Best Dual Sport Helmets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Over the last few decades, enthusiastic bike riders have a new trend to follow, which is the dual sports helmets. Whether you are interested in getting involved in some adventure sports, biking through rough terrains, or taking long drives on highways, you can make a statement not just by owning a sporty bike, but by wearing the best dual sport helmet as well.

To make a bash on the road with your sports bike, it is more than just your bike that you need, it is indeed the right gears and accessories which makes a ride a perfect one for the biker. When it comes to biking gears, you can call yourself a biking enthusiast only when you have the right pick on helmets.

The banging introduction of the new gen dual sports helmets was not only a relief for dual sport riders in love with adventure rides, but it was a mix of MX style helmets as well as full face biking gears. A dual sports helmet makes a versatile and intriguing mix of features, dragging some features from off street helmets and some from on road helmets. However, when it comes to a sports helmet, most important priorities that the riders look for include the safety quotient and the wearing comfort.

Whether you are concerned about the safety liner, fitting, size, design, or price of the helmet, there are numerous choices available in the market. Here, you will come across a few options that most people are picking over others.

What Is A Dual-Sports Helmet?

There are several types of helmets, but if you are one of those passionate off-road riders looking for ultimate protective gears, then a dual sport helmet is one thing you must own. The advanced aerodynamic design of these helmets offers exclusive smart fit even when you are riding at extremely high speed.

The one thing that primarily differentiates a dual sport helmet from a standard full-face helmet is its visor. A dual sport helmet visor is designed with inspiration from motocross helmets, but comes with a rather advanced dynamic and aggressive off-road sporty look. It also comes with additional advantage of riding when the sun is in full blast or when the speed is blowing at full speed.

As compared to standard helmets, a dual sport helmet offers a broader field of view. You can enjoy the robust look of wearing goggles with best dual sport helmet, which comes with easy detachable face shield, offering riders the ultimate advantage of flexibility. It is highly preferred by aggressive and robust bike riders, who are looking for extreme comfort and safety, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal, sporty feel and tech driven advanced features.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Dual Sport Helmet

Dual sport helmet is a favorite among vigorous and passionate riders who love cruising through rough terrains and unknown destinations and facing challenges. As discussed above, the eye-catching design, sturdy built, and high end safety features of these helmets make them the popular picks, but when you are seeking to grab the best dual sport helmet, you essentially need to surf through a few features to make the best pick. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while buying one.

1. Comfort

Comfort is something you cannot compromise when you are going for a long drive. Therefore, a good dual sport helmet needs to be light in weight, sturdy in built, and should have adjustable features to keep the rider comfortable.

The helmet you pick must also have adequate ventilation system, so that air keeps flowing through the helmet and you don’t feel suffocated. Besides, the lining inside the helmet should also have enough padding and comfortable material so that it does not force excessive perspiration.

2. Size

Finding a helmet with the right fit for your head matters a lot. Even when buying best adventure motorcycle helmet, if you don’t get the right size, it will never serve the purpose it is intended for. A bigger size is ought to get displaced when you ride, and a smaller one won’t fit perfectly and give you discomfort during the ride. Therefore, it is important to measure your head circumference and choose your helmet accordingly.

3. UV Protection

While you are biking in extreme weather conditions or rough terrains, it can be harsh and ruthless on your skin, hair, eyes, etc. Sport biking means that you got to run your wheels even when the sun heat is unbearable. But when buy the best dual sport helmet for the money, you get a wide range of products that come with UV ray protected visors.

4. Lining

Every helmet comes with a spongy lining inside which is intended to offer comfort to the one who wears it. However, biking means extensive exposure to heat, harsh winds and weather conditions, which leads to accumulation of dirt and sweat in this lining. Bad odor and bacterial growth are the common results of such accumulations, and as a result, the biker can feel uncomfortable during the ride.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but pretty much unhygienic to wear such helmets. Therefore, in your chase to find the best dual sport helmet 2020, you must look for a helmet with a lining that is either removable and washable, or at least replaceable.

5. Noise Cancellation

While you are biking, you are exposed to a wide range of noises, including the sound of heavy bike engine, the noise of other vehicles running on the road, the sound of wind running through the helmet, etc. Sometimes, the sounds are too loud that they are considered beyond safety scale. This can lead to hearing impairments and issues, if not checked right away.

The prime source of noise seems to come from air, and if you do not choose a helmet designed accordingly to offer you guard against high levels of sound, you might grow hearing problems over time. So, choose a helmet that is right fit and offers sufficient noise cancellation.

6. DOT Approval

This is the minimal safety standard figured and authenticated by the United States, Department of Transportation (DOT), which every head gear must stand up to. The DOT approved helmets are undoubtedly reliable, as they are made in accordance to safety measures, since this is an international market standard.

Top 10 Best Dual Sport Helmets 2022

1. ILM Sport Helmet

ILM Best Dual Sport Helmets

Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet from ILM is one of the ideal buys within $70, which is designed in accordance to FMVSS-218 as well as DOT safety standards. This multi-functional helmet comes with advanced visors, which are not only removable, but also comes with a face shield that means improved safety.

It is a perfect pick for dirt biking, motorcycling, off road riding, dual sports, and other outdoor activities, as its HD enhanced visor comes with wide-angle lens to offer a broader view of the road. This means you get enhanced peripheral view, as well as you can have exclusive protection from sun with the tinted visor.

One of the greatest attractions with this helmet is the intriguing aerodynamic ventilation system that allows fresh air inside the helmet and eliminates the scope of hot air build up. It also comes with a hygienic design, as the safety liner and the ear pads are detachable and washable. The helmet is available in variant sizes like S, M, L, XL and XXL.


  • Cost-effective
  • Dual visors
  • Available in four different shades
  • Suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities


  • Three out of four shades are in black color only
  • A little bulkier in weight

2. 1Storm Road Helmet

1Storm Road Helmet

The Dual Sport Motocross Off Road helmet from 1Storm comes with dual visor design. This full-face helmet is equipped with Inner Smoked Visor as well as Outer Clear Shield, which makes riding experience enhanced and clarified whether it is in day or night, through fog or in cloudy weather. Aerodynamic ABS Shell along with the use of high-quality multi-density EPS materials makes it a sturdy pick designed to sustain heavy impacts.

1Storm makes sure to offer an improved ventilation design, which comes with eleven ventilation ports in front, side and back of the helmet. The helmet is also easy to handle, since it is around 4 pounds in weight, with a sturdy and long lasting built.

The helmet is made with aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. The inner lining, being detachable and washable, is easy to maintain and clean as well. This DOT approved UV protected helmet is a great pick for off road bikers.


  • Great for off-road biking
  • Extremely attractive sporty look
  • Available in 9 eye-catching colors
  • Light in weight


  • The look is too sporty for some

3.  Castle X Snowmobile Helmet

Castle X Snowmobile Helmet

Castle X brings in a dynamic modern shell design helmet crafted with CAD technology, which makes the X Mode Dual-Sport SV Snowmobile Helmet one of the most demanding picks in the market. The helmet is made from advanced polycarbonate composite along with definite multi-density EPS liner, which not only conforms the high intensity impact stability but also the durability of the helmet.

The visor is tinted to save you from the scorching heat of the sun, along with anti-fog coating and chin bar laterals designed with an anti-scratch hard coating. This makes it one of your perfect companions in adventure and sports rides.

The inner paddings are removable and washable, which makes the helmet design hygienic and eliminates anti-fungal developments commonly caused from perspiration and dust accumulated within helmets. The helmet also comes with added safety guard with a quick release chin strap buckle system, which allows easy adjustments and handling.


  • Attractive look
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable to be worn in all weather conditions


  • The visor is removable, but with screws
  • Available in black color only

4. 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Helmet

Full Face Motocross Off Road Dual Sport Helmet from 1Storm comes with detachable shield, which allows you to use the helmet as a full-face one as well as like MX helmets. This unique two-in-one design along with its light weight makes it a handy, easy to use and comfortable helmet suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities. Besides that, the aerodynamic ventilation system makes it comfortable to wear even while you are on a long drive wearing the helmet for hours.

Thick and heavy padding inside the helmet makes it comfortable and high impact withstanding. This is a DOT approved helmet with a UV protected tinted visor. The quick release buckle system is yet another advanced feature that ensures safe locking and easy release system.


  • Aerodynamic ventilation
  • Comfort fit
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • 11 different attractive colors available


  • Swapping the visors is a little bit difficult

5. GDM DK-650

GDM DK-650

GDM has introduced an entire range of amazing dual sport helmets, with DK-650 being one of the best designs brought forth with DOT FMVSS-218 certification. The product pack includes dual visors with one being for clear vision and the other Iridium. This dual sport helmet is crafted to suit the purpose of dirt biking, personal watercraft, scooter, ATV and off-road adventure drives.

The intriguing part about the helmet is its sturdy built, which can be credited to the aerodynamic shell made from composite poly-alloy. Well defined multi-ventilation ports coupled with a double D ring chin strap makes long drives comfortable even on sunny days, when it can easily become hot inside. The cheek pads as well as the inner linings are washable.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Suitable for different outdoor activities
  • The visors are removable


  • No Bluetooth
  • Only one color is available, but with different visor options

6. MX-9 Adventure MIPS

MX-9 Adventure MIPS

MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet from Bell is an advanced head gear for dual sport lovers. It comes with an integrated clear shield and options of shields like that of anti-fog, UV protected and anti-scratch, which can be easily used as a detachable shield. MIPS integrated designs are getting more and more popular among modern gen bikers, which is multi directional impact protection system.

It has a dedicated slip-plane technology integrated inside, which decreases the impact of rotational force which can be resultant of various biking activities. Now, when you are looking for a dual sport helmet, it obviously needs to be a tough, durable, well-guarded one, and this one accordingly comes with poly carbonate composite shell that is light in weight and sturdy in built. For enhanced and improved air flow inside the helmet, it has flying bridge system integrated inside.


  • The shield is resistant to fog, scratches and UV rays
  • Easily adjustable visor
  • DOT approved
  • Made as per FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Available in 16 different color options


  • Comes with clear shield only
  • Pricier as compared to others

7. Nenki Sport Helmet

Nenki Sport Helmet

Nenki bangs the market with this dashing red and matt black series of Full-Face Dual Sport Helmet, which is indeed one of the best adventure motorcycle helmets within $100. It is not only DOT approved, but also a helmet exhibiting stunning looks and appeal. The interior of the helmet is heavily padded with cushion like padding, offering extensive comfy feel to the wearer.

This inner lining and cheek pads are removable and washable. You can either use the premium quality Iridium Red Visor or the manufacturer attached Clear Visor, which comes as a general fitting when you buy the product. Multi density EPS, along with Thermoplastic shell, offers advanced degree of collision resistance and shock absorbance capacity to the helmet.


  • Cost-effective
  • Cool looks
  • Sturdy build
  • Suitable both for off-road and street use


  • Chin strap is too long
  • Some people may find forehead section a little weird, but it’s there to give it a sporty look

8. HHH DOT Youth Helmet

HHH DOT Youth Helmet

HHH has crafted this DOT approved Youth Helmet which comes with a multicolor visor. That means you don’t need separate visors for different purposes, rather a single visor which is of course removable and easily replaceable. It serves sun protection as well as safety in rough winds as well. The helmet is worth consideration to buy for its heavy padding inside, offering safe cushioning to the head with multi ventilation system.

You can easily remove the inner lining and get it washed to keep out from pungent odor or anti-bacterial growths. This is in fact an affordable option among many other dual sport helmets listed here, as it falls within the range of $50.


  • Extremely bold looks and colors
  • The helmet package comes with a helmet bag as well
  • Heavy cushioning for added protection


  • Priced too cheap
  • Looks can be too bold for some

9. Oneal Full-Face Sierra II

Oneal Full-Face Sierra II

If you are one of those adventure geeks for whom compromising with biking gears is the last thing you can imagine, here comes the ultimate Unisex Adult Sierra II Helmet from O’Neal. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect pick for adventure rides, sport rides, off road drives, etc. Constructive use of ABS ensures the sturdy built of the helmet with advanced moisture-wicking mechanism makes wearing the helmet comfortable even on sunny days.

Indeed, the channeled lining inside the helmet is easily removable and washable, which adds to the hygienic quotient of the head gear. It is crafted with multiple vents for ultimate ventilation. Along with the integrated face shield, you also get a UV protected shield, which can be easily replaced with the integrated one.

Double D safety lock safeguards the helmet in position, making helmet wearing quite easy.


  • ABS shell construction
  • Face shield integrated
  • Sporty look
  • Padded chin strap for extra comfort


  • Only black and white colors are available. No other color options
  • Little pricier than other similar helmets

10. West Dirt Bike ATV 

West Dirt Bike ATV

While buying a dual sport helmet for motocross, off road, ATV or dirt bike, you essentially need to pick a lightweight head gear like this Dirt Bike ATV Motocross Helmet from Westt. In order to make the helmet light weight as well as strong and collision resistant, high quality ABS shell is used which makes the ultimate product to weigh around 3.5lbs only. Owing to the advanced design and EPS material, the helmet is a shock-absorbent head gear that ensures high level of safety for the wearer.

Certified in accordance to DOT FMVSS No. 218, this helmet comes with easily removable visor, sun protected as well as anti-scratch coated, which can also be removed if you like showcasing those sporty glasses. As a part of modern dual sport helmets, it obviously comes integrated with safety buckle system and washable inner lining.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Light weight
  • Dual visor
  • Safety buckle


  • Only one color option available


1. Why Most Dual-Sport Bike Helmets Have Peaks?

Since you would be using your dual-sport bike helmet in a rough terrain under extreme weather conditions, the peak on your helmet will keep sun from directly shining into your eyes. It will also protect mud from flying onto your face.

2. Can I Wear A Dual-Sport Bike Helmet On The Streets Too?

Dual-sport bike helmets have special features to support you in unusual terrains. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them on streets. If you are comfortable, nothing can stop you from doing that.

3. Do Dual-Sport Bike Helmets Cut Noise?

Yes. These helmets aim at making your ride quieter and more comfortable. With their aerodynamic design, strong build, and tight fit, they can significantly block noise out of your ears.

4. Why Most Dual-Sport Bike Helmets Are Full-Face?

Because when you are riding in a rough terrain, your safety is the utmost concern. A full-face helmet gives complete coverage to your face, neck, chin, ears, and head, thereby giving you maximum protection during the adventure ride.
So, Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Ride With The Best Dual Sport Helmet

In order to select one of the best dual sport helmets in the market, at first it is important to determine your overall budget. The above list of top 10 dual sport helmets includes a wide variety of products in varying prices. Whichever one you make your mind to, one thing you simply cannot overlook is the DOT approved mark. It determines the safety standard that the helmet manufacturer have to adhere to.

Apart from that, make sure you check all the features well and look if the manufacturer is offering any warranty on the product. Check out all the deals, and compare between companies and features to figure out the final pick. Besides, when it is about helmet, make sure you do not omit the size factor. If not of your perfect size, it would be of no use even if you buy the costliest of helmets out there.

Therefore, with all this information about the best dual sport head gears rocking the market in 2020, check for the happening one for yourself and enjoy safe biking!