Best Motorcycle Alarms 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Tchipie 2. Yohoolyo 3. Wsdcam
Tchipie Best Motorcycle Alarm Yohoolyo Wsdcam

In the present times, we cannot ignore the importance of motorcycles, bikes, bicycles and scooters. These are part and parcel of our daily activities that make our work easier. But, do we take the same care and look after its maintenance?

Think of the situation when you parked the vehicle in an unknown area and when you return back, you can’t find your favorite motorcycle. It sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it? Don’t you worry, invest in the best motorcycle alarm and improve the security of your vehicle.

There are top companies that provide advanced and proven solution for safe storage of your motorcycle. The lock alarm is made from the best material infused with sophisticated technology that improves the security of the vehicle against the burglar’s act.

What Is A Motorcycle Alarm?

As the name suggests, alarm makes one alert against some potential issues. Alarm systems have played a major role in enhancing the security of buildings and property. These smart gadgets are designed innovatively to make the owners alert against the attack of intruders.

Similarly, a motorcycle alarm is designed to protect it against the acts of burglary in your absence. Without any doubt, you cannot carry your vehicle whichever place you visit. You need to park it somewhere to get into the building.

At such points, are you sure that your favorite bikes are safe and secure in an unknown place without any surveillance options? Well, you may not be sure. Why take risks when technology has become so advanced?

Drop down the conventional method of securing your vehicle and invest in the alarm security system. Invest in the best motorcycle alarm.

There are a number of options available today each, having different functionality and technique of installation. Take a look at the common types of motorcycle alarm available:

1. Disk Brake Lock And Alarm

It is the most convenient option of the alarm system and doesn’t require a hectic installation. The main benefit of such a system is to restrict the wheel rotation. It restricts even the slightest movement of the bike. It is backed with the major benefits of chain lock without facing the difficulty of space or weight.

2. Simple Alarm

These type of alarm systems requires two wires to install. It can be attached directly to the battery terminals. You can invest in high-quality alarms that have multiple functioning. You can get various options between 7-15 dollars.

3. GPS Tracker Alarm

The level of protection in such an alarm system is quite high. In an affordable and portable packing, one can avail of numerous features. The types of GPS trackers range from 20 to 900 dollars.

This generally gets activated when the vehicle is not moving. Consequently, the energy consumption level is low as compared to the other systems.

4. GPS Tracker Alarm With Remote Engine Stop And Decoy Alarm

With the name, it may sound complex, but it is simple in features and functioning. The main purpose of including decoy alarm is to prevent the thieves from removing the general tracking al

Common preventive measures which we follow for improved security

a. Electrical System Lock

It is the already installed lock that comes with the motorcycle. It controls the overall functioning of the vehicle. This system works when the alarm is in switched on mode.

b. Wheel Lock

Also known as the disk brake lock, it is a kind of mechanical lock wherein the owners need to lock the disk wheel to debar its movement.

c. Locking And Chaining With The Pillars

This is the most convenient and traditional method of securing the motorbike at the parking lot. You need a long chain to tie certain parts of the motorcycle to the floor or pillar.

d. Anti-Theft Electronic Device

This is the common electronic lock system available in the market. The owner can install one or two-way security alarms in the existing system. It prevents the engine from starting making it immobilize.

e. Steering Lock

It is the type of factory-installed lock that prevents the direction of the front wheel if the steering handle is locked. It restricts the bike to move freely if it is not unlocked using the specific key.

Each type of security alarms has different pros and cons. Take a look at it.


  • Consistent protection

Practically, it is not possible to secure your bike while hiring a person 24/7. However, investing in such a system is a reliable option and you avail consistent protection.

  • Easy To Relocate

The security alarms are easy to disconnect and install at any place. Flawless functionality: Wireless alarm systems work on batteries rather the electricity. Hence, there will not be any disruption in its functionality, even if there is a power cut. Moreover, you remain safe from battery recharging and replacement.

  • Efficient And Reliable Deterrent

Those places where there is an active security alarm system are less prone to burglar attacks. However, even if the thieves are not aware of it, security alarm in your vehicle would restrict the intruders.


  • False Alarm

Highly sensitive systems produce a false alarm, which can be irritating at some point. It even disturbs the other people present there.

  • Expensive

When it comes to the installation, the price of both wireless and wired systems is quite high. You need an initial investment like equipment cost, subscription for service monitoring and alike.

Guide To Buying The Best Motorcycle Alarm

If you have decided to invest in the motorcycle alarm, then you must also consider the different types available in the market. You must know about functionality and features. In this write-up, take a look at the common points that would help you invest in the best motorcycle alarm.

Check out the key factors and plan your budget before you purchase the ideal alarm system for your vehicle.

1. Consider The Device’s Durability

No matter whichever type of security alarm system you prefer, surely consider its durability. Investing in a cheap lock is completely a waste of money. No matter how well sophisticated your bike locks are, it deteriorates over time.

The durability of the alarm system typically depends upon the type of material used in its construction. Generally, resilient materials and hard metals like stainless steel are used for making such components.

It prevents it from rusting and it operates perfectly in rough weather as well. The range of such models is typically high but it lasts longer.

2. Ease Of Installation

Irrespective of the type of motorcycle alarm you are investing in, make sure it is easy to use and install. Some types may sound quite proficient with utmost sophistication, but it can be pretty difficult to install it.

Just considering its prominent features is not enough. It is equally important to know whether you can use it easily or not. Most of the modern models have a remote control so that you can operate it conveniently without any distress.

If you don’t have a subtle idea about its installation, seek expert’s help. They would guide you completely and will surely avail you with the best benefits. Professional installation would not ruin the functionality of the motor alarm.

3. Compare The Features

When it comes to investing in the additional aspects of the motorcycles, we often stuck to the price factor. When you are looking for a motorcycle alarm, then the best choice would be to choose the one which strikes a balance between price and features.

A good quality motorcycle alarm will come at a higher price. So, if you are looking for one such option, always pen down the features of the shortlisted brands, followed by the pricing. It will simplify the process of finalizing the alarm system.

It is not bad to work as per your budget, but you should obtain genuine benefits in turn of the price you pay. The most common concept is that you get what you actually pay for. And, if you want quality, the cost would generally increase.

Just security alarms are not enough; you need to invest in the best motorcycle alarm to prevent it from the usual wear and tear. The best option is to consider the disc lock or wired-in security equipment. These are available at a reasonable price.

4. Sound Quality

The common types of motorcycle alarms are already mentioned above. But, the decibel of sound it produces plays an important role. The sound quality is the determining factor in selecting the best motorcycle alarm.

The types of alarm systems range from 60 dB to 130 dB.

Generally, the most common type is 110 dB, which produces enough loud sound. The sound system is important for both the owner and the burglars roaming around your vehicle.

The alarm system with 60 dB could be heard from the near distance. If the bike is parked far away, it can be difficult to hear the sound. Hence, if your workplace is far from the parking lot, you should prefer the security alarm of 110 to 130 dB.

5. Sensitivity Level

The area where you live and where the bikes will be parked more is the most considerable factor in the alarm activation. The area can be either more prone to storms or can be heavily populated, having huge buildings.

If the change in the weather elements is frequent, you should look for an adjustable sensitivity feature. It is an essential requirement in those areas where people get annoyed easily due to the regular alarm when you fail to hear it.

Alarm sensitivity, typically, depends upon the area where you reside. Hence, consult the experts to get a better idea of which type will be ideal for your location.

6. Minute Details To Know

Some parameters like ease of use, simplicity of the security alarms are the considerable factors. The power of the security alarm is highly considered. Moreover, whether it would drain the battery or not is equally considered.

In the present era, such models are introduced that consume less power to operate. Make sure you obtain quality benefits after spending a premium amount on the security alarm.

7. Wired Or Wireless

Another point that you need to consider while choosing the alarm for your motorcycle is to opt between wired and wireless. If you are not conscious about the energy-saving, then investing in the wired security alarms for bikes would be of no use. The wiring system should not be too complicated else, you may face difficulty in its installation.

Even if you get it installed from the renowned installers, you should know about its functioning. Different tools are used for assembling and disassembling, check whether they are genuinely important for you or not.

If it is of no use and there is a lack of resources, you should surely go for the disc locks. Faulty installation can lead to complete bike damage, including security alarms.

Generally, people invest in the cheap options and they consequently end up in buying a poor quality product.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Alarms 2022

1. Tchipie

Tchipie Best Motorcycle AlarmThis version of motorcycle alarm has built-in sensors that automatically detect the movements or shocks, if any. The alarm noise is perfectly audible to keep the thieves and burglars away from your vehicle. The 110 dB siren is enough to alarm the owner of the vehicle. It fits better to the bikes having a disk brake rotor of less than 7 mm.

It is an ideal security unit for popular brands including 2017 Honda Grom, 2016 Indian Scout Sixty, Yamaha FJR and many more. Leave your vehicle confidently in any unknown area with this alarm system mounted on your bike.

The continuous beeping sound would prompt you to reach to the motorcycle as soon as possible. The aluminium alloy body seals the surface against dirt, moisture, and dust.


  • It audibly notifies the owner against burglary acts.
  • It has an extra set of 6 batteries, which can be changed using the Allen key.
  • The red-colored body makes one aware that it is armed, providing peace of mind to you that it is safe.


  • The device can be brought out easily using Allen keys, which makes it a bit unsafe.

2. Yohoolyo

YohoolyoLooking for the best motorcycle alarm system for your place, check the 110-decibel alarm sound motorcycle alarm by Yohoolyo. 11.2 ounces of disk lock alarm is made from the metal, making it durable and sturdy. The dimension of the locking pin is 7 mm, which makes it easy to fix at any position.

The standard volume reaches up to 110 dB and has dual alarm warnings. Initially, the motorcycle produces three beeps of warning. If the movement continues, it starts producing a long beeping of 10 seconds at a high volume of 110 dB.


  • As compared to the other disc lock alarms, this is highly inexpensive.
  • Well-Satisfied customer service along with the ease of use, makes it the best motorcycle alarm.


  • It is not as loud as other disk alarm options.

3. Wsdcam

WsdcamThe compact and small-sized motorcycle alarm is ideal for all types of motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. The alarm system is state of the art and is controlled via small and trendy remote. It is composed of 7 distinct levels of sensor and around 6 variations of bell sounds. Such sounds can be customized as per the requirement.

The entire unit is quite versatile and can be installed using a tie-strap technique or with the adhesive back. Even if it is used regularly, little power requirement enhances its durability for up to 6 months. According to the trusted customer’ reviews, this is the best alarm for motorbikes with variable customizations.


  • It is the combination of hard-wiring and disc-lock alarm system.
  • SOS feature makes it an ideal option for highway travel.


  • As per customer’s reviews, battery replacement is quite hard.

4. Mysbiker

MysbikerIf you are looking for the best motorcycle alarm, then you can consider buying MYSBIKER’s alarm disc lock, which is silver in color made from stainless steel. Unlike other types, it has a large locking pin making it ideal for thicker disc locks.

The entire component of the device is made from high-quality materials. The product has got more than one thousand reviews. It is the best piece to invest in as it lasts longer. Its price is relatively high due to the quality materials and long-lasting features.


  • The alarm sound is loud.
  • It is made from forged stainless steel having 6 LR44 batteries and 3 brass security keys.
  • It perfectly to all kinds of motorcycles, cruisers, scooters, sport and racing bikes.


  • Its sensitivity is quite less and is hard to adjust.

5. Jacool

JacoolIf you are looking for a universal motorcycle alarm, then you can opt for Jacool’s anti-theft alarm. This anti-theft alarm by JACOOL gets activated in case of any motions scaring the thieves to remain away from your possessions. Just press the locking mechanism and the disk brake shifts to the alarm mode. It is enclosed with the 5 ft orange-colored reminder cable that makes it deterrent.

This motorcycle wheel lock with the siren lasts longer as it is completely water-resistant. It even protects the interior components no matter how much time it is dropped. The ideal model for this lock are KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley, BMW, Aprilia etc.

This alarm comes with 6 batteries and 6 replacement batteries also comes with this alarm system.


  • The 110 dB alarm system is enough to haunt away the thieves.
  • It is a practical solution to protect your beloved vehicle, whether parked interior or exterior.


  • Sometimes, it starts beeping unusually even if the movement is slight.

6. Onvian

This is a multipurpose wireless alarm system that can be used as a security sensor in motorcycles, bicycles, windows, doors, electric scooters and alike. It has 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity operated via wireless remote.

If you are looking for an affordable and the best motorcycle alarm around $14, this compact-designed alarm system is the best option for you.


  • It is easy to install using a double-sided sticker.
  • It can be installed outdoors as a water resistance rating is IP55.
  • Its size is compact, making it easier to carry.


  • If not handled properly, it can easily break.

7. BlueFire

BlueFireThis compact piece by BlueFire amalgamates well with every type of motorcycle due to its 12-volt batteries. It comes with a remote, which helps you easily control the alarm system. It can be activated and deactivated as per the requirement.

It has an anti-hijacking device that works faster and the unit comes with different colored cables to add a touch of elegance and style. It is noisier and louder than the usual motorbike horns, which are sure to wake you up from sleeping.


  • The alarm features a built-in shock sensor.
  • It is easy to install.


  • If your bike is parked away from a distance, it can be difficult to hear the beeping alarm.

8. Gorilla

GorillaInvesting in a good alarm system for a motorcycle is a must and if you are looking for one such alarm system, then you must consider buying this alarm system by Gorilla. It is 120 dB siren fixed into the sturdy body that looks appealing.

As it can be installed directly upon the batteries, you need not worry to recharge it again and again. The LED warning lights indicate whether it is armed or not. The product is small in size and does not take any extra space.


  • The sound quality is quite high.
  • It allows one to hear the alarming sound even from 2 miles away.
  • It has high-tech features with the remote control to activate and deactivate it easily.


  • It is pretty expensive.

9. Staying

StayingThe lock of the alarm motorcycle alarm by Staying is highly durable and does not lead to rusting during rainy days. It has high-end security and an anti-drill lock core, which keeps the thieves away from the vehicle.

It perfectly keeps suspected objects and persons away from your motorcycle. It is an ideal option for those motorcycles having the brake rotor less than 7 mm with a cross drill. Lock it while pressing the core and it will turn into the alarm mode.


  • 110 dB audible system is enough to make it highly deterrent.
  • The basic features make it an ideal security device to include in your motorcycles.
  • It is easy to use while simply pressing the lock core to turn it into the alarm mode.


  • The right key should be used else it may lead to unnecessary noise.

10. Yohoolyo Alarm

Yohoolyo AlarmIf you are looking for an easy to use the motorcycle alarm system, then you must look for anti-theft alarm by Yohoolyo. It can be disassembled and assembled in any position.

The 110 dB audible system is enough to keep the strangers away. It has a 6 mm locking pin and the overall unit is portable in size. Using a one-press operation, it is quite easy to lock it with a beep alarm sound.

The best part of the unit is the additional accessories enclosed with it. It has 6 internal batteries along with 6 extra pieces as a backup. 5 ft long reminder cable safeguards from any damages while riding.


  • It has carry pouch of silver color
  • It can be used in any motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.


  • In bad weather conditions, it may set off the alarm.

11. Scorpio Alarms

Scorpio AlarmsSRX model offers a high-end motorcycle security system ensuring high-level protection and convenience. If someone tries to approach your vehicle, the unit alerts the remote. This smart remote features RFID technology, which allows easy arming and disarming of the alarm.

The complete unit by Scorpio Alarms is waterproof, including a set of battery backup. It is built according to automotive standards and hence keeps on working irrespective of the weather changes.

If you are looking for a hi-tech motorcycle alarm, this is the best one to invest in it. This alarm system comes with a 3-wire harness, which makes installation very easy. It is compatible with a motorcycle having a battery of 12V.


  • With the 3-wire universal harness, the installation process becomes easy going.
  • It has a 12-volt battery and a tail light.
  • For extra security, there is an adjustable perimeter sensor.


  • The unit is quite expensive but backs with eminent features.

12. Sonew

SonewThis motorcycle alarm by Sonew has a powerful siren of 125 dB with clear quality sound. The super sound, along with the flashlight warning, keeps away the potential thieves. It has 5 level sensitivity. Level 1 is less sensitive and the 5th one is highly sensitive.

So, based on your requirements, you can select the sensitivity. It works with all kinds of motorcycles and helps you easily find your vehicle in a large parking lot.

It is the best purchase under 30 dollars. Quick response and service from the company making it the best product to invest in.


  • It works well with the motorcycles having 12 V batteries
  • The sound system of 125 dB is loud enough to alert you.


  • In a highly sensitive mode, it produces unnecessary alarm despite any suspects.

13. Xena XX6

Xena XX6If you are looking for a good option of alarm for your motorcycle, then you can consider buying the XX6 alarm by Xena.

It has a 6 mm locking pin and possesses a pushdown locking system. This alarm comes with an automatic arm and disarming features wherein the alarm module can be replaced.


  • High grade and mono-black alloy material and piercing alarm effectively protect your
  • Faster response of the alarm


  • It needs regular lubrication for efficient working.

14. Rupse LARA08-A

Rupse LARA08-AThe reason behind the wide popularity of Rupse wireless alarm system is that it does not produce false alarms. This is particularly because of the advanced sensitivity levels, which can be adjusted as per the instructions given.

Just like the portable unit, which is compact in size, the remote is pretty small and useful. The horn produced is loud but not noisy. It has low power consumption, which reduces the stress of recharging it again and again.


  • The unit is loud enough to make you aware of the unfortunate events.
  • As energy consumption is low, it would not drain the battery quickly.


  • Rupse alarm system can be highly sensitive.

15. Rupse CE

Rupse CEThis model by Rupse comes with two remotes having two different colors to avoid mixing. It has a memory card to save any settings related to preference.

There is the option of an automatic switch on and off when the bike is turned on and off respectively. Moreover, this alarm system comes with password enabled feature, ensuring that no one can open or access the alarm.

It is one of the loudest alarm systems in the market. If the area is a bit noisy, this alarm produced loud sound, ensuring that you can hear it even in the noisy areas.

It features a keyless switch on and off and you need not turn on your bike, making the latter one advanced technologically.


  • It does not set off in rough weather like storm and thunder.
  • It is easy to install and hardly takes an hour to do so.
  • Comes in variable features making it highly convenient to use.


  • Double-sided tape enclosed with it is not strong. It has to be replaced using Gorilla tape.

16. Fosmon

FosmonWhen it comes to choosing an alarm system for your motorcycle, then you must opt for Fosmon’s alarm. The loud 113 dB siren of Fosmon is the best tool to protect your favorite bike from theft.

If you want to provide added security to your vehicle, investing in this alarm is the best option. One can manually adjust the sensitivity levels into 7 different types. It quickly responds to any kind of vibrations and movement.

It is the multipurpose alarm and can be used to secure the luggage alarm, trailer and fence alarm and many more. If used with the locks, this adds great security.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It can be mounted to luggage, trailer or even the fence.


  • The warranty period is limited.

17. Rupse

RupseWith 125db sound, the Rupse motorcycle alarm is a great choice. This alarm comes with an anti-theft and remote-controlled alarm system by Rupse that produces loud vibration and horn alarm. It is in the shape of flying saucer with host and horn all-in-one. Its waterproof performance is quite better.

Its power consumption is extremely low, that prevents any battery loss. Use a dynamic password to protect it against copying or any other security threat. Different mounting position impacts the sensitivity of the device.


  • Irrespective of the unpleasant weather, this device would function well.
  • 125 db sound, loud enough to alarm the owner and keep the burglar away


  • Installation should be done appropriately so that you can perfectly hear the alarming sound.

18. Easyguard EM208-2

Easyguard EM208-2This 2-way motorcycle alarm has an LCD display along with remote engine start feature. It perfectly fits the 12V DC batteries of the motorcycle. Although it has a remote start facility, there are some models upon which an extra relay module is required.

It has inbuilt motion sensors and a shock sensor to control your motorcycle better. This anti-hijacking motorcycle alarm keeps the potential thieves away.


  • It features silent arming and disarming and ensures 24-hour real monitoring of the vehicle.
  • It comes with shock and motion sensors


  • One should thoroughly read the instruction to know the setting time and programming method.

19. Lihao

LihaoTo provide top-notch security, the body is made from hardened steel. It makes the vehicle immobile and restricts its rolling away and riding. The structure is in the shape of the stapler and the shock and motion sensors are linked to the microprocessor.

The size is compact, portable and is self-alarming. It gets re-set automatically within 15 seconds if the movement stops.


  • The size and tiny microprocessors are triggered to 110 dB alarm unit.
  • The sound is high enough to stop an attacking element especially the thieves.


  • It is not ideal for small disc brakes.

20. Dowco Guardian 26038-00

The covering adds extra security against rough weather. One does not need to include extra tools for installing it. It easily drops into the tethers and sewn-in pockets of the bike.

The warning sound is around 130 dB, which starts ticking if someone tries to tamper its cover. It does not require extra wiring to install.


  • Dowco guardian alarm lock provide extra security to the vehicle.
  • It can be installed within minutes without indulging any complicated tools.


  • Check the security factors and other elements of the lock alarm.

FAQs on Motorcycle Alarms

1. Does Disc Lock Alarm Work Efficiently In All Weathers?

Most of the disc alarm locks have weatherproofing. However, you should check the quality of materials used for making the alarm brakes. The efficient working also depends upon the best motorcycle alarm you are using. Check the product description to know whether it can withstand rough weather or not.

2. Can I Use More Than One Disc Lock At A Time?

When the motorcycle alarm is attached to the vehicle, it makes the motorbike immobile. When there are two discs in the motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, you can include one more disc lock for improved security. One can be attached in the front and the other in the back.

3. Does Motorcycle Alarm Deteriorate The Battery?

Draining batteries is one of the biggest limiting factors in case of motorcycle alarms. However, modern alarms are designed to drain less battery. Go through the product description to know whether it would drain frequently or not.

4. Is It Wise To Invest In Motorcycle Alarms?

If the chances of vehicle burglary are more, you should surely invest in the best motorcycle alarm. The cost of the alarms is not too high and you can use it to provide excellent security to your vehicle. You can choose the best wired-in and the disc lock system to enhance security.

Enhance The Safety Of Your Vehicle With The Best Motorcycle Alarm

Motorcycle alarms are really amazing and it enhances the safety and security of your vehicle. We cannot ignore the fact that our daily work activities rely on motorbikes. It makes our movement easier and least time-consuming.

In such a case, it is our responsibility to take its utmost care. Motorcycle alarm does not only enhances its security but also prevents burglars from touching your favorite bike. Check the reviews of the best product and consider your requirements first.

Consider each factor appropriately and invest in the one that suits your preference. After going through the above products, you would have gained enough idea about the prominent names.