Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Akaso2. Mengshen3. Kitronics
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Are you looking for the best motorcycle helmet cameras? Well, then you have just landed on the right page as here you will get comprehensive information on every aspect related to a good quality helmet camera and what essential to look for and keep in mind when shopping for one.

Nothing can compare to the exhilarating freedom one enjoys when riding a motorcycle; but, what’s even more important is your safety. Hence, investing in the right gear like a motorcycle helmet is a must. For most of us, we simply love riding the mobiles, and nothing feels quite like a motorcycle.

The thrill of controlling the powerful two-wheeled machine on those roads only heighten that enjoyment and experience. Motorcyclists around the world tend to feel like a part of a big community and feel as if they all have something in common.

Now that you own a motorcycle, you need to take good care of it and buy the right gear that comes with it. Along with stronger helmets, high-quality jackets, pants, gloves, and boots, you also need good quality cameras with those helmets. Safety, comfort, and protection are the biggest essentials when riding a motorcycle.

What Is A Helmet Camera?

The helmet camera, also known as a micro video camera, is a closed-circuit television camera that is fixed to the helmet of a motorcycle. The purpose behind this is to make a visual recording of their ride while keeping their hands and vision free.

These small cylindrical cameras are available in different shapes and forms and typically look like a bullet or a tube that you can find in lipstick. A video recording device is connected to the Helmet cameras and carries a video input capability.

There are two types of helmet cameras: CMOS and CCD type.

1. CMOS Helmet Cameras

CMOS helmet cameras use complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor and runs on 5 VDC. The CMOS helmet cameras draw less power and are smaller than the CCD helmet cameras.

2. CCD Helmet Cameras

It works on charged couple device. It is more powerful than CMOS cameras. Their analog type signals create better color reproduction and superior picture quality. These cameras operate on a charge-coupled device image sensor or CCD sensor.

Motorcycle Helmet cameras are indeed becoming increasingly popular, and there are many good reasons behind it.

Why Wear A Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

There is a growing demand for helmet cameras among the professional and serious motorcyclists who are more aware and are looking for 100% protection on those roads. Moreover, filming is completely legal in public, and only the very best motorcycle helmet camera can give you quality video footage.

Let us take a look at the different reasons why motorcyclists are buying a helmet camera:

  • Recording your ride allows you to capture some of the most thrilling moments of your ride and re-live those moments once you are back.
  • Many motorcyclists wear helmet cameras to protect themselves from bad drivers, and the footage can serve as a valuable piece of evidence in case of an accident or confrontation.
  • If your fellow or other motorcyclists on the road are aware that you are using a Helmet cam, they will be conscious of the fact and avoid getting into road rage or show aggressiveness of any kind.
  • As the camera never lies, the recording can be of immense value in case you land in some kind of accident and want to prove your point. All you need to do is show the tape.
  • Certain models of camera record the speed and other information, and that can be a massive advantage. You can safeguard yourself against false accusations of speeding as you can show them the speedometer in the footage.
  • You can edit and create some professional footage for YouTube and Facebook posts. Go ahead and use the footage to showcase your motorcycle skills and your adventures on the road. Today, one can easily share the footage with their friends online or design a training video.
  • Many people use these camera recordings to prepare professional videos for their travel blogs.
  • Record potential accidents and help to recall a series of events that lead to the accident. Having a camera on the helmet means instantly pulling up the footage that works as strong evidence.
  • Options such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and hands-free control add to the multi-functionality of the motorcycle camera and gives more freedom and usefulness to the riders.
  • Get different angles while on the road as the motorcycle camera captures the footage from different angles, you get a different perspective on your journey. You can rewind and see something exciting that you missed while on the road.
  • The compact and sleek helmet cams today are finding increasing use in different areas and applications. Apart from the mountain biker and video enthusiasts, the best motorcycle helmet camera is enjoying newer applications and uses.

Different Applications Of Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Motorcycle helmet cameras are commonly used by motorcycle enthusiasts who love to capture the essence of the sports they are so much in love with. However, it is not just the motorcyclists who find these cameras useful.

Here are some useful applications of motorcycle helmet cams:

  • Paraglider pilots like to wear a helmet camera to record their flights from unique camera angles and different perspectives.
  • Cyclists are increasingly mounting cameras to their helmets to record their journeys and for safety reasons as well as to prove their point of view.
  • Firefighters too have started to use helmet cams to record the evidence and allow training firefighters and non-firefighters to see the reality of what occurs at the site of a fire inside the building.
  • The military has long been known to use helmet cameras and record live footage of their operations. It is not uncommon to see soldiers in action carrying helmet cameras when on a mission.
  • Discovery Channels are known to make good use of the helmet camera for their documentation of sensitive areas and especially when recording war footage.

Needless to say, these cameras are not some fancy accessories or a toy but are valuable learning tools that record procedures. Go ahead and buy one of those best motorcycle helmet cameras out there and use it to your full advantage. But before you go ahead and look for the best options in helmet cameras, learn a bit more about them and how they function.

How Does A Motorcycle Helmet Camera Work?

Helmet cameras are the perfect device to create high-thrill footage on an exciting road trip on a motorcycle. After all, those daredevils would indeed want to re-live their outdoor experiences and enjoy those high-definition images and videos.

The best motorcycle helmet cameras you come across today are compact, sleek, waterproof, and lightweight. Based on innovative modern technology, these cameras promise the best quality when it comes to images and videos. Whatever model and brand you buy, a true helmet camera is the one that has been designed and mounted to provide the best point-of-view to the user.

There are two models available for motorcycle helmet cameras, the Single Unit, and Integrated.

1. Single Unit – The single unit helmet cameras are designed for riders who look for basic recording and may just want to capture video shoot in lower aspect ratios.

2. Integrated – The Integrated helmet cameras come with additional bonuses such as GPS, 4K video, and Wi-Fi and are meant for those riders looking for better quality recording and editing features. The Integrated units are more robust and slightly larger when compared to the single-unit devices.

The smallest and the lightest options are the all-in-one helmet cams, in one piece that does away with the cords and recording unit in the two-piece unit. The smallest overall package is small cylindrical cameras with a built-in media reader. However, the two-piece unit gives you the advantage of the mount in the camera correctly to shoot at an angle you desire.

Two-piece designs camera is connected via a cable to a recording unit separately. The advantage of a one-piece unit that one need not bother with cables and the benefit of the two-piece unit is that the LCD screen works as a viewfinder that allows you to review the footage and know the quality of the captured shots and adjust the angle.

As helmet cameras are meant to record videos, you won’t find huge pixel counts. However, there are best motorcycle helmet cams brands that are going to give you a better resolution. So, it all boils down to choosing the best quality helmet camera.

Features To Consider

Here are some other features to consider when buying the best motorcycle helmet camera.

1. The Image And Lens Quality

One of the first things that must be considered while buying a helmet camera is the quality of the image and video. A good quality motorcycle helmet camera typically delivers 640-by-480 and 769-by-494 resolution video, which looks great on a standard definition TV. Most cameras offer a slightly wider field of view than the human eye because of a wide-angle lens.

Most of the helmet cameras come with CMOS image, sensors which are small, but you must not compromise with the image quality. Always stick to the one which offers good image quality. Most cameras provide 100-degree vision.

Go for a wide-angle lens that offers you a better chance of getting the shot you would like. However, avoid opting for an extremely wide-angle lens as you are not used to looking at the world from such a wide-angle.

2. The Resolution

A good quality motorcycle helmet cam necessitates a higher resolution and a higher resolution means superior quality video in high definition. The most common resolution is1080p, and it is easy to edit the resolution on most computers without any issue.

3. Loop Recording

The benefit of having the feature of loop recording is that it allows on to record continuously without
worrying about the space is on the camera’s SD card. Many cameras activate loop mode when the shock sensor notices an impact.

4. Protective Casing

The camera mounted on the helmets too needs protection and its own protective case that keeps it safe in case of a strong impact or jolt on the road. Look for a durable and reliable case for protecting the camera, and it should be strong enough to let the camera keep on recording even if there is a collision or an accident. Continued and uninterrupted recording allows you to record as to what led to the impact.

5. Waterproof

Since you will wearing this helmet under all kinds of weather conditions, make sure that you invest in the one which is waterproof.

6. Durability

The best motorcycle helmet camera offers durability, especially under adverse conditions. If your camera is not strong enough and vulnerable, it is likely to suffer from those minor scrapes and concussions you might face on the road. Go for a camera that is durable, waterproof, and shockproof.

7. Recording Time

The recording time will rely on the batteries, and most of the helmet cam run on AA batteries, As there is no issue about changing the batteries while outdoors, one can opt for rechargeable AAs that promise a much longer and durable life for recording. Typically, one should enjoy five or six hours of recording between the change of batteries. You might get longer life if your helmet cam uses a proprietary battery, but it is easier to get AA batteries while on the move.

8. Remote Control

The feature of r remote control is essential, and one can choose infrared (IR) remotes or radio frequency (RF) remote. IR remotes can be a problem if you are used to keeping the recording unit in a backpack. RF remote makes for a better choice for those using a two-piece unit.

9. Microphone

Most motorcycle helmet cameras can record sound, but keep in mind that when in an exposed condition, it is likely to pick up wind noise that you would not want to record. So, get a camera with an external mic jack, and that comes with a wired or wireless microphone. The microphone can be placed inside a helmet and will not record the noise or sound due to winds.

10. Internal Memory

Some cameras do come with pre-built memories but can impact the product’s productivity. While buying a helmet camera, check the pre-built memory that it has; some cameras have the provision of adding SD card to enhance the size of the memory. A card is easy to use, and with the help of USB cable, you can easily transfer the images and recordings to the PC or laptop.

11. Built-in Wi-Fi

For some riders, the feature of Wi-Fi but the helmet camera with Wi-Fi should be compatible with your smartphone or tablet. The built-in feature of Wi-Fi allows seamless connection and uploading of the videos. You can opt for the Wi-Fi functionality if you really need it.

12. 3D Kit

It is helpful in pairing two cameras together and coupling it with 3D glasses as well. So, if you are looking for some outstanding experience, then you must check for this feature as well.

13. Other Accessories

To complete the gear, shop for helmets, pole mounts, straps, and harnesses as it makes it easier to use the camera.

Many buyers are confused and often wonder if it is legal to have a camera attached to the motorbike helmet while riding. Well, a lot relies on how an approved motorbike helmet is defined in the local legislation of their country.

The rules for the motorbike rider are different when the bike is stationary and parked and when it is moving. For example, when the motorbike is moving, the rider must wear an approved helmet that securely fastened on his head.

According to the legislation, the bike helmet must comply with the defined standards. In some legislations, there is ambiguity regarding cameras attached to the helmet. In some states, any drilling of holes into the helmet to mount the camera is seen as illegal as it harms the structural integrity of the helmet. Be wary of the rules and regulations in your state regarding helmet cameras.

Thankfully, motorbike helmet cameras are getting commoner and advanced and are not considered illegal. There is no law against fitting anything to a helmet, and if the structural integrity of the helmet is not tampered with, you cannot be pulled over by any cop. Today, the latest cameras are getting more compact and powerful and can be easily fitted via a suction cap or use a clamp to screw to the side.

Now that you have bought a good quality motorcycle helmet cam, the next step is to mount it carefully on the helmet.

How To Mount Helmet Cameras?

Handle the helmet camera carefully as you would like to mount it in the best possible position and securely.
One of the toughest things is figuring out where you want to fix the camera and how you can keep it put in the same position.

When you are looking for the motorcycle helmet cams, look at the mounts carefully and asses if they will work with your helmet. Most cameras come with a range of adhesive-backed Velcro pieces that can help to fix the camera to the helmet. The option of zip ties allows you to use the camera in conjunction with custom mounts.

Before you go ahead and buy helmet cameras, it becomes important that you must choose the one which has all the features and is durable. Also, the cameras must adhere to the helmet tightly so that it doesn’t fall apart when you drive off-road.

When mounting the camera, pay close attention to the bumps and vibrations, you are likely to experience on the road. You would, of course, not want shakier footage, and if you fix the camera securely to the helmet, your body works like a shock absorber.

As some helmets are not necessarily smooth or have a crease, they can lead to mounting problems, so if you have a helmet with an unusual shape, you might have to use a zip-tie mount or a custom mount when fixing the camera. So while mounting the camera, you need to find a flat surface on it so that the camera sticks to it tightly.

The easiest way to configure the mounting position is to assume as to where you would be shooting. Shoot some test footage once you mount the camera and adjust the mounting position accordingly.

Ensure that the camera is rigged properly and use extra Velcro and any other appropriate adhesives to mount the camera securely and firmly. After all, it is only when you are on the actual road that you will know about the stability of the mount. It is a good idea to carry extra Velcro, zip ties, duct tape, etc.

Now that you know what features to look out for in a motorcycle helmet camera, go ahead and start browsing. However, you should know what aspects to look for precisely in the top-quality motorcycle helmet cameras.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Check out the top-rated features the most popular helmet cameras boast of.

  • Captures the footage in 4K at 25 frames per second or at 30 frames per second for sharper videos.
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries for longer shooting times
  • Has built-in Wi-Fi for easy uploading and sharing of videos
  • Captures more because of 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • A good-sized LCD screen to view everything in real-time
  • The toughest quality waterproof casing for the camera

There are some downsides to look for and avoid when shopping for these cameras. For example, a poor-quality microphone can hamper the sound quality, and the recording will carry lots of noise from the background.

Sometimes, compatibility issues might emerge while transfering the images and videos, so you must check this factor beforehand. Another drawback can be the incompatibility of the camera with Mac products.

With the best motorcycle helmet cameras becoming more and more affordable and the advent of YouTube and Facebook, every biker is jumping in and making videos of their rides.

While not all of them are exciting, there are a few that really catch your attention, thanks to the superb quality and professional editing. Every biker should be aware of some useful tips on how to take full advantage of their helmet camera and create outstanding stories through their recording.

How To Take Care Of The Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

Even the best motorcycle helmet camera won’t last long if you do not take good care of it or use it properly as per the instructions. Here are some useful tips on how to keep the helmet camera in good condition, when it comes to looks and performance.

1. Before The Ride

Even in the cleanest of homes without pets, there is going to be a little dust, and that minute amount of dust particles are enough to ruin the camera and its lenses. Make it a part of your regular routine to keep the camera perfectly clean and especially before you go for the bike ride. It will help in capturing clearer images.

2. After The Ride

Regular maintenance and upkeep enhances the life of any product, and so is applicable to the hamlet camera. After every ride, remove the equipment and clean it carefully. It’s vital to keep the camera and mount clean, both before and after a ride. Having a piece of clean equipment is essential if you do not want to compromise on the quality of the video.

3. Be Extra Careful With The Lens

Take care when cleaning the lenses as they can scratch easily. Use a lens cleaning solution and a soft microfiber cloth to keep the lenses free of any dust particles.

4. Clean The Mount Too

It is not just the camera and the lenses, but you need to pay attention to the mount too. If the mount is dirty, the dust can reach the camera and its lens.

5. Proper Storage

When the motorcycle helmet camera is not in use, ensure that it is properly packed and stored in a cool, dry place. Store it carefully in a sturdy box and keep a lens cleaning kit along with it for the efficient and regular cleaning process.

If you’re serious about the motorcycle helmet camera, you are sure to take good care of it. Just follow the above tips and guideless to not only buy the best motorcycle camera, and also keep the camera in good working condition for years.

If shopping for the best motorcycle helmet cam, just browse through the following product information that is based on expert reviews and customer feedback. Here are some of the most popular helmet cameras for your motorcycle, and each of these products is known for their outstanding quality and innovative features while going easy on your wallet.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2022

1. Akaso EK7000

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

If you are looking for a professional 4K Ultra HD action camera, then go for this Akaso EK7000 model. It comes with unique features like 12MP photos with 30 frames per second. Look at the world in an all-new way, and the wireless wrist remote control allows better control over the camera and makes the video recording a lot more convenient.

Look forward to longer recording time with two rechargeable 1050mah batteries. Share all that action in minutes, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI. The waterproof helmet camera can withstand extreme environments and is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • It is completely waterproof; you can dive up to130 feet without worrying about hampering its quality and functioning.
  • It’s perfect for those who are looking for participating in sports like diving, surfing etc.
  • It comes with the adjustable viewing angle.


  • It doesn’t come with autofocus.

2. Mengshen


The motorcycle helmet video cam from Mengshen is perfect for outdoor shoots. It is a full HD 1080p cam and can work for a longer time and supports high capacity TF card. It has a microphone and an in-built lithium-ion battery.

Despite the small size, the high-resolution cam offers 120 degrees wide-angle, which makes it perfect for shooting various occasions with multi-angle. Capture ultra-clear pictures even in the dark thanks to the high-quality photosensitive element. The aluminum alloy design of the camera makes it light, sturdy, and water-resistant.


  • It offers excellent picture quality.
  • It offers easy switching between 720/1080.
  • The wide-angle ensures the better and clear picture.


  • It is not waterproof.

3. Kitronics


If you are looking for a full-HD recording camera that is sturdy and can be used ruggedly, then you must try the waterproof sports camera by Kitronics. The camera offers a wide-angle picture capturing features that let you get a clearer picture.

It comes with a 2-inch LCD screen which helps in viewing the recordings easily, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It comes with a waterproof case that keeps the camera protected, even under the splashes of water.


  • It comes with micro SD.
  • You will also find the infrared remote control, which can be accessed from a distance of 16 ft.
  • It comes with a long battery life that lets you record videos for 90 minutes.


  • The picture quality is not that great as compared to other cameras.

4. Armogear’s Kids Camera

Armogear’s Kids Camera

Rugged, sturdy, and durable, that’s what this Armogear’s camera is all about. It’s a great camera that easily snaps on your motorcycle helmet. It also comes with video recording. The cam aloes the kids to record high-res videos while on the move and in sharp, vivid detail, thanks to the 1080P/30FPS or 720P/60FPS settings. Moreover, the 120° wide angle gives you a clearer picture.

The camera is easy to mount and allows the kids to enjoy hands-free recording. The shock-resistant body of the cam makes it durable and withstand bumps and falls that are common with rough-and-tumble kids. Enjoy money-back guarantee as well as certification for 100% child safety.


  • The picture quality is clear.
  • You will not face compatibility issues with this camera.


  • It comes with only a 512MB SD card, which is quite low if you are planning to use this camera for recording and getting a large number of pictures.

5. Yelin Action Camera

Yelin Action Camera

If you are looking for the best quality sports camera that can give you excellent pictures and 4K video recording, then this camera by YELIN is something that you should be looking at. YELIN helmet cam is a full HD action camera with a 120° wide angle that allows clear audio and video shots of yourself and the surroundings around.

The camera comes with 900mAh, 3.7V Lithium battery. Enjoy continuous video recording for three hours, thanks to the two rechargeable batteries. The camera is easy to mount and handle, thanks to the plentiful of accessories. The camera is great for adults as well as for kids and allows for a basic video shooting and documenting your adventures.


  • It is easy to use, and you can easily mount it on the helmet.
  • Go for this camera as it offers a clearer picture.


  • The camera doesn’t have the Wi-Fi feature.

6. Akaso Brave4

Akaso Brave4

It is the upgraded version of AKASO EK7000. This camera features is 1080P/60FPS video resolution and allows you to capture some incredible shots and videos at 4K/24fps and 2K/30fps. Besides, it also features 20MP photos.

One of the notable features of the Brave 4 camera by Akaso is that it features multiple angle shoot at 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° that helps you get a great picture. The built-in smart gyroscope makes the action camera anti-shaking and stabilizes the image for a much smoother shoot.

It also comes with built-in WIFI and HDMI means instant uploading and sharing of your videos from the App on your phone. This underwater camera is perfect for water sports shoots such as surfing, diving, and swimming.


  • It is waterproof.
  • The camera gives you the flexibility to shoot at different angles of 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°.


  • There is no lens protector.

7. ACT76 Campark

ACT76 Campark

ACT76 Campark waterproof camera delivers professional capturing of images and video with 4k 30fps resolution. The advanced Sony sensor comes with a 170-degree wide-angle lens and32gb on a micro SD card that allows you to capture all the background details.

The wireless remote control makes it convenient for you to shoot in difficult positions with this underwater camera that comes in a waterproof case. Enjoy longer battery life, thanks to the two rechargeable 1050mah batteries.

This state of the art camera comes with 2.4GHz remote control and Wi-Fi for better connectivity. For the detailed capturing of the picture, it comes with 65 feet detection range. This camera has a faster trigger speed, which lets you cover a larger area every minute.


  • Comes with remote control and Wi-Fi.
  • 20-meter triggering distance in night vision for a better quality picture.


  • Doesn’t come with an additional SD card.

8. Hero 7

Hero 7

If you are looking for a helmet cam with hyper smooth stabilization without the gimbal, go for Hero7 black that delivers insanely smooth footage minus all that camera shake. Enjoy super stabilized time-lapse videos as you shoot the moving scene with a higher speed up to 30x. It also lets you enjoy the feature of live streaming; now this is a pro for all those who love to capture every moment and share it.

The cam applies HDR intelligently based on local noise reduction and tone mapping for optimized shots. Capture insanely detailed videos with this waterproof helmet cam and enjoy live streaming of stunning 4K60 video and 12MP photos to Facebook and stay in the moment


  • Gimbal like stabilization.
  • Control this camera with Voice-control.
  • Enjoy a slo-mo video with this camera.


  • Poor battery life.
  • No live streaming in 4K.



Take your camera usage to the next level with this amazing waterproof camera by DJI OSMO. It allows you to capture your adventure with the touch of a button and effortlessly. Get crystal-clear pictures in any setting, thanks to this versatile action camera loaded with advanced technology. Enjoy the 8x slo-mo recording with 1080p resolution and 240fps.

Take advantage of the reliable stabilization technology based on complex algorithms that creates shake-free footage no matter how rough it gets outside. Now you can feel confident about capturing rich details with 4k/60fps at 100mbps video and with jaw-dropping clarity. Custom exposure settings allow simplified use with upgraded efficiency.


  • It’s a waterproof camera, so enjoy seamless capturing.
  • 8x slow-motion recording.
  • The QS button lets you easily switch the settings.
  • Excellent stabilization while capturing the picture.


  • App connection failure on many devices.
  • Limited accessories.

10. Drift Innovation Ghost X

Drift Innovation Ghost X

Are you looking for a camera that offers a great battery life and excellent picture quality? Then this camera by Drift Innovation is the right match for you. With 5-hour battery life and full HD 1080p, the Drift Ghost X Action cam is perfect for those looking for perfect recordings with longer battery life.

Now you can align your shoot easily, no matter what the mounting position, by simply adjusting the rotating lens that can turn up to 300 degrees.

This camera features a clone mode that lets you sync up to 10 x or 4k ghost cameras via Wi-Fi, and as you change settings on one to start recording, the setting on the rest will change automatically.


  • Clone mode allowing syncing of cameras.
  • Compatible with all drift mounts.
  • Long battery life of 5 hours.
  • 300° rotating lens for better capturing.


  • you cannot overwrite the disc, it has to be formatted.



BOBLOV dual-channel camera is packed with features that make it ideal for super wide-angle shots in detail when recording. With features like FHD1920x1080P 30fps and front and rear camera with a 140° angle, the dual-channel motorcycle dash cam comes with an intelligent energy-saving system and is easy to install.

It comes with a long-lasting battery life of 2.5 hours. WIFI connection and remote controller add to the capabilities of this amazing cam, which is ideal for motorcycle helmet as well as for other helmets used in outdoor activities. You can easily mount the cam on different helmets, based on your needs.


  • Excellent picture quality.
  • It offers the energy-saving mode wherein, if the camera stays static for 3 minutes, it will auto-off.


  • You need to purchase an extra SD card for it; it is not included in the package apart from the one that comes with the camera.

12. Crosstour CT7000

Crosstour CT7000

This compact, yet impactful camera gives you complete leverage to shoot at wide-angle and clear pictures. Get this wide-angle sports camera with 12mp 1080p photo resolution that allows you to capture high-quality videos every time. Look forward to a waterproof performance at 30 meters thanks to the solid waterproof case. Now you can explore the unknown underwater world and document your actions.

The wireless remote-control connection means you can download, delete, and view files directly. The two rechargeable 1050mah high-capacity batteries mean longer recording time. Use those multifunctional accessories to your advantage and capture videos or pictures more clearly.


  • It comes with a rock-solid waterproof case.
  • It comes with a screen saver setting, which helps in saving energy.
  • It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries.


  • Though the shooting quality is good, you can only use it for 90 minutes once completely charged, while there are other cameras that
  • give you the leverage of shooting for more than 2.5 hours.

13. WonVon MT1 LCD

WonVon MT1 LCD

The pioneer LCD Motorcycle Cam from WonVon comes with front and rear cameras for continuous & loop recording. With its SONY IMX 323 CMOS sensor, you can easily capture images in the night vision. For audio recording, this camera comes with a built-in mic. If you are a lover of photography, then this is a must-have camera for you because it is compatible with a 256 GB micro SD card.

The 2.7-inch LCD monitor and the built-in microphone makes the recording much more convenient. G-sensor technology saves the footage in case of any shaking or collision. Install the GPS module& Wi-Fi based on your needs. Enjoy loop recording of 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes. All-in-all it’s a great action camera.


  • It comes with G-sensors that automatically locks the video in case there is a collision.
  • Clear picture quality, even in the night vision.


  • You may face some issues with the Wi-Fi link.

14. Blueskysea DV688

Blueskysea DV688

Blueskysea motorcycle dash cam is the perfect device to use on a rainy day for recording videos and images. Equipped with impressive features like 1080p dual lens, 2.35″ LCD waterproof screen, a 130-degree angle, the
DV688 motorcycle video recorder is known to offer great image quality.

The waterproof unit comes with the latest version and offers particularly bright and clearer results during the night time when compared to other Dash cameras. The GPS function is optional, and the cam can easily handle both front and rear 1080P graphs.


  • It offers amazing image capturing in night vision awesome night time at 1080p.
  • It’s completely waterproof.


  • The dynamic range of the camera is bad; sunlight may spoil the recording.

15. HaloCam M-1

HaloCam M-1

This camera is specially designed for motorcycle riders and creates an ultimate experience for the riders when documenting their adventures. The helmet camera is equipped with features like a well-designed. The M1 video recording system combines the 1080P video with WIFI & GPS.

The dual lenses motorcycle security camera offers an enhanced imaging performance even in dark light, thanks to the SONY IMX323 CMOS. It comes with a 12V to 5V power cord that helps you to connect with the ignition switch so that you can enjoy seamless recording.

Featured with F1.8 large aperture, it means 30% more light that makes it functional even in the night. View, upload, or download data anytime and share the videos directly on your phone.


  • It comes with a waterproof lens.
  • It comes with 1080p cameras on the front and rear.
  • Excellent picture quality.


  • Battery drains off quickly.

16. OBEST Dash Camera

OBEST Dash Camera

OBEST Motorcycle Dash Cam is an excellent choice as it comes with features like automatic recording, waterproof, loop recording, motion detection, gravity sensor & emergency lock. The 1080p dual-lens video recorder promises fantastic picture quality and with a much wider field of vision.

The lenses can withstand water immersion, and loop recording function ensures that the new video overwrites the original video automatically. Gravity sensor technology keeps the camera safe from any shocks and shakes and keeps those important video files protected.


  • It comes with a highly sensitive camera.
  • It captures clear images.


  • The rear camera is over-exposed.

17. Vsysto Action Camera

Vsysto Action Camera

Vsysto Backup Camera is a professional motorcycle dash camera that comes with 1080p resolution at both front and rear and with a wide170 degree angle view. It is great for a motorcycle rider out at night and is powered directly by the motorcycle engine. Thus, there is no need to recharge or change batteries.

The dual fish-eye camera comes with 7-full glass lenses and has been specially designed for motorcycle riders. It is both water and accident-proof, and one can easily share the images and videos anytime.


  • It is a waterproof camera.
  • It comes with 3-axis stereo collision detection.


  • While recording sound, you might face interference from the electronics of bikes.

18. Akaso EK7000 Pro

Akaso EK7000 Pro

AKASO EK7000 Pro camera comes with an intuitive UI design that delivers 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps videos. What makes the cam much easier to work with is its adjustable view angle and a helmet accessories kit.

Now you can capture all those details of your adventure with unparalleled clarity, and it is so easy to change the setting of the cam or switch to various shooting modes or preview footage. Create steady and smooth videos because of the electronic image stabilization feature, and an upgraded waterproof case makes this camera functional even underwater.


  • Easy to use action settings.
  • Good quality picture.
  • Affordable.


  • Doesn’t come with a long-lasting battery life of only 40 minutes.
  • The USB port gets hot after prolonged usage.

19. DBPower D-2

DBPower D-2

Now it is going to be a lot more fun and easier to shoot and preview those adventurous moments while on a motorcycle ride. All you need to do is buy the DBPOWER Ultra HD Action Camera with built-in wifi and 1050mah rechargeable battery. Look forward to proficient 4k/25fps video recording with a 170-degree wide-angle and with much detailed imagery.

The easy to handle and a portable camera makes it a lot more fun to shoot those adventurous moments and looping video feature only enriches the experience. A tough waterproof case and sturdier covering ensure that the camera can withstand extreme environments and work underwater.


  • It gives you good quality pictures.
  • Perfect for underwater usage.
  • It comes with a selfie stick.


  • You need to format the SD card before using it in this camera.

20. GeeKam Camera

GeeKam Camera

GeeKam Action Camera, equipped with advanced features like remote control, WIFI control, HDMI output & mounting accessories, makes it perfect for capturing high-quality pictures and videos.

The 30M Waterproof and Underwater Ultra HD Camera support a 170° wide-angle lens and corms with two rechargeable batteries and mounting accessories. Remote& WiFi control means higher control over the cameras, and a super long recording time means no worries about the battery.


  • Wide angles for better capturing of pictures.
  • You can operate this camera via mobile apps.


  • You have to purchase a micro SD card separately.


1. How Do I Track My Order?

Once you have shortlisted and purchased the product, we will keep you updated with the order status. You can log in to your Amazon account and check the status of your order.

2. Is There An Exchange Policy?

This may vary from company to company. Before you make a purchase, it is advisable that you must check the exchange policies.

3. Does My Camera Come With A Warranty?

Most of the brands selling cameras come with a warranty. You can check the warranty policy on the webpage.

4. How Do I Cancel My Order, And When Does The Money Get Refunded?

In case you need to cancel the order, all you need to do is to go to your account and cancel the order. You will get a confirmation of the same, and if it is a pre-paid order, you will get the money in the next 48-72 hours. Make sure that you read the refund status before that.

Useful Tips When Using Helmet Cameras

Even if you buy the best motorcycle helmet cameras, they might not live up to your expectations if you do not understand it completely or how to use it. The major advantage of mounting a camera to the helmet is that you will be able to record what you see and capture something interesting without thinking about it. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of camera you buy and use, your video footage needs to have a good beginning and end, like a good story.

Here Are Some Valuable Tips When Using Helmet Cameras:

  • Be aware of the strengths and limitations of your helmet camera, so as to make optimum use of it.
  • Understand the field of view, and be careful about lots of fast pans and try to minimize any camera shake for the best results.
  • Don’t forget to test and drive wearing the hamlet camera before you actually purchase it. Riding with a hamlet camera must not interrupt you while you are on the bike.
  • Try experimenting with different mounting spots and test the camera for the east footage.
  • Remember to shoot plenty of footage and record shots other than helmet-mounted point-of-view
  • It is a good idea to remove the camera from the helmet at times and in-between and use it like a normal video camera to prevent creating a monotonous recording.
  • While it is possible to mount the camera to the motorcycle directly, you can experiment and test for the best location and views.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize the mounting systems and how to protect the camera and get the desired point-of-view. It is also a good idea for a camera mounted to the back of the moblike.
  • Keep clips short as unnecessary long clips can be boring to watch and take a longer time to edit. Develop the right editing skills to create interesting videos.
  • Capture the situation as it is, whether it is a flat tire or a breakdown or an interesting animal crossing the road. Insert those shots into the video to make it more interesting for the viewer.
  • Along with your helmet cam, you can place multiple cameras on your bike to capture more views and different shots. A simple pocket cam on the handle b or the phone cam can be used to add variations.
  • Keep the video shoot under five minutes and keep those edits short and simple. You can always add some narration or a little music to allow your viewer to understand more about your adventurous ride.
  • For those looking to capture the essence of their motorcycle ride and the thrill of the experience, having a good motorcycle helmet camera is the right way to start. Create some amazing 4K videos and with outstanding quality. Keep the excitement going long, even when your ride is over, and you are back. You can watch those videos, and it would feel like you are back on the road.
  • And if you want to get the max out of your motorcycle helmet camera, you need to take good care of the equipment and keep it in good working condition.