Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Universal Handlebar 2. Gub 3. Mqouny 2 in 1
Universal Handlebar Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Gub Mqouny 2 in 1

Smart phones have brought in a revolutionary change in today’s world. Unravelling challenging ways, finding unknown ways to your destination with a smart phone and GPS technology in hand has become duck soup for anyone.

Driving your bike with your smart phone mounted in front of you as your GPS device, or as your music device, or just as your communicating device to take business or important calls.

In all these cases the priority is to have your phone mounted right in front so that it is easily visible, accessible and easy to operate accordingly, without posing much inconvenience while driving. They are no longer considered to be extras but have become an important device.

Now in order to experience a seamless drive on your motorbike with your smartphone, you need the best motorcycle phone mount, and here is the comprehensive guide you could look up to for the best buy.

Buying just any phone mount might not work out as handily as you expect until you know the specifications, features, size and technical edges to look in the latest phone mounts available in the market.

It can be a tedious task to find the correct, pocket friendly, smart phone mount for your bike unless you are well equipped with a complete knowledge of the most required features in a phone mount, the sizes available, the advanced technologies integrated, etc.

Therefore, read through to know more about the modern and advanced, cheap as well expensive, quality and worthy picks of best phone mount for motorcycle creating buzz in the market.

What Is A Motorcycle Phone Mount?

Tuning to your favorite must station or just offering ears to your essential business meeting, receiving urgent calls, or accessing on drive apps or simply the GPS you can hardly imagine a span of an hour or so without your smart phone.

Moreover, even while you are on the drive, phone mounts are tech gadgets which helps to hold your phone in a stagnant position while you are engaged driving.

These gadgets are designed technically to offer your phone a safe mounting on the front side of your bike where it is not only easily visible but can operate easily as well when required.

Since, on a bike there is a shaky movement while you are driving it is important that your phone which you might you as your GPS device or for other entertainment purpose or communicating, remains well clamped in position.

On top of being simply mounted, it is also important that it is clamped in its utmost functional position, where it is seamless to use it on the drive.

What Types Of Motorcycle Phone Mounts Are Available?

Since primarily the function of a phone mount is to keep the phone mounted in a definite position, at a convenient angle so that a driver can use the phone even while driving.

Now in accordance to the wide range of products available in the market in today’s date, there is a definite variety of styles of phone mounting. While looking for the best phone holder for motorcycle it is essential to know the most common variants of products.

1. Silicone Strap

This kind of phone mounts is designed for motorbikes which are typically attached to the handlebars with the help of a silicon strap.

Silicone is a material which is not metal and therein essentially saves and guards you from the disadvantages of using a metallic mount for your phone which are not suitable for all weathers.

Silicone phone mounts are designed to suit any weather whether rainy, sunny, snowy, etc. the most convenient part of using a silicone strap is that is it is washable, soft and bendable and highly durable.

Though it might lack the firmness of grip offered in clamp phone mounts and windscreens, yet it is a good pick if you are looking for something pocket friendly and easy to use.

2. Clamp

Clamp is the most popular type of motorcycle phone mount found in the market. This phone mount is designed specifically with a metal or hard plastic crafted clamp, which helps you to attach it on the handlebars of your motorcycle.

The rubber grip available of this helps to keep the phone in position while the silicone net allows the corners of the phone to be secured from damages. attaches to your handlebars via a hard plastic or metal clamp and features a rubber phone grip and silicone netting that secures the corners of your phone.

These clamps are not only used as phone mounts but are also popular as mounting option for GPS devices, Music devices and other devices as well.

3. Windscreen

As the name suggests, this type of windscreen mounting is typically designed for the windscreens of your motorcycle. Some bikers find it convenient to have their phones mounted at a greater height than handlebars.

This position is higher than handlebars which allow you better and enhanced visibility while driving. You can fetch this style of mounting gears if you have higher windscreens on your bike.

Features To Look For While Buying The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Now since motorcycle phone mounts are so important, it is important that you take into consideration the essential features which make a phone mount the best motorcycle phone mount for any bike.

Here are the top features to look up to in a smart buy of phone mount, in which you are investing your hard-earned dollars.

1. Absorb Shocks And Vibrations

Bikers can be of many type, cautious riders, adventurers, sports enthusiasts in love with challenging drives. Whichever type of biker you might be those two wheels needs to run over unknown bumps, narrow lanes, and slippery tracks so your phone is going to experience all the wobbles and trembles, jerking you can imagine.

Therein you need to have a phone mount which can essentially absorb shocks and trembles, over the speed bumps, uneven terrains, risky turns and potholes you cross by. A quality phone mount ensures high end shock absorbency.

2. Compatible With Your Smartphone Or GPS

Before you make a purchase of a phone mount it is perhaps most important to verify its compatibility with your phone or the GPS device you plan to mount.

The best way to check the compatibility is to know the range of the phone mounts capacity of holding any device, that is the maximum and minimum grip width and the width of your phone or GPS device.

Though nowadays most of the best phone mount for motorcycle in the market come with a dynamic range of width grip where any phone generally fits in.

You can also search with your particular phone model compatible phone mounts, or else check and verify the dimension, weight management range of the phone mount your pick.

3. Waterproof

Discussing about the best phone holder for motorcycle it goes without saying that one of the most common challenges which bikers must face is to withstand the weather outbursts, like hot sunny days, rainy days, snow, etc.

Which means even your mounted on a holder with have to go through the similar challenges, and rain always does not come with prior notifications.

Therefore, it is indeed important to be ready with a waterproof phone mount and keep your phone safe and ready even for those unexpected downpours.

4. Installation Grip And Clamp

The way your phone mount is attached to your bike as well as the attachment and clamping of the phone with the mounting gear ensures the overall safety, firm positioning and functionality that you expect by installing a phone mount.

X Grip or the Finger Grip are the most popular grips accredited by regular bikers for a firm and sturdy grip for your phone, mind it, while on road, on any terrain rough or easy, your phone needs to be essentially fixed to the mount, so that it doesn’t fall off on any sudden jerk.

The same goes with the clamp of the phone mount. Most of the best motorcycle phone mount in the market offer handlebar clamps or windscreen clamps.

5. Durable And Strong

When it is about mounting your phone on your bike, where if your phone suddenly drops out it will smash beneath the wheels, you cannot take chances with a poor, delicate phone mount.

Definitely, you need a strong, sturdy and reliable phone mount to stand against the odds of outdoor challenges like strong wind, heavy downpours, snow, storm, extensive heat of the sun, etc.

Therein you need a phone mount made out of strong, durable and reliable materials like ABS plastic, zinc alloy or aluminum. You can also seek for added features enhancing the reliability and durability of the phone mount like silicone or rubber crafted gripping bands, for enhanced firm grip.

7. Handlebar Compatibility

Well, though you get two types of clamping patterns for phone mounts like handlebar and windscreen, yet, handlebar designs are the most common and popular picks in the market.

Therein it is essentially important that you check the compatibility of the model you pick of phone mount and the diameter of your handlebar. The diameter of both the handle of your bike and phone mount needs to be of same range to work together and fit in properly.

You can check the product specification part of the product page to know more about the dimension of the phone mount. Sometimes searching with your bike model can also help to filter the relevant products as well.

8. Ease Of Installation And Use

Now no one ones to invest in a range of tools just to install a phone mount on the bike. Neither would you even like to give it a thought to hiring a professional just to install a phone mount on your bike.

Now, all these simplifies it down to the fact that a cell mounting gear can be the best cell phone holder for motorcycle when it comes along with an easy installation and using structure.

While going through product descriptions also check into specifications and reviews to know if the installation pattern is easy and can be done manually.

9. Swiveling Functionality

While driving it is quite impossible to change the fitting of your phone mount to angle the phone screen in a definite desired direction.

But the advanced best motorcycle phone mount nowadays is integrated with 360-degree swiveling capabilities so that even while you are on the toughest driving tracks, angling the phone screen in a desired angle and direction happens to be a child’s play.

Know more about the best motorcycle phone mount in the market this year. Here is complete end to end review of the top products, their advantages and disadvantages, in order to make your buying better and smarter.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2022

1. Universal Handlebar

Universal Handlebar Best Motorcycle Phone MountWhen absolute compatibility with kind of bike is your niche, Universal Handlebar Holder is the product you need to bag in. it is crafted for bike lovers, owning more than one bike. This is made for all tubular handlebars ranging within 0.6” to 1.4”.

The holder comes with a device holding range of up to 3.7”, which makes it a best buy for owners of iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Xs, Xr, Galaxy s10, iPhone 8 and Plus/Max and a wide range of latest smartphones ranging within this screen range.

Universal Handlebar Phone Mount is designed with absolute firm grip which ensures a secured and stable grip of your phone, along with comprehensive 360° rotation.

This means with a gaudy look of the holder made from rubberized ball and unique stylized brackets you get a hand over diverse range of angles to set your phone. Added with enhanced shock absorbency, this is a great companion for any rough biker.


  • Complete access to screen and all buttons of the phone while its mounted.
  • Compatible to almost all bikes with tubular handles.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Silicone belts and rubberized clips offer enhanced shock absorption with corner protection as well.


  • Not compatible for thicker handlebars.
  • Big size phones will not fit in this holder.

2. Gub

GubWith an escalated range of 50mm to 100mm fit for phones and GPS devices, you can expect an amazing range of adjustment for phones. Even smart phones up to 7 inches wide can fit in easily, a good pick for large phones like Huawei Mate 20 pro, iPhone Xr, X, XS, Samsung S8 Note9.

The design offered by GUB Motorcycle Phone Mount offers a unique combo of sturdy built with a soft cushioned protection for your phone, offering added shock absorption. The body is crafted with aluminum alloy with a cushion of sponge inside for security.

It comes with the most essential 360-degree rotation which ensures that you can angle the phone desirably on the drive. This makes viewing and using easier.

It is compatible for Motorcycles, MTB, E-Bike, Folding bike, etc. with a handlebar grip range of 31.8/25.4/22.2.


  • Suitable for large phones and GPS devices.
  • Offers 360-degrees rotational view.
  • Strong and durable


  • Do not have mounting clasps, therein does not fit in thicker handlebars.

3. Mqouny 2 in 1

Mqouny 2 in 1This is a compact and comprehensive solution for your Apple series smart watch and your iPhone.

This is perhaps one of the smartest buys in the market which offers compatibility with Apple watch series 4/ 3/ 2/ 1 as well as most iPhone models, with a wireless charging technology integrated in the stand.

MQOUNY has brought up one of the most dynamic charging and holder solution in one product which allows 2W charging for Apple Watch series 1/2/3/4.

It also offers dedicated 7.5W enhanced fast charging for iPhone X/8/ XS/ XR/ XS MAX/, and 5W fast standard charging for all Qi-Enabled Phones along with 10W speedy charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/ S9 plus/ S8 plus/S7/ S6 edge plus/ S7 edge/Note 5.


  • Smart and secure charging technology for iPhone and for iWatch
  • The product ensures no over-heating of battery.
  • Offers added compatibility with all Qi-enabled devices.


  • You need added QC2.0/3.0 power adapter or any 10W adapter as a support for fast charging since adapter is not included.
  • Price is on higher side.

4. Roam Universal Premium

Roam Universal PremiumRoam Universal presents Premium Bike Phone Mount crafted to offer absolute steady grip for all phones within 3.5 inches wide.

This feature makes it a popular pick for owners of iPhone 8 | 8Plus, iPhone 6 | 6s | 6 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 7 | 7 Plus, iPhone XR. It is also quite easily compatible with Samsung Galaxy range including Galaxy S9, S7 | Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 11, OnePlus 3, so on.

You can seamlessly adjust the holder with handlebars of grip ranging within 7/8” – 1-1/4” in diameter most common range for all standard bikes and motorcycles.

This product attracts maximized attraction for its huge handlebar clamp as well as high end plastic grip with silicone net offering enticing looks as well as completely tight grip as well.


  • Comes with largest handlebar clamp, therein good for thick handlebars.
  • Product comes with 100% money back guarantee on a range damage.
  • Maximum handlebar compatibility.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not a design for super sport bikes with typical clip-on style handlebars.
  • Removing the phone from flexible straps can be bit tricky.

5. Quad Lock Bike

Quad Lock BikeThis is perhaps the one stop destination for your iPhone X/ Xs phone. Quad Lock brings upon a design which you can boast about from a unique fascinating design, magnificently strong and sturdy in built as well as light weight.

One of the most attractive and nailing features of this phone mount for bikes is the patented lock system which has proficient dual-stage lock system, offering enhanced and advanced security in the attachment of your phone to your bike.

It is indeed a 5 minutes task to install and even dismount the holder to your bike with no additional tools required for the installation procedure. It is a perfect buy if you if your bike handle diameter is within 25-40mm.

It is a comprehensive solution for protective phone mounting since you get compact, slim and highly secured iPhone case, secured mounting solution, weather resistant cover and mounting equipment.


  • Advanced dual lock system offers pro security.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The screen works with the weather resistant cover as well.


  • Attaching plastic strips are not strong enough.
  • Case design is thick.

6. Vibrelli

VibrelliThe Vibrelli Universal phone mount is crafted for scooters, bikes, e-bikes, MTB, ATV’s with handlebar diameters from 0.9” to 1.3” inches.

This is one of the best phone mounts for motorcycle owing to its advanced three-layer secure mechanism, which comes with sturdy and tight grip side clamps and three Silicone Bands for added security.

This holder is claimed to offer extensive grip even to large phones up to 3.7 inches. It is ideal for iPhone 11, 8, 8 Plus, XR, 7, 7 Plus, X, XS, 6, 6 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10. One of the best parts is you don’t need to remove the phone from holder to access the entire screen, ear jack, music button, etc.


  • Triple secure design offers substantial security.
  • Offers optimum functionality with full screen access.
  • Offers optimum easy accessibility to all parts of the phone.
  • A pocket friendly buy.


  • Shock absorbance range is comparatively low.

7. Tackform

TackformIf you are struck with price range of this product, stop to know that it is perhaps one of the best investments you can make for your phone mount.

Tackform eliminates the need for added slings, with the cutting-edge material and technology integrated in the Metal Phone mount built with 6061 high grade machined aluminum.

The holder strength and functionality are invigorated with real industrial spring system mechanism, which offers an antiskid tight grip to your phone or GPS device.

Custom designed 7/8″, 1″, 1.15″ bushings are designed with seamless clamp mounts which can be directly mounted to bars even without bushing of 1.25″.

Besides, Enduro Series Motorcycle Phone Mount by Tackform offers compatibility to any phone and case, whether slim, protective, weather resistant, thick etc. Integrated dual articulation points allow easy installation on vertical Ape-hangers as well as straight bars.


  • Compatible with all phones of 3.4 inches width.
  • Seamless and ease of handling, with comprehensive accessibility.
  • Integrated spring system offers absolute firm grip.


  • Quite expensive, not fit for low budget.

8. Leepiya

LeepiyaLeepiya designs the 10W Qi Fast Charging Cell Phone Holder to fit a wide range of bikes and motorcycles including ATV, Snowmobile, E-bike as well as Boat handlebars with diameter range of 0.7 to 1.3 inches.

It also makes owning a large phone and carrying it in the drive easier with a capacity of holding large width phones of 4 to 7 inches.

It also comes with integrated 10W fast wireless charging technology for all Qi phones, with 12-85V battery enhancing the joy of long rides where you do not need to worry about phone going off.

4 corner claws offer seamless grip and premium security. Leepiya also takes care of offering enhanced shock absorbance mechanism, eliminating chances of your phone getting even a scratch. Reasonable price range clubbed with advanced features makes this one of the ideal buys.


  • Introduces new Anti-theft lock design with industrial strong Aluminum alloy clamp arms.
  • 360-degree universal rotational mechanism.
  • One button release system.


  • Needs motorcycle wiring installation.
  • Product does not come with an USB.

9. Caw Car

Caw CarSmart gripping clasps offer auto fit to smartphone devices with a width of up to 3.7” inches in the Metal Unbreakable Handlebar Holder.

The metallic bar clamp along with the strong high shock absorbency band wraps in four corners offers your phone ultimate secured grip, even on roughest rides.

The plastic is of high grade and the silicone net on top of that makes it more durable and reliable. Besides rubberized ball and bracket design enables comprehensive 360-degreee rotation, where you don’t need to move your hands to get portrait or vertical views.


  • Offers complete phone buttons and screen access while it is mounted.
  • Unbreakable design with metal clamps.


  • Not a good pick for thick handlebars where you need to remove the rubber padding for a fit.

10. Ram X-Grip

Ram X-GripRAM X Grip Large Phone Mount is built with a design for strong and sturdy gripping, with an industrial spring-loaded ‘X’ design.

The rubber caps in the design offers unparalleled grip, secured and protective holding, so that rugged driving does not bother the safety of your phone. Expect to a nice and tight fit for any handle within .5″ to 1.25″ diameter.

RAM also crafts double socket arm technology enhancing the adjustability range to the upper edge. In every sense Ram designs a powerful holder with uncompromising strength and durability using power-coated, high end marine-grade aluminum as well as industrial grade stainless steel components for absolute durability and reliability.

Therein this is a great pick for iPhone series including 7, 8, X, SE, Xs, Xr, Samsung Galaxy J7 Series, note 8, Note 10, S series, X cover and Google Pixel 3/3a.


  • Sturdy built, durable and strong.
  • High end adjustability.
  • Easy and hassle-free installation.


  • Rubber tips of the slide sometimes skids.

11. Bovon Anti-Shake

Bovon Anti-ShakeBovon brings upon a revolutionary design for bikes and motorcycle phone mounts, with unique anti shake technology, with 4 silicone fixed clamps offering steady anchoring.

Even while you drive on bumpy roads, this design allows you to experience a non-shaky and non-sliding phone mounting. The handle is compatible with 0.8 inches to 1.6inches.

Along with these, the product features premium scale PC and four corner protection, along 360-degree rotation.


  • Comprehensive accessibility to all parts of the phone while its mounted.
  • Easy installation procedure.
  • Anti-skid technology is an added attraction.


  • Not essentially compatible with thick phones or extended batteries.

12. Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone MountThis Metal Bike Phone Mount allows you to mount a device on most handlebars of bicycle, ATV and motorcycle which has tubular handlebars ranging within 0.2″ to 1.9″ inches in diameter. You do not need added tools and equipment’s for installation which takes hardly 2 minutes.

It also comes integrated with strong rubberized clips and silicone belts for additional firm grip. Position your phone according to your ease at any angle and enjoy ride with absolute handling ease.

The best part is there is no need the product offer easy accessibility to use screens, mic jack and buttons. It is indeed a good pick in the market for iPod owners as well.


  • Extra shock absorption and enhanced firm grip.
  • Easy adjustable grip


  • Not ideal for all type of phone, especially Samsung series

13. Tackform Enduro Series

Tackform Enduro SeriesTackform Enduro Series is one of a kind, with slick and astounding chrome finish built. Sturdy built with 6061 machined aluminum clubbed with industrial standard spring system is crafted in the Chrome Motorcycle Mount for Phone.

Perhaps this holder is made for all kind of bars like Zero Drag, Ape Hangers, High Drag, Keystone, Moustache, Zed, Maynard, Frisco, etc. The handlebar clamp is designed for any bar of 1.25″ Bars without bushing.

Aluminum ball and socket joining in collaboration offer seamless portrait and landscape viewing. Pick any phone with maximum 3.4 inches width and you can fit it with this phone mount.

Industrial spring grip calls for the lump sum investment, for the product is on a higher price range, but the tough built, extremely user-friendly design and iPhone and Samsung phone compatibility, makes it a good buy.


  • Extensive shock absorbency power.
  • Amazing strong and firm grip with the new industrial strength spring system.


  • The product is quite expensive, which calls for draining the pocket.

14. GUB Plus 6

GUB Plus 6One of the major issues with phone mounts is the range of adjustability capability, and with UB phone mount you don’t need to worry much about the fit for your large phone, which adjusts easily from 50mm to 100mm.

Any iPhone to smartphone, GPS device within 4 to 7 inches fits smartly. While driving on rough terrains, crossing over bumps rashly you not only need extensively tight clasp grip but also enhance shock absorbance.

GUB sports a strong aluminum alloy-built body of the phone mount with sponge meshed within to protect the phone from sudden vibrations and jerking.


  • Perfect product for iPhones, Huawei Mate 20 pro, Samsung large screen phones.
  • Complete 360-degree rotation without dismounting the phone from holder.
  • Affordable.


  • You can rotate the phone, but it does not allow tilt alterations.

15. iMestou

iMestouLooking forward to that quick charging partner on drive, iMESTOU presents the Qualcomm QC. 3.0 motorcycle handlebar phone bracket with the ultimate solution for superfast charging with an USB charging interface. The product offers quick charging at a speed rate of up to 3.4A 24W (max.).

Industrial quality aluminum mobile phone clasp, anti-theft lock mechanism involving a screw lock system, along with addition screw locks for handlebar fixings makes this a triple protective system to ensure complete tight grip, anti-shake mechanism.

Aluminum alloy-built structure not only exhibit absolute strength, reliability and durability but also gorgeous appeal as well. Wide range of compatibility of this product allows easy holding of all cell phones of up to 4 to 6 inches width.


  • Integrated IP66 waterproof plastic cover over the USB protects from rainy weather.
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy built ensures good strength.


  • The USB charging switch is below the plastic which needs to be on for use.

16. Leepiya

Leepiya Phone MountLeepiya presents the Cell Phone Holder with built in 5V 2.4A USB charging port so that you never run out of charge however far you might drive away.

All you need to do is to prepare a proper bike wiring for 12-85V battery of your bike to keep your GPS device, or phone charged all the time.

Leepiya being a leading bike phone mounting gadget manufacturer also takes due care to provide waterproof covering for the charging port, to protect it from rain and dust.

LEEPIYA sports a subtle design, splendid, highly functional, easy to install and use with durable ABS plastic offering enhanced sturdiness.

This is indeed a smart gear with single touch lock/release button, advanced flexible clamps crafted of nylon, offer shock absorbance, strong grip and steadiness for your phone.


  • Waterproof covering for USB port.
  • Smart charging option for a wide range of phone with width between 3.5 to 6.5 inches.


  • You need added tools to integrate the wiring to work the charger.

17. TruActive

TruActiveIf you are thinking of absolutely eliminating the story of fall offs of your phone, phone skids from phone holders, TruActive Premium Edition phone Mounts are the design sported for you.

In built custom lock security grip mechanism offering comprehensive end to end clasping with handlebars allows extensive tight and strong grip.

With TruActive it is experiencing nonslip, strong and durable built and anti-vibration padding. This enhanced gripping technology ensures 0% wobbling, scratching or sliding.

This is a one stop solution for Motorcycle, Motorbike, Stroller, Bicycle, ATV or Mountain Bike handlebars. The design of the holder includes 2 bolt sizes to fit in with 0.55” to 1.35” diameter handlebars. There is no need to look for options if you have your phone size within 4 to 6.5 inches.


  • Non slip and anti-slip technology offering absolute strong grip.
  • Good pick for large phones, iPhones.


  • Twisting the knob behind to operate the open and release of grip is bit clumsy.

18. Tackform Omni-Directional

Tackform Omni-DirectionalTackform Enduro Series brings forth the revolutionary phone mount with a 3.5″ metal arm offering astounding support against vibration.

The design of the holder comes along with dual thumbscrews which makes installation and dismantling of the holder from the handlebar easy as well as diversifies the range of positioning ease as well. Tilt, rotate, bend, it is unbreakable to extensive limits.

As the name suggests of the use of metal, this a strong built cell phone holder which allows any phone of up to 3.4 inches width. This is perhaps a clever pick for almost all standard sized phones. Comprehensive articulation allows to achieve easy portrait or landscape view of camera.


  • Industrial spring mechanism allows great strength and firm gripping.
  • Easy positioning is allowed in this holder.


  • It is not designed for large phones, therein not a buy suggested for large phone owners.

19. Leepiya

Leepiya Phone Mount with Wireless ChargerLeepiya perhaps known the nerves of bikers who love being on road and no one ever on a long drive likes to run out of phone charge, therein Leepiya brings forth the ultimate stop for phone mount, with 10W Qi Fast Charging both wireless and USB charging ports.

Strong handlebar clips allow firm grip as well as 360-degree rotation is incapacitated along with one touch release technology. This is a design crafted to suit modern bike riding.

Encapsulated within with rubber pads and foam paddings you get an anti-scratch, shock absorbing design, which allows your phone to be safe and secured even on challenging rough terrains. Besides there are 4 corner clamps which enhances the strength of the grip.


  • Product comes with an anti-theft cap which minimizes the scope of your phone being stolen.
  • Fast charging option both wireless and USB charging.


  • The USB is not included in the package.

20. Caw Car

Caw Car AccessoriesIf you own a bike, motorcycle, ATV with a handlebar measuring 0.2″ to 1.9″ in diameter simply get a CAW CAR metal Phone Mount which is most simple to install and does not require added tools. Easy to mount and use, this is a solution when you don’t want to invest in something bulk and expensive.

The design integrated he silicone belts for additional grip and firmness along with rubber clips. Place the phone in a position and minimize handling trouble while riding, for this holder also offers you 360-degree complete rotation. This means you can achieve portrait and landscape view easily on a single touch.


  • Requires no added tools for installation.
  • Optimum firm grip along with 360-degree rotation.


  • Not a design meant for large phones.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – Final Words

While on roads, the challenges that comes up is always unknown. You might or not face a rough journey, extensive uneven terrains, or even a smooth long ride where you might run out of your phone battery.

Keeping your phone charged or having your GPS system always active you, deciding the priority is your pick, so is deciding the right style of phone mounting.

However, the common thing you need to focus for any kind of choice is a strong and well-built model of phone mount, with good protection system, firm grip and durability.

It is also important to note if your phone mounting gear is offering your complete access to your phone while it is mounted or else you might need to stop every time you need to access the music button, mic jack etc.

You remove your attention from the roads. Above, you have comprehensive and detailed information on the top 20 picks on phone mounts for bikes this year to ease your buying choice making.

FAQS on Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts