which makes it easy for the air to seamlessly flow in and out of the helmet.


  • The price is not that expensive.
  • Full-face and open-face flip-up positions.


  • The inner padding may make it thick, so you might face a bit of difficulty to wear it.

17. TORC T27


For many people, investing in modular helmets is not a convenient option since the bests modular helmets tend to be bulkier than the normal ones, but Torc has introduced T27 helmet that features a smaller design with optimum protection to suit the need of different buyers. The helmet is available in 6 different sizes, and buyers can choose from a wide variety of colors.

The helmet features a one-button release mechanism for the front chin bar and the unique intake venting, and Venturi venting makes it truly unique. Besides, it also guarantees complete safety to its users. It is ECE and DOT certified. In case you are about to buy the best rated modular motorcycle helmets, you shouldn’t miss such deals.


  • The looks of this helmet is unique and stylish.
  • It is both ECE and DOT certified.
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The sound quality is also good.


  • Helmet is a bit noisy.

18. AHR Helmet

AHR Helmet

AHR is one of the most reputed modular helmet manufacturers, and if you are tired of searching the cheapest modular helmets in the market, please take a look at this modular helmet by AHR. It may sound weird if someone wishes to buy a modular helmet under $60, but the company has introduced the new model that will allow everyone to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modular helmets.

The company has not compromised on the quality and features. This helmet comes with a double visors design and air vent design to give you optimum comfort during the rides. The elastic front visor will offer better protection to the riders. Besides, the helmet is DOT approved, and it is made from ABS shield, which makes this helmet lighter and easy to wear for long hours.


  • Value for money.
  • Good quality.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear.


  • At higher speed, the helmet becomes noisy, so it’s difficult to hear properly.

19. Scorpion EXO-AT950

Scorpion EXO-AT950

Professional riders often lookout for advanced modular helmets to enhance their riding experience, and if you are looking for the best modular motorcycle helmets, then EXO-AT950 is a good option. This modular helmet is equipped with all the features, which makes it a must buy. You can use it as an ADV helmet, and riders can remove the peak visor to avail the aerodynamic features during their ride.

Viewing pleasure is important for the riders, and this model features an oversized eye port for highest downwards and peripheral vision. The helmet comes with dual-density EPS, and the advanced LG polycarbonate shell makes it a good choice for road safety and optimum comfort. The helmet is available in 5 different colors and in 7 different sizes, and buyers can choose accordingly.


  • Available in 7 different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits you.
  • Provides good ventilation.
  • Inside lining can easily absorb moisture.
  • It is made of high-quality material.


  • Sun visor is not that great.

20. Bell SRT Helmet

Bell SRT Helmet

SRT helmet by Bell features a quality construction of recessed EPS speaker pockets, fiberglass shell, class-1 Panvision optics, a broad range of sizing options, and if you are looking for full-faced modular helmets, you should check the features thoroughly. Users can use it as full-face helmets, and it can be also be used as an open face which gives the users the highest convenience of modular helmets.

The helmets feature a clear flat shield and on the fly protection from the sunlight. The anti-bacterial interior makes it a bit different, and users can wash it from time to time. The helmet offers five-year warranty, and buyers won’t have to be worried about safety since it is DOT certified.


  • It is easy to add or remove the visor.
  • Internal sun visor.
  • Made from fiberglass composite shell giving it additional durability.


  • It’s a bit heavy.


1. What Are The Important Things I Need To Take Care Of Before Buying A Motorcycle Helmet?

A. If you are planning to buy a motorcycle helmet, you have to look at the type of riding you always prefer. You can ride a motorcycle for a purpose like commuting, sporting activities, or touring. You can choose an open-face, full-face, or modular motorcycle helmet according to your convenience. If you are looking for an option that can give you the advantages of both the open-face and full-face motorcycle helmet, go for the modular option.

2. How To Choose The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

A. The motorcycle helmet you are going to buy should be certified by an authorized agency. If you live in the USA, you can search for DOT-certified products. If you live in Europe, make sure the product is ECE 22.05 tested. Make sure the helmet you have purchased comes with an adequate level of protection. In some cases, helmets with Snell safety tests can be considered.

3. Are Cheap Helmet Reliable?

A. The price of a helmet depends on several factors. It can be the style, design, features, color, material, and many other things. You can rely on a cheap helmet if it is tested and certified by an authorized agency. Never compromise with the safety rating with anything.

4. Is There Any Requirement To Attach Headsets For Music And Communication?

A. Modular helmets feature in-build speakers and microphones for music, and communication and there is no need to attach additional headsets for the same. If you are looking for such a helmet, never forget to check features before buying.

5. Is A Modular Helmet Good For A Sports Bike?

A. Riding a bike for sporting activities is riskier than regular riding, and you must come with additional protection for this. Like many other components, helmet plays an important role in the safety measure. Qualify modular helmets are as tough as a full-face helmet, and you can rely on them for sporting activities.

Before you buy a modular helmet for sporting activity, make sure the helmet features a good protector or shield that can ensure a clearer view ahead. Take care of its ventilation, weight, comfort, anti-fog shield for convenience.

6. Full-Face/Open-Face Or Modular?

A. Before you decide to buy a helmet, you have to look at its features first and evaluate how it can make your journey comfortable and convenient. Full-face, open-face, and modular helmets come with some unique advantages, and you need to think about them.

Full-face helmets are quite strong compared to the open-face helmets and they can protect your face and head from the crash and several environmental factors like dust, rain, heat, cold, etc. Open-face helmets may let you enjoy the breeze on your face in the summer, but you cannot expect full protection from them. Buying a modular motorcycle helmet can be a wise decision, as such helmets offer the advantages of both along with several added features.

If you are planning to buy a modular helmet, you might have gone through all its key features. Bikers who seek both convenience and comfort often opt for modular motorcycle helmets. Advanced modular helmets are feature-rich, and they can make your experience of riding amazing. Modular helmets are the modern version of the traditional motorcycle helmet, and you can find them better in many ways.

If you are a bike rider and you enjoy riding bikes, then you should not ignore important aspects like safety. Whether it is an open-face, full-face or modular helmet, you must check its certificates or ratings to ensure its quality. Listen to your favorite song or talk to your companion or other using your modular helmet and make your journey remarkable.