Best Motorcycle Cleaners 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Shine Doctor2. Rolite3. Meguiar’s
Shine Doctor Best Motorcycle CleanerRoliteMeguiar’s

Motorcycles are the most crucial possession and a huge investment, too, especially for those who turn bike riding into their passion. Expensive or cheap, motorcycles need regular tune up and maintenance to keep them in good condition.

The best motorcycle cleaner help you take good care of your bike and helps it look new forever.

Many bikers who don’t take cleaning seriously, end up making their motorcycle dirty, unappealing and sometimes rusty. Such bike owners should understand that cleaning the motorcycles with the best motorcycle cleaner is neither hazardous nor difficult.

They need the right type of cleaner. Another problem is many riders may commit few errors while washing their bike, which can damage the vehicle and reduce its performance.

The right tools and the best motorcycle cleaning products help you clean your vehicle with ease. It would hardly take more than an hour to clean the motorcycle if you find the best motorcycle cleaner and know how to do it? If you are not sure which cleaners to use for your bike then you are on the right page.

Our guide will help you buy the best motorcycle cleaner out of many available in the market. By the end of this guide you will be able to pick the right cleanser for your bike, so let’s start.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Motorcycle Cleaner

Best motorcycle cleaner and polish are a must in every garage. Moreover, motorcycle cleaner is your best friend when it comes to a clean your bike”. It helps maintain the health of the bike and improves your personal style quotient too.

A well-maintained bike will also bring in more safety to you, as every part is checked while washing it. If you are looking to buy a cleaner for your motorbike then there are three main criteria on which you can choose the best motorcycle cleaner which are mentioned below.

1. All In One Cleaner

This product is manufactured for those who are looking for a single product and a hassle-free cleaning routine for their motorcycle. Many people don’t like to invest in 2 or 3 products to get the best outputs all in one cleaner does all the work with maximum output and shine.

It works both an anti-corrosion additive and a degreaser to clean all the dirty grime. Always prefer a neutral motorcycle cleaner because they are the best motorcycle cleaner and polish when compared to acidic ones.

2. Specially Produced Motorcycle Cleaner

It is one of the safest choices for a new rider. Using a regular detergent to wash your bike may have a negative effect on the plastic and paint of the motorcycle. The active chemicals in the detergents may corrode the paint and affect the plastic.

A product which is manufactured especially for vehicles is the best choice. So, be smart and invest in a detergent or any other cleaning product made, especially for the motorcycles. This will help us increase the life of the vehicle and keeps it shining forever.

3. Manufacturer Recommendation

The manufacturer takes a lot of strain and brain to design every component in the motorcycle. Every design has a unique combination of metals and different cleaning requirements. The unique design differentiates each and every model at a single glance.

It is always suggested to use the cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer himself because he will know better what cleaning agent is the best motorcycle cleaning products for the bike he has manufactured.

4. Environment-Friendly Cleaners   

Bikes are essential, but the environment is much more important, therefore, it is always a great idea to buy eco-friendly products, and that can keep nature’s health and your health safe and yet clean your bike perfectly.

Thus, please select a product that is free from harmful colors, chemicals, and scents, and it should be biodegradable as well.

5. Performance

The main work of the cleaners is to clean your bike, and it should be able to do that quickly. Thus, the product must have some innovative functions that help the task done easily and quickly.

Certain products might leave the chemical residue behind after cleaning; therefore, select the one that does not leave too much of the waste.

To check this out, you can first use your cleaner on the glass, follow the instructions of the manufacturer to clean, and if the haze is left on the glass at the end of the process, then it is leaving a residue.

6. Easy To Use

Any cleaning product that you buy must be easy to use and handle. What is the point of buying a cleaner that requires a lot of scrubbing too?

Moreover, any cleaning agent with too many complicated instructions can make your cleaning difficult, and you may end up losing your interest in cleaning the bike.

7. Budget

You are cleaning your bike in your backyard so that you can save a few bucks that are spent in an expensive commercial wash. Sometimes price cannot guarantee quality. Thus, it would help if you went for the product that is neither too cheap and nor too expensive.

8. Type Of Product

All the cleaners cannot be used on all surfaces and materials, and different bike parts and surfaces are made of different materials. For example, some products can be used on plastic but not on leather seats, and some might go well for metal but not on plastic.

Thus, you must read the labels to save yourself from later trouble because such products may damage the other materials if not used with care.

9. Check Out The Safety Precautions

There are specific cleaning agents that are harmful to children and pets and may be labeled “toxic,” “flammable,” or “corrosive.” It would help if you tried to ignore such products buying eco-friendly and safe to use products is always the best choice.

Still, if you are buying such a product due to the reason for the cleaning, it allows you must use it with caution. Also, while using such products, you should read the safety instructions if it requires you to wear gloves and masks, etc. when using them for cleaning.

Also, read the storage instructions. If you read the instruction saying store out of the sunlight or store at room temperature, then you must follow them too as it will help you avoid the accidents.

Make sure to keep the dangerous cleaners away from heat sources. But the best way is to buy a product which is easy to use and does not have such complicated instructions to follow because making mistakes is human nature and some mistakes may cause severe accidents.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Cleaners 2022     

1. Shine Doctor

Shine Doctor Best Motorcycle Cleaner

Are you looking for a multi-purpose solution cleaner to satiate all your needs? You can try Shine Doctor’s Motorcycle Cleaner.

The professional cleaning solution can cleanse glass, leather, vinyl and plastic. This cleaner can get a shiny gloss and sheen on your automobiles. The multi-purpose cleaning solution can protect the body’s paint for decades to come.


  • The solution is fortified with a high-quality variant of wax. This is the Carnauba wax. This way, you get a complete protection against the UV rays of the sun. Therefore, your automobile’s paint doesn’t fade away.
  • The solution is silicone-free and thus the finish or clear coat of the vehicle doesn’t get damaged.
  • You can use the cleaning solution for any type of frame. These include paint, fiberglass, plastics, chrome and stainless steel.


  • The product however might take little time to clean your bike if it is too dirty.

2. Rolite


Are you looking for a unique formulation that cleanses across all types of non-porous surfaces? Then, you can choose something like Rolite Plastic and Acrylic cleaner.

The solution takes plastic, Lexan, mylar, polycarbonate, aluminum, carbon fiber, Chrome, clear coats, gels, fiber glass and stainless steel, to name a few. This means your any-make motorcycles or cars can maintain their gloss and shine, for years to come.

Here comes the pros and cons connected with the same.


  • The cleaning solution instantly cleans and shines your automobiles. As you get the unique formulation acting on any type of non-porous surfaces, you can use it on any make or brand of bikes.
  • The unique formula acts as a shield against dust, fingerprints and scratches.
  • The formulation of this agent is ammonia and alcohol free. It is therefore non-inflammable.
  • Comes to you in three different container configurations. These are 4oz, 8oz and 16 oz. You can also buy the product in one-gallon cans. The 16oz can comes to you via a trigger spray bottle.
  • The multi-purpose product also can be used for wind-shield mirrors, sports bikes, trade show exhibits and across window glass shields.


  • The product is not recommended on fabric or suede leather.
  • You also cannot use the solution liquid on steering wheels, brakes and handlebars.
  • It can be highly slippery. Hence, you must use the product with utmost care and caution.

3. Meguiar’s


This kit is one-stop shop when it comes to motorcycle cleaning set. If you want  a solution that takes care of all parts of the motorcycle such as the paint, plastic, leather, vinyl and metal. Then your product quest comes to an end at Meguiar’s Motorcycle care kit.


  • You can clean the entire motorcycle using an easy spray on and rinse off method.
  • The liquid wax gives you a quick-fix solution to cleanse and polish glossy paints.
  • You get a fabulous clear-coat finish in one easy step.
  • You get a conditioner that comes to you with a no-slip formula indeed. This way, the leather and vinyl coat are gently cleaned up. You have no slippery residue or artificial gloss.
  • The entire 7-piece cleaning solution, wax liquid, conditioner and other components come to you at a combo offer price of less than $50.


  • The product isn’t eligible for international shipping.

4. Bike Brite Spray Wash 

Bike Brite Spray Wash 

Are you looking for a product that degreases and cleanses motors? Do you want the cleaning solution to cost you under $30, if yes then you can get a Bike Brite Motorcycle Spray Wash. This is a cleaner cum de-greaser that can make your motorbikes sparkle as good as new.


  • The degreaser can get a brand-new sparkle to painted surfaces.
  • You can add an exotic degree of brilliance to wheels, trims and other spare parts.
  • The cleanser works well on vinyl, rubber and tires.
  • This is a nature friendly product. In other words, the Brite Motorcycle spray wash is a bio-degradable product.
  • Moreover, the product is also a PH controlled and the solution comprises of corrosion inhibitors. Thus the cleaning effect diminishes water droplets after-clean up.


  • The product doesn’t ship to countries outside of the USA.

5. Aero’s Wax Wash All

Aero’s Wax Wash All

If you want a water-less water wash and a complete wax shine effect you can try Aero’s Wax Wash All, for your cars, RV boats, aerospace engines and two wheelers.

This is a two in one waterless water wash cum wax shine solution. You just have to spray-on and wipe dry the vehicle for a complete water-wash effect.


  • The Cleaning solution is easy and hassle-free when it comes to use. You just spray the solution and wipe it all dry.
  • It removes dirt in a scratch free manner. You also get a complete UV protection for your vehicles.
  • The shine and gloss of your vehicles remains intact longer.
  • This is a water-based solution. The cleaning liquid is also alcohol free and ammonia free.
  • It saves water.


  • The product might not clean tough grease effectively.

6. Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax

Are you looking for an all-purpose cleaning kit to restore the sheen and gloss of your automobiles? Do you want to protect vinyl, rubber, plastic, paints and leather?  Then, you can try hands on to Turtle Wax Motorcycle’s Ultimate Cleaning kit. this kit is best buy under dollar 30.


  • You get a complete protection against multiple parts of your automobiles. Your motorcycle comprises of paint, vinyl, rubber, plastic, etc. The 4 in 1 all purpose liquid satiates to all your cleaning requirements in a hassle-free manner.
  • The cleaning solution removes dirt and dust. You have a Shine detailer that enhances the shine and gloss of your motorbike.
  • You can protect the overall décor of your two-wheeler via the spray wax.
  • You get an all metal polish that removes dirt, dust, contaminants and scratch marks across the metallic parts of your motorcycle.
  • You also get a Leather cleaner cum conditioner that has a unique triple action formula. It cleanses the vehicle sans greasy residue.
  • You get a glass cleaning liquid. You can enhance the sheen of window shields of the vehicle.


  • Some buyers complained that they did not received the same product as featured at Amazon.

7. Muc Off

Muc Off

Would you feel super-excited to avail a motor-cycle cleaner that comes to you via Nano technology? With Nano tech, the liquid penetrates, deeper layers of dirt. This way, you get a spec-free automobile to drool over.

You can choose a motorcycle cleaner brought to you via MUC Off. The solution comes to you with a Nano tech cleansing. Taking you through the pros and cons of the same.


  • The Nano technology penetrates deeper layers of dirt, dust and grime.
  • The delicate finish of the motorbike is protected.
  • It is safe to use on different types of motorcycle components. These include disc brakes, rotors and pads.
  • You just spray-on and wipe wash.
  • The cleaning solution is completely biodegradable. You have no harmful acids, solvents and CFC’s.


  • The bottle comes to you in just one size, alternate sizes are not available.

8. Khaki Tom’s

Khaki Tom’s

Would you want an exclusive cleaning solution for your helmets? After all, you wear them through the day while driving. You may want a spray bottle and a microfiber towel. Why not go in for something like a Khaki Tom’s Motorcycle helmet and visor cleaner?


  • You get a 2 oz spray bottle along with a cleansing towel. The towel is designed from high-quality micro-fiber.
  • You can use the solution to get rid of fingerprints, dirt and other bugs that accumulate on your helmets.
  • The spray bottle allows you to do 200 sprays.
  • Apart from helmets, you can also use the solution for windscreens, action cameras, etc.
  • The Visor cleaning liquid doesn’t contain ammonia, phosphate or alcohol.
  • It is bio-degradable, non-corrosive and non-inflammable.


  • You need to purchase other cleaning accessories separately.

9. Wizards


Would you want a host of motorcycle cleaning components inside a cool case? You will have the bike-wash, shine cleanser, mist and shine enhancer, microfiber cloth and lots more. Wizard’s Motorcycle cleaner kit comes with every cleaning component you can think of.


  • The cooler case is designed using a soft material on fabric.
  • You can use it any type of automated vehicle or motorcycles.
  • It is a complete kit and requires nothing else.


  • The product is slightly expensive.
  • Loose caps is major issue as per the complaints of buyers.

10. Purple Slice

Purple Slice

Would you want an ultimate finish for your motorcycles, windshields and paints? Would you want a cleaning solution that takes care of the triple action formula of cleaning, wax and polish? Then Purple Slice Gallon’s Clean, Wax and Polish is the obvious choice indeed.


  • You get a brilliant sparkle and leaves your motor engines gloss elegantly. This happens while you try cleaning bugs, dirt and grime.
  • It is completely easy and safe to use. You just spray on and wipe wash.
  • You can use the cleaning solution across varied components. These include paints, chrome, fiberglass, plastic, windshield chrome, helmets, stainless steel, carbon fiber, LCD screens, granite counter-tops, phones, tablets and much more.
  • You can use the cleaning solution across direct sunlight and still you get a streak-free and a residue free cleaning effect.
  • When you use the solution across a flat-black surface, it remains that way.
  • You get it in spray bottles and gallon cans.


  • The add-ons or extra supplies for cleaning need to be procured separately.

11. Muc Off Drive-Train Cleaner

Muc Off Drive-Train Cleaner

Would you want a cleaning solution that especially cleans drive trains and works on the other parts of the bikes as well then muc off Drive train cleaner is what you need?

You can easily pour the solution to clean chain rings, rear cassettes or even onto derailleur and your entire drive-train area gets cleaned up within seconds. You can try MUC off Drive train cleaner to clean dirt, dust and oil easily.


  • You can use the product on plastics, metal and rubber.
  • This is a bio-degradable product.
  • The unique solution penetrates deeper layers amid chain rings. You get a fabulous clean-up even on the dirtiest of chains.
  • It is a spray on and clean up solution


  • It is slightly on expensive side.

12. Wizards Cleaning Kit

Wizards Cleaning Kit

It is a safe on all types of bikes and surfaces be it paint, windshield, wheels, saddlebags and motorcycle accessories and removes gunk without any stains.  The cleaner helps you clean your bike and restoring the new shine in no time.

It produces a powerful lather that gets into every corner of the bike and cleans the dirt without the need of scrubbing. You can use it to clean chrome, aluminum, engine, wheel, and even windshield plastic.

It is an easy rinse formula that can make your bike shine again. Great buy at the given cost and thus has received positive reviews by many users on amazon.


  • The powerful cleaner is very tough on dust and grim but it is easy on environment.
  • It has no caustic soda, acids, bleach and it is biodegradable.
  • The PH is also controlled for the safety of the bike.


  • Some users have claimed that it is not to effective on first time use if the bike is extremely dirty.

13. Gunk Engine Cleaner

Gunk Engine Cleaner

Would you want a foamy clean-up solution to work under your hood and prep up for the ride? You would want a solution that acts toughly on dirt, dust and grime and gives you a sparkly finish for your engines. Then you can try buying Gunk’s foamy action engine cleaner.


  • The foamy liquid specifically suits engines.
  • You can use it on plastics, under-hood rubber and paints.
  • It removes dirt, dust and grime sans the scrubbing effort.
  • You can use the foamy action cleanser for cars, trucks, bikes, tractor equipment and more.


  • You do not have the product shipped to Catalina Island.
  • The foam does not come out on tilting and you have to turn the bottle upside down that makes it bit tough in cleaning.

14. Purple Slice Clean, Wax & Polish

Purple Slice Clean, Wax & Polish

Do you require a compatible wax shine solution for your bikes? You can opt for an easy to use quick and waterless spray to give your bikes a brand-new finish.

If you are looking for such product then why not try something like Purple Slice clean wax and polish. The product has received 4 starts by many users because of the great cleaning it provides to the vehicle.


  • The gentle formula gives your bike with a premium grade car-polish.
  • You have a triple-action formula that washes your bike in a water-less way and also provides your bike with a neat coat and shine.
  • It safeguards the paints of your bike in a finest manner. No smearing, scratching and streaking off your bikes lovable paints.
  • It gives you a wax polish effect.
  • The dirt, dust and grime are instantly removed.
  • You can also use the cleaning solution for cars, aero-boats, tempo vans, etc.


  • This is a single dragger seal can. You need to purchase add-ons separately.

15. Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys

Are you looking for a solution that seamlessly restores and shines polished metallic motorcycle parts? You may want the cleaning liquid to act easy on chrome, aluminium, copper, brass and even titanium.

You may want a formula that is blended with ultra-refined abrasives and metal cleansers and provides you with the sheen and gloss of a brand-new or polished motorbike then why not opt for Chemical Guy’s Moto metal polish.

It is one of the best cleaner under the given price and is loved by bikers who prefer to keep their bikes shiny and clean.


  • The creamy base polish works seamlessly on accents of the motorcycle. These include wheels, spokes, exhaust pipes, frames, forks, ensembles and trims.
  • The Moto metal polish comes to you with advanced sealants that helps you maintain the lustrous sheen of metal works on the body of the vehicle.
  • The inventive sealant tech blocks out harmful UV rays from entering the bikes.
  • You get a durable protection for your bikes.


  • Some users complained it to be less effective.

Tips For Cleaning Your Motorcycle

Cleaning the chrome: Who wants to settle for a dirty looking motorcycle when you paid for a stylish vehicle with a shining chrome? Do you want some shine in your bike’s chrome? Cleaning this part of the vehicle is very simple but needs a lot of patience and energy too.

All you need is a chrome cleaning spray and a lint-free towel to clean your chrome. Just spray the cleaner and wipe it with the soft towel.

But make sure you don’t rub the towel hard while cleaning, as you may scratch the surface and make it even worse. If still, you need an extra shine then apply chrome polish for best results after cleaning it.

1. The Seat Leather

Leather is a material that catches dust quickly. You will also want to clean it regularly. You can dust the seat every day without using any harmful solutions as leather is sensitive material, and it can get puffy if hard cleaners are used over it regularly.

Periodically, it’s always a good idea to use some leather cleaning solution to wipe off the seat, tools bag, or any other leather item of your motorcycle that has leather. Never use harmful chemicals and detergents for your leathers.

It will reduce its lifespan. Also, it leaves a residue that makes it look dirtier. To clean the leather, try to buy a product that makes no use of water because water is considered as an enemy of leather, and in the long run, it may ruin its look.

2. The Shielding Windshield

This can be named as the essential part of the motorbike, which has to be kept clean. This helps the rider to see the road while you drive, and any dust or grim over the shield can make the visual ahead of the windshield unclear.

Unlike chrome, the cleaning windshield is quite more comfortable. The simple task needs a household cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Spray the cleaner and wipe the shield downwards, removing anything stuck on it.

You will end up with a clear windshield, which will shine, and you can easily see through it. A clean windshield not only gives you a sparkling look but also avoids accidents.

One should take the utmost care while performing such tasks. If you use too hard cleaners or brushes on the windshield, it may develop permanent fog or scratches that will affect your vision.

3. The Light

Being a small vehicle and a two-wheeler, it is always essential to keep your lights clean, so that they give bright light on the roads at night. Keeping the lights clean helps increase visibility and avoid many accidents.

Clean it with a regular house cleaning solution, but don’t forget to use an only lint-free cloth. Avoid scratching it too much as it may damage the surface. At times open the covers and clean the lights from inside so that the dust that gets collected inside is also removed.

FAQs on Motorcycle Cleaner

1. How Many Times Can We Wash Our Motorcycles Using The Motorcycle Cleaning Agent?

Whenever it is dirty, or ones a week. Cleaning a motorcycle must be a part of your routine; this makes it easier to follow. In return, you will get a clean motorcycle every time you go out. And another added advantage is, you need not take special care about checking parts, as you do it regularly while cleaning your vehicle.

2. What Are The Top 3 Brands Of Motorcycle Cleaners? 

Top five brands of motorcycle cleaners are.

  • Meguiar’s Motorcycle cleaners
  • Bike Brite cleaners
  • Wizard’s Motorcycle cleaners

3. Is It Possible For A Bike To Suffer Damage Due To Cleaning? 

If you do not use a proper cleaning agent often, you will wash your bike too often with hard cleaners, and then the chances are that your bike may lose the paint and catch rust.

4. When And How To Was The Bike Safe? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to wash your bike.

Try to remove your bike on your own and avoid going to commercial cleaning tips as in the long run, and it is expensive as well as harmful to the bike. Never wash your bike after a long ride when the engine is still warm.

Let it cool before you splash water on it. Don’t wash your bike under the direct and harsh sun lights because it may dry the detergent on your motorcycle and may leave the spots that are tough to remove.

Best Motorcycle Cleaner And Polish

Cleaning your motorcycle is not a huge task, but if not done properly, you may need to pay off more in the long run. Regular cleaning and conditioning help to keep the rust away and also keeps the performance of the bike uproar.

Well, many people might prefer cleaning their bikes in commercial wash centers, but the more comfortable and safer way is to clean it yourself using the best motorcycle cleaners in your driveway or back yard.

Washing is recommended, but overdoing it may have its disadvantages, some lubricants may wash out if you wash your motorcycle more often. Best motorcycle cleaning products must be used to get the best results.

Just keep in mind a few of these points and buy the cleaning products that are recommended in this bike to keep your bike shiny and bright always.