agv k5 s

The AGV K5 is the new sports helmet from AGV, incorporating all of the development from their top end helmets, including the Pista GP of Valentino Rossi. The AGV K5 is the most affordable way of getting a leading AGV helmet which performs brilliantly in aerodynamics, fit, comfort and style. Scroll down to see our HD video of the AGV K5 and to read the full specification of these new AGV helmets, which includes solid colours, the You, Hero, Enlace, Hurricane, Drift and Roadracer graphics.

Customers who have bought the K5 have commented that this latest incarnation in the AGV helmets range is very comfortable, nice and light, has sufficient room for intercom speakers and is quiet, even at speed.

They also agree that the sun visor has a really nice, smooth mechanism, which helps hugely when you have your gloves on, plus the vents work nicely, providing a good flow of air to the brow and face, through the upper and lower vents. AGV have clearly achieved what they intended with this motorcycle helmet, incorporating the best parts of their most expensive helmets into the AGV K5, but at an affordable price for the everyday rider.

This is a great choice of helmet if you are looking for the best motorcycle helmets for your rides.