Best Motorcycle Boots 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Riding a motorcycle can be risky, especially if you are out in dangerous and uneven terrain in extreme weather conditions. Even if you drive very carefully and stick to the speed limit, anything can go wrong on the road. The least you can do is to ride with all the essential safety equipment and protective gear, and best motorcycle boots solve the purpose very well.

If you are fond of frequent motorcycle rides or take regular rides in remote outdoors, you are perhaps aware of the importance of wearing the right protective gear, such as the helmet, the gloves, leather jackets, trousers, and more. Motorcycle boots are an essential part of protective gear for the riders, and your motorcycle gear is not complete without a pair of sturdy, durable, comfortable and good looking motorcycle boots.

When you look at motorcycle boots, they look very similar to racing boots. Most people assume that these boots are no different from regular sneakers and work boots, but they are definitely wrong. So, here is a complete guide to tell you how these motorcycle boots are different from other boots, what factors you must consider while buying them, and what are the best options available out there.

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What Are Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots, as the name suggests, are especially designed while keeping the safety, comfort and needs of motorcycle riders in mind. Most of them give coverage above the ankles to below the kneed. These boots are usually made from thick material like leather and padding plastic or composite materials for load spreading and energy-absorbing.

Since many motorcycle riders need to ride in wet conditions as well, most of them are covered with a waterproof membrane to resist moisture. The heel of these boots is typically low, often less than half an inch, for ultimate comfort and grip.

Apart from these features, the manufacturers of motorcycle boots keep several safety parameters as well in mind, including the following:

  • The abrasion test – a strict abrasion test for impact
  • Design requirements – prevent the boots from opening up with no forward-facing seams
  • Impact protection – special impact energy protection in the ankles, toes, and shin
  • Slip resistance – focus on the slip resistance of the outer soles
  • Sole strength – enhanced sole strength
  • Minimum height – ensure minimum upper height for the foot and lower leg

The standards mentioned above are meant to enhance the safety of the riders and provide them with complete protection during a ride, or even during a crash.

If you think that the regular sports shoes, sneakers or trainers can be as good as the best motorcycle riding boots, well, you are absolutely wrong. Having the right pair of motorcycle boots ensures that your feet will remain cool, comfortable, and safe from minor injuries and accidents. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of having a pair of good quality motorcycle boots for your rides.

Different Kinds Of Motorcycle Boots

As a motorcyclist, when you go looking for the best motorcycle boots, you should be aware of the different types, brands, and models of boots available out there. As different shoe types carry different features and styles, it is essential to know what type will suit your needs the best.

1. Cruiser Boots For Basic Protection

The cruiser boots are made of leather or a tough material and come with thick soles. It is a common style when it comes to motorcycle boots and looks very similar to work boots. They offer a firm grip when you ride, but provide basic protection for your feet and ankles. As these boots are typically ankle-length, they provide no protection for the knees.

2. Off-Road Adventure Boots For Higher Protection

Those bikers who ride a lot and go biking in rough, uneven terrains are much more exposed to the risks of crashes and injuries. What they should look for is off-road adventure boots for higher protection. These are knee-length boots that are designed to protect your knees along with your feet, shins, and ankles. These boots carry much thicker soles that are perfect for riders who do a lot of off-road riding.

3. Touring Boots For Longer Rough Rides

If you are the kind of biker who stays on the roads and goes to remote areas with rough terrain and multiple weather scenarios while riding, then you need to invest in the tougher Touring Boots. These motorcycle boots are made of much stronger materials and are great for those involved in frequent long-distance riding.

4. Weather Proof Boots For Increased Comfort

For many riders, comfort is the top priority, especially if they are out on their motorcycle for several hours. Weather Proof Boots feature a bendable sole and are about 10 to 14 inches high. The idea behind this is to raise the comfort level and adjust for different riding styles. Motorcycle touring boots will keep your feet comfortable for longer rides without any pain or fatigue.

5. Racing Boots To Hit The Course

For the racing riders who are determined to win the race, they need the motorcycle racing boots that are designed to handle the track and offer the required protection and comfort to the rider when racing at high speed. It is not uncommon to see sports bikers experience falls and face injuries. Racing Boots can give them optimum safety and protection they need on those tracks.

It makes sense to invest in a pair of the best motorcycle boots that you will feel confident about when riding around the streets or in those far off terrains or on the race tracks. No matter what kind of motorcycle boots you buy based on your needs, it is essential to know what features to focus on when looking at these boots.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Boots

The best touring motorcycle boots should be of top quality, should be comfortable to wear, and look great too. The main reason why you buy those boots are for safety and comfort. Consider your specific needs when looking for high-quality motorcycle boots.

A lot relies on the kind of bike you own and the type of rider you are. Here are a few factors that you must consider while making the final choice:

1. Comfort And Fit

The boots that you choose should fit you well. If you do not feel comfortable in them, your feet will experience fatigue while riding and get tired early. They should fit just fine, which means that they should neither be too loose nor too tight. You must feel snug even when worn with socks.

2. Protection From Weather Conditions

The best motorcycle boots are designed in such a way that they can keep your feet and ankles protected from extreme weather conditions, exhaust pipes of the bike, and also road debris.

3. Sturdy Flat Soles

The soles of the motorcycle boots should be flat and strong and should be able to withstand the frequent road impact. The ultimate test of the motorcycle boots and its soles is during a crash, and those boots with good quality soles can protect the foot and ankles from any injury. The soles should maintain good traction with the road and be resistant to oil and other chemicals to prevent slippage.

4. Ankle Coverage

Most experts recommend motorcycle boots that cover the ankles. The right height and armor can enhance the protection for ankles. The boots should feel firm around the ankles, and there should be no gap between your ankle and the boot.

5. Armor

Most motorcycle boots feature certain armor made of foam, molded plastic, and even steel to enhance the strength and protectiveness of the boots. Here are a few types:

  • Shank – The shank armor is usually placed inside the sole and is made of metal. The metal shank prevents the foot from flexing in or getting twisted in a rotational motion. The shank ensures that the front and the rear of the boot remains in a natural position and do not rotate independently of each other.
  • Toe and heel cups – The external toe and heel cups carry a metal slider element which keeps the heel protected from any crushing forces. When the boot hits the road after a crash, it might move to react and thus lead to serious damage. The toe and heel cups allow the boot to slide along in a crash and safeguard the heel from impact and crush.
  • Tibia plates – The shin or tibia plates are made of molded plastic or foam that protects the shin bones. These plates cover the shin and keep it protected when something hits the shin area.
  • Hyperflexion prevention systems – Each manufacturer follows his own Hyperflexion prevention system that run from the heel to the top of the boots and allow the ankle joint to flex normally. When those crash forces arise, they can create unnatural movements that can cause the ankle joint to flex abnormally and flex in backward direction too far. Hyperflexion prevention systems cover the Achilles’ tendon, heel, and the back of the calf muscle to keep the joints safe and protected.
  • Sliders – Sliders are usually replaceable and placed in critical areas of the boots where one can expect maximum impact and forces under normal cornering and riding. The metal slider is placed around the toes, the ankle bone, and the shin plate. The aim behind this is to create more abrasion resistance during crashes and protect the top of the boot from wearing out along with toes and ankle bones.
  • Closure systems – Motorcyclists would not want boots with normal lacing that is likely to get undone or tangled. The motorcycle boots come with an internal lace system and inner tongue for a better fit. There are several kinds of closure systems found on these boots, such as Velcro straps and Velcro zippers. Look for a closure system that doesn’t take forever to tie or untie and offers convenient handling.

6. Steel Toes

Bikers looking for 100% protection should look out for boots with steel toes. These are an excellent choice to keep your toes perfectly safe from injuries and fractures in case of a crash or an accident.

7. Height

The best commuter motorcycle boots are high enough to provide adequate protection. Therefore, the boots you buy should cover up to the ankle, at least, if not the knees. It is recommended you go for high length foots up to the knees to give complete protection to your legs.

These boots carry stable construction so as to add stiffness for higher protection.
During a motorcycle accident, one of the most common injuries is to the foot that gets trapped. One can end up breaking or spraining their ankle and toes if your foot does not get the needed protection.

While a knee-length boot may be stiff and less comfortable during the rides, it can make a real difference for when it comes to protection. A full-height boot is the best as it offers complete protection to the whole leg, including the knee. Depending on their height, boots can be categorized as follows:

  • The shorty boots – The height of the Shorties rises to just above the ankles, and the boot protects the exposed ankle bone while riding. Moreover, because of the minimum height above the ankle, the shoe is not easy to dislodge during a crash. However, the shorty boot is the least protective boot for your daily motorcycle rides.
  • The mid-height boots – Another common style seen in motorcycle boots is the mid-height boot that offers significant protection. These boots rise up to the middle of the shin and are comfortable to wear and easy to get in. They do not carry the inconvenience of the knee-high boots.
  • The full-height boots – The full height motorcycle boots are almost knee-high and are seen as the most protective ones because of their height and substantial armor. As these are impossible to come off during a crash, one can expect full protection for their legs from the knee below.

8. Quality Of Material And Stitching

Another important feature to evaluate is the quality of the material used to make the motorcycle boots. Leather is the best material for this purpose, as it is lightweight, breathable, and weatherproof. The breathable materials allow maximum air circulation that can help keep the feet cool, comfortable, and dry during the ride.

These boots are typically made of thick leather materials that can add to the high resistance and toughness in the boots. Look for double or triple stitching in sensitive areas. The material used to make the boots should be treated leather that can keep away the moisture.

Recently, some boot manufacturers have been using textile materials, which are more breathable and come with high abrasion resistance to make motorcycle boots.

9. Protection

There are different kinds of protection that you need for your feet when ridding. Here are some:

  • Impact protection – Whatever you are crashing into, the first thing your feet need is impact protection. Thus, the boots you wear should have some kind of armor for that kind of protection. Motorcycle boots are specially designed to offer protection from any impact.
  • Abrasion protection – The skin of your feet and ankle too needs protection, and the abrasion protection can offer you safety against loss of skin and tissue. After all, the skin can come ripping apart due to that unexpected slide along the road when riding at high speed. If the boots are made of strong abrasion resistant materials, they can provide enough protection to your feet during such incidences.
  • Hyperextension prevention – Hyperextension develops when the joint is forced to move in certain manner due to a sudden shock that it is not designed to handle. The unnatural movements due to the impact or force can lead to fractures and structural damage. Motorcycle boots carry a number of features that allow the motion only in its usual configuration and directions.

10. Velcro, Buckles, And Laces

There are different types of closures seen in the motorcycle boots, including Velcro, buckles, and laces. Most motorcyclists prefer laces, as they provide a good fit and are easy to handle. However, at times, the longer or loosened up laces can get caught up in the motorcycle parts and lead to a major accident.

So, go for the boots with buckle or strap down laces as a great safety feature. These give more secure fit to the rider and ensure that the boots remain fit and intact on foot. Motorcycle race boots often carry buckles and Velcro as closures.

11. Grip Of Soles

Inspect the soles of the motorcycle boots closely, and depending on the kind of riding you are involved in, invest in boots with soles that provide the appropriate grip you need while riding. A softer sole will offer a better grip but will wear out fast, while a harder sole may not offer the same kind of grip but will last longer.

Look for soles that offer both durability and firmer grip. Apart from that, the soles of your boots should be oil-resistant, especially if you are riding in wet conditions or in areas with oil spills.

12. Water Resistance And Ventilation

The best motorcycle boots are known to provide adequate aeration and water resistance. You need not worry about sweaty wet feet if your boots offer plenty of ventilation, as these boots are designed for increased ventilation. The right amount of ventilation aerates the legs and feet and helps to regulate body temperature while keeping you comfortable.

So, invest in good quality motorcycle boots that are water-resistant if you ride in areas where it rains a lot. Keep your feet safe from moisture and sweat as well as prevent the risk of slips in rain or wet conditions with such boots.

13. Traction

Traction is very important when riding your motorcycle. A pair of appropriate motorcycle boots can help to improve the traction and prevent any sticking of the feet to the ground, whenever you lose control of the bike and try to regain the balance. Traction can be dangerous, especially if you are driving on wet roads and ground when it’s raining.

So, look for boots with improved traction for better control of your ride and to avoid injuries.

14. Overall Construction

Pay close attention to the overall construction of the boots while shopping for them. Look at the design, look and making that can ensure the best quality and performance from the boots. Poorly made boots, even with the top materials, will not serve your purpose.

Pay attention to how the sole is connected to the boots, as a sole that has been glued on will not last long. Go for the one that has been stitched on. Look for reinforcements like double layers of leather, plastic sliders in high-wear areas of the boots, etc.

15. Special Features

There are some other features that you must check in the boots before buying them, such as lace-retention design to avoid snagging, built-in shifter pads, etc. It is common to see extra built-in armor and padding in these shoes that are made of carbon or plastic in the fragile areas exposed to higher impacts. Steel-plated toes are an extra feature that should be considered to protect your feet and toes.

16. Replaceable Parts

Today, buyers look for removable and replaceable parts in their motorcycle boots. For example, a fitted bootie allows the wearer to get the best fit possible, and it is easy to remove and clean it too. There are other detachable parts such as toe-sliders and other worn-down parts that can be bought and replaced instead of buying a new pair of boots.

17. Looks And Style

Buyers expect the best motorcycle boots to be durable, comfortable, protective, as well as affordable. At the same time, they want to look cool and stylish while riding too. These days, manufacturers are making boots that provide maximum protection and comfort to the riders without compromising on the looks.

So, whether you are looking for a sporty pair of boots or an elegant and decent one, you will find all that and much more in the market these days. Just look around and compare, and make an informed decision that you would be proud of.

18. Price

It would be a grave mistake for any motorcycle rider to set off without purchasing the right protective gear, and motorcycle boots are an essential part of that gear. In fact, one of the most common mistakes made by the riders is not to buy the right kind of motorcycle boots for their rides. As these boots often tend to be expensive, many riders compromise their safety over the costs, and this is a grave mistake.

The high quality of materials used and high-end engineering that goes behind the making of motorcycle boots obviously make them expensive. However, you should look for the one that is reasonably priced as per their quality, performance, comfort and looks.

Difference Between Motorcycle Boots For Men And Women

As there are no gender lines drawn when it comes to motorcycle rides today, the motorcycle boots are sought after by both men and women riders. Is there any difference between the boots made for men and women? Well, when comparing motorcycle boots for men and women, it is seen that they vary a lot and are different from each other in many ways.

Here are a few parameters to differentiate between the two:

  • Higher heels in women’s boots – Women’s motorcycle boots carry higher heels when compared to motorcycle boots for men.
  • Longer length in women’s boots – The women’s boots are longer and often reach below the knee. The motorcycle boots for men are shorter in comparison and typically come up higher on the ankle.
  • More colors and styles for women – The motorcycle boots for women come in all kinds of colors and designs. The women enjoy way more color options in motorcycle boots, while the men usually have to stick to black, tan and brown shades.
  • Smaller size in boots for women – Men’s motorcycle boots carry additional volume and size as compared to women, as they have smaller feet.
  • Lighter weight of women’s boots – Men’s motorcycle boots are bulkier and heavier, while the boots for women in comparison are much lighter. The lady’s boots, even for the same size, will probably be lighter, as women will not prefer to wear heavy, bulky shoes when riding.

However, there are unisex styles too that have come up for motorcycle boots in the recent years. When it comes to motorcycle accessories, both men and women enjoy same kind of accessories like wallets, leather caps, bags, balaclavas, and more.

You would, of course, want to own the best motorcycle boots for your rides in the country or when taking trips to remote areas. Go through the following top models in the market that are not only comfortable, but also score high when it comes to design, shape, and style.

Here are some of the most popular motorcycle boots that are highly recommended as they come with extra protection and are made from quality materials.

Top 35 Best Motorcycle Boots 2022

1. Skechers Men’s Boot

Skechers Men's Boot Best Motorcycle Boots

The ankle-length Men’s boots from Skechers is more of a general all-rounder. Based on an appealing design by the award-winning global leader, the boot is made from top quality leather and offers a firm grip around the ankles. These motorcycle boots allow you to travel in comfort and keep your feet free from any fatigue.

The leather boot from Skechers features oiled-leather upper and rear with Gel-infused memory foam insole. The synthetic sole shaft measures approximately 0.75 inches, while the Boot opening measures 10.5″. What adds to the built and strength of the boot is reinforced stitched seams, top pull-on heel tab, and 1 inch built in heel.

The reliable ankle support in these boots makes them just the best motorcycle boots for walking, riding and other activities.


  • Concealed-goring side panels
  • Lining made of soft fabric
  • Extremely comfortable and sturdy
  • Imported product


  • Available in 2 colors only
  • They are not waterproof

2. Timberland Men’s Boot

Timberland Men's Boot

Look no further if you are looking for perfect motorcycle boots for men. A Timberland product, this Mid waterproof ankle boot looks great and can keep your feet dry and comfortable during those long rides. Get ready for a positive experience overtime you step outdoors in those waterproof boots.

The boot made of 100% premium waterproof leather comes with an oiled-leather finish and features a rubber sole and padded collar. The boots with seam-sealed construction come with lace hooks at the top and fully gusseted tongue. The solid rubber outsole and speed lace hardware only add to its functionality.

You will love these comfortable, durable, and great looking boots that prove to be your best friend during your outdoor adventures.


  • Waterproof
  • Price starts from under $30
  • 100% leather product
  • Best for outdoor activities


  • Not insulated

3. O’Neal Boots

O'Neal Boots

O’Neal is a name that is most trusted for motorcycle parts, apparel, and accessories, and when it comes to the Men’s Logo Rider Boot from O’Neal, these are absolutely the best in comfort and quality. Now you can rely on them for 100% protection every time you ride.

The motorcycle boots feature injection molded plastic plates and metal shank that keep you safe against impacts and add the needed support when you ride. The adjustable four buckle closure system is easy to operate. Generous heel support, air mesh interior, and cushioned Insole make for that extra comfort.

The synthetic leather heat shield prevents any heat damage during extreme weather conditions.


  • Adjustable snap lock
  • Comfort fit
  • Proper heel support
  • Cushioned insole


  • Available in black color only
  • Pricier than others

4. Columbia Men’s Boot

Columbia Men's Boot

Columbia Men’s boots are an excellent option for off-road adventures, as you enjoy the added benefit of solid construction and reinforced support with these. Advanced technology and handy adjustable features are the things that make these boots so special.

Made of mesh, suede leather, this Columbia men’s newton ridge boot features lightweight midsole that provides superior cushioning and long-lasting comfort for the rider who can rely on the advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement. The durable mesh tongue adds higher comfort for breathability, while the lace-up closure offers an adjustable, secure fit.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable and light weight
  • Great for riding, biking, hiking, etc.
  • Available in 6 colors


  • Laces are not stretchable

5. Harley-Davidson Boots

Harley-Davidson Boots

Whether you’re looking for a tough, rugged boot for your long rides or just for a pair of boots with good looks, this Dipstick steel toe boot makes the right choice. A Harley-Davidson product, these motorcycle boots indeed look cool and stylish and boast of special features that add to their quality and performance. You just cannot go wrong with the Harley-Davidson footwear for its unmistakable performance.

Made of tough leather, the cool boot features a padded collar for comfort and a lace-up upper that promises a secure fit. A cushioned sock lining along the full-length not only feels great on your foot, but also keep your feet comfortable. A rubber lug sole and steel toe offer added protection for your toes.


  • Made of 100% leather
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Leather is too soft


  • Only one color available
  • The imprint is not permanent

6. Fly Racing Boots

Fly Racing Boots

If you value higher safety and support for your feet, ankle, and shin, then go for these Unisex-Adult Maverick Boots from Fly Racing. Enjoy designs and options for both adults and youth, and one can look forward to a comfortable grip around the calf because of the elastic gaiter.

You will be pleased to find increased bedding around the ankle area in these boots. The three-buckle designs are 2 inches shorter in option for the adults than the youth. What enhances the impact protection and comfort is pre-shaped molded plastic for 3D shift protection.

3D molded shift protection saves your boot from premature wear. Adjustable quick lock buckles and open design keep the dirt away and give the user a solid locked-in feel.


  • Adjustable buckles
  • Comfortable rim
  • Attractive color and design


  • Toe part is too large

7. Carlos Women’s Boot

Carlos Women's Boot

Carlos Georgina’s mid-calf boot is designed with the adventuring female riders in mind. These boots combine comfortable features with protective padding to ensure amazing rides every time. These are indeed great boots that don’t look like a combat boot even though they are a bit chunky.

Women indeed love the looks and style of these sturdy boots especially made for them. The boots feature synthetic sole, and the heel is about 2 inches high that comes with manmade sole that is strong yet flexible.

The lightweight boots feature extra protection plates and pads that will keep you safe and comfortable on long rides. It is time to step up and shop for the chunky block heel Georgina boots from Carlos.


  • Especially designed for female riders
  • Mid-calf boots that keep your legs safe and comfortable
  • 2 inches high heel
  • 2 color options available


Heels are narrower than others

8. Under Armour Boots

Under Armour Boots

Stellar tactical boot is known for its minimalist design and maximum performance. If you’re looking for some lightweight, elegant, and tough boots to wear for your motorcycle cruising, then these boots are just what you need. These leather boots are well recognized around the world for their 100% protection & support.

The Quick-dry Boots are made of DWR treated Leather and 900D nylon textile upper. Anti-odor technology and molded Ortholite sock liner prevent both the odor and growth of microbes. What adds to the protection & support is the Molded EVA midsole with reinforced TPU shank and a low-profile rubber lug sole.

Approximately ankle-high, the boots with polishable toes look great and feel just as good.


  • Polishable toes
  • Quick dry boots
  • Nice grip tread
  • Slip resistant


  • Only one color option is available, that is black

9. Skechers Boot

Skechers Boot

These stylish Tarlac steel toe boots from Skechers carry an ankle height design that looks attractive and ensures good ankle support. The relaxed fit design is perfect for long rides and will keep your feet comfortable. The handsome style and comfortable fit, along with reliable protection, are what you get in these Skechers.

The well-oiled leather upper comes with a durable full-grain finish, and thanks to the memory foam full-length insole, you can look for a cushioned comfort at all times. While the gusseted tongue keeps any dirt and debris away, the padded collar and tongue add to the comfort.

Enjoy a more secure fit because of the lace-up system with metal eyelets, shock-absorbing midsole, and a soft fabric lining. The high-traction rubber outsole is just perfect to handle high impact resistance and is oil and slip-resistant.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Suitable for use on all terrains
  • Cushioned comfort


  • Limited waterproofing, but it can be enhanced with extra treatment

10. Harley-Davidson Men’s Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Boot

Harley-Davidson’s Hagerman motorcycle boot made of strong leather and carrying the Harley-Davidson logo is already a favorite among the bikers. Made with the most reliable construction techniques, these boots are known to offer a comfortable ride with a firm grip to the riders. Featuring the unmistakable attitude and performance of Harley-Davidson, these men’s leather boots are not only tough in looks, but in performance too.

The high performance of these Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots come from loud and strong features that promise Goodyear welt construction and imported rubber soles. Made of full-grain leather upper, the boots boast of an impressive rubber outsole and mesh lining. A YKK locking inside zipper further adds to its performance.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • 2 color options available
  • True to their size
  • Since it is leather, it can be polished


  • Sole is a little bit slippery
  • More expensive than other similar products

11. Dr. Martens Men

Dr. Martens Men

Made of 100% leather, these stylish motorcycle boots for men carry an ankle height design that promises good ankle support. The vintage finish makes these boots more attractive, and these easy and perfect classic looks are what makes the Tobias boots a favorite among male riders.

Motorcyclists simply love the puritan stitch detail, yellow welt stitching, and the cemented sole construction. The greasy Lamper leather is soft and makes them light in weight. With heel measuring approximately 1″, the boot opening is for about 12″ around.

Secure lace-up closure and classic contrast-stitches add a ton of appeal to the motorcycle boots.


  • Oil resistant soles
  • Comfortable grip
  • Light in weight


  • Looks can be too simple for some

12. Carlos by Carlos Santana

Carlos by Carlos Santana

A product by Carlos by Carlos Santana, the multiple Grammy winner and Brown Shoe Company, these Shiloh motorcycle boots for women are edgy moto styled boots that are made of soft fabric that looks like distressed leather.

The boots are pretty firm and feel secure and comfortable around the feet and ankles. With a round toe and- side zip closure, the boots look classic and are lightweight. With a heel height of 1.75 inches, the 6.5″ from the arch shaft, and 10.5″ boot opening, they only add to the comfort of the rider when wearing.

With extremely soft and comfortable interiors, these are indeed a pair of good motorcycle boots for women.


  • Light in weight
  • Fabric looks like distressed leather
  • Cute design
  • Good for price
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Not leather

13. UGG Kesey Boot

UGG Kesey Boot

UGG is globally renowned for its classic footwear, and is widely favored by celebrities and the crowds. These motorcycle boots are just perfect for women because of their compact design and light weight. Women simply love these boots, as they are easy to pull on and off and keep them warm, comfortable, and stylish.

Women find them cute and comfy, and they are very reasonably priced too. They can wear them on slippery cobblestones covered with snow and feel both comfortable and stylish at all times. Made of 100% cow leather, they have rubber soles and leather upper.


  • Leather upper is water proof
  • Stylish looks
  • Wool lining on insole, shaft, and tongue
  • Skid proof to keep you protected in rain
  • Very comfortable
  • True to size


  • Only one color available

14. O’Neal Boot

O'Neal Boot

O’Neal is a leading maker of motorcycle parts, apparel, and accessories that are world-renowned for their quality features and higher protection and comfort. O’Neal Boys’ new logo boot offers just the security, quality, and protection you are looking for when ridding your motorcycle.

New Logo Boot comes with molded plastic plates and metal shank inserts that keep you safe and protected against impacts. Thanks to the adjustable four buckle closure system, these boots are easy to put on and take off. There is no unstable rocking, thanks to the durable Goodyear welt sole, and the synthetic leather heat that keeps you safe from the heat damage.

Enjoy a cushioned insole for extra comfort and generous support for the heels.


  • Adjustable as per your feet shape
  • Protection from heat damage
  • Extreme support and protection


  • Design is too bold for some
  • Only one color option available

15. Women’s Keeler Boot

Women's Keeler Boot

If you are looking for stylish motorcycle boots for women that look great, feel right, and can offer maximum protection and flexibility when on a ride, then the women’s Keeler motorcycle boots from Harley-Davidson indeed make the best choice. It is time to lace up for the weekend and kick back off the bike in those stylish boots made with excellent quality.

These women’s Keeler motorcycle boots are made of full-grain leather upper and have a mesh lining. With a shaft height of 6″ and heel height of 1.75″, the boots feature a rubber outsole, inside zipper and cement construction. Use the outside functional pocket to store your key, cards, and other tiny things.

If you value support for your feet as well as the looks, you will get them both in these boots from Harley-Davidson.


  • Outside pocket to keep tiny things
  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy build
  • Comfort fit
  • Ideal weight for everyday wear


  • Wider than the expected shoe size
  • Little expensive

16. Lomita Motorcycle Boot

Lomita Motorcycle Boot

Tall and dark, these motorcycle boots from Harley-Davidson are specifically made for women. It is no surprise to see the Lomita motorcycle boots a hot new favorite among ladies. Those leather boots keep them safe from any heat and debris, as well as keep them looking stylish.

Packed with an H-D moto edge, the boots are made of good quality leather and are made to last. You can easily zip it up or down for a looser calf fit, thanks to those fiery red zipper lines. What makes these shoes easy to pull on and take off is an inside zipper.

With full-grain leather uppers and Goodyear construction, you can depend on the lasting durability of these boots.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Good looks
  • Light weight
  • Easy to walk in


  • Not suitable for women with very thin legs

17. Fox Racing Boots

Fox Racing Boots

Fox Racing 2020 Comp Boots are just great for the young riders with adventure in their mind. The Youth Comp Boots provide an instant comfort to the wearer, thanks to the protective padding and innovative features. This model is made for the young riders and provides them full support and coverage where they need it the most.

ActiveLock™ system means added flexibility and comfort as well as a firm, easy and secure grip. The model features fast, easy, and secure closure, and the rider can enjoy an excellent grip and feel because of the durable rubber burn and medial guard.

The internal steel shank within the high-density rubber outsole means a greater grip and feel when you set off on your bike.


  • Great riding boots
  • True to size
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • Too sporty is the look
  • Expensive than other similar boots

18. Dr. Martens Men’s Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Boot

Dr. Martens Nylon Combat Boot for men comes flaunts a heavy look and industrial style. The heavy-duty construction is meant for any kind of rough terrain you ride over, and the extra protection means that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. Made of synthetic leather and polyester, the two-tone synthetic sole is air-cushioned for added comfort and safety.

The Goodyear welted stitch in the fold-down boot with grooved sides carries a heel of about 1.5″. Those who love their off-road adventures can rely on these lightweight boots that are specially constructed for men and can withstand anything. The sole is stitched to the base of the upper, and what makes the boot lightweight is the use of textile materials.


  • Athletic shoes with good looks
  • Light in weight for ease and comfort
  • Slip resistant
  • Reasonably priced
  • Two colors available


  • Waterproof only up to the top of the rubber sole stitching
  • Material is too thin

19. Forma FOADVBN45 Boots

Forma FOADVBN45 Boots

These boots made of quality full-grain oiled leather, and with special lightweight sole design are recommended for simpler motorcycle rides. The boots with stylish exteriors ensure a comfortable fit, and an improved cushioning is sure to make those long rides both easy and comfortable.

The dual density rubber sole and molded plastic protections add to the safety and durability of the product. GH plastic buckles on these motorcycle boots are both replaceable and adjustable. Adjustable Velcro closure and buckles make it easier to put on and pull off those boots.

Molded plastic protections and ankle reinforcements, along with the special nylon midsole, add to the strength and durability of the boots. Other features include anti-bacterial footbed and soft polymer stuffing with memory foam.


  • Keep infections at bay with anti-bacterial footbed
  • Memory foam padding for extra comfort and safety
  • Adjustable closures
  • Very stylish
  • Good for riding, hiking and other activities


  • Too expensive

20. Women’s Sawyer Fashion Boot

Women's Sawyer Fashion Boot

Most women can vouch that they get the perfect fit when they put on Carlos women’s Sawyer fashion boots, and they look fantastic with skinny jeans or dresses or even with a short skirt. Thanks to the superior designing and styling by the brand, these boots come with style and attitude that women are always looking for.

Sawyer fashion boots are already popular in rider communities, and as they are made of high-quality textiles and they are light in weight. The shaft measures 9″ from arch, while the platform measures 0.25 inches, and they have a boot opening of about 11.5″ around.

It is no wonder to find the users really liking the Carlos by Carlos Santana’s shoes. These boots are so comfortable that women can wear them every day.


  • Imported
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Price is cheap


  • Material is little hard

21. Fox Racing Comp Boots

Fox Racing Comp Boots

Fox Racing comp boots promise a perfect fit and everlasting comfort. It is no wonder to see the buyers get excited about these boots that are built to guarantee an extreme performance. These boots are the right pick for you if you are looking for quality construction, superb design, and high durability.

Thanks to the Internal lace system, one can expect a custom fit around the ankle. The rider gets a comprehensive coverage because of the toe cap, TPU shin plate, and calf guard. Adjustable Active Lock closure system and Instinct style lower buckle mean a much more secure fit as well as easy on and off.

As you sit on your bike, you can enjoy a great grip and support because of the durable rubber outsole with an internal steel shank.


  • Available in 3 attractive colors
  • Great grip
  • Good looks
  • Not as big and heavy as other boots in the market


  • Toe is too fat
  • Design can be too bold for some

22. ARIAT Men’s Boot

ARIAT Men's Boot

Today, Ariat is a reputed name when it comes to footwear and apparel for athletes. Men’s Western Cowboy Boot from Ariat is already known for its leading performance and quality. Technology supports and cushions are what make these boots much superior in functionality than others.

World-class athletes rely on top quality boots that promote good posture and reduce fatigue. This is what makes these Western Cowboy Boots the first choice among them, as it offers them the cool, dry comfort they are looking for when they work, ride, and compete.

These boots are made of 100% Leather, and those square toes come with decorative stitching. Composite forked shank and advanced technology of torque stability technology create maximum resistance and flexibility against wear and tear.


  • Look classy and glamorous
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Cool reverse stitching


  • Insoles are not removable
  • Expensive

23. Carlos Santana Women’s Boot

Carlos Santana Women's Boot

If you love simple designs and high functionality, then take a close look at these women’s motorcycle boots from the house of Carlos by Carlos Santana. This is what you might just need if you seek both comfort and looks. Manufactured with high-quality materials, these boots are sure to fit you like a glove, and you can wear them every day to your work or the markets.

The motorcycle boots are made of top-quality fabric and lined with a synthetic sole. The shaft measures 10.5″ from arch, while the boot opening measures 12″ around. True to their size, these shoes offer plenty of room for your toes and are very comfortable because of the 2 inch heels.

Easy to slip on and take off, these boots are simply great for adventures or no adventures even in harsh weather conditions.


  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap price
  • Fabric made for extreme comfort
  • Looks like leather, but not leather
  • Limited water resistance


  • Fit can be a problem for some

24. Bowden Motorcycle Boot

Bowden Motorcycle Boot

With a Goodyear welt construction, these motorcycle boots are built for durability and performance. Harley-Davidson is a trusted name when it comes to quality apparel and accessories for motorcycle riders. With iconic HD branding stamped on the upper shaft, you can expect perfect comfort and functionality with this classic boot.

Made of 100% leather, the Harley boots are just what you need for your outdoor adventures. These boots look great, as they are made of full-grain leather uppers and have rubber soles for added comfort and durability. The lightweight boots are a great option for serious riders as well as casual evening rides around the city.

Although these stylish boots are lightweight and comfortable, you can count on them for full protection.


  • Elegant look
  • Light in weight
  • Give full coverage and protection
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Good for narrow fit
  • Waterproof


  • No zipper
  • Only black color available

25. UGG Motorcycle Boot

UGG Motorcycle Boot

Women love these UGG motorcycle boots, as now they can wear them for a longer time and yet feel very cool and comfortable. The boots look great with everything and can hold up even in bad weather. If you are a fan of quality boots with minimal looks, take a close look at these boots from UGC.

Made of 100% full-grain leather and wool, these waterproof boots come with imported rubber sole. As the insole is lined with curly UGG pure wool and the boots are waterproof and seam-sealed, you can expect complete comfort when you put these on.

The Clear Spider rubber is permeated with cork for higher traction and more comfort. A medial zipper ensures that the boots are easy to put on and take off.


  • Comfort fit and decent looks
  • Easy operation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for cold winters
  • Very warm and comfy


  • Buffing and light polishing required for maintenance
  • Available in only one color

26. O’Neal Unisex Boot

O'Neal Unisex Boot

O’Neal manufactures motorcycle apparel and accessories that are known for their top quality and total protection. These Unisex Shorty Boots from O’Neal are sure to provide you the comfort and protection you need every time you ride.

The Shorty boots feature injection molded plastic plates and metal shank inserts for added safety against impacts and for higher strength and support. The snap-lock two buckle closure system is adjustable and easy to operate. The metal toe guard will keep the sole well protected against delaminating.

With a cushioned insole and generous heel, you can expect extra comfort and support when you wear these motorcycle boots. The moderate grip provided by the sole is simply great for track and ATV riders.


  • Sporty look
  • Comfort fit
  • Great boots for less than $100


  • Not true to size. Need to order one size up

27. Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Harley-Davidson’s Black or Brown waterproof motorcycle boots for men are of superior quality that will keep your feet completely safe, dry, and protected while riding. Made from waterproof full-grain leather and oil and slip-resistant outsoles, you can expect truly outstanding quality in these boots.

These boots are not just functional for your motorcycle rides, but also for your daily office wear. You can pair these boots with jeans or slacks and wear them casually in any environment. The Bar & Shield engraved on the heel’s counter, and a metal badge on the pull-on straps make these boots even more stylish and attractive.

Resoleable Welt construction processes ensure the most labor-intensive construction technique. Other features include pull-on closure, mesh lining, and leather frame. It is a breeze to put on these boots because of the two pull-on straps.

For an easy and fast identification, just look for the waterproof fabric badge on the smooth leather.


  • Elegant look
  • Waterproof
  • Oil and slip resistant
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for narrow fit


  • Not suitable for wide feet

28. Hamerton Motorcycle Boot

Hamerton Motorcycle Boot

These Hamerton motorcycle boots for men look great and stylish and are very comfortable to wear. Made with full grain leather, Goodyear welt construction technique means special attention and care paid to the making of these boots. These are just great boots for biking and other activities, and make a great buy in less than $180.

Lined with a hydro-guard waterproof membrane, your feet feel dry and comfortable within the breathable boots. Other features include Vibram rubber outsole and YKK locking inside zipper inside the motorcycle boots with a synthetic sole. The lace-up closure is liked by many, and boot is made from slip-resistant and durable materials.


  • Good looks
  • Comfort fit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Waterproof


  • Only one color available

29. Rambert Motorcycle Boot

Rambert Motorcycle Boot

The classic harness boot from Harley-Davidson features full-grain leather, rubber outsole, and mesh linings. With a 1.25” heel height and 7” shaft height, the cement construction ensures lasting durability and strength. Thanks to the inside zipper, stepping into and out of the motorcycle boots is like a breeze.

Harley-Davidson Rambert motorcycle boots are indeed a great purchase, as these are tough, comfortable, and allow a great fit. Sporting a classic look, these boots are a great choice for riding in unfavorable conditions. Even though they carry a lightweight construction, the boots do not make any compromise when it comes to safety and comfort for the rider.

Enjoy extra stability and support as well as tight fit during the ride with these.


  • Durable, sturdy and comfortable
  • Good fit and extra support
  • Cheap price
  • Good looks
  • Resoleable


  • Only available in black color

30. Holtman Waterproof Boots

Holtman Waterproof Boots

Harley-Davidson Holtman Motorcycle Boots for men are one of the most protective footwear created for motorcycle riders. True to size, these leather boots are well known for being comfortable, waterproof, and durable. Made with full-grain leather uppers, the boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable, no matter what weather you ride in.

What keeps the feet fresh is the breathable Hydro-Guard waterproof membrane lining within the boots. Look for the Harley-Davidson logo on the padded tongue and a waterproof badge on the bottom lace for sure identification. Additional padding around the ankle and a textured shifting pad on the toe add more protection to the wearer.

Rubber abrasion-resistant overlays at the backside of the shaft and on the heel ensure added comfort and safety. Cement construction processes are used for making the boot’s sole, insole and upper.


  • Made and lined with leather
  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • True to size


  • Not suitable for gym use

31. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0

The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Motorcycle Boots for men offer superior protection and comfort to the wearer. With a durable build and military design, these boots are not only stylish but are also weather resistant and durable. Thanks to the thick full-grain construction and matte finish, these are the kind of boots you would love to wear, not just for your rides but also for everyday use.

The molded polymer plate around the ankle, padded ankle cuff, and the shifter zone reinforce safety and protection for the rider. What makes it easier to put on the boots and fit them securely are the ratchet adjustment straps and aluminum buckles. The triple stitching around the stress areas only enhances their long-term performance.

A top-quality rubber sole with anti-slip properties offers good traction and grip while riding on different terrains. The soft interiors and cushioned footbed keep the fatigue away even during long rides.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Badging etched with laser
  • Good buy for less than $100
  • 2 colors available


  • Do not have oil-resistant sole
    Do not have steel toe

32. Amherst Motorcycle Boot

Amherst Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Amherst motorcycle boots for women are made of top-quality leather, while featuring synthetic soles. The full-grain leather upper and mesh lining add to the quality of the construction, and these boots indeed look great for casual wear as well as when riding.

As the boots carry lightweight outsole and heel and the platform measures about 0.75 inches, it feels very light and comfortable to walk in them. The dual locking inside and outside zippers make it very simple and easy to put on and take off these boots. It is indeed the best motorcycle boot out there!


  • Elegant and simple look
  • True to size
  • Very comfortable


  • Leather is a bit stiff

33. Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars motorcycle boots are made from a lightweight microfiber material that ensures durability and flexibility. The abrasion resistance microfiber in the front and rear allows improved comfort in the key areas.

The extended synthetic gaiter keeps out any excess water and dirt entry. What enhances the support and resistance during rougher patches of rides are contoured protector plate, higher medial protector, outer lateral ankle, and heel counter made of TPU.


  • Great support and impact resistance
  • Water and dirt proof
  • Highly durable, comfortable and flexible
  • Replaceable soles and buckles


  • Priced a little bit high
  • Available in one color only

34. Riddick Motorcycle Boots

Riddick Motorcycle Boots

Harley-Davidson Riddick motorcycle boots for men feature a full-grain leather upper and abrasion-resistant tech overlays. What the riders can look forward to is high abrasion resistance and stain resistance. The comfortable and lightweight boots are a top choice for life-threatening impact protection, as they can absorb 90% of energy during an impact.

The boots feature industry’s best locking inside zippers, rubber outsoles for optimum traction and performance. Created with the most labor intensive Goodyear welt construction processes, the boots are known for their supreme comfort and performance.


  • Good looks
  • Comfort fit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Appropriate for everyday use


  • Do not have steel toes
  • Available in one color only

35. Tegan Ankle Boot

Tegan Ankle Boot

Harley-Davidson Tegan ankle boots for women are made of 100% leather and are a perfect addition to your wardrobe for bike riding and also everyday wear. Made of full-grain leather, the buckle detail and the side zipper together give that perfect fit.

The full-length cushioned lining along the base makes for lasting comfort, while a durable cement construction adds to the strength and durability of the product.


  • Good looks
  • Match well with all kinds of outfits
  • Cheap price


  • Available in black color only
  • Little uncomfortable for people with wide foot


1. How To Choose The Right Size Of Motorcycle Boots?

In order to buy the right size of motorcycle boots, you need to check the size chart provided by the manufacturer first, as a size chart from one brand may be different from the one provided by another. Make sure that the boots snugly fit around your toes and ankles, and make sure that they give a good fit when you wear socks as well.

2. Why Do I Need Special Motorcycle Boots While Riding A Motorcycle? Can’t I Ride It Wearing My Normal Shoes?

You can of course ride your motorcycle wearing your normal shoes, but motorcycle boots are especially designed to offer optimum comfort and protection during the ride. They have pads and inserts for enhanced protection, and they also give utmost support to your feet and ankles.

3. Should I Buy Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Only?

All motorcycle boots are not waterproof, so you have to consider your riding terrain and weather conditions while choosing your boots. Obviously, if you want to ride in a dry area, then you don’t need the waterproof feature, but if you plan to ride in wet and rainy conditions, then you must consider this as a necessity.

4. Are Motorcycle Boots Stretchable?

First of all, you are advised to choose the boots that fit you perfectly, but it’s good is they can stretch a bit to accommodate your heels, toes, and ankles. Leather boots are stretchable to a bit, but if they get wet, they shrink back to their normal size.

Taking Care Of Motorcycle Boots

Your motorcycle boots will take a heck of a beating when you take them off, and the rigorous rides can indeed take a toll on them. So, as soon as your ride is over and you are back from your road adventure, you should know what to do with them to keep them in good condition.

It is a common sight to see bikers spending hours washing, waxing and polishing their bikes, but they do not spend a fraction of that time on their boots. Follow this brief but comprehensible guide on how to take good care of your motorcycle boots:

  • Take the boots off as soon as you reach home, as these boots are made of thick material, due to which your feet must be wet and full of moisture because of the rain, perspiration, or wet grass.
  • Do not just kick them off in the garage and leave them forgotten and ignored. Instead, let your boots dry out naturally in a warm, well-aired room with enough air circulation. The material must have taken the toll due to blazing sunshine, heavy rain, or freezing cold temperatures.
  • Stuff the boots with newspaper if you can and hang them upside down so that the moisture can escape. Do not make the mistake of placing the shoes close to the radiator.
  • The dried and worn out leather of the motorcycle boots needs to made alive again by rubbing essential oils on them. It is essential to keep the leather supple and naturally waterproof. The water-resistance of the leather is lost if it becomes too dry.
  • Use quality shoe and leather cleaning products for your boots, and before you start cleaning, get rid of any dirt, mud, and dust from the shoes. The leather has to be completely free of any impurities and always use a soft, gentle brush to remove all that grime on the shoe
  • You will need a bristled brush, leather cleaner, boot oil and a soft cloth for the cleaning and feeding of leather. As different leathers need different care, follow the instructions on their maintenance provided by the manufacturer carefully.
  • Once the boots are re-proofed, the leather needs to be polished and fed with a good quality cream that can nourish the leather without damaging its breathability. Do not buy a cream with higher content of fatty oils, and use the shoe cream sparingly and lightly. A certain amount of oils and waxes is essential to keep the leather surface functioning as it should.
  • Cover the boots liberally with the leather oil while using your hands or a soft cloth. Pay special attention to the seams and stitching, and once the oil has been rubbed into, let the boots sit overnight. Do not use harsh chemicals on the boots, as they could damage the quality of leather.
  • Once the cream has dried, buff the boots to get a bit of shine on them. There is no need to apply a wax polish to make your motorcycle boots all glossy and shiny. After all, no motorcycle rider is looking for glossy boots for their ride.
  • If the motorcycle boots have a zip, clean the zip before lubricating it. This is important, as dirt and grit can get stuck in the zip and cause damage or prevent it from functioning well. There are zip grease products that are suitable for the lubrication of the zippers.
  • The zip should always slide smoothly when you remove or put on your boots. Otherwise, wearing and taking off the boots can become too tough a task.
  • Take out the sole inserts too and leave them out to dry. The soles can easily absorb moisture and get sweaty and smelly, which is why it is essential to keep them in great condition. If you feel that those soles need to be replaced, you can go ahead and replace them.
  • Pay close attention to the buckles and spray a light lubricant on the buckle hinge to keep it in good working condition. The buckles should be inspected and made sure that they are intact. If needed, you can replace those buckles.

Best Motorcycle Boots – Your Choice?

As seen above, there is an entire range of motorcycle boots available these days. You can be spoilt with the choices, and making the final decision can become extremely confusing. We have given you a list of some of the best boots available out there, but the final pick depends on your personal requirements, preferences and budget.

The boots that you buy largely depends on the above-mentioned factors to consider. Comfort, security features, looks, and of course, budget, play a major role in choosing the best option. So, with this guide by your side, whichever boots you choose, you can expect the results to be good, and to maintain them as well.