Best Motorcycle Gears Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gohinstar2. Viking Cycle3. Ozero
Gohinstar Best Motorcycle GearViking CycleOzero

Nothing compares to the feel of whizzing past on a motorcycle! And it is not just about looking cool; ask any avid motorcycle rider, and he will tell you how the motorcycle has changed his life forever. The rider feels much more alive and is a lot more connected to nature when he goes on those long rides in remote areas.

So, get on that sleek and powerful metal bird and enjoy the thrill of every moment as you ride. And you come back with a sense of achievement and pleasure when you finish the ride and reach home in one piece. Once you have the best motorcycle gear, your confidence level reaches a new high as you are sure that your body is completely safe and protected in case of a sudden crash.

Keep in mind that while riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, it also exposes the rider to some great risks if the rider is not wearing the right protection. After all, any fall or crash at high speed can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries. So, when you ride the motorcycle, you need not only your complete focus and a good physical capacity but also have the best motorcycle riding gear.

Go through this useful guide on motorcycle riding gear that provides useful information to all the bikers out there and educates them on how to keep safe and protected. But does the motorcycle gear consist of and what kind of riding gear or specialized equipment should be worn by motorcyclists?

The Complete Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle gears are special clothes and accessories worn by motorcyclist that works as a protective layer. The motorcycle riding gear serves numerous purposes, such as keeping the rider warm or cool and keep him protected from sun, wind or rain as well as raise his visibility on the roads.

Different gear and paraphernalia fall under the gamut of motorcycle gear such as jackets, pants, boots, helmets, gloves, and more.

1. Motorcycle Jackets

There are special jackets made for motorcycle riders and are made from high-quality materials like leather and textile. While leather jackets are more durable, they can be expensive. On the other hand, textile jackets are more affordable and are as abrasion-resistant as leather.

Motorcycle jackets are lined by water-resistant membranes to keep the rider dry and comfortable as he rides during the rainy weather.

The motorcycle jackets come with specific features to add strength such as doubled up seams and come with a snug fit to keep the rider comfortable. These jackets carry body armor and adjustable air vents for higher protections and comfort.

2. Motorcycle Pants

These are other important motorcycle gear that is made from abrasion-resistant material which makes them rugged and durable. Motorcycle pants are made from Cordura that carries a higher abrasion resistance, but there are pants made of leather or textile materials. Just like the jackets, the pants should offer a snug fit and feel comfortable as well as offer optimized protection to the rider. These pants carry armor around the hips and knees to keep the rider safe from any injuries.

3. Motorcycle Helmets

Another essential part of the best motorcycle gear is the helmet. It is something that you cannot ignore. It is one of the essential gear that needs to be mandatorily worn by motorcyclists.

Surveys show that in case of a crash, the motorcycle rider gets severe injuries around his face and chin. Motorcycle helmets are full-faced and designed to dissipate the energy during a crash away from the head and thus keep the rider safe. Apart from keeping the head safe, they keep the face protected from sunburn and winds. The high-quality helmets come with superior liners and better cushioning with quality foam.

There are many modular helmets that are equipped with GPS and headphones making it easy for the rider to seamlessly connect with other riders.

4. Motorcycle Boots

When riding your motorcycle, you will feel less fatigued if you are wearing comfortable boots that support your legs and ankles, even when you ride over those rough patches of road. These boots are strong and sturdy footwear that provides a strong grip to the feet and prevents any twisting in case of a crash.

Good ankle support ensures that the foot can remain intact and one can easily survive the crash. Strong heel and toe cover lower the impact of the force and armor over the ankle, and shin keeps those areas well protected.

5. Motorcycle Gloves

Do not ignore your hands, and what every rider needs are a pair of good quality gloves that they can wear during the rides. Keep in mind that even though you think your hands are strong, they are very fragile, and when riding your motorcycle, they need a firm grip and complete protection in case of a crash.

The motorcycle gloves are made of tough abrasion-resistant materials like leather. The gloves employ strong and even stitching, and the armor at the base of the palm keeps the hand protected.

6. Motorcycle Armor And Suit

The motorcycle body armor can be bought separately or is integrated within the riding gear. The body armor absorbs energy and deflects it away from your body and thus keeps the rider safe. One can upgrade their body armor as per their needs.

Many riders wear a one-piece motorcycle suit for higher comfort, and more convenience. However, it is seen that one-piece textile suits are much more comfortable than the leather motorcycle suit. You can zip into them within minutes when preparing for an adventurous ride.

Now that you are well aware of what the motorcycling gear is all about, it is essential to know what aspects to look for when shopping for the best motorcycle gear. The gear you look at should be made of sturdy material and specially designed for protection as well as provide both practical and aesthetic appeal.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Gear

After investing careful thought and loads of money into buying a motorcycle, why not give equal or even more attention to the kind of motorcycle gear you intend to buy? While your motorcycle will offer you some thrilling rides and lifelong experiences, it is the best motorcycle gear that will keep you safe and protected when you are out on those exhilarating rides.

A smarter motorcycle rider is the one who realizes the significance of buying quality gear for himself and what aspects to look for. Motorcycle riding gear is an essential part of your motorcycle, and one should make the right choices here if they are serious about their comfort and safety.

Here Are Some Essential Factors To Look For When Shopping For The Best Motorcycle Riding Gear:

1. Leather Or Textile?

The material of the motorcycle gear plays a key role in how well it can keep you protected, so one of the first factors that you need to take into account is the material of motorcycle gear. You can opt between leather or textile.

When you start looking at the different motorcycle gear, you will find that the jackets, pants, and gloves are made of either leather or textile. Each of these materials has pros and cons, but it is observed that most riders prefer leather gear. After all, leather is still the most popular material for motorbike riding and offers higher protection as compared to textiles.

Check the thickness of leather, and it should be at least 1.0 millimetres and keep away from motorcycle gear made of sheep leather and faux leather. Still, the leather may not feel very comfortable and is not always moisture-proof. Moreover, it can feel very hot to wear leather in the summer and cold in winter.

When it comes to textiles, these materials have become much better in terms of quality and are waterproof and breathable. To enhance their protection level, the textile materials are reinforced with leather fibres and come with removable lining and armor.

If the textile used is not polyamide or polyester and made with a minimum 450 denier, avoid buying them. And, it is a must to avoid vinyl textile motorcycle jackets and pants at all costs.

2. The Quality Of Armor

Another essential aspect to look for is the quality of armor that is added to the motorcycle gear and how it can protect you. There is no denying that armor is a very important constituent of proper motorcycle gear and is placed on the area of elbows, knees, hips, and back. One can also look for upper armor vests that can be worn under or over the jacket.

Always look for the CE approved stamp on the motorcycle gear with armor that guarantees the quality. The jackets should have armor in shoulders, elbows, and back while the pants should carry armor in knees and hip areas. Avoid the gear that carries a thin and low-quality armor. Motorcyclists prefer CE-certified body armor to Level 1 or Level 2 for limb armor and back armor.

3. Full Face, ¾ Helmet, Or A ½ Helmet?

As discussed above, helmets are important, there are different types of the same in the market. One of the key factors that you need to consider while a buying helmet is the quality and fitting of the same.

When looking for a helmet, go for the full helmet if looking for maximum coverage and protection for your face and head. The ¾ or ½ helmets do not offer the same level of coverage, especially for the chin and facial area.

Leading manufacturers are known for their best motorcycle gear brands, where you can browse for high-spec helmets for your motorcycle rides. Look for a quality helmet with the right fit that can keep you safe and comfortable.

DOT rating is the lowest legal standard used for the quality of helmets. European Union’s legal standard and Snell Foundation are the other two standards that test the quality of the helmets. The weight, noise, and aerodynamics are some other factors to keep in mind.

It is not a good idea to wear a heavy helmet with a loose fit and with low-quality face shield Buy a full-face helmet for complete safety and do not fear about losing your freedom or vision. Read reviews on the motorcycle helmets and see what the customers are saying about them. Also, never buy a used helmet.

4. Jacket And Pants

Motorcycle jackets and pants are available in different looks and styles and in various materials for protection. Whatever style or material you buy, ensure that the jacket and pants fit comfortably and are not bulky. There should be plenty of internal and external pockets for added functionality and storage.

Some of the key factors that you need to consider while buying jackets and pants are that it should be breathable, made of good quality material and good fitting. Most importantly, they should carry CE-rated armor and pads around elbows, back, hip, and knee for added protection.

Focus on the ventilation and armor in the high impact areas for maximum protection. Atonally, it makes sense to shop for a sporty design in bright colors and with retro-reflective covering for higher visibility.

Keep away from motorcycle jackets and pants that are made of very stiff material and weaker stitching. If the motorcycle gear carries single stitching, the product is not going to be durable. Make sure that there is triple or at least double stitching around the elbows and knees. And the nylon or aramid thread should be used for higher strength.

5. Recommendations For Boots

Motorcycle-specific boots are designed for safety and are usually above the ankle. Look for boots that come with rider-specific features and offer complete protection for the toes, feet, and ankle. The higher torsional stiffness means sturdy protection with reduced flexing. A boot with an oil-resistant sole means a much firmer grip on the ground and on the motorcycle.

Most of the manufacturers are making boots that look stylish and, at the same time, provide a good grip while riding the bike. The motorcycle boots you are interested in should have double or triple stitching and secure buckles and quality zips.

There are reinforcements in the high wear areas and risk zones like toes, ankles, and heels. These reinforcements are often made of plastic or leather and can be replaced when worn out. Look for quality laces so as to prevent getting tangled as loose laces can get caught on the footpegs and shifter.

Manufacturers are now making boots of textile apart from the high-quality leather as the textile material boasts of good ventilation and is waterproof. Whatever style of boots you buy for your motorcycle rides, ensure that they are comfortable and provide a good fit.

6. What About The Gloves?

Gloves are an essential part of the best motorcycle gear and offer much-needed protection for hands. Leather is always the better choice, and one should look for extra padding for the back of the hand, the palm, and the fingers and knuckles. There are numerous styles of gloves available that are known to offer protection and ventilation.

Typically, the gloves should cover your hand and extend beyond the wrist bone. There should be no open areas that expose your hands or skin. The gloves should offer a comfortable and snug fit as you need to use your hands and fingers for managing the levers and buttons while riding.

It is best not to buy gloves that are made of cheaper base materials. Keep away from gloves with sloppy and uneven stitching. An uncomfortable and ill-fitting glove can be dangerous. So, look for the right size and fit once you have checked the gloves for materials and features.

7. Protection For Eyes And Ears

Your motorcycle gear remains incomplete without the protection of the eyes and ears. Similar to other protective gear, you must also invest in bets eye and ear motorcycle gears. Even though the ears are inside the helmet, they are still exposed to constant sound. It is a good idea to buy earplugs to nullify the static noise from wind and other sounds of traffic.

The motorcycle eyewear or goggles carry special padding to safeguard from debris intrusion and impact. The eyewear you pick should be of top quality and stay secure on your head. If the motorcycle goggles and feel flimsy to touch and are prone to fogging, do not buy them.

8. Guards For Elbow, Shin And Knee

Look for extra protection like for your elbow, shin and knee as these are high impact areas. While the armor is adjustable, it is certainly a good idea to look for extra protection for those high-risk areas of your body. These guards indeed provide a higher degree of comfort and protection because of their special design and adjustable fittings.

Whether you are a casual commuter or a passionate adventurer, it is essential to look for the best motorcycle gear that not only meets your riding style but also offers complete protection. With the right gear on, you will feel not only confident and stylish but be surer of your safety, even when you ride on rough and unknown terrains at high speeds and with unpredictable weather.

Have a look at some of the top choices when it comes to the most popular and in-demand motorcycle gear for the riders.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Gears 2022

1. Gohinstar

Gohinstar Best Motorcycle Gear

The full body armor jacket for motorcycle riders is equipped with all the serious features required by the dedicated motorcyclists. The armor protection suffices the needs of tall and hefty bikers. Made from high-density fabric, and removable back and thickening pads, you can count on 100% with the full protection design.

The armor jacket is made from EVA fabric, PVC and lycra, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. The motorcycle jacket is very light and comfortable to wear as it is made of lightweight but strong quality material. The full-body protective jacket is not just useful for riding but also for skiing, skating, and other outdoor sports. What makes the motorcycle gear even more attractive is 30 days of no-hassle-return policy and great customer service.


  • Full protection
  • Lightweight and strong material
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Be careful with the extra grippy Velcro

2. Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle

The waterproof and windproof Viking Cycle motorcycle gear is just perfect for those who want to ride in just any kind of weather condition. The reflective gear is perfect for motorcycle riders in the night and keeps you highly visible on the roads. Thanks to features like elastic waist hem, Velcro trouser cuffs, and zippered pants bottom, you can look forward to a comfortable and snug fit.

This suit comes with reflective trim, which makes it visible even in the night. Now you can push your riding limits to new highs; once you know, you can wear the top quality gear that is made of high-end material. What adds to the quality is the wrinkle-free design and heat shield on calves plus the removable stirrups on the trouser. You will love this reasonably priced motorcycle rain suit.


  • Complete suite
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Not 100% waterproof

3. Ozero


Gloves are essential motorcycle gear that is required to maintain a proper grip. These waterproof gloves by Ozero is a good choice.

Made in the USA, the waterproof winter gloves for motorcycle riders promise the warmest protection. The OZERO winter gloves are made of artificial suede leather shell and cold-proof material and are lined with an insulated sponge and soft and thermal TR cotton. Now you can be sure of having warm and dry even when riding out in wet and cold weather.

With windproof suede leather shell and anti-skid silica gel on the palms of the gloves, you can enjoy a great grip for motorcycle rides and winter sports. Thanks to the knitted cuffs of wrists, you can pull off and put on the gloves within seconds. Effective touching around the fingertips with sensitive touch screen goatskin means you can easily use your smartphone.

Enjoy and work efficiently when outdoors, either when driving or snow skiing in winters.


  • Very comfortable and warm
  • Easy to pull off and on
  • Use a smartphone without taking off gloves
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Touchscreen material does not work too well

4. Dualsport

A product by an established brand of motorcycle gear, the motorcycle pant is made of 600D Cordura fabric , which makes them highly durable. The pants come with four external pockets and side straps for higher adjustability. The Reissa waterproof pants are lined with a breathable membrane, and what makes them even more protective are knees and hip protectors.

Other useful features include double reinforced safety stitching and extra-long side zips plus a highly reflective thread stitching and 3M Scotchlite motorcycle reflective pants that come with silver white body trim which are visible from a longer distance.

There are two air vents that prove to be very useful in hot weather. A reasonable price and comfortable fit make those pants even more attractive for the buyers.


  • 100% Waterproof& windproof
  • CE armored pants
  • Highly Reflective
  • Great price point


  • Low quality of the padding

5. HWK


If you are looking forward to buying the best motorcycle jacket, then you must invest in the top-quality armored motorcycle jacket by HWK. This jacket is made from 600d Cordura fabric. The HWK motorcycle touring jacket is both rugged and strong and still soft and comfortable to wear. The jacket comes with removable CE approved armors on the back, elbows & shoulders. Moreover, it is available in three different contrast color design so that it is easily visible from a distance.

HWK understands the motorcyclists and their needs best and has created the 4-season jacket. Enjoy maximum quality at a minimum price in the waterproof jacket that is lined with the Reissa membrane. Other features include double-safety stitching, foam padding on the front and back, action stretch in shoulders and elbows, and a soft collar with neoprene. The dual-sport adventure jacket is fully reflective during the night.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Rugged and strong
  • Removable CE approved armors
  • Fully reflective for night


  • Weak zippers

6. Jayefo-Alpha


Backed by three years’ warranty, the fully adjustable all-season motorcycle jacket is built specifically for traveling and riding comfortably even in very cold weather. Thanks to the removable thermal jacket inside, you can stay warm and comfortable in winters and can remove it during the summers. This jacket is perfect for dirt bike, cruiser, touring, adventure etc.

The EC approved armor on elbows, shoulders, and on the back ensures higher safety and protection. The jacket is easy to wear and adjust because of the custom fit. The reflected logos on front, back & arms mean higher visibility on the roads. Other features include a carry pocket, phone pocket, and a connecting zipper for pants. YKK zippers come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Removable thermal jacket inside
  • Easy to adjust
  • 3 years’ warranty
  • Cordura brand polyester


  • Slight factory smell

7. HHR


Made of 600D Cordura textile, this all-season jacket is one of the most popular gears for the motorcycle riders. The HWK jacket is strong and durable and offers you a cool and comfortable fit during summer and keeps you warm in winters. The dual-sport adventure jacket is just perfect for men looking for some riding action on the road.

This armored jacket is CE approved armors which mean added safety as and when you need it. The proper ceiled Reissa membrane ensures that it is 100% waterproof and provides maximum performance at a minimum price. Thanks to the underneath mesh lining, the motorbike jacket is breathable. Other features include double-safety stitching, foam padding on the front and back, and soft collar with neoprene lining.


  • Great price
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lot safer night riding


  • Armor needs an upgrade



For those looking for motorcycle jackets with serious strength, should consider the CE armored leather jacket for men that are made of 100% genuine leather with 0.043 inch – 0.047 inch thick leather jacket.

The HWK biker jacket is perfect for all kinds of weather conditions and comes with an attached micro-mesh lining plus a removable thermal lining.

Other features that add to the quality of the jacket are original YKK zippers, adjustable zippered cuffs, double-safety stitching, and rust-free buttons. Extra-stretch back panels and foam padding on the front and back add to the safety feature. Buyers are simply impressed with the HWK company and the motorcycle jacket.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • CE armored
  • Wrinkle free
  • Reflective for night time


  • Waist adjusting straps should face towards the back
  • No inside pockets

9. Borleni


Are you looking for a superior quality motorcycle jacket, then you must consider buying this waterproof motorcycle riding jacket by Borleni. It is indeed an all-season motorcycle jacket that is perfect for motorcycle riders as well as other sports riding. Made of 600 denier polyester, the jacket is abrasion resistant because of the high-performance fabric. A polyester mesh fabric lining makes the jacket comfortable and breathable.

It comes with removable protectors and warm cotton liner means added safety and protection for the rider. The jacket can be worn comfortably during autumn, winter, and spring seasons. Enjoy a comfortable fit because of the adjustable cuff, collar, and hem. 3D Tailoring ensures quality and careful design. Riders love the quality jacket with its heavy-duty pads at just the right spots.


  • Durable and strong due to high-performance fabric
  • A comfortable and customized fit
  • Reasonable price


  • Reinforce shoulder pads elbow pads and back

10. ILM


If you are looking for a sturdy and durable with excellent grip gloves, then you must have a look at this alloy steel gloves by ILM. It is made of built-in alloy steel protectors, you can be 100% sure of keeping your fingers and knuckles completely safe from any injuries when you wear the ILM Alloy steel leather motorcycle gloves. What keeps your hands protected are the extra padding protectors around the thumbs and palms.

The gloves, made of quality leather, are very comfortable to wear and allow for better grip and fitting because of the elastic strap around the wrist. Enjoy a cosy fit because of a leather part between index and thumb. The anti-slip protection will keep your hands in a firm grip over the motorcycle handlebars.

A notable feature of this glove is that it comes with touchscreen capability, which allows the rider to use his mobile or phone with the gloves on. The slip-resistant material on the palm area ensures comfortable wear and grasp.


  • Ergonomically engineered
  • Made of ILM Alloy Steel
  • Touchscreen Motorcycle capability
  • Special anti-collision protector


  • Not waterproof

11. Kingbike


If you are looking for ultimate comfort and protection against nature’s elements as well as when involved in outdoor sports like motorcycling, running, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or more, then it is a must for you to buy this full-face waterproof mask.

The waterproof and wind-resistant mask is made of mesh breathing panels that are highly breathable and allow increased airflow, thus ensuring complete ventilation within the mask. Thus, your face not only remiss protected and warm, but there is no condensation on the goggles.

Thanks to the micro-polar fleece lining, you will love the feeling of soft warmth on your full face. Perfect for men and women, customers are 100% satisfied with the KINGBIKE Balaclava face mask that comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Wind-resistant and waterproof
  • Superfine fleece lining
  • Very comfortable and easy to wash


  • Can get wet due to a runny nose
  • Breathing is not too great

12. Gerbing


Bikers are very picky about their motorcycle gears; well, one has to invest a good sum in buying a good quality jacket. A brand that promises excellence, Gerbing, brings this heated jacket. When it comes to optimum comfort and keeping warm, nothing can beat the heated jacket liner with taffeta lining.

You don’t need to think even for a second when you buy this battery heated gear. Powered by Gerbing, the modern jacket is ideal for weather protection. The low-profile elastic cuff in the jacket liner promises an improved and comfortable fit.

The jacket features seven microwire-powered heat zones that ensure even heating for ultimate comfort. The jacket can be easily plugged into the power outlet of a motorcycle, and it means that you can keep warm just about anywhere and at any speed.

Thanks to the temperature controller technology, the Gerbing heated clothing is compatible with dual-zone controllers and is a perfect choice for those who wish to invest in a durable and comfortable jacket.


  • Functional design for higher comfort
  • Microwire system for even heating
  • Temperature controller technology
  • No need for multiple layers


  • Can feel the wires

13. Iron Jia’s

Iron Jia's

One of the important parts of motorcycle accessories are the shoes, there are a variety of models available in the market, but if you have to narrow down to one option, then you must go for anti-slip shoes by IRON JIA’S.

It’s simply amazing how these anti-slip motorcycle shoes for men hold up and provide maximum impact resistance for the rider. These shoes are made to stylish and sturdy shoes that protect your feet and keep the heels in comfort. Thanks to the thickening in the heels and the mesh fabric on the inside around the ankle, you find your feet feeling comfortable and breathing.

It comes with a PP protective shell around the ankle that offers complete protection from the shock and abrasion of an impact and keep your feet safe from any injury. Thanks to the rubber soles, you enjoy a good anti-slip effect and keep away from the fears of slipping during the rainy days.


  • Comfortable, stylish, and great protection
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Great Gear shifter protection
  • Good quality laces, zipper and Velcro


  • Not waterproof
  • Ankle protection could higher

14. GuTe


If you are tired of getting those scrapes during sports, motorcycle rides, or exercises, hold on. Do not make up your mind until you have tried the safest unisex elbow guard/knee and shin pads for any kind of outdoor adventure. These protective guards are exactly something that you would need while riding bikes and ensuring complete safety.

Those guards and pads are exactly what you need and what knees and shin protectors should be like. These products are scientifically and specifically made for any extreme sports and ensure maximum protection.

Enjoy total flexibility and peak performance, thanks to the pre-curved design. Made of durable EVA padded material, you can be sure of getting strong protection and optimum protection for knees and shins. Ergonomically designed, adjustable elastic bands prevent any slipping down while the numerous large vents & breathable foam pads assure better breathability.


  • Superior wear resistance
  • Strong impact resistant
  • Better breathability


  • Need to upgrade the straps for the knee sheen protection

15. HHR Mesh

HHR Mesh

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket can be sometimes confusing for many, so if you are looking for a great option that can make you look stylish as well as provide complete protection. The armored summer riding jacket carries 600D Cordura Fabric for the high impact areas, and its outer shell is made of 3D Macro and Micro-Mesh Panels.

With CE armor around shoulders and elbows plus the double safety stitching add to the strength and durability of the100% breathable mesh motorcycle jacket.

Other features include a soft collar with velcro closure plus an action stretch in shoulders and elbows along with arm and waist adjusters for a great and comfortable fit. Enjoy extra storage and space because of the two external pockets and inner mobile pocket. You feel a lot safer when driving during the night because of fully reflective materials.


  • Top-quality and reasonable price
  • 600d CORDURA construction
  • CE approved armors
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • Not waterproof
  • Elbow pads shift around a bit

16. ILM Alloy

ILM Alloy

The classic motorcycle gloves are ergonomically designed and engineered to provide maximum protection for not just eh hands but the knuckles and joints. Made with a double layer of leather and an additional level of foam makes this motorcycle glove is comfortable to wear and fashionable to wear. Your hands get 100% complete protection as the finger joints are protected because of the anti-collision protection.

What enhances the functionality are ergonomically engineered arch-shape according to the back of the hand and U type protection on the outer part of the glove.


  • Anti-slip and anti-collision
  • Maximum protection for the hands
  • Comfortable feel good grip


  • Not waterproof

17. Nelson-Rigg


When you think about rain suits, you immediately think of the classic waterproof suits that can keep you comfortable and dry during the rainy season. Customers who buy the Nelson-Rigg rain suit are very satisfied with their purchase. This two-piece rain suit a good value for money product. It is made of the polyester external shell with PVC.

The Nelson-Rigg rain suit indeed provides excellent protection against rain, and the reflective striping on the upper and lower parts ensures higher visibility when it gets darker. Expect firm performance because of the l-lengthy zipper with Velcro storm flap. The rain suit features two huge pockets on the outside, elasticized waist, and an adjustable cuff for a more comfortable fit.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Highly reflective
  • Large pockets for storage


  • Not completely waterproof

18. ILM Rain Suit

ILM Rain Suit

If you are looking for buying a motorcycle suit, then you can consider buying this water-resistant motorcycle suit by ILM. The Motorcycle rain suit is 100% waterproof and windproof, and it comes with multiple pockets. The much-loved rain suit features a full waterproof zipper and a double waterproofed storm flap that solely provides the maximum protection you need from wind and rains.

The seamless design ensures complete comfort and dry wearing conditions for long-distance rides in the rain. Made of nano fabric that is coated with eco-friendly waterproof and wear-resistant material, it is no surprise to see the raincoat a hot favorite among the buyers.

The double loose-strap buckles and high collar are meant to provide you protection. Now you can get complete protection during heavy rains and winds. With are six waterproof pockets, you cannot complain of any lack of storage space. To ensure that the product is safe and keeps you well protected, it comes with velcro cuffs with elastic bands and breathable mesh lining.


  • Complete protection during heavy rains and winds
  • Seamless design
  • Ideal for outdoor recreations
  • Great price


  • You might face some issue with adjusting the hood in the helmet



It’s a perfect headgear for the motorcyclist. Crafted from double fleece and with a raised design of the nose. The material is absolutely safe for your skin and also doesn’t impacts it, thus making it very easy for you to wear it all day long while you are on the bike.

Another interesting feature of this face mask is its ergonomic designing and breathable mesh around the mouth and nose that allows more comfortable breathing. Get protection around the neck because of the longer hem of the mask. The lightweight Balaclava Face Mask is easy to wear and very convenient to carry, as it can easily fit in a pocket or a bag.


  • Soft and warm
  • Comfortable breathing
  • Warmer protection
  • Easy to wear under hat & helmet


  • Fairly large gap across the bridge of the nose that can condense the moist breath on the glasses

20. HWK Armored

HWK Armored

The armored textile motorcycle jacket for men has a reputation of being waterproof and breathable. You can look forward to100% protection, thanks to the CE approved armors on the back, elbows & shoulders. The all-weather motorcycle jacket in 3-color contrast is made from 600D Cordura construction textiles. Tough on performance, the jacket is soft and comfortable to wear and offers a good fit.

The Reissa mesh membrane lining on the inside makes it both waterproof and breathable. The removable winter thermal lining adds to its use and convenience. Other features include foam padding on the front and back, action stretch in shoulders and elbows, and air ventilation system. The jacket fits comfortably and looks great.


  • Great price and higher protection
  • Exact sizing and armor
  • easy to use and comfortable
  • excellent quality and make


  • Not waterproof
  • No padding in the front

Now that you are aware of what to look for in the best motorcycle gear, why not have a look at some of the frequently asked questions by the motorcyclists.


1. What Does ATGATT Stand For?

ATGATT is an abbreviation for “All The Gear, All the Time,” and the acronym is used to convey the attitude of the rider towards his safety and wearing the appropriate safety gear. These riders with ATGATT attitude come across as more aware and responsible drivers.

They take their safety on the roads very seriously and are an example for others. While many riders take the ATGATT philosophy to the extreme, nevertheless, these motorcycle riders minimize the risks of injuries, disability, and even death by wearing the motorcycle gear.

2. Is There Special Motorcycle Gear For Women?

Yes, there is a separate category for motorcycle gear for women riders, and an increasing number of companies are designing and manufacturing specific motorcycle gear that targets the female riders.

The quality of materials and the added armor used for the ladies’ motorcycle gear is as good as for men. However, the major differences can be seen in motorcycle pants and jackets while the helmets, boots, and gloves are mostly unisex.

3. Does The Passenger Need To Wear Motorcycle Gear As Well?

The road crashes and impacts hurt both the rider and the passenger behind him or her. Therefore, it is advisable that the passenger should also wear motorcycle gear like a helmet. Even a minor motorcycle crash can lead to devastating injuries, hence wearing motorcycle gear becomes important.

4. How Much Money Should Be Put Aside For Motorcycle Gear?

Good quality and the best motorcycle gear indeed come at a price, but what those costs are certainly not more precious than your life. Typically, a helmet can cost anywhere between 200 to 400 US dollars, jacket for 200 to 400 US dollars, pants from 200 to 400 US dollars, gloves from 60 to 120 US dollars, and the boots from 200 to 300 US dollars. Hence, expect to pay about 800 to 1000 US dollars for the basic essential gear for your motorcycle ride.


To wrap up the discussion on the best motorcycle gear, it is apparent that every motorcycle rider should realize the importance of motorcycle gear and invest in the essential motorcycle gear based on their needs and riding style.

Take advantage of this ultimate guide on motorcycle safety gear and raise the level of your safety when out on the roads.