Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. HWK 2. Superbike 3. Seibertron
HWK Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Superbike Seibertron

Here, we have come up with a complete guide for you to choose the best summer motorcycle gloves that you would be proud to wear. Wearing motorcycle gloves not only keeps your hands and palms protected, but they look stylish too.

In this guide, we have explained why you need this gear, what factors you should consider while buying them, what are the different types available, and how to take proper care of them. Besides that, we have also shortlisted top 10 best motorcycle gloves for summer available in the market.

So, go through this guide to bring home the best motorcycle gloves as per your individual requirements and preferences.

What Are Summer Motorcycle Gloves?

There is a big difference between normal gloves we wear every day and the specialized summer motorcycle gloves. These gloves are specifically designed to match different bike riding styles, climatic conditions, robustness of material, etc. So, it is important to understand what kind of gloves will be ideal for your type of riding.

As you can see, most of the motorcycle gloves available in the market look common and cool, but what differentiates each of them is their durability, material, function, comfort, protection and so on. From the way the gloves are designed to the research and development done into them, it goes into making a specific type of gloves that can withstand the off-road falls, crash, and extreme heat conditions.

Types Of Summer Motorcycle Gloves

It is important to understand the different types of summer motorcycle gloves available out there, so that you can make an informed decision about selecting the best gloves:

1. Fingerless Gloves

These are the gloves that only protect your palms. Your fingers are not included in these gloves, which increases the risk of getting hurt or bearing the extreme climatic conditions.

2. Motocross Gloves

These are widely accepted gloves. You might have seen your favorite movie star wearing one. They look stylish, protect both your palms and fingers, and come with a strap over the wrist to make them secured. They work well as summer gloves.

3. Gauntlet Gloves

These are the gloves that come with added protection features, like several straps and locks over the wrist. Such gloves prevent your wrist from getting cut or hurt in case of a fall or crash while riding. They usually ride up halfway to cover your forearm.

4. Street Gloves

These are the new generation of biking gear that are much trending these days. These gloves are focused on protecting the rider’s hands during hard road surface crash or a similar incident. Since these gloves are slightly thicker than the usual ones, they are ideal even for most extreme weather conditions.

5. Summer Cruising Gloves

These gloves make your hand comfortable while riding a bike. The major attraction of these gloves is their ventilation feature, which offers sufficient air flow through them, so that skin can breathe and stay cool. They are made out of light weighted fabric, and they have a padding in the palm and around the knuckles for extra protection.
Apart from the above mentioned, there are racer gloves, adventure gloves, fall medium bike gloves, winter motorcycle gloves, and many more to choose from. You have to find the one that best suits your riding style and requirements.

Why It Is Important To Buy Motorcycle Gloves?

If you are a frequent or professional biker, you know how important it is to wear protective gear. A motorcycle rider should always wear helmet to protect the head, gloves to protect hands, appropriate eyewear to protect eyes, and so on.  If you feel that motorcycle gloves are less significant and wonder why you must spend your hard-earned money on them, then here are some good enough reasons to convince you:

1. Prevent Hand Injuries

Injuries to the hands are very common to occur to the bikers. Because as a motorcycle rider, you would instinctively throw your hands first to prevent a fall during an accident, the first thing that a concrete road or a rash surface hits is your hand.

When you are shopping for the best motorcycle gloves for summer, try to find ones that come equipped with palm sliders. These sliders are located on each side of the lower palm, so that your bones and ligaments stay protected due to extra protection given to the wrists and hands.

2. Offer Good Grip

The handgrip is another safety feature that motorcycle gloves offer. Most of the times, your hands get sweaty due to firm grip and heat, causing your hands to slip when riding on the road. This is risky and may put you in a position where you lose your balance.

The gloves designed to wear in summer conditions come equipped with silicone surfaced hands, thereby offering a safer and firmer grip. Some come with robust ventilation features too, so that your hands do not become sweaty and you do not lose your grip on your bike handles.

3. Give Abrasion-Resistance To The Skin

The gloves not only provide protection to the hands, but also offer comfort while riding. They help in preventing abrasion from outdoor elements like dust, pebbles, soil, etc. Also, driving a motorcycle without a glove will harshen the skin of your palms over time.

The bikers who ride without gloves are often seen developing rashes on their hands, resulting in various skin problems.

4. Prevent Numbness

While riding a motorcycle for an extended period of time, you must have noticed that your hands go numb from the constant vibration of the bike. The best summer motorcycle gloves give support to your hands and avoid direct contact between your skin and the motorcycle. As a result, feeling of numbness is prevented and you are able to drive for even longer.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Available in a wide range of choices, motorcycle gloves are stylish, comfortable, and equipped with great features like 100% crash protection. Below are the key considerations to look for when you are trying to buy the best summer motorcycle gloves:

1. Material

Motorcycle gloves are available in a variety of materials, each made out of unique features and promising several benefits to the motorcycle rider. The most common materials used for making these gloves include leather made of goatskin, sheepskin, deerskin, kangaroo skin, etc. However, some gloves are designed out of blended materials to make them abrasion resistant, water resistant, fire resistant, etc.

The ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions and crash situations largely depend on the material used for making your gloves. So, choose accordingly.

2. Breathability

Since wearing gloves in summer can make your hands sweaty, the pair that you choose should be made up of a breathable material without making heat inside. Cotton is the best material for such purpose. Some gloves also have a mesh surface, so that air can easily pass through them and your hands do not accumulate sweat.

3. Durability

The gloves that you choose should be durable enough to last long. Since you would be putting a lot of pressure on them while turning the handles, they should be sturdy enough to withstand the force.

4. Knuckle Protection

Knuckles are weak joints and they can easily get injured during a crash or fall. So, the best summer motorcycle gloves come with padding on the knuckle parts to keep them protected.

5. Size

It is important that you buy the right sized gloves. Gloves, when they are too tight or loose, will make you uncomfortable while riding a motorcycle. The gloves should be snugly fit when new. They will eventually loosen up a bit after using it over multiple times. But getting too small or too big gloves is not a good idea.

6. Features

The motorcycle gloves are now designed with unique features which make them worth buying. For instance, some of them have special fingertips with which you can operate the touchscreen of your smartphone. Some have padded palms to keep numbness at bay. Some also come with skid pads that protect your hands during a skid.

7. Quality Of Leather

If the leather condition is not good, how could your gloves last? Buying gloves made of high-quality leather is a must, as that would be pliable, they would be comfortable to wear, and also last for more years. Cheap quality leather gloves are no good even if you maintain them dearly. They will wear off quickly just after wearing them a few times.
8. Price

You would not want to spend a fortune on buying motorcycle gloves. They need to be reasonably priced without compromising on quality, durability, safety and comfort.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Gloves For Summer 2022

1. HWK

HWK Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

HWK is a well-known brand that you can trust while buying protective gear for your motorcycle. Riders across the globe prefer this brand for its premium quality and durability, especially in the realm of motorcycle gloves.

Their gloves are designed to ensure your safety and comfort, no matter which climatic condition you wish to ride in. Made up of 100% genuine cowhide leather, they come with 1-year warranty as well.

The gloves provide complete protection to your hands, as they come with built-in shock-resistant shell designed to prevent any cuts and scratches during a crash. The fabric is breathable, which is responsible for offering you an amazing riding experience.


  • Affordable pair of gloves
  • Comfortable and form-fitting
  • Manufactured by a respectable brand


  • It has a Velcro closure, which means it may lose its grip over time

2. Superbike


These gloves from the house of Superbike are specifically designed for male riders, hence the palm region will be a bit wider. Available in black and yellow colors to choose from, they are available in all common sizes.

These goatskin leather gloves have a buckle button that locks your gloves together when not in use. The gloves are available in both perforated and non-perforated styles with unique features like finger padding, knuckle protection, antiskid protection, touchscreen capability on index finger, and adjustable straps. The gloves have got everything that you can expect from the best summer motorcycle gloves.


  • They are durable and flexible
  • These gloves are perforated to provide better ventilation to your skin
  • Hard knuckles and soft fabric prove to be a great combination for your comfort and safety


  • The interior of the gloves isn’t as warm as expected

3. Seibertron


If you are looking for a fancy yet functional motorcycle gloves for summer, then Seibertron Dirtpaw gloves are definitely the ones to go for. Available in 2 different colors and sizes, black are meant for youth while red are meant for adults.

Providing maximum performance at an affordable cost, these great unisex gloves come equipped with hand and knuckle protection, thereby preventing you from any serious injuries during a crash, skid, or fall. The gloves are designed to be versatile that can keep you protected under all types of climatic conditions and biking events.

Whether you are mountain biking, downhill riding, or BMX riding, these gloves are most efficient in keeping you safe. The gloves come with no questions asked 30 days full refund policy and 1-year warranty if it has a manufacturing defect.


  • Provide greater protection to palms and knuckles
  • Fit well
  • Look stylish
  • Suitable for different climatic conditions


  • Black color is not available for adults, and vice versa

4. Milawaukee


The leather gloves are made out of premium quality leather equipped with perforated material which adds comfort and provides breathability to the wearer. The gloves have got the gel padding in the palm region, providing good grip while riding.

The gloves are stylish and fit reasonably well for the individual who is looking for outdoor biking adventures. It has a Velcro strap that keeps your gloves intact. The gloves are thinner and lighter, ideal for summer wear, and they are available in a variety of sizes.


  • They have a weatherproof design
  • Soft material provides good comfort to the wearer
  • Best summer motorcycle gloves under $25


  • Not ideal for other climates than summers

5. Jackets 4 Bikes

Jackets 4 Bikes

Whether you are a seasoned biker or just love to be on the motorcycle occasionally for a long ride, you will love these premium men’s motorcycle leather gloves from Jackets 4 Bikes. These gloves are designed out of premium quality Aniline cowhide leather, hence providing great quality, comfort and durability.

The bikers love this brand, because their gloves are extremely comfortable and come with breathable fabric. Soft in your hands and resilient, these gloves have a gel pad on the wrist to prevent disturbances from the vibrations. It has adjustable straps and hooks, which give a good grip to your hands.


  • Well-fitted
  • Great quality leather
  • Knuckle protection that just sits right
  • Great for daily riding


  • The gloves are not that flexible

6. Oro Biker

Oro Biker

These Oro Biker motorcycle gloves are made from premium quality goatskin leather with a summer mesh fabric that provides supreme breathability. The gloves feature touchscreen capability on the thumb and index finger, providing you the convenience of handling your touchscreen gadgets without taking your gloves off.

These also include significant features for protection, such as palm padding, knuckle protectors, and finger protectors. The fit is comfortable, as the gloves are diligently sewn providing durability.

They have adjustable Velcro straps that make it them suitable for Motorcycle racing, ATV riding, and other outdoor power sports. They are available in black, orange, gray, fluorescent green, black and white, and red colors.


  • Cushiony and soft leather gloves
  • Can withstand extreme wear and tear
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Reasonably priced under $25


  • Available in medium and large sizes only

7. Superbike


These are antiskid designed fingerless gloves for men from the brand name of Superbike. The design of the gloves helps in offering a good grip while riding. They have a lock feature, which helps in locking your gloves together when not in use.
They have foam padding on the fingers that offer added protection to your hands. Look fancy and stylish with genuine goatskin leather, the gloves are durable, light in weight, soft and perforated that allow your skin to breathe. The gloves are available only in black color, but in a variety of sizes.


  • Secured Velcro straps
  • Crafted out of premium leather
  • Good fit


  • Available only in one color

8. Alpinestars


Preferred choice for the motorcycle bikers, the Alpinestars SMX-1 are designed out of poly-blend reinforcements that have touch screen capability and foam padding feature. They are known to provide warmth, add protection, resist wear and tear, stay comfortable when worn. They can resist any extremities of climatic conditions, due to which they prove to be best cold weather motorcycle gloves as well.

There is an ergonomic stretch between the palm and the thumb, which allows easy mobility to the biker. Available in black, black and white, black and fluorescent red, and black and fluorescent yellow colors, they come in a variety of sizes as per the user’s requirements.


  • Touchscreen fingertips
  • Light weight and durable
  • Adjustable wrist straps


  • Inside padding is thin

9. Tour Master

Tour Master

Looking for adventurous outdoor riding gear? Tourmaster summer elite 3 men’s street racing gloves are the best. The brand strives to design best quality products only.

These gloves are made out of top quality nappa goatskin leather, which suggests that they are soft, protective and breathable. The breathable mesh top panels offer good ventilation and mobility to the rider. It can withstand extreme climates as well as fall-out, crashes, etc.

It has EVM foam quality pads offering resistance against vibrations and shocks during the ride. The thumb and index fingers have touchscreen capability, which allows you to use your touchscreen without taking your gloves off.


  • Made of top-quality goatskin leather
  • Touchscreen capability on thumb and index fingers
  • Soft, breathable panels come with added ventilation


  • Little expensive

10. ScoycoScoyco

If you are looking for sturdy yet stylish motorcycle summer gloves, then these anti-slip full finger motorcycle gloves from Scoyco is the one to go for. These gloves are designed with unique features, including chrome-plated TPU mold armor that acts as a shock absorber for your knuckles. They have an injection protection sheet located on the exterior and the base that provide extra protection to your hands.

They have mesh fabric in the interior that allows your skin to breathe, ensuring that your hands remain dry and relaxed while driving. With the antiskid feature, they provide you a good grip. The touchscreen capability on index finger allows you to handle touchscreen devices without any hassle.

All in all, these are premium quality gloves with all the desirable features, coming at a very affordable price of less than $20. Available in 14 different colors and designs, they are a great choice for biking lovers.


  • Touchscreen feature available on the forefinger
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Full coverage hand protection
  • Reflective design on the exteriors that help at the night time


  • Some users are not able to find their sizes


1. Why Is Breathability Important When Choosing The Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves?

The breathable fabric absorbs the moisture from the hands, leaving them dry for a long time, which is a necessity while riding a motorcycle. It helps in getting a good grip, offering a safe and comfortable ride to the biker.

2. Which Is Better? Leather Or Other Blended Material For The Motorcycle Gloves?

Well, it all depends on your requirement. If you are a casual biker, then blended components of the gloves are good enough. But if you are a racer and wish to have the gloves for many years in terms of comfort, durability and fit, then leather motorcycle gloves are great.

3. How Can I Know Which Is The Right Size For The Gloves To Order?

It is recommended to order the size that you normally wear. However, check for the specifications and instructions, which at times tell “the size runs small”, which means you need to order one size bigger. Some sellers also give you a size chart, based on which you can measure your hands and place your order.

4. Are Motorcycle Gloves Supposed To Be Tight?

Usually, they are supposed to be snugly fit without feeling irritated to your skin. Your skin must be able to breath, allowing good blood circulation to your hands and fingers. Mobility of hands should be optimum, and after taking off the gloves, ensure that there’s no cutting or developing any kind of rash.

Check in the specifications if there are any specific instructions about skin allergies.

5. Are Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves Safe?

Some gloves are fingerless, specifically designed for comfortable and unhindered biking experience. They are believed to absorb the vibration and shock and protect your hands from dangerous situations. So, they are good to go.

6. Will Leather Gloves Shrink Or Stretch?

No, if the leather is of high quality, it won’t shrink or stretch. However, you will require to take good maintenance of the gloves, ensuring they are cleaned and stored well.

7. Is Cleaning With Washing Detergent Recommended For Motorcycle Gloves?

When you are buying the best summer motorcycle gloves which are designed out of premium quality leather, they come with specific cleaning instructions. The brand mentions what kind of cleaning will be good for them. Also, if you browse the net, you will find several leather-cleaning sprays and liquids which are completely safe to use.

Taking Care Of Your Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Once you manage to choose the best motorcycle gloves, you can keep them for long with regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few useful tips:

1. Cleaning The Gloves

The sweat beads and harsh sun are not good on leather. If you are a frequent rider and you sweat a lot in your gloves, then it is important that you wash them at regular intervals or at least once a month. There’s a leather shampoo available as well as similar sprays that quickly clean your gloves and keep them fresh.

2. Taking Care Of The Stitching

This is another significant part of your gloves that would require good care. Often the stitching is delicate, depending on the kind of material it is being tailored. Hence, ensure that you are not harsh while cleaning your gloves, otherwise the stitching will come off.

3. Storing Them Appropriately

To keep your gloves in good condition, it is crucial that you store them at appropriate place. Do not just throw them into the wardrobe or drawers. If they have arrived in certain packaging and requires keeping them into, it is good that you place them accordingly. This will not only help in keeping their condition as new as when they were bought, but also improve their longevity.

4. Wear And Pull Off Your Gloves Carefully

This is a major mistake that many motorcycle bikers usually make. If you are careful while wearing and taking off the gloves, rather than roughly pulling them, it will minimize their damage, wear and tear, crumpling and stretching. You will see that this simple habit will last your gloves for long.

If you are thinking that what can be the right technique to pull off your gloves, then you should fold the cuff part first, and then gently pull the gloves over or off your hands. The fingers this way will automatically fit in, allowing the entire hand to glide in with ease. If your gloves have strap, ensure to unfasten it first while pulling them off.

So, Which Motorcycle Summer Gloves Should You Buy?

Comfortable, good quality leather, high performance, durability, right size, and value for money are some of the significant reasons we have enlisted the above-mentioned branded gloves for you. These brands have been known for having unique features and they have been praised all around for their quality and functionality.

In other words, they have stood the test of time. You can surely count on them to stay with you as your long-lasting protective gear.