Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Cardo2. FreedConn3. Lexin
Cardo DMC Best Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetFreedConnLexin

Every motorcycle rider is well aware of the significance of wearing a helmet as a safety gear. The leading manufacturers understand the needs of the motorcycle riders as they hit the roads and look for ways to improve the quality and functionality of the motorcycle helmets. Over the years, a wide array of technologies has been incorporated in the helmets, and one fine example is the Bluetooth technology.

Every biker looks for the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmets, and the popularity of these helmets have only risen with time. If you have a little idea about the motorcycle Bluetooth technologies, then you are just on the right page. Here, you will get valuable information on what the technology is about and how it can improve the riding experience for the motorcyclists.

So, what is motorcycle Bluetooth technology all about? How does it work, why is it needed and how to pick the best one out. You will find all such information in this guide along with top 25 motorcycle Bluetooth that have been handpicked by our experts.

What Is Motorcycle Bluetooth Technology?

When one is on a long ride on his motorcycle, one might require to communicate with fellow bikers. However, when you are riding on your motorcycle, it is not advisable to use your mobile for your talks. This is where the Bluetooth technology steps in and takes care of the problem.

Today, the latest modern helmets are equipped with Bluetooth headsets, and the technology is only getting more advanced and changing for the better. Now the riders can use a Bluetooth headset complete with GPS, cell phone, radar detector, music player, intercom, and more. The riders can look for the functionality they would like and enjoy their ride. These Bluetooth kits are very simple to install and provide a hassle-free and hand free operations.

The best motorcycle Bluetooth allows a group of riders to pair the headsets and talk together within a certain range. The regular improvements and continuous advancement in the technologies are only making these headsets better and better. These Bluetooth headsets not only allow you to stay connected with your fellow riders and the family, but they also provide excellent noise-cancellation.

So, do you want to know more about these motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, and how do they work? Read on to know more.

How Does The Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Work?

It is essential to know more about the Bluetooth technology so that you can make well-informed decision when looking for the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. You have probably used Bluetooth technology before and are aware of the ground-breaking technology that has indeed change the way we communicate.

Basically, Bluetooth technology removes the need for wires to connect and can send files or data from one device to another wirelessly. The technology has made its way into modern helmets and allows the riders to enjoy hands-free communications as they ride. Bluetooth helmets can be paired with the mobile phone and once can receive their calls or get alerted if there is a call for them. Additional features like a radar detector, GPS, and music player allow them to enjoy their music as well as navigate successfully in unknown terrains.

As there is no need for any wires, there are no worries of wires entangling with each other or losing connections. The devices connect with each other via an innovative chip with special software. The users have the option to set up a password when turning on the Bluetooth and build a secure connection. There is no need to get anxious about other people accessing your Bluetooth network because of the limited range of signals.

What makes those motorcycle Bluetooth helmets very popular is hands-free connectivity with very strong signals. The latest models of Bluetooth helmets make use of advanced technology that boasts of higher power and much stronger signals and with minimal power. Thus, you can look forward to powerful communication networks during those long-distance rides and without getting anxious about the battery drainage.

The Need And Significance Of Motorcycle Bluetooth Gear?

There are riders out there who prefer to stay away from the electronics and any new technologies as they find them complicated, they are under the wrong notions that those devices can be both frustrating and distracting. However, when it comes to motorcycle Bluetooth technology, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The best motorcycle Bluetooth technologies can make their riding experience even better, safer, and a lot more fun, and here is how:

1. Music

Enjoy your favourite music that gets streamed to the speakers in the helmet from your phone. Now you can enjoy your favourite songs as you ride and take your riding experience to a whole new level with the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music.

2. GPS

Having a GPS with you means you can navigate to your destination without any confusion and with no need to stop and ask for directions or take out a map.

3. Easy communication

Enjoy crystal-clear communications with your group or talk to your family back home and share your experiences and whereabouts. Having live conversations means remaining well connected at all times and signal for any problems or change of route or directions while riding.

Thus, you can now understand the usefulness of motorcycle Bluetooth gear and how it can prove to be important. Now that you know how the technology works, we are sure you are convinced why you need one and would like to know what factors to consider when looking for motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Gear

Nothing could feel better than listening to your favourite song as you ride on your motorcycle on a mountain road or go through a beautiful stretch of woods. The motorcycle Bluetooth technology seems to be advancing at a much faster pace, and it can indeed be overwhelming to figure out what features to look for and what aspect to lay more emphasis on.

1. The Quality And Brand

Today, there are endless options in Bluetooth helmet devices, and not all of them are made equal. Different models come with different features, and thus, it is essential to stick with some top-quality brands. Based on the reviews and customer feedback, there are some top-quality brands that promise quality products worth the price. Some reliable and trustworthy names in the industry include Sena, Cardo PackTalk, Cardo Scala Rider, FreedConn, and Cardo FreeComm.

2. The Size

Another very important aspect to consider when looking for the best motorcycle Bluetooth gear is the size. Therefore, make sure that you invest in the right size of the device. The size and thickness of the speakers matter a lot as the wrong size can leave you uncomfortable and struggling with the device.

A smaller size or larger size, both are not practical, and moreover, the sound quality can get hampered. Thicker speakers will press upon your ears constantly, and that can be very, make sure that you get a comfortable fit and choose the right size of those devices.

3. The Compatibility

External Bluetooth intercom systems are likely to be compatible with most helmets being sold on the market. Still, it is essential to check with the manufacturer or do some homework before buying anything. Whether you have full-face or half-helmet, the gear you buy should be perfectly compatible with your helmet.

4. The Intercom Range And Sound Actually

The prime reason you are buying the Bluetooth gear for your motorcycle is for communications. Thus, it is essential to know the intercom range and the kind of sound quality you will get when you ride. If you need to converse just with your passenger, then the range isn’t so important. However, for riders in larger groups, the range becomes important. Generally speaking, 500 yards range is adequate for smaller groups, and for the larger groups, they should look for at least 1000 yards range.

Most headsets come with Noise suppression technology that ensures crystals clear sound even at high speeds. So, look for noise-reducing capabilities as well as Digital signal processing to enjoy high-quality sounds. Wind and engine sound reduction features cancel all that background noise while riding.

5. The Speakers

As sound quality matters, the speaker is one of the most important aspects to look for when comparing different gear for motorcycles. While the speakers do boast of excellent sound quality these days, it is still a must to check and ensure that they deliver what they promise. One must read the reviews and check the helmet speakers in terms of the best sound quality.

Keep in mind that even the most expensive gear with low-quality speakers can hamper the quality of sound. The speakers are going to determine the quality of output and the clarity of the audio signals, especially when you ride at high speeds.

The recent motorcycle helmet speakers also carry the music sharing feature on Bluetooth intercoms that allows the riders to listen to the same music as they ride.

6. The Number Of Connections

While you would prefer to have more connections on your motorcycle Bluetooth gear, keep in mind that the more the number of connections, the more expensive with the motorcycle intercom get. A lot depends on the kind of group you ride with. Different sized groups need different intercom and connections.

Ideally speaking, one must look for numerous connections, and a Bluetooth intercom with to 2 to 4 connections should suffice the needs. However, there are certain motorcycle intercoms that even boast of 15 connections. Just get what you actually need.

7. The GPS Feature

While most motorcycle Bluetooth gear allows you to use GPS, not all feature the facility. So, ensure that the motorcycle Bluetooth carries the GPS feature and check for it before buying. GPS feature means you can rely on a designated GPS system for accurate directions, even in unknown territories. It is essential to remain connected to GPS directions seamlessly, effortlessly, and easily.

8. The Battery And Charging

The life of the Battery and how it is charged holds great importance when you are out there on the long-distance rides. You would, of course, not like if those communications come to a standstill in the middle of nowhere. Today, many riders prefer at least 8 to 12 hours intercom talk time and 120 hours of standby. There should be an adapter for charging the Battery. A good battery with longer life ensures hours and hours of talk time, and music streaming.

9. Waterproofing And Moisture Resistant

While all of those motorcycle Bluetooth headsets boosts of being waterproof, you can be sure that they are not. Keep in mind that weather-resistant doesn’t translate to being waterproof. So, if you are used to driving in wet and rainy conditions, make sure that the intercom you buy is waterproof. If not very sure, it is best to cover it with plastic if you get caught in the rain.

It is a must to invest in a weatherproof gear if you find yourself riding through rains most of the time. Having a waterproof and dustproof headset means that you can ride in the overbeaten path with confidence.

10. Voice Or Hands-Free Control

Today, the latest and modern intercoms you come across are voice-activated. It is a good idea to go for an intercom that lets you supersede voice control feature and allows you to use manual control as and when needed. There are times when you might need to stop and stand by the side of the road to take an important call.

11. The Price And Budget

There is a huge variation in the prices of different motorcycle Bluetooth gear from different companies and models. You can buy a device for as low as 200$ and go well beyond 25,000 $ or even more. Let your needs and budget decide the price you are looking for.

There is no need to buy the most expositive Bluetooth device for a motorcycle if you really do not need those advanced features. Look for affordable deals with easy-to-use designs and optimum riding comfort and safety on the road.

12. Comfort And Ease Of Use

Bikers should be very careful about what goes inside their helmet. The designers of both helmets and motorcycle Bluetooth should keep in mind the comfort of the riders and the ease of use of the technology while they ride. Any device that obstructs the rider in any way can leave him frustrated and uncomfortable, and that can make his unsafe while out on the roads.

Look for motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that is easier to install and us, or it can be unsafe for the rider. After all, comfort and compatibility play a major role in deciding the ridding experience of the motorcyclist. So, invest in Bluetooth intercom that is easy to access and use.

13. Warranty And Customer Care

The warranty and customer care matter when it comes to motorcycle Bluetooth. What is the use of buying the best motorcycle Bluetooth gear with poor customer support and almost no warranties? So whatever product you buy, make sure that it is backed by a great warranty, at least for a year. Assess the quality of their customer support by calling them or writing emails and evaluate their response time and the kind of services they provide.

14. The Safety Note

Having a Bluetooth enabled helmet means that you would be communicating with your fellow riders or listening to music or take phone calls while riding. Keep the safety feature in mind as phone calls and music can be distracting. However, most riders are able to focus and do not find that a problem.

Well, at the end of the day, each rider is responsible for his own safety and make the right decisions. You should avoid motorcycle Bluetooth gear if you are a casual and reckless rider who tends to lose his concentration while on the road. It is essential to pay attention to the safety aspect.

Motorcycle Bluetooth gear and intercoms have indeed come a long way in the past few decades. Before you start looking for the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, it is essential to understand why you need them and what features to look for.

Take advantage of motorcycle Bluetooth gear to stay connected with your friends during those long rides on your motorcycle. Here are some great options when looking for Bluetooth technology for your motorcycle. Browse the list to learn about the best motorcycle Bluetooth devices to communicate clearly even at higher speeds and without all those annoying sounds.

Top 25 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets 2022

1. Cardo DMC

Cardo DMC Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The slim, aerodynamic PACKTALK communicator is indeed one of the best-looking communicators on the market. The awesome piece of technology integrated within the motorcycle communication system is powered by DMC. Dynamic Mesh technology ensures seamless connections with your team, and one can follow GPS voice instructions and listen to songs.

The communicator features powerful speakers and natural voice operation that makes the experience truly exceptional. You can use the study waterproof communicator with tough build roughly. All you need to do is push the button to activate the communicator. It is indeed one of the best motorcycle headsets under dollars 250.


  • Excellent operation
  • User friendly buttons
  • Awesome Sound quality
  • Great battery life
  • Good warranty


  • Owner’s manual could be improved
  • App can be more intuitive
  • Antennae sometimes snap out as per customer reviews

2. FreedConn


A product of the FreedConn brand, the Helmet Bluetooth Intercom has been built for convenience and security. Now you can look forward to a much more enjoyable ride, thanks to the audio multitasking technology. You can switch from intercom to mobile phone calls and stereo music with just a light touch.

The helmet intercom system features an LCD screen that provides detailed information such as battery condition, the music playlist, the call status, and much more. The intercom allows three riders to connect and provides an 800m intercom range. Take advantage of the FM radio and listen to traffic information, music, and news as you ride. The Bluetooth Intercom is compatible with most helmets on the market. Many buyers have given it five stars due to its great quality.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Powerful range
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Not great speakers

3. Lexin


LEXIN LX-B4FM Bluetooth Headset has been specifically made for motorcycles and allows the riders to enjoy hands-free communication and listen to HiFi stereo music and FM radio as they ride. Supporting HSP/HFP and A2DP, the technology is compatible with almost all Bluetooth MP3 players and smartphones.

The Bluetooth Headsets are indeed great, and it is very simple and easy to switching from music to communication as you ride. Bluetooth enabled GPS navigation means GPS voice guidance as and when you need it. Enjoy some great conversations with your fellow riders and take your riding experience to a whole new level.


  • Conversation with up to 4 riders
  • Long battery life
  • Great helmet compatibility
  • Waterproof design
  • Affordable communication system


  • Range can vary with conditions

4. Yideng


If you are looking for a great Bluetooth Intercom for your motorcycle, then your search ends with the motorcycle helmet headset Intercom from Yideng. With Bluetooth 3.0, you can enjoy good communication with your 2-3 partners even at high speed.

The device is very easy to install and boasts of powerful features like an impressive range of up to 1000m, noise suppression, and echo cancellation technology. Sync with your fellow riders and do not get anxious about the weather as the Intercom is waterproof. Look forward to an amazing music-listening experience and some great talks with your friends, thanks to the hands-free and wireless streaming.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Waterproof
  • Great battery life
  • One-year warranty


  • Precise speaker placement for adequate volume

5. Fodsport M1S

Fodsport M1S

Make your long rides even a lot more fun and enjoyable with the Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom that has been designed to support eight riders and offers a range of 2000M. The group intercom system allows you to enjoy seamless communication with a high definition sound quality, thanks to the full-range membrane monomer. Now you can experience much better sound as the CSR chip in the headset cuts out the wind noise and engine noise.

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version, you can look forward to higher compatibility and stability. Enjoy hands-free convenience and duplex calls with your group and listen to music and get GPS routes wirelessly via Bluetooth. What adds to the quality of the experience is a 900mAh rechargeable battery with standby up to one week. If you really want value for money then this product under 200 dollars is exceptionally good.


  • Excellent voice quality even at high speeds
    Waterproof and dustproof
  • Long standby battery
  • Easy-to-install and detachable


  • Little wind noise

6. Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

For all those riders in search of quality Bluetooth communications, the Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth5.0 is just the perfect solution. Now you can enjoy crystal clear communications with your group within a range of 20m and enjoy your favourite music. What makes it even more superior is the waterproof technology because of Nano coating, and thus you need not get anxious about wet weather conditions.

The Bluetooth Headset is very easy to install and compatible with most devices, and longer battery life means continuous talking and music for hours. For the price, it is a great product and comes with impassive functionality and slim and sleek design.


  • Perfect sound quality
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent battery
  • Very user-friendly controls
  • Outstanding customer care


  • The speakers press on the ears

7. Sena SMH10-11

Sena SMH10-11

The SMH10-11 Bluetooth Headset from Sena is by far their most popular product among customers. This is because it has all the features the motorcycle riders are looking for and is affordable. The device is designed to keep you connected with your group for hours and over longer ranges. The SMH10 features Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and advanced noise control technology. Enjoy crystal clear communications up to 900 meters and make hands-free calls or listen to your favourite music for hours and without any background noise.

The SMH10-11 is compatible with different helmets and is very easy to install. Buyers can enjoy a 2-year warranty with the product.


  • Advanced noise control technology
  • Easier to control
  • Advanced noise control technology
  • Impressive battery life


  • Sound could be better
  • Cumbersome USB charging

8. Thokwok BT-S3 

Thokwok BT-S3 

The full-featured Bluetooth communicator has been specifically designed for motorcycles. Riders can look forward to hands-free communications as they ride and listen to music, get GPS instructions and enjoy
Conversations with other riders. Now you can make your outdoor riding more exciting,

Thanks to the SR Bluetooth Chip, one can enjoy crystal clear communications even at a very high speed and over a range of 800-1000m. It is easy to switch between phone, intercom, and music. Noise Cancelling Technology ensures the top quality of voice minus the background noise. The Bluetooth communicator fits almost any full-face helmets and all half-face helmets. The silica gel coating makes it waterproof.


  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Nice and slim
  • Impressive battery life
  • Long-range communications


  • Position the speakers carefully or you get dampened audio quality

9. Sena SMH5D-UNIV


Another good option for Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycles is Sena SMH5D-UNIV that is well known among riders for its crystal-clear sound quality. This Bluetooth 3.0 headset is unique as it can be used even while charging, and there is an individual control for each audio source.

Customers are very happy with the Bluetooth Headset because of its functionality and prices. The battery life is great, and it is very easy to install and use. They face no issues when pairing it with their phone and enjoy the quality sound, whether communicating or listening to music or using the intercom. The design and size of the controls are slim and good. It is indeed a great purchase and worth the money.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable and compatible
  • Noise cancellation
  • Solidly built with many capabilities


  • The earpieces could be upgraded

10. Vnetphone V4

Vnetphone V4

Vnetphone V4 version of Bluetooth is a fantastic headset for motorcycle and comes out even a better product when it comes to the sound quality and range. Now you can stay connected with your group even across a
1.5KM communication range: Thanks to the excellent noise control, what you get is a crystal-clear voice minus any background noise. There is no need to worry about rains as the button panel comes enclosed in a strong waterproof structure.

With an upgraded communication system, the Vnetphone V4 headset allows communications between 4 riders. Longer battery life means seamless conversations for about 12 hours. The automate and easier switching among phone, intercom, music adds to the convenience.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Communication range of 1.5 km
  • Noise DSP cancellation
  • Waterproof button panel
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Great customer service


  • A bit expensive

11. Sena SMH10-10

Sena SMH10-10

Sena SMH10-10 is the most popular Bluetooth Intercom system for motorcycles. It provides the rider with full connectivity and long-range communications with other riders up to 900 meters. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity allows them to listen to and share music and participate in conversations or make phone calls. Cross-Brand intercom compatibility is ensured because of the Universal Intercom protocol.

Advanced Noise Control technology means clearer sound and minus all that annoying background noise. Thanks to the amazing battery life, one can enjoy 12 hours of talk time on a single charge. When synced with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can make hands-free calls. A two-year warranty means you enjoy the peace of mind for regular support and any replacements.


  • Great performance
  • Hands-free calls
  • Crystal-clear, natural sound
  • Two-Year Warranty


  • Not compatible for a half helmet
  • Plastic clip that holds the unit should be sturdier

12. Motorcycle Bluetooth 5.0

Motorcycle Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 Intercom system is one of the most technologically advanced out there. The headset is compatible with most of the Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and features a powerful built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for more than 8 hours. The maximum range is for about 20-23 meters, and one can receive calls, make convenient communication, and enjoy music during the ride. Sound Reminder feature reminds you about when to charge.

Supporting two languages, it is now easier to convert between Chinese and English language. Advanced noise reduction and hands-free operations make your ride even more enjoyable. The device is very easy and quick to install and works well for the price.


  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Impressive battery life
  • Quality sound
  • Bi-lingual


  • Sound could be louder
  • A bit thicker

13. Baile 


A low-profile among Bluetooth intercoms, the Baile Bluetooth Headset comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and with a GPS system. Now you can stay connected with other riders and enjoy music at any time. Make or receive hands-free calls, use GPS navigation, and enjoy crystal clear sound as you ride.

With a rechargeable Li-ion battery with long life, the waterproof Bluetooth Headset can last up to 10 hours once you charge it fully. There is no need to hear that background noise because of the advanced noise control technology. They are best bluetooth headphones for motorcycle especially designed for motorcycle riders looking for reliable and clear wireless communications.


  • Suited to any kind of helmet
  • Works with any Bluetooth mobile phone.
  • GPS Voice Navigation
  • Easily to install


  • Phone calls are much too low
  • Some stations are hard to get

14. Sena SMH10R

Sena SMH10R

Customers who buy Sena SMH10R find the device just awesome. The Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset has all the features you’d expect in a Sena unit, such as longer talk time, a clear sound duality with noise reduction. The Hands-Free headset boasts of advanced audio distribution and audio video remote control profile.

Take your ride to the next level with the easy to use a headset for your helmet. You will love the sound quality and will get all those advanced features like phone pairing. What adds to your ease and convenience is the small size of the gear and a separate battery.


  • Incredibly clear sound quality
  • Fairly simple controls
  • Crystal clear voice
  • charge while riding


  • User manual could be better
  • Major set up issues

15. GoHawk TJ4-R

GoHawk TJ4-R

Those looking for a good value for money Bluetooth Motorcycle gear should consider GoHawk motorcycle stereo speakers that come with2 channel 100w amplifier. The gear supports wireless connection up to 15 meters and can be easily set up on for 1 to 1.5″ handlebar.

The Bluetooth Motorcycle speakers boast of innovative hidden antenna design and allow full function wired control. The stereo unit is made of high-quality aluminium and is just perfect for motorcycles. Now you can listen to your favourite music and enjoy the radio channel from your smartphone, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0: wireless stream. The unit is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware and wiring.


  • Compatible with any smartphone devices
  • Water-resistant design
  • Superb crystal sound
  • Quick and easy install


  • Low volume of sound at higher speeds



LEXIN LXS3 Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers are value-priced and include built-in Bluetooth A2DP stereo along with an FM radio tuner. The all-weather bullet-shaped speakers are easy to mount and are equipped with a 50-watt power amplifier. The speakers are very simple and easy to install, and all one needs to do is just pair or plug to play.

Ride in under any weather conditions, thanks to the waterproof design, and the wireless stereo system is just perfect, not just for your motorcycle rides bur also biking, cycling and racing. Now you can enjoy music directly from your mobile phone and play stereo sound. A control knob on the left speaker allows easy access and functioning. A polish chrome treatment on metallic housing makes the unit much more durable.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Bar-mount speakers
  • Great sound and sleek look
  • Very few connections required
  • Study and higher durability.


  • Could be louder

17. MaxTo


Moving ahead with more advanced specs, the Bluetooth headset intercom for 6-riders is a fully loaded system that can support six riders and allow two phone pairing at the same time. The Bluetooth offer intercom capacity up to 1000m. Enjoy sound quality and because of the perfect noise reduction, and you can listen to crystal clear sounds even on noisy roads and at higher speeds.

There are no complex operations as there is just one key for different functions like music playback, paring devices, and intercom connections. FM radio means listening to your favourite songs and remain updated with news. The Bluetooth headset intercom speakers are both waterproof and rainproof, and it means you can ride out in any weather conditions. With % money-back guarantee, you enjoy peace of mind and sure to love the
motorcycle helmet speakers.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Clear and smooth conversations
  • Waterproof and rainproof
  • Great customer support
  • Good battery life.


  • does not come with an adapter

18. Sena SPH10-10

Sena SPH10-10

Get Sena SPH10-10 headset for the ultimate experience, and enjoy four-way intercom conversations up the range of 900-meter. Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset features the multipurpose Jog Dial buttons, and that makes it easier to govern all the functions. There is no background noise because of the Innovative Noise Control technology. Enjoy 10 hours of talk time because of awesome battery life, and the fully water-resistant headset means you can use it in any weather condition.

Multipoint Bluetooth technology means you can look for dual mobile phone usage. With an independent volume level for each audio source, it means an improved riding experience. According to the customers, this is indeed one of the best headsets on the market.


  • Stable and secure fit
  • Easy to control and operate
  • No background noise
  • Integrated voice prompts in different languages


  • No custom software to work with the Harley Davidson Boom Box
  • A slight design flaw around the ears

19. Thokwok


THOKWOK walkie-talkie Bluetooth headset is the “gold standard” indeed when it comes to Bluetooth communication devices. Direct Full-Duplex intercom is one of the most popular sellers because it has all the essential features that you need. With a maximum distance of 800-1000, the Bluetooth headset supports supporting three-rider pairings and offers a seamless and reliable communication even at a higher speed.

The noise suppression and echo cancellation technology ensure clear audio quality. Now you can receive a phone call automatically, thanks to the Hands-free support. The Bluetooth headset is compatible with most full-face helmets as well as half-face helmets All-Silicone coating makes it waterproof even in rainy or snowy conditions. Enjoy longer talk times for 8 hours because of an impressive battery.


  • Clear voice quality
  • Compatible with most helmets
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic switching
  • Waterproof and sun-proof


  • speakers may crackle a times

20. Holiper 5.0

Holiper 5.0

The main reason why customers love Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi stereo earbuds is pure sound quality. One of the major strengths of the product is its Hifi sound. The wireless earbuds are equipped with a microphone, and the microphone situated on the control panel allows you to make a mobile phone call anytime.

Thanks to the three multi-function buttons, the Stereo Earbuds are very simple and easy to use. The lightweight neckband and soft and comfortable ear tips make the device very comfortable to wear and use. You can go ahead and use them for your bike rides as well as when in the gym or working out as the HiFi stereo earbuds are both waterproof and sweatproof. The earbuds are compatible with all Bluetooth playback devices.


  • HiFi stereo sound quality
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices


  • Need to wear the headphones backwards if the phone is behind while riding

21. Avantree Apico

Avantree Apico

For most bike enthusiasts, Avantree Apico-ear headphone is just perfect as it suffices all their listening pleasures. The mini wireless Bluetooth earbud has you covered, whether you are out on a ride or enjoying podcasts or audiobooks. The small in-ear device is almost undetectable and weighs just 0. 13 oz. It is so comfortable to wear that you don’t mind wearing it the whole day long.

The ergonomically designed earbuds can fit in any shape and size of the ear, and that means a comfortable feel even after hours. The product offers complete compatibility with a tablet, smartphone, pc, or GPS. When paired with your device, Apico keeps you updated about the status of your device.


  • Minute in size and light weight
  • Secure & snug fit
  • User-friendly design
  • Enhanced audio experience
  • GPS Navigation


  • Sound quality and battery range could be improved.

22. SnugPhones


Another best option to consider when looking for Bluetooth earplugs, these silicon sport earbuds carry a micro speaker inside. As they offer a compact and snug fit, there is no need to fear about losing them or fiddling to adjust them while working out. Once you fit them in, they lodge there comfortably and with no need to readjust.
Even if you sweat, there is no need to get anxious as the wireless headphones are sweatproof. Thanks to the mic feature and an easy to use controller, it is very easy to pick up and drop calls with your friends and family or business associates. Thanks to the longer battery life, you can enjoy 8-12 hours of nonstop music.


  • Patented design with a high-resolution micro speaker
  • Comfortable fit and never fall out
  • Longer battery life
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Sweatproof and wireless
  • Compatible with 4th generation of Snugphones


  • Instructions are not very clear
  • Spotty Bluetooth connection at times

23. Bluetooth Intercom

Bluetooth Intercom

If you are looking for a quality and high performing Bluetooth helmet headset, then your search comes to an end with this amazing Bluetooth Intercom that can support six riders. Enjoy great communications within the range up to 1828yd and seamlessly.

Advanced CVC technology ensures effective noise cancellation and produces crystal-clear sound quality: Thanks to the easier controls, you can switch from calls to music, even when at high speed. Look forward to hands-free communications and hands-free calling with this headphone. Made from a rainproof and dustproof structure, you can expect higher durability. The intercom motorcycle helmet headset is a must-have for all the motorcycle enthusiasts!


  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Hands-free communications
  • Durable and powerful
  • Phenomenal battery life


  • Volume control/function selector knob is useless

24. Sena 10S-01

Sena 10S-01

The Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is already popular with motorcyclists everywhere. The SMH10 system is an up-gradation of the original SMH10 system and is looked upon as one of the best long-range headsets. As you can keep in touch with four riding companions, you only maximize the enjoyment and excitement factor.

Advanced noise control leads to crystal-clear audio, and with a talk time of about 12 hours, you can remain in touch with your group for a longer time. Configuring your 10S is like a breeze, thanks to the Sena Smartphone App. All-in-one-clamp system simplifies the connections and makes them more compact and easier to handle. Bikers love the ease of use and installation of the unit that is aesthetically pleasing and boasts of impressive sound quality.


  • Simplified and reliable
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • All-in-one-clamp system
  • Longer battery life


  • A little expensive



When it comes to sound quality, LEXIN LX-FT4 Bluetooth communication device certainly competes with the very best. Designed for all riders, you can listen to music or make hands-free calls on your Bluetooth mobile phone or get GPS navigation instructions in crystal clear sound. With an impressive range of 1.2 Miles, the Motorcycle Bluetooth unit supports universal pairing and is compatible with almost every Bluetooth headset.

The ultra-slim helmet HD speakers provide the best fit and comfort for the user. Thanks to the advanced noise cancellation, there are no sounds of any wind or noise. Enjoy about 10-15 hours of active communications with the LX-FT4 kit. The headphones fit really nice, and the installation is simple, fast, and easy.


  • Superior digital sound quality
  • Simple and straightforward controls
  • Water resistance
  • great battery life
  • High quality speakers
  • Wonderful customer service


  • “Sticky” Velcro needed at times
  • Little more intuitive controls needed

In order to add on to your awareness and knowledge on the best motorcycle Bluetooth, why not have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions that surface in the mind of the buyers.


1. Is It Safe To Use Bluetooth Headsets While Riding Or They Can Be A Distraction?

As far as law is concerned currently they are legal in most of the regions but in US the law says that you can talk using them with just one year closed. There are motorcycle riders who have been contemplating getting Bluetooth headset but are not able to make up their mind. They are not very sure if communications during the ride or listening to music can make them be distracted while riding.

Well, most riders say that music allows them to stay relaxed, and the headsets can kill the annoying sound of the wind. Others enjoy the communications as they ride with their group. However, many feel that it can be a distraction. So, there are no fixed answers here, but as long as you like the music and can focus on your ride as you communicate, it is indeed a great plus to integrate the best Bluetooth motorcycle headset.

2. How Bluetooth Is Set Up In The Helmet?

The helmets come with built-in Bluetooth features or need to be set up. In order to set up, the receiver or the headset carrying large buttons is placed on the left side of the helmet. This headset can pair up with a smartphone or any other device with Bluetooth capability. You can use your left hand to touch the buttons. However, if you would like to keep both hands in front of the handlebars, there are remote control devices that can be mounted directly on the handlebars to use the headset on the helmet.

3. What Are The Best Brands For Motorcycle Bluetooth Gear?

Some of the major leading names include Sena, Fodsports, FreedConn, and Hawk. These are professional companies that have been associated with Bluetooth technologies for many years now and have worked with dedication on these devices. These brands have been making and refining these devices for a long time now and boast of a diverse product range to meet the needs of every kind of rider. Thus, if you are looking for best Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle, stick to these brands.

4. Should One Buy Bluetooth Enabled Helmet Or Enable The Helmet With Bluetooth?

Most riders often wonder if it is better to go with Bluetooth enabled helmet But, it is all a matter of personal choice and what you are looking for and what your budget is. The early adopters of technology do not mind upgrading their helmets from time to time, even if it costs them.

It is true that a Bluetooth enabled helmet is more expensive than adding Bluetooth to a helmet. Some of the factory-enabled Bluetooth helmets can cost you well over $1000 USD, and still, it can be a challenge to pair them perfectly. Any riders prefer to add the Bluetooth technology to their helmet, based on their preferences and budget.

5. What Are The Different Wireless Intercom Technologies Used For Motorcycle Intercoms?

There are four radio technologies – General Mobile Radio Service, Family Radio Service, Frequency Modulation, and Bluetooth for motorcycle intercoms in the U.S. FM or Frequency Modulation is similar to the FM radio while the Family Radio Service and the General Mobile Radio Service are very similar to the old walkie talkies.

6. What Are The Most Common Complaints You Come Across About Bluetooth Intercoms?

Bluetooth intercoms are packed with loads of features within a small unit. The bikers expect to remain connected to their phones, music players, GPS devices and expect top-quality audio. One common complaint is about the volume, while the other is about the control systems. While noise cancellation does a good job, it can be tougher to maintain superb sound quality at higher speeds.

Once your speed crosses 40-45 miles per hour, it can get pretty difficult to hear. As there are very few buttons to control so many functions, it can be difficult, especially when wearing gloves. However, as the latest modern units keep getting better and better, and those problems may soon get resolved.

7. Is It Possible To Operate Different Brands Of Bluetooth Intercoms?

There is indeed a growing awareness regarding the capabilities of different models and brands of Bluetooth Intercoms, and they are interoperable. To date, Bluetooth communications between different brands are not possible, and surprisingly it is not because of the technology used but the marketing and sales in the competitive market.

So, riders in groups should do additional research and try to configure the right Bluetooth Intercoms for group combinations. The solution lies in opting for a system that supports the standard commercial radio and understand the communications requirements of the users.

Change Your Riding Experience With Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets

Embedding Bluetooth within your helmet is sure going to change your riding experience forever. While the primary purpose of wearing a helmet is safety, adding Bluetooth only adds to the experience and allows one the freedom of communications during those long rides. With the te4chnolgy getting better and better, one can enjoy crystal clear communications with their group or take a call from back home. It is a lot better to enjoy your favourite music instead of listening to that annoying noise from the wind or background.

Bluetooth helmets are wireless and thus offer a higher level of practicality and safety. As these headsets are equipped with excellent noise-cancellation technology, it means high-quality sound. The Bluetooth headsets are very light and smaller in size and easy to install and use. The technology is getting increasingly popular among bike riders as well as by other outdoor enthusiasts such as skydivers, climbers, and hikers. The increasing sales only point to the growing popularity of Bluetooth helmets.

Now that you are well acquainted with how the Bluetooth technology works within the helmet and the benefits of having the best Bluetooth motorcycle headset go ahead and make well-informed decisions and the right purchases.